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jryan Send email
Nov 23, 2020

gay movie

Hallmark has stood for decades as movie a producer of wholesome family orientated movies. It is very disappointing that this has changed with the gay movie airing this Thanksgiving season. In a year when American families desperately needed good entertainment Hallmark has failed miserable. This viewer will no longer view your movies or purchase Hallmark items. So very disappointed.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 22, 2020

The Christmas House

What happened to family values on this channel? If people wish to have a different lifestyle , that’s fine don’t force it on us through a traditionally Christian /family value network. What about all the other non Christian sexual orientation lifestyles ? Is that next ? How can some executive decide its ok for hallmark to present this to our families watching? What’s next ?
You have destroyed a good traditional family network .
I guess the next step is a gay Santa or what . O wait ... let’s tie him up with a little leather on !!!!
Congratulations on giving in to pressure from the few and not doing what is right and wanted by the overwhelming majority of your viewers .... or should I say former viewers .
Susan Greene Send email
Nov 22, 2020

Same sex couples

I sent an email a few days ago. I neglected to tell you that in my nearly seventy years I have never sent a letter of complaint. I also neglected to tell you that when I (used to) watch TV in the evening, my husband would join me watching the Hallmark channel 99% of the time.
When I sat down to rest in the evening and came
into the TV room,
my husband turned on the Hallmark channel. That was all of the p a s t years, but no more.
Good bye, Hallmark channel. You can see two men or two women kissing on most other channels.
It is so sad. I have watched your channel nearly exclusively for many many years.
Thanks for the memories.
LKF Send email
Nov 22, 2020

Gay movie content

I am disappointed in your choice to cow tow to main stream media and their endless fight to try to normalize all things LGBT. Hallmark is the cornerstone of wholesome Christmas movies. To be clear, although homosexuality has always existed, it is not representative of a “normal” family or your viewership majority. So what this means is that you do not value your ratings to the point that you are willing to risk your target audience in order to appeal to a minority audience. Way to not care! Also, you should be respectful enough to remove “Christmas” from all of your movies as they are no longer “Christ” like at all with your new content of LGBT to be inclusive. Satan worshipers exists, pedophiles exists - are they on your holly jolly list for next year? I mean, after all, you want to be more diverse and inclusive! Surely a child sniffing Santa with evil elves and a gay love interest screams “traditional” Hallmark Christmas!
tdl Send email
Nov 22, 2020

Deviant Lifestyles Being Promoted

I was shocked beyond belief when my granddaughter and I were watching a movie and two women got married. You had no warning on this movie. The channel was immediately turned never to be watched again. I have other friends who have stopped watching because of the same sex couples you are promoting in your movies. Hallmark was always the channel we could watch for good wholesome movies. Why did you cave to the pressure of a few? There are plenty of other shows available for deviant lifestyles. Give those of us who uphold strong morals and family values something to watch. What you are promoting is not acceptable!!! I , along with many others, can no longer watch your channel.
libertybelle24 Send email
Nov 22, 2020

Gays on Christmas movies.

Why is hallmark which is a family network showing movies with gays, also transgender. As a long time viewer,I will not watch these particular movies.
libertybelle24 Send email
Nov 22, 2020

Gay’s on Christmas movie

As a longtime viewer of Hallmark channel, I am saddened that homework will start showing movies about gay couples, transgender. I will make sure that I will not watch the movies that have did this Content. Shame on homework for giving in two the media.
kdelawa Send email
Nov 22, 2020

Gay Relationships

HALLMARK ARE YOU LISTENING?!?!?! We are shocked that you made such a leap from traditional, conservative family values to your new Christmas House movie. The bottom line I want you to understand is that this is a DRAMATIC departure from the values and relationships that have made your channels so popular and we aren’t going to put up with it!! If you won’t consider this from a morality standpoint then you need to look at your FINANCIAL BOTTOM LINE!! This can only hurt you Hallmark!! As someone else said, the LBGTQ community are not your main subscribers. You have given in to a small, noisy minority rather than sticking with what has made you popular, and profitable for you and your stakeholders. I agree with those who said that God speaks strongly against homosexuality in His Word. He loves the homosexual but hates the sin. Yet you are willing to blatantly go against His Word and the desire of your viewing audience. We will cancel all three of our Hallmark Channels if you don’t get back on track!! And we will definitely spread the word.

