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JohnK625 Send email
Sep 20, 2020

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark was the one channel I could let our children watch without having to provide complicated and confusing explanations.

Too bad that they, too, have caved in to the demands of a few, rather than maintaining a high level of standards.
Cherie Jones Send email
Sep 19, 2020

Same sex marriage

Hallmark Channel

September 18, 2020

Concern- same sex marriages in movies and commercials

Dear Hallmark Channel,
Why did you change?
Please go back you were making a difference in lives and stop this change. You can do it. You had wonderful actors and actresses. You were giving families some movies that they could watch together. They were not choosing the other channels; they chose movies that promoted family values and quality entertainment. Friday night movies.
What will tear America apart? Departing from God and what God has said. One thing that is very clear is that Marriage is between a man and a woman.
A marriage of a man and a woman who then are able to have the blessing of children can have a family that Loves God and honors God.
What joy and peace we can have in a relationship with Jesus. I am so grateful for my marriage of 46 years, children and grandchildren.
To love others does not mean we bow down to wrong choices that others make.
I would love to hear that you will go back. As of now You are no longer watched and so many of my friends and family have shut you off.
Pdctn56 Send email
Sep 16, 2020


We have turned Hallmark off. The movie we saw with the lesbian wedding shocked us and we immediately turned the channel. I just don’t want it forced on me. I have watched Heartland on upTV for years and now have started watching their movies on the weekends. They are older movies but I haven’t seen them before! Great channel and they are not afraid to put Christian movies in their lineup. Give them a try
Pdctn56 Send email
Sep 16, 2020


After I was offended by the same sex wedding in the recent movie, I immediately turned it off and sought out something else to watch. I have watched almost every season of Heartland on upTV and love the show! I have started watching their movies instead of Hallmark channel and even though they are older movies, I haven’t seen them before! Check out the station... they are not afraid to mention God on their channel!
wick337 Send email
Sep 14, 2020

Background music

I watch the Hallmark movies with my wife and we did enjoy them but it seems that the music in the back ground is so bad and loud that I told her I was going to take up drinking just to tolerate that obnoxious sound.
[email protected] Send email
Sep 14, 2020

Gay relationship movies

I have watched Hallmark movies for years.I loved them eccept for the fact that you never really had enough about Jesus Christ in the Christmas movies.I feel like I have been totally betrayed by an old friend. I can't believe you have given in to the LGBT community! I will have to say good-bye to all things Hallmark and believe there was a lot! My heart is very saddened that you have decided to do this!
cjl Send email
Sep 11, 2020

immoral commercials and movies

I quit watching the Hallmark Channel last year after you decided to air same sex commercials. Your channel is no longer a family friendly channel. No matter how you present it, this is still an abomination in the sight of God. You have made your choice and so have I.
Vonna Downs Send email
Sep 7, 2020

The Moral Decay of Hallmark

I am SO sad and discouraged to hear that you have decided to embrace the LGBT agenda . . . and it IS an agenda. The old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” usually applies to the very vocal minority. Well, I have decided to be “the squeaky wheel “ representing the majority . . . The majority that has made your Hallmark movies so successful. It isn’t too late. Be strong! Be courageous! Take a stand! Please stop the airing of ANY same sex marriage movies. Would you consider making a public announcement assuring those of us in the MAJORITY that you won’t make any more of these movies? The LGBT community needs our love and our encouragement . . . But love and encouragement to do what is right . . . AND what, in the end. will be best for them. As I am sure you have assumed . . . I am a Christian and cherish the values written in the Bible. I know there MUST be Christians in your corporation , so I am praying that the Lord will raise them up and give them courage and strength to speak the Truth and that your hearts will be changed. Thank you for listening to me and hopefully printing this as I join the other people who are expressing their concerns. God bless you all as you consider what I have written.
Roxie7 Send email
Sep 7, 2020


Dear Hallmark,

I am saddened that the once safe to watch station is now conforming. Please know that this loyal viewer will not watch your station conform to same sex marriages. What was once a station we could relax and block out life, politics, etc for a brief moment is now yet another conforming and giving in to the immorality that is being pushed on us as normal. Good bye Hallmark!
cperkins Send email
Sep 6, 2020

bad music

my wife watches your network, how do we get rid of the obnoxious music that overwhelms the voices, even commercials.
cperkins Send email
Sep 6, 2020


my wife watches your network, how do we get rid of the obnoxious music that overwhelms the voices, even commercials.
pinklady Send email
Sep 6, 2020

im having problems with the sound

September 5th 2020 Dear the people that works at the hallmark channel i noticed when i got up monday morning i put the tv thats in my bedroom on the hallmark to watch i love lucy and the sound of frasier and i love lucy wasint loud like it wasint like that on a monday a couple of weeks ago did the people that work at the hallmark channel turn the sound down on the hallmark channel when the people that work at the hallmark channel get this email have them send one to [email protected] signed jenny holloway
CCdaItalia Send email
Sep 4, 2020

Subdued g

after hallmarks little stunt of playing a movie with LGBTQST Marriage and all the crap I don’t wanna see we have now switched to UP TV which has Christian values, wholesome movies, no worries about what you’re going to see, just good TV.
BETTER than watching fake news on TV, almost news, want to be news, sorry news;
This is just better than any news. Take the stress off yourself WATCH UPTV
Stewart Send email
Sep 4, 2020

Leaving mortal values behind

Hallmark has been our go to station for years. Now we have to let you go along with the other networks that do not have the guts to stand up for Jesus Christ. I have been disappointed in the past years because you didn't speak of Jesus Christ as the truth of Christmas. Just using Santa Claus and trees as the reason for celebrating. Maybe a nativity scene once in a while. May you have the guilt in your heart to ask God to forgive you. And in doing so repentant and turn away from what you know to be truth.
Deborah Bowen Send email
Sep 2, 2020

