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katntom Send email
Nov 13, 2020

Same sex

I watched Christmas with the Darlings last night. It was a great show EXCEPT that you just had to write in some flirting and "dating" between two girls. I was so shocked that I had to rewind more than once to be sure I heard it right. Please no!!!!!!!!!!! Not Hallmark! This is the last of the last decent tv for us to watch, and I am so sad beyond words. I've already been a little disappointed that every episode has to have a little wine drinking, which just lets our younger viewers think this is ok also. But now you're ok with airing same sex episodes? If this continues, we will not be watching your Network any more and will certainly tell all our friends and co-workers. This is not normal, no matter how "cool" you think it is to be diverse. IT IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ever happened to standing up for what you believe?!? Unless you just do not think it is wrong. Which is even more disappointing.
DeeLB20 Send email
Nov 11, 2020

Marxist Vaseline Commercial

Thanks for the Vaseline ad promoting BLM - in case you don't know yet, they proclaim themselves to be Marxists. Don't you know what a Marxist believes? Do you think most of your viewers subscribe to their anti American ideology? Or are you just afraid of being labeled anti black? Me, my black friends, and all people that I know, are offended by that group because they hate me, they hate you, and they hate black people. They would just as soon burn your station down than pretend to be your friends. Your new racially diverse movies are great, but really, maybe you guys should check out what Marxism means, just in case, you know, maybe someone is watching these commercials who has been offended or harmed by one. Like me. Please reconsider that Vaseline ad.
IngenSvarting Send email
Nov 9, 2020

The damn music playing as the actors are speaking

Whoever adds the damn music to the videos needs to cut back..the music is louder than the voices and all the klink klink klink without a beat is nerve wrecking and I will boycott your movies..they are more annoying than enjoyable..same old..same old..
Rebeginning1!! Send email
Nov 9, 2020

LGBT Content

We have enjoyed family friendly Hallmark movies
For many years

We refuse watch movies where characters represent LGPT lifestyle. Your choice to include LGPT lifestyle as as mainstream is unGodly
Roselyn Lutjen Send email
Nov 7, 2020

No Golden Girls

I am so sick of these hokey Christmas movies! Boy meets girl, boy starts to kiss girl but is interrupted, boy gets girl! Same crap in every sickening movie! Bring back the Golden Girls, at least on week nights and early mornings. Save the sappy movies until the weekend when we have better things to watch! Whoever writes all these scripts needs to get real!
latchden Send email
Nov 5, 2020

voice distortion

On my channel of Hallmark Mysteries. The voices are all distorted and can not watch them. This has been going on for 2 weeks and my cable provider said they can not control the broadcasting. Could you please look in to it for me. I pay extra money for the channel. I live in Prineville, Oregon Thank You.
Marilyn11 Send email
Nov 5, 2020

Christmas movies OVERKILL

Why is there nothing but Christmas movies all day every day for months? Why don’t you just call yourselves the Christmas Movie Channel and I will not subscribe to you anymore?! Christmas is a special TIME of year and by playing these movies continuously you ruin the spirit of Christmas. Total overkill!
ptgraham2001 Send email
Nov 5, 2020

gay movies

like many of the complaints with the airing of a gay movie this month you have lost your family appeal for many Americans in a sea of liberals we watch very little mainstream tv and have had viewed you for many years as a wholesome family provider mind you the only one i can think of but no more. you will see a lot less of us and many like us because of your decision to allow pressure from the gay community to include them in your once family Oriented lineup
JoeAmerica Send email
Nov 3, 2020

Less Gays, More Criminals

How dare you air gay and lesbian content. How dare you insert into your corny, sappy dreck good-looking men and men and women and women who just want to drink hot cocoa and buy gingerbread cookies for shelter dogs. I need more homogenous heterosexual couples who look like they could be brother and sister. That's what my inbred, pig-diddling family needs to see to reassure us of our own withering superiority. Oh, and more Lori Laughlin content, please. It is vital to my grandchild's moral development that she see rich, entitled white women who try to rig the system in a dishonest and underhanded way. THAT is the America I stand for! Not this well-dressed, two-men-shopping-for-mittens trash. Be gone!
kateomoore Send email
Nov 3, 2020