Years ago there was a Broadway play called, “Your Arm’s Too Short to Box with God”. Hallmark, YOUR arm is way too short to box with God, and I’ve read the end of the book – you lose!!
Viewer50 Send email
Nov 19, 2020

New Movie “The Christmas House”

My husband and I have been avid Hallmark Channel watchers for a few years now. It has been a place of feel good WHOLESOME movies that we as a family can always count on to avoid any societal agendas being shoved down our viewership! We subscribe to MANY Chanel’s and streaming services and still choose to watch Hallmark!!! With this new cave in to show same sex couples it has turned us off. Do you realize who your viewing population is? Just because some don’t like what you offer doesn’t mean you should forget your LOYAL base. We watch for the simplicity and difference from all other channels. We refuse to watch and be subjected to commercials that we don’t want to more channel to avoid....PS I have several LGBTQ family members so it’s not a bias issue. Just a matter of principle and preference.
Cheri Terry Send email
Nov 19, 2020


Really? So ungodly??? I’m done being a long time follower. This is so disgusting!!!
Cheri Terry Send email
Nov 19, 2020


Remind me where in the Bible it says homosexuality is acceptable? I’ve been a faithful watcher for years. It is even an event my mother in law and I enjoy over the holidays while the men are fishing. I’m so disgusted and disappointed that this so called Christian channel is showing movies against God’s word. I will no long support not watch this channel! Thanks for ruining the special time with my Mom.....
RSykes Send email
Nov 19, 2020


Hallmark is supposed to be a Christian based channel but with your new format you will loose a big portion of your support as God is what made you good he can also take away .In the book of Romans chapter 1 God tells us how he hates homosexuality and what will happen to them .it's not a wise idea to give in to a minority and against God Almighty in these times Gods return is coming best not to be caught in unrighteousness. My wife and me have loved hallmark we are so disappointed that it's going down hill with the rest of the world we will not watch gay programing .
ceceismeme Send email
Nov 19, 2020

Hallmark No More

I am sorry to say that you are showing a movie with a gay couple as the main characters. you have lost my mother, me and many others that I have spoken with. Here is the deal. Your viewing audience is probably 90 percent heterosexual females. We will not relate to a gay male couple. Not one iota. Will we be happy for them that they are trying to adopt? Probably not, because I am a Bible believing Christian who sees that as against God. I will feel sad for the child that doesn't have a mom AND a dad. I'm not homophobic. I have friends who are gay. I do not relate to their lifestyle, nor do I pretend I think it's okay. They are wonderful people, but guess what? They don't watch Hallmark and WON'T watch Hallmark! Good luck with your viewing audience. it is going into the gutter after that airs. Most people don't have the research and information beforehand and will have to endure it until they realize what is going on. I wish you well. I recall the whole Christmas season where I kept my TV on the Hallmark Channel 24/7. No one could touch the remote! Not anymore. I will be subscribing to anything Hallmark is not a part of like PureFlix and UP TV. They still have values. That is where your audience is headed.
ceceismeme Send email
Nov 19, 2020