Abandoning the Christian Values

I am completely stunned by the Christmas movie that Hallmark will be showing this year. I have always felt that Hallmark had values for the holiday along with faith and values, however having seeing the preview, I am horrified as to how Hallmark has changed and given in to this minority and what they represent. I am going to cancel my subscription to the Hallmark station and I will no long be purchasing your movies, wrapping paper or cards. Wake up Hallmark and value what you stood for and not show this movie. Same sex is wrong, and should not be shown during prime time so children can view this. Why Hallmark, why are you doing this. Please do not show this movie.You have really lowered your standards in entertainment.
dewood Send email
Aug 31, 2020

Same Sex Marriage in Movie

Dear Hallmark,
So sad to see you give in to the violent voices of such a small minority of people and betray the voices of the majority who watch Hallmark movies because they were conservative. To repeat what someone else has written, the "LEFT" has many channels to watch what appeals to them, why do you feel forced to be just another liberal channel. I don't what those views FORCED on me by Hollywood. If this is the direction you are going, I'm going to go the opposite direction.
Goodbye Hallmark
dewood Send email
Aug 31, 2020

Same Sex Marriage in Movie

Dear Hallmark,
I cannot understand why you bow to a small minority and choose to offend the huge majority of your audience. It makes no sense to me. Along with others, I will say "goodbye" to Hallmark movies, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark anything in order to make my voice heard that we do NOT want to be exposed to same-sex relationships portrayed as the norm. Do you really believe that you must give in and go against the desires of your majority audience? So very sad, but believe me, Hollywood will NEVER tell me what is right and what is wrong.
Wyoyell Send email
Aug 30, 2020

Disappointment with Hallmark choices.

No longer can I let our two daughters, 8, and 10 watch Hallmark any time they want. I realize there will come a time when I get to explain certain things to them...but I will choose that time, not Hallmark. You just had to cave to the left didn’t you. Isn’t there anyone anymore who can just say, “sorry, but we just don’t cover certain subjects” and leave it at that. You have lost our family as loyal viewers, but I gather your not worried about it.
TJones Send email
Aug 30, 2020

Sound out of sync

For the last 2 weeks the sound on all the Hallmark Channels has been out of sync. It’s really annoying and hard to watch.
phoenix mom Send email
Aug 29, 2020

Lesbian Wedding inappropriate for Hallmark viewers

As Christians, we were SO disappointed to see your airing of a same sex marriage in the movie, A Wedding Every Weekend. We didn't expect it and had to turn it off quickly. We have watched your channel for many years and I could always count on your movies being wholesome and safe for kids/tweens. Not anymore. We thought since you are Hallmark, and highlight Christmas, that you knew many Christians watch your channel because almost all of the other channels are inappropriate. We do not agree with same sex lifestyle and that is our right. Why can't there be ONE channel that does not offend us?! We used to be excited to hear about a premiere new movie. We are not now because we don't know what will be in it.
beansl Send email
Aug 27, 2020

LBGT agenda

There is an option for all of this. Create a Hallmark LBGTQ Channel that celebrates the homosexual lifestyle and leave the Hallmark movie channel for celebrating the heterosexual lifestyle. I don't see how you can combine the two without losing the biggest percentage of your audience. One lesbian kiss at a wedding is not going to satisfy the community - it will be all or none. We all deserve the uplifting movies you provide. Your choice.
dmiller Send email
Aug 26, 2020

Close Captions

you no longer have CC on your Hallmark channel (Comcast), since I am hard of hearing I need the CC to understand the show. I enjoy your channel and very sad to not be able to watch anymore. Please if possible put the CC back. Thank you
Bonz Send email
Aug 25, 2020

Gay Relationship Movies

I have unsubscribed to the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Now and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries because of your decision to make gay relationship movies. This is a sin and goes against what God's word says in the Bible. I have no doubt this will hurt your company in the long run.
HallmarkX Send email
Aug 25, 2020

Hallmark a Sell Out

I am done with Hallmark. I just want ONE movie that does not go with the mainstream society of accepting same sex as a norm. I could not believe 2 minutes into the new movie Wedding Every Weekend I had to face tace a lifestyle that is a sin. I know we all have sin and are not perfect, but I prefer to go to the LORD with my sins not start a Group to get everyone to agree with my sin. the other thing is how I have to see my race as a Black American be lumped in with this group as a fight for equality. My race was created by God not as a sin. there is nothing I can do as a Black person that results in a sin from being Black. Choosing a lifestyle to be with the same sex is a sin. so after ditching cable over 23 years ago and deciding to give it a try again a year ago since Hallmark had channels, to now making a decision to get rid of direct tv especially since their basic pkg shut off UPTV. I guess I am back to reading books and writing my own romance stories. maybe I'll write and produce my on movies. I am so tired of society forcing their ideals. from showing graphic scenes of people getting nauseated sick when I have a weak stomach and can't look at that sort of thing... the whole society of Shock and Awe ... and now a group of people using their agenda of letting the world know who they want to have sex with. why can't I just love you as a person the way God wants me to, without having to accept your lifestyle? is that all you are? a lifestyle?
Donna Rankins Send email
Aug 25, 2020

Same sex marriage

I have loved the hallmark channel and paid extra to have good,clean,family movies and programs,but I notice 5 years ago your programs seemed to change.....first the good witch(God says he hates witchcraft and you put this on)I did not watch it.....but ,now same sex marriage.You have gone the way of the world.You can't please everyone,but it seems you have made bad choices.I will cancel my dish service until you perhaps change and come to your senses....May you ask for direction from God and turn back to godly values

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