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Peaceful One Send email
Dec 29, 2019

change the movie formula! PLEASE!

Seriously, I'm not even a movie writer & I could do way better than the same story you all put out show, after show, after show, after show after, show after, show after, after show, after show! Get the point?

It gets way too repetitive & old.

Boy meets girl, realizing they're attracted; despite their growing friendship & trust in one another, it takes nothing more than over hearing one little comment or seeing one chance encounter with an ex & just like that, the relationship is OVER! But next minute, they quickly realize they misinterpreted the encounter & proceed to have an almost kiss (Interrupted of course) as they were trying to make-up; & then they instantly, devote themselves to each other & have a token kiss (the most uncomfortable, unromantic, 4th grade level, kiss you've seen in your life) & Boom. Movie over!

There you have it. Every Hallmark Movie you made this year in one short paragraph. Come on. Anyone could write something more interesting than what you've been doing. I'll write something for you!
Peaceful One Send email
Dec 29, 2019

Christmas Shows Must End & We have a Great Idea for you need to end

Here's our Idea to please everyone: Maybe you can just have a Hallmark Christmas Channel, where you play Christmas shows on it all year long, while Leaving your regular channel alone, so it only shows your Regular year-round programming, without interrupting it at all.

That way, your Hallmark Christmas junkies are happy with their Christmas programming, 365 days a year & the rest of us can also be happy with their regular programming, 365 days/year! It's a WIN/WIN!

I enjoy your Christmas shows for a couple of weeks, but PLEASE, PLEASE, Enough is Enough. Oh My Goodness!
Christmas From October to January 5th, is WAY TOO MUCH!

And it's on BOTH CHANNELS! We need a break. I'm about to throw up from all of this Christmas. We've seen Every one of these shows, over & over & over & over again. We know almost every line in every single show! We did finally just QUIT WATCHING IT, yesterday, 12/27/19, & are not returning to Hallmark until "Christmas" ends! Then, we'll turn Hallmark back on.

Next year, Hallmark gets turned off on day 1 of your Christmas programming as we know that will be before Halloween even starts!

We decided we're only going to watch from 12/1/20-12/25/20 AND that's it! That's More than enough Christmas!
Peaceful One Send email
Dec 29, 2019

Saddened & Angered by Homophobic viewers

Thank you for choosing to continue with the Zola ad that shows the two women at their wedding. The rude, hate-based & hate-filled commentary noted on this site, is terribly unsettling & disturbing to hear. People indicating that the LGBTQ community & their existence, is being shoved down their throats & that they don't want their children exposed to it are really upsetting. As if the only place in the world it exists is on this 1 minute advertisement. In truth, these people might as well shut themselves inside their home, never to leave again; never read any books, look at any magazines or watch any entertainment. For that matter best not go to Church, school or work either. Members of the LGBTQ community are EVERYWHERE! Our church welcomes anyone who is LGBTQ (as does my best friends' Jewish Temple) & we even have a gay minister & one gay Sunday School teacher. The children don't notice at all or even care. (we don't point out that they have a gay teacher); they only know them as teacher. Kids are only uncomfortable because they're told to be. They are not instinctively or intuitively uncomfortable with anyone who's LGBTQ. It's the derogatory conversations they overhear or what they're taught by adults who are fearful of anyone who's not like them. These frightened adults instill & pass on this fear into their children.
Our kids know that God & Jesus love everyone, no matter who they are. We don't teach HATE.
These people who are So Outraged & calling LGBTQ people Butt somethings, or other derogatory names, are really the one's with some serious issues they need to deal with. Maybe it's hitting too close to home?
stormy39+ Send email
Dec 29, 2019


Hallmark channel has always been one we felt safe letting our children and now our grandchildren watch! Not anymore! How can you sleep at night knowing you are exposing children to such crap? Same on you!!!! Until we hear different, we will not be watching ANY Hallmark programing!
LMS Send email
Dec 29, 2019

Double holiday

If you guys wanted to recognize a Jewish “holiday” IE Chanukah - DOUBLE HOLIDAY didn’t - what a joke a Jewish
Exec CHOSEN ATO ARRANGE THE XMas party as competition for a promotion so she abrogates her religion to set up a Party for Xmas!