Are you really showing NOTHING but Christmas movies on 2 of your 3 channels until after the first of 2021? It's overkill/ I signed up for mysteries, and there are only so many Christmas movies to write!
chris 28 Send email
Nov 3, 2020


I have enjoyed having movies that are wholesome to watch and not have to worry about the content in them. I can watch them with my grandchildren. If you are going to produce the LGBT movies when will it end. Are you going to on and produce movies that make pedophile okay as Netflix has done? What bout the other life styles that involve one man with several wives, one women with a couple of husbands when will it end. Which ones will you feel are not right for you to be inclusive? Once you cross the line you must open up to all the other life styles. I trust the you will identify which movies that you are making that will be homosexual so that we do not even have to watch any of it. I have always enjoyed the Hallmark movies and remember growing up when there would be a Hallmark movie that would come on back in the 70's all of the family would gather around and enjoy it. Yes, there are gay people but that doesn't mean that we have to sit and watch them in a movie or have our children or grandchildren watch them. The percent of the population that do identify themselves as LGBT is very small so this is not about diversity but joining a political movement to push their agenda on the rest of us using you to do it. How many will you lose because of this move how many will you gain? You run the risk of losing your family friendly programing. It is yours to win or lose.
Roberta2 Send email
Nov 2, 2020

Same complaints since 2012 to 2020, no resolution.

This is the first time I've used this complaint board and see it is totally useless and falls on deaf ears. Looking back I see the same complaint of loud music and Christmas movies 24/7 months before Christmas. I went back as far as 2012 and the same complaints were there then, as now. Obviously, this is either a sham complaint board or Hallmark couldn't care less the opinion of it's viewers. Those Christmas shows must bring in a lot of cash to make up for the viewers you lose over that time. Now in 2020 you have double downed and are showing Christmas movies even earlier in the year. Doesn't seem like the viewer is your main concern.
Roberta2 Send email
Nov 2, 2020

Christmas in July, Oct. Nov. and Dec

I miss the cozy mysteries like Murder She Baked, Flower Shop Mysteries and Aurora Teagarden and Murder She Wrote as well.
Christmas movies 24/7 for 3-4 months is a bit mind numbing and I don't care for the sappiness of that kind of movie in such over whelming quantity. We endured it in July and now again months before Christmas. Those movies might be better enjoyed a few weeks before Christmas instead of months. How about you put more effort into new episodes of the mysteries you already have instead of so many different ones as well. Quality over quantity any day!!
Roberta2 Send email
Nov 2, 2020

Christmas in July, Oct. Nov. and Dec

I miss the cozy mysteries like Murder She Baked, Flower Shop Mysteries and Aurora Teagarden and Murder She Wrote as well.
Christmas movies 24/7 for 3 months is a bit mind numbing and I don't care for the sappiness of that kind of movie in such over whelming quantity. We endured it in July and now again months before Christmas. Those movies might be better enjoyed a few weeks before Christmas instead of months. How about you put more effort into new episodes of the mysteries you already have instead of so many different ones as well. Quality over quantity any day!!
skmiles Send email
Oct 31, 2020

Loud background music

Like many, many, many others I have a complaint about the LOUD background music on your movies and even the commercials. It is very hard at times to hear the dialog - especially during a quiet, romantic scene - PLEASE cut it back to at leas half if you have to have it -
skmiles Send email
Oct 31, 2020


Cannot access your sweepstakes. The "enter" box does not show up - it appears it should be down further on the page, but there is no way to make it go "higher" therefore unable to enter. You need to make your page smaller or put an arrow on the side so it can be raised up for viewing and entering the sweepstakes.
daiseymae Send email
Oct 30, 2020

Christmas on Hallmark

I am so tired of every time I turn Hallmark on I am seeing a Christmas movie I mean come on we have to see it the whole month or more in July and now we're seeing them in October!! What happened to fall, and put Golden Girls back on Monday thru Friday. Give us all a break!!!
Diane Fleming Send email
Oct 26, 2020

