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Apyren Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Christmas 24/7 in October

Sick of the Christmas movies. You did it in July and now in October. Gonna remove all 3 hallmark channels. You need to change Movies and Mysteries to "Christmas Movies". I will no longer be watching your programming.
mikes4seasons Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Adam & Adam or Eve & Eve

I originally decided to write in because Hallmark has already started running these overbearing Christmas movies and it is not even Halloween yet . They stopped my beloved I Love Lucy, which is the whole reason I watch Hallmark channel and they seem to be running the Golden girls, and then they go right into never ending Christmas movies continuously. But, after logging in and seeing all the complaints about gay couples in the Hallmark movies I was so upset I decided I have to write some thing about that. Gay people are a part of life, get it through your head. We are going nowhere. Even the pope yesterday said gay people are children of God, and should be allowed to get married and have a family just like everyone else. Hiding this from your children is unrealistic and foolish . Your children should know that gay people exist, imagine if one of them turns out to be gay, what would you do then? This is what makes a lot of gay youngsters right away and go on drugs etc. would you like that to happen. Open yourself up to reality. Don’t turn the TV off when gay couples are in the mix, explain to your children that they are part of why they exist. I can’t say anymore other than face reality and get real for your own sake.
Michael DeSouza Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Get Real!!!!!

I am so sick of reading complaints about same sex content in movies. Little kiddies should know & learn that gay people
do exist! Even the Pope called Gay people Children of God, and agreed that they should be allowed to marry and have
a family, Where have you all been, under water? It is just sickening to listen to you! WAKE UP, FOR GODS SAKE!!!!
lovemurder mysteries Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Christmas movies

I am so disappointed in your decision to once again air Christmas movies in October. Believe me it is hard to get thru December. Please be considerate of those that are trying to stay home because of the virus. Give us a variety of shows. Clean shows like Monk, Diagnosis Murder and Matlock.
Cslagle77 Send email
Oct 16, 2020

Gay and lesbian content on a G rated movie

Gay and lesbian content on a G rated movie. I was so disappointed to have my family time disrupted with inappropriate content on a G rated Hallmark movie. If I wanted to see same-sex relationships I would go to other channels or other sites. I’ve always look forward to watching Hallmark movies if you’re going to add this content there needs to be a way for your loyal viewers to be able to filter this out for their families. This content should not be under a G rating or there should be some sort of information that gives us as parents a heads up to the content that you are implementing into your movies. it is my impression that the LGBT community only makes up a very small portion of the overall population and for you to cater to them on a family oriented channel seems outrageous. It’s been Hollywood’s go to desensitize and familiarize but that doesn’t mean that the average person wants to watch this when they sit down for family time. I specifically shoes G rated format so that my family and I are not exposed to any inappropriate sexual orientation. And when I make the choice for Hallmark I make it because it has always been a place for safe family oriented content.
Fernmary Send email
Oct 15, 2020

Hallmark channel

I am very disappointed in Hallmark channel, this was our one safe family channel and now you’ve caved into the world allowing Gay And Lesbian scenes into your movies. So you compromise at what cost? To lose your millions of faithful viewers? Do you honestly think they want to watch hallmark wholesome movies? They have their own channels. You need to make this right or you will continue to lose viewers.
dmdummann Send email
Oct 12, 2020


I would like to know why Hallmark Channel only runs Democrat Ads.
If you are going to run any they should be both DEM AND REPUBLICAN
dmdummann Send email
Oct 12, 2020


I would like to know why Hallmark Channel only runs Democrat ads. If you are not going to do both you shouldn't do either.
sfortne Send email
Oct 12, 2020


I will no longer watch Hallmark nor buy their Chinese made cards. Hallmark was always my go to station for sweet, clean movies. Hallmark ruined that. Goodbye and good riddance.
TruthSpeaks Send email
Oct 11, 2020


This used to be a channel I thought was safe for families. I saw the subtle, creeping messages of anti-family. GOD, the Creator & Law Giver decreed that marriage is between a man & woman. You have included yourself as part of the confusion, deception & moral decline of humanity & true values. Our opinions probably don't matter to you because you want to appeal to the few or the false identity of a new normal or is it fear? God's Word is forever settled in Heaven, that is to say, His Word is unalterable & defiance to it has its consequences. It's no longer a Hallmark. This is a message of love--love speaks truth. GOD loves all people no matter who they are. Yet, He will not change His requirements/standards for anyone. *Clark Family
bpgrant Send email
Oct 8, 2020


Can you at least list the movies that will have a lesbian or homosexual relationship and the actors involved. I don't want my 7 year old granddaughter confronted with these issues especially after I have moved to hallmark to get family friendly movies.
It is the least you can do if you don't want a large exodus from your channel. The LGBTQ community is not nearly as large as the regular families who watch Hallmark on a regular basis. UP TV will snag your viewers no matter how much we love the actors at Hallmark and some of the actors themselves may depart.
olechip Send email
Oct 7, 2020


The music is too damn loud, you can not hear the words........
Mullins Send email
Oct 3, 2020

New programming including gays

This was the one channel we could watch without being bombarded with gays in our face. Such a shame! It's funny that the small percentage of gays etc in our country have caused you to bend over to include it in your programs. You have always had standards (Lori Laughlin) and now this?? Very disappointing. This channel will be dropped by many many people due to this. I'll be making other arrangements tomorrow. Again very disappointing. I don't even know what to say.
croftlamar Send email
Oct 3, 2020