2. Why would a boss who knows she’s Jewish pretty much base a promotion knowing she isn’t Christian and that it would clash with her beliefs-

3. The whole damn thing was patronizing and dismissive of Jewish beliefs-

As an owner and CEO of a large biomedical research Co who is Jewish we try to be respectful of our employees beliefs and traditions I would never ask a Christian to arrange aJewish event if it conflicted with Easter, or Good Friday !
The Jewish community would prefer you did no movies on us rather than promulgate that Jews need to forgo their beliefs in order to get promoted in a Christian Co -
Debbid13 Send email
Dec 29, 2019

Christmas movies

How many months of Christmas do you need to shove down our throats? Is it to sell your Hallmark products?
The newer years movies are so contrite and acting is awful. The older movies are tolerable but again not for 3 months!
WHY do you have to do this? Unfortunately I can't cancel just this one channel for 3 months or I would.
Patricia127 Send email
Dec 28, 2019

Take off the poop commercial

This used to be our favorite channel. So family originated and a place to watch movies that created joy and to forget about the problems in our world. Not only do you show gays and lesbians now you are showing the commercial about a man sitting on the toilet , pooping and are advertising a spray to use to prevent orders. Hallmark why are you directly destroying something you have built up to be a great thing for family. Now you are and embarrassment to families. Get rid of the gay, lesbians, and toilet commercials. We will rid of you as well as many friends and families that you have disappointed. Hopefully you will take inconsideration of other complaints and do the right thing. Merry Christmas
LindaT Send email
Dec 28, 2019

Christmas Movies

Both Hallmark channels were my favorite, go-to stations. But Christmas movies starting in October and continuing after Christmas is was too much! I stopped watching these two channels in early November.. What a shame you had to ruin such good channels for just every day comfort.
hollyplace Send email
Dec 28, 2019

Watch you only as a Family Channel

I have purchased subscription to your services as a family moral viewing choice. If you promote sexual immorality in any form, I'm out-of -here. Don't compromise because the LGBT folk are wanting promotion for their choice in every corner of entertainment. In your compromise you will lose most of your business because those of us who watch you do so for the family moral viewing that you have traditionally been. Let those who want immorality go to all the other producers. They have plenty of choice. Nobody forces them to watch you. But the rest of us want clean moral family centered viewing like Hallmark used to be.
Fisherwoman Send email
Dec 28, 2019

Homosexual commercial

‘I am greatly saddened by Hallmark’s recent decision to show the homosexual wedding commercial. I have loved your movies because of the family values portrayed in them. Now I can no longer watch because I risk exposing my family to the commercials and possibly future movies portraying homosexual lifestyles. It’s too late to change the channel when your children have already begun seeing the commercial. The thought has already been planted in their minds. So, sadly, I must stop watching hallmark and supporting anything they are connected with. I believe you will live to deeply regret this cowardly decision. Either you continue to stand for what is right and biblical or you fall.
stop the christmas movies Send email
Dec 27, 2019

stop the Christmas movies!

Christmas movies 24/7 starting in October! I was sick of them by Halloween. I totally stopped watching the Hallmark channel. When Christmas was over, I went back to Hallmark BUT it is STILL Christmas movies! Please stop! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
doreen3 Send email
Dec 27, 2019

Christmas Movies

PLEASE STOP playing continuous Christmas movies on both Hallmark channels for sooo long. I actually stopped watching Hallmark during this time and also Christmas in July. It really takes away the spirit of Christmas and it just overload. What is the reason for Hallmark's concentration on Christmas movies?
JohnDoe53 Send email
Dec 27, 2019

GayMark Channel

Why are you wanting to go to the Gay Mark Channel? this used to be a family channel! very Tired of the Lgbt community trying to cram this shit down our throat. didn't pay to watch 2 guys play Butt Darts or 2 old lesbos tongue each other that not my cup of tea your family vaules have gone to Adam Ship will be calling my cable provider and asking them to pull your programming!
Larry Hample Send email
Dec 27, 2019


So now you are going to show men kissing men and women kissing women hallmark is now a TRASH channel My family will never watch your trash Time to contact your advertisers and tell them we will never use them again
JohnDoe53 Send email
Dec 27, 2019