Christmas movies

I watch the two Hallmark channels every day and night . I’m up most nights so I love the old programs that are on . I hate that both channels are now 24/7 with Christmas movies . For the next two months or more it will be constant with repeats . I asked my granddaughter last night if she wanted to watch one . She said , ‘ no. For crying out loud it’s not even Halloween yet ‘ she’s 12 . There’s not much to choose from . Christmas movies make me sad so it’s rare if I watch one .
Jlherren65 Send email
Oct 25, 2020

Christmas movies

I am a Catholic and I love Christmas but come on, Christmas is in December. It is meant to celebrate Christ's birth. I love the movies but do they have to be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Show them but let us watch ours too. I like my mystery shows (murder she wrote, magnum p.I., and munk) too. The same way with the regular hallmark channel. I love watching Frasier and I love Lucy too. It is not always about marketing.
Apyren Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Christmas 24/7 in October

Sick of the Christmas movies. You did it in July and now in October. Gonna remove all 3 hallmark channels. You need to change Movies and Mysteries to "Christmas Movies". I will no longer be watching your programming.
mikes4seasons Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Adam & Adam or Eve & Eve

I originally decided to write in because Hallmark has already started running these overbearing Christmas movies and it is not even Halloween yet . They stopped my beloved I Love Lucy, which is the whole reason I watch Hallmark channel and they seem to be running the Golden girls, and then they go right into never ending Christmas movies continuously. But, after logging in and seeing all the complaints about gay couples in the Hallmark movies I was so upset I decided I have to write some thing about that. Gay people are a part of life, get it through your head. We are going nowhere. Even the pope yesterday said gay people are children of God, and should be allowed to get married and have a family just like everyone else. Hiding this from your children is unrealistic and foolish . Your children should know that gay people exist, imagine if one of them turns out to be gay, what would you do then? This is what makes a lot of gay youngsters right away and go on drugs etc. would you like that to happen. Open yourself up to reality. Don’t turn the TV off when gay couples are in the mix, explain to your children that they are part of why they exist. I can’t say anymore other than face reality and get real for your own sake.
Michael DeSouza Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Get Real!!!!!

I am so sick of reading complaints about same sex content in movies. Little kiddies should know & learn that gay people
do exist! Even the Pope called Gay people Children of God, and agreed that they should be allowed to marry and have
a family, Where have you all been, under water? It is just sickening to listen to you! WAKE UP, FOR GODS SAKE!!!!
lovemurder mysteries Send email
Oct 23, 2020

Christmas movies

I am so disappointed in your decision to once again air Christmas movies in October. Believe me it is hard to get thru December. Please be considerate of those that are trying to stay home because of the virus. Give us a variety of shows. Clean shows like Monk, Diagnosis Murder and Matlock.
Cslagle77 Send email
Oct 16, 2020

Gay and lesbian content on a G rated movie

Gay and lesbian content on a G rated movie. I was so disappointed to have my family time disrupted with inappropriate content on a G rated Hallmark movie. If I wanted to see same-sex relationships I would go to other channels or other sites. I’ve always look forward to watching Hallmark movies if you’re going to add this content there needs to be a way for your loyal viewers to be able to filter this out for their families. This content should not be under a G rating or there should be some sort of information that gives us as parents a heads up to the content that you are implementing into your movies. it is my impression that the LGBT community only makes up a very small portion of the overall population and for you to cater to them on a family oriented channel seems outrageous. It’s been Hollywood’s go to desensitize and familiarize but that doesn’t mean that the average person wants to watch this when they sit down for family time. I specifically shoes G rated format so that my family and I are not exposed to any inappropriate sexual orientation. And when I make the choice for Hallmark I make it because it has always been a place for safe family oriented content.
Fernmary Send email
Oct 15, 2020

Hallmark channel

I am very disappointed in Hallmark channel, this was our one safe family channel and now you’ve caved into the world allowing Gay And Lesbian scenes into your movies. So you compromise at what cost? To lose your millions of faithful viewers? Do you honestly think they want to watch hallmark wholesome movies? They have their own channels. You need to make this right or you will continue to lose viewers.

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