Movies with Gays/Lesbians

I am a longtime viewer, as is my 80-year-old mom who has Hallmark on her TV 24/7. Not now. She saw the commercial featuring the two gay men. Do you realize that the gay population is not your base viewing audience? Do you realize the majority of your viewers are heterosexual women ranging from teenagers to great great grandmothers, not to mention their husbands who don't have a problem sitting through a Hallmark movie? However, my dad LEFT the room and said he will never watch Hallmark again, just as my mother said. I will also not be watching Hallmark. It goes against my beliefs and I don't enjoy watching it. I watch Hallmark to NOT have an agenda shoved down my throat like I do on every other channel! I realize there are still channels out there that I can subscribe to, and I will, like Pureflix and Up TV. That is where my remote will go and my mother's too. Sorry, Hallmark. You have messed up miserably. I'm sure your 25% of the 5% of the gay population will enjoy your movie, but no one else. Do you know the reason we watch? We watch because it pulls at our heartstrings. We can relate to that couple that just can't quite get connected upon first meeting. We are rooting for them the entire episode and when they finally do, we are cheering and happy because we have all BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT! Is 90% of your population, especially Hallmark's viewing audience, going to be able to cheer for a gay couple? NO! They cannot relate to that! Get a clue!
Susan Greene Send email
Nov 18, 2020

Homosexual content

Dear Hallmark,
Since I have discovered Hallmark movies, it has been a safe, family friendly place where all who seek escape from problems can watch what can happen between a man and a woman when love blooms. There has been no worries about lewd sexual content. Like millions of others, I have spent too many hours watching your movies. I heard on the radio that a same sex movie was coming and now I see it advertised.
I beg you to not air this movie. You do not need to respond to my email as I know it is all about money and your fine organization caving in to the powerful homosexual lobby. Hallmark is no longer safe to watch.
This is very very bitterly disappointing. In my 67 years,I never thought I would live to see this happen. Stand firm, Hallmark folks!
thedavemyster Send email
Nov 18, 2020

Hallmark...the end of an era

My wife and I have always LOVED Hallmark movies, especially the Christmas movies; we watched them all...until now.
Now that you are bowing to the pressure of the LGBTQ community to make a Christmas movie about a gay couple, you have crossed the line into the "sad" category. The LGBTQ community has plenty of outlets promoting their unbiblical lifestyle; I see no good reason, other than the greed of money, for you to abandon your principles and cave in to political correctness. I don't hate gays; I pray for them; but I don't need to see movies about them on a channel that USED to be a family friendly channel to which Christian families could flock to watch Christmas movies...movies celebrating traditions created due to the birth of Jesus. Back when you made stuff like "The Christmas Card" you were awesome; now that you are making "The Christmas House"...not so much. I pray you get your moral compass back, and return to your roots. It is truly sad to see a flagship like Hallmark lose its way; it is the end of an era, and I find that just plain sad.
Dee6850 Send email
Nov 17, 2020

Congrats on Caving

Congratulations! You no longer have to carry around the cumbersome identity of a channel that has cornered the market on clean, conservative programming.

You no longer have to claim that you have the edge on so many other channels that have caved to the usual BS because you're afraid of being unpopular with a crowd that rarely notices you anyway. Now, all of your long-time loyal fans have two choices:

1) Keep watching and be insulted just so you can please a few people who could care less.
2) Find another channel and not be preached to.

You see, if people wanted to see gay TV, we could go anywhere. If we needed to be taught a lesson on how to think, from high minded people who assume they know more than we do, we could literally wake up and breathe, and the lessons from every direction would just fly up our nose.

You are dead to us and so many others. My family and I have watched Hallmark for close to twenty years and will now be leaving. Foolish, common sellouts is what you are.
Sandida Send email
Nov 17, 2020


if you don't stop adding gay movies on hallmark you're going to lose most of your audience. I'm completely miffed. This is unacceptable.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 17, 2020