GayMark Channel

It's Really Sad to see your Values have gone to Hell. used to be a wholesome family channel Not any more now you have to worry about your kids 2 guys wanting to play Buttdarts. or 2 women swapping tounges . How sad YOu ever heard they Saying Jesus is watching you! well since you want to turn hallmark into a Porno site you going to lose customers bigtime
redbarbie65 Send email
Dec 27, 2019


You remove Lori Laughlin from Hallmark completely as you area “family”network/channel but promote gay and lesbians. The Bible does not agree with same sex relations.
Goodbye Hallmark,Lori Laughlin made your network with all of her acting, bad idea you made.
Kelly1968 Send email
Dec 27, 2019

LGBTQ And Overload Of Christmas Movies

As a longtime viewer of The Hallmark Channel, I feel the need to let you know about a couple of things you are doing that I and many of your viewers do not like.

First, there's the Zola ad on your channel that features a lesbian wedding. As a conservative Christian, this just rubs me the wrong way. One of the reasons that people like me watch Hallmark is to get away from this LGBTQ crap! Having it shoved in our faces 24/7 is more than we can bear! This world is already messed up enough up as it is, and we do not need a family-friendly channel like Hallmark supporting the Satanic LGBTQ agenda! Please do not even consider showing this garbage in any of your films! Please make the choice to be the family-friendly channel you were before, or I will join other conservative Christians in the Hallmark boycott!

Second, you have got to stop showing so many Christmas movies. It's one thing to show two months worth of Christmas movies from late October until early January, but when you show a Christmas movie marathon in the middle of summer, that is just ridiculous! During the summer time, people are thinking about things like fireworks, barbeques, and swim parties, not Christmas. If you insist on doing a Christmas countdown every year, at least wait to begin it the day after Thanksgiving and end it the day after Christmas. Or better yet, just create a Hallmark Christmas Channel. That way, your viewers can have a choice. They can still watch their favorite programs, and if they're in the mood for a Christmas movie, they can switch over to the Hallmark Christmas Channel. That way, everybody's happy. What you people are actually doing is a Countdown to New Years, not a Countdown to Christmas. You really need to start listening to your viewers, or you will be facing a boycott. I know many people are already doing this, and many more will do the same. The Hallmark Channel has long been a safe haven for many people who are fed up with the Left-wing LGBT crap that has been pushed on us for so long. Please do not support this evil agenda. And please end your overload of Christmas films. Thank you.
Geraldine Estep Sessa Send email
Dec 25, 2019


Goodbye Hallmark. You choose to lose 99%of your viewers just to show LGBT ads. Well, we don't want to look at that trash. And we won't. We are dropping the Hallmark channels from our Dish package. Shame on you. This used to be a family channel. Just about the ONLY family channel that was left. A channel that Christians and their families could feel safe watching. No more. Enjoy your 1% viewers. We, along with millions are gone; forever.
pcarman Send email
Dec 25, 2019

christmas on my mind

your company should hire my daughter because she can give you details on all the mistakes that are made when filming your hallmark movies.... this movie was good til the very end when it was raining all around the couple but not a drop of wetness was found on either one of them... all the movies that are made when people are wearing mittens, scarfs, and winter coats but not a breath of cold air is coming out of there mouths... other errors have been found by my daughter but just mentioned those 2 makes e feel better thanks for listening
sc4jc Send email
Dec 24, 2019


I am not a member of One Million Moms and they did not ask my opinion on the Gallop Poll about same-sex marriage. I am totally against it and I am sick and tired of everyone pushing it down our throats. Hallmark was the only channel we could watch where we didn't have to see the immoral acts on television and now you have caved in to the left. For once do something that is right and moral and not what the LGBTQ community or thinks the majority wants which is not the majority.
kathymusic Send email
Dec 23, 2019

More Love Please! Stop casting leading roles as WHITE ONLY!

I love the Hallmark Channel!!! Thank you for being a bright light in a TV world of mostly...well...depressing, violent crap.