Garage Sale Mysteries

What is up with Garage Sale Mysteries? Now that Lori Loughlin has been punished for her mistake and apologized will she be back on Hallmark? Everyone deserves a second chance including Lori and all the actors on her show. Love the show and really miss it. Would like to see her comeback and new episodes start. Thank you.
puleez Send email
Oct 1, 2020

Same sex relationships

Hallmark, you don't need to go there. You just don't. Its everywhere already. There's a reason people watch your channel, because it is safe and wholesome programming where people can escape from politics and social agendas. You will lose viewership and customers. Stop trying to be politically correct and bow to the minority. Be original, set yourself apart. Sorry, but I think I also need to say goodbye.
MichaeLynne Send email
Sep 30, 2020


As of the most recent few weeks my wife and I have turned off the Hallmark movies that we have been enjoying for years together. The problem is the background music is so loud that we can no longer understand the actor’s sides. This is especially annoying when, as usual, we wait through the majority of the show to see the “I love you” scene. It is at this time that the volume of the background music goes so high that it literally drowns out the high point of the movie. No matter how many times we see it we simply can not understand the dialog. Obviously, and without a doubt, the romance of the whole movie is ruined.
TXSooner11 Send email
Sep 25, 2020

Disappointed in Hallmark Executives

I am so completely disgusted by how Hallmark has given way to the sinfulness of this world. I stopped watching the Hallmark channel when they aired the lesbian commercial during the holidays. I was hoping that was just a one time ad. But, what a disappointment Hallmark has become! I read that Hallmark is continuing their sinful agenda with a new gay Christmas movie. This is just sickening. I know now that I made the right decision. Hallmark is no longer about home and family. It is about pushing liberal and sinful agendas. My family and I will continue to no longer buy or watch anything associated with the Hallmark name!
datjenson Send email
Sep 23, 2020

same sex couple

Hallmark please go back to the happy ending movies with a man and a woman as it should be. If you do not go back to the values in your movies you will lose allot of viewers. Families need to be able to watch these movies. God did not create Eve and Eve or Adam and Adam

Thank you
nan Send email
Sep 23, 2020

Christmas Movies

I will no longer watch the Hallmark station, cannot handle gay relationships so will not be watching. The Hallmark movies have always been my go to for stress free, light, romantic, non political entertainment, especially in the Christmas season. How long will it be before you take Christmas out of your movies and replace with just holiday. Sorry, you are leaning too much to the left for me to any longer enjoy your station.
dutchme Send email
Sep 21, 2020

Loud background music

Your movies' background music is way, way, way too loud. It makes it impossible to hear the actor's voices and ruins the movies.
Snonny Send email
Sep 21, 2020

Background music during the movie

PLEASE STOP playing that background music during the whole damn movie. Why did you start this. It’s SO annoying and loud you can’t hear what the actors are saying. What’s the purpose. Please stop. I love Hallmark but I cannot. Into ye to watch if the music stays.

Thank you
toocool65gt Send email
Sep 21, 2020


Last night we were watching Follow me to Daisy Hill and there was never ending background music that was beyond loud. We had a hard time hearing the words. Please stop it, Tell the Producer or Director or whom ever stop. We are watching Falling for You right now and it's back. the noise (music). Please reduce the music by like 80% so we can hear the movie.
Thank you
toocool65gt Send email
Sep 21, 2020

music with new movies

Hi, last night my family was watching Follow Me to Daisy Hills and we started noticing music overriding the words of the actors on the show. Way to loud, we tried to ignore it and couldn't it just kept going on and on. Please stop it. Please. Hallmark is one of the few channels we watch anymore and we don't want to have to stop watching. Today we are watching Falling for You and its doing it again. Hating it. Tell the Producer or Director or whom ever did that to STOP IT.

I'm also concerned with the gay movies. I know you were pressured and it would at least be good to know it's on of those ahead of time. I've noticed more and more African decent people on your shows. I don't have a problem with that I do not agree with the whole breed white girls black agenda. Maybe white males and black females instead? Asians would be great and people forget they are minorities as well, It seems a bit unfair there can be at least 3 Black channels on tv but whites are not allowed to have one white channel? Anyways i digress, Your stories feel like when I was growing up. You even had a movie about a Vet, a girl and a woodmill (Michael Asner was in it) and the town that was picked for the movie was Nevada City in northern California. Felt just like home coming from their growing up. we never locked our cars or our homes. Those small town locations are great.

Thank you for letting me vent and please do something with all of that noise(music)
JohnK625 Send email
Sep 20, 2020

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark was the one channel I could let our children watch without having to provide complicated and confusing explanations.

Too bad that they, too, have caved in to the demands of a few, rather than maintaining a high level of standards.
Cherie Jones Send email
Sep 19, 2020

Same sex marriage

Hallmark Channel

September 18, 2020

Concern- same sex marriages in movies and commercials

Dear Hallmark Channel,
Why did you change?
Please go back you were making a difference in lives and stop this change. You can do it. You had wonderful actors and actresses. You were giving families some movies that they could watch together. They were not choosing the other channels; they chose movies that promoted family values and quality entertainment. Friday night movies.
What will tear America apart? Departing from God and what God has said. One thing that is very clear is that Marriage is between a man and a woman.
A marriage of a man and a woman who then are able to have the blessing of children can have a family that Loves God and honors God.
What joy and peace we can have in a relationship with Jesus. I am so grateful for my marriage of 46 years, children and grandchildren.
To love others does not mean we bow down to wrong choices that others make.
I would love to hear that you will go back. As of now You are no longer watched and so many of my friends and family have shut you off.

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