Gay Couples on Hallmark Movies

I was so disappointed while watching Christmas with the Darlings to see flirting and all-out celebrating and encouraging of two lesbian women starting a relationship! I LOVE Hallmark and look forward to the movies all year. But the stress it caused me to see this happening on a movie that is supposed to bring relaxation and joy was so sickening. The movie (without the lesbian couple) had a great story line, but it was stressful for me wondering when and if the gay couple was going to be in the next scene. I should not have to be subjected to watching unnatural relationships in a movie; it took all the fun out of the movie. My husband actually left the room and refused to finish watching it. I was not happy with the way it played out and even though I watched to the end, I have decided it is not worth watching another one with a homosexual couple in it. Why do you have to ruin a great movie with natural relationships by inserting a couple with a very unnatural relationship? We have always paid to have cable and now streaming apps that show Hallmark movies, but we will not continue to watch Hallmark if you continue using homosexual couples. Please go back to your roots and produce movies that build character and faith in the traditional family and do not cater to the LGBTQ agenda. It does NOT represent a large majority of the population; on a very, very small percentage - less than 5%! And you also need to warn somehow that this type of unwholesomeness is in the movies you've already produced. So disappointed with Hallmark. I'm hoping you will redeem yourself.
Carrieperez Send email
Nov 16, 2020

Change is not good

This use to be a real good channel for the family to watch , but you are promoting gays, and sending wrong messages I thought this was a clean Christian program. , you will loose many viewers, we still believe in clean programming, please stop catering and put your faith back into god and family
crossroad Send email
Nov 16, 2020

Hallmark Channel Dissapointment

Here we were enjoying another Hallmark movie when a Hallmark commercial came up showing a gay couples Christmas movie. So disappointing!! We could always depend on Hallmark to show family friendly shows, but not anymore! We even pay extra so that we can get the Hallmark Channels.

I know in this day and age a viewpoint and belief which promotes Godly and Christlike principles is not "politically correct", but, as a follower of Jesus Christ and a belief that the bible is God's inherent word, we cannot endorse a lifestyle that is in direct contradiction with God's laws. We are not "homophobic", "intolerant", or "prejudiced", we are taught to love each individual as our Savior Jesus Christ has done and let them know that he loved them enough to die for them. But he does not require us to accept a lifestyle that he does not approve of.

Therefore, we are going to cancel our subscription to the Hallmark channel. As a realist, we know it probably doesn't mean much to you, but it does to us.
Dell HALL Send email
Nov 16, 2020

hallmark channel

So disappointed in this channel. My whole family loved to watch good CLEAN MOVIES, but you put an end to that.
Hallmark was always the channel you could always bet the whole family could watch safely, and it breaks my heart that no one will stand up for no sex, no vulgar talk, and no gay or lesbian scenes in movies anymore. Hope you know that God always disaproves of you to.
glendanolanc Send email
Nov 16, 2020

Lesbian partners

I have been enjoying Hallmark movies for years now. They’ve an outlet for me with their clean and uplifting content away from the reality of the world and all it’s Godlessness and immortality and now all of a sudden, you ruin your movies by allowing “Same Sex” relationships!! This is very disturbing that you all have “Caved” to our immoral culture by throwing this right in our face! It’s so inconsiderate and disheartening to say the least. I don’t judge their lifestyle but I shouldn’t have to be reminded of it either especially while I’m enjoying Hallmark!
Christmas enthusiast Send email
Nov 14, 2020

Inappropriate flirting with non-traditional couples

Since my children were born, we have relied on Hallmark to present a safe environment away from political and social pressures around traditional Christmas and family values. I was surprised and disappointed that Hallmark has created a distraction to their long held standards. “ Christmas with my Darlings” has created a disturbing and disappointing distraction from my family traditions. I have always been able to rely on Hallmark for a strong traditional Christmas and family focus.

I fully support that each family has their traditions, but it is disappointing that the CEO felt it was more important to support their potential non-traditional clients versus supporting their life long clients. It is sad that the CEO is worried about not hurting the non-traditional community feelings, while ignoring the feelings of the established traditional Christmas and family standards that made Hallmark what it is.

If the CEO doesn’t support or cares fir Hallmarks traditional clients feelings, i call for a boycott on hallmark until he resigns or removes these types of distractions or create a channel for their new clientele they are trying to reach that allows the traditional clients to protect their standard values around Christmas and family.
TWH75 Send email
Nov 13, 2020


There are channels for this belief and that is where it belongs. Seems as though your channel has lost their way and you may prosper for a season but the lgbtq behavior is the only abomination mentioned and i will steer clear of it. We will be praying for the leadership of your business.

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