1. I'm disappointed that you caved and pulled the love commercials featuring a same-sex kiss. Love is love. Don't let the 80-and-older crowd stop you. By the way (I spelled that out for the older crowd) I'm not gay and I have no agenda.
2. Hallmark, you really have a problem with homosexuality? 75% of the male leads in your stories are so obviously gay and so tortured having to kiss women at the end of your love stories. Why not have someone, somewhere actually enjoy a kiss on your channel, lol?
3. Thank you for sending the right message by firing Lori Loughlin. But how much Full House do we need to relive daily? You're overcompensating by constantly casting Candace Cameron-Bure. She is annoying.
4. PLEASE increase the presence of people of color in your movies. The time to do that, and you know it, was years ago....Redeem yourself and git 'er done NOW. Give people of every race, creed and color actual lead roles, not just playing the best friend or the hairdresser. Come on now.
5. I love the Hallmark Channel! But if you have to send a message of exclusion, I can't pretend that's okay. (The message you're sending is exclusion at best, racist/ homophobic at worst.) Check US stats and start representing the correct percentage of African American people, Caucasian people, people of Latin descent, Asian descent ETC. to reflect the country we have. Check out the percentage of people who are physically disabled and represent them by hiring disabled actors. Represent the LGBT community.
Slowly for the blue-hairs, but go for it. And really, could you please hire a person with some body fat once in a while?

A message to the old, privileged, straight white Christian people in the crowd who are soooo, so mad and terrified about...everything. I'm old, privileged, straight, white and Christian but neither angry nor terrified. We can all live together (and even watch TV together) without having to become every character. The homosexual agenda is not coming for your children.. Or your guns. Or your crayons. Settle down already and notice that not everyone in the world is white. Not everyone in the world is straight. No one is turning you gay (or black) by being represented in a movie. Stop pretending that everyone must be like you. "Hate to the World" would not make a great Christmas special. And dressing up your hatred as indignant Christianity is a lie. News flash: Jesus was a liberal.
Jlanese Send email
Dec 23, 2019

Countdown to Xmas movies

I have been watching countdown to Xmas for years. Couldn’t wait for it to start but I was very disappointed about the movies this year. They really were all the same just different town. Boy or girl with big time job goes back to small hometown and meets the ex and ends up happy and I love and stays in small town. What happened to the magical movies the ones about Santa Claus or the ones where they go back in time or ahead in time.The ones with the angels that help them decide what they want. It is the first year that I changed to Lifetime Xmas movies. I am not the only one that feels this way most of my freeing who use to watch every year stopped watching also. I just hope that you change it up for 2020 so I and my friends can watch again
Cjhw Send email
Dec 23, 2019


VERY disappointed and angered for Hallmark to feel they have to air this commercial. Christians are bombarded with this garbage. I don't want to see this junk any more than I want my kids too. Hallmark was one place I felt "safe". I know it's hard to believe but some of us want to keep a pure mind. I bet if Christian's aired a commercial exclaiming Jesus as Lord and King, the commercial would be pulled before it finished airing!! It has come to the point you can't watch TV. Goodbye Hallmark.
Pragmatic Send email
Dec 23, 2019

music, fake snow, bigoted viewers

Why does Hallmark insist on using Christmas hymns and carols as dance music whenever there is dancing involved? Seeing a couple swaying romantically to "Silent Night" or "Oh Holy Night" is utterly ridiculous. Are royalties that expensive? Surely, there must be an alternative.

And the fake snow? Ohmygosh! It is so awful in some of the movies, we laugh out loud. Maybe people who live in areas where it doesn't snow aren't aware of the difference, but it is truly a detriment to many of the movies -- can't think of anything else once we see someone walking around in a supposed snow storm, and not a single strand of hair is wet. Snow is wet, it is not Ivory Flakes or whatever phony things are flying around with an obvious wind machine.

Finally, the LGBT issue. If people are so against what are absolute facts of life, they should switch to something else, and should not condemn an entire network because of narrow-minded beliefs. I'm sure Hallmark will survive quite nicely without those bigoted viewers.
Gerushka Victor Send email
Dec 22, 2019

No LGBT... for me

I signed the Million Moms boycott. I never thought the day would come that I wouldn't watch Hallmark, but it is here. I am not opposed to the *** community, but I am not interested in seeing them kissing or any other sexual behavior, which will certainly follow in the future. Hallmark has made a huge mistake (caved because of "Ellen", I'm sure. A majority of the *** individuals responding don't even watch the channe! Goodbye Hallmark. Enjoy catering to a very small percentage of the population. You will not cram their lifestyle down my throat.

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