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Ilovemykids2022 Send email
Sep 17, 2022

Mask mandate

It's long past time to remove the Face Burka off associates! You let customers come in the store with NO masks on but FORCE associates to comply or lose their job. Hypocrites! Stop being woke! Apparently upper management at Home Depot loves it when people hate their job because they're forced to do something that no other company is forcing their employees to do.
Katelynnnn Send email
Jun 23, 2022

Not paid correctly

In order to get holiday pay you have to work the day before and the day after said holiday and work your scheduled shift on the holiday (which I did). I was not paid the holiday pay due to me. I called the 1800 number to get it handled and when I asked why the lady said the holiday pay was added then taken off and added again. I waited a week to call back and see what ever come of it she said I had to have someone in store call and have it approved so they could send it to my account. I then called the store to have the hr representative at the 0887 Trussville Alabama store (named Terrisa) to call and take care of it. She wasn't there so the manager there said as soon as she got in she would tell her to get right on it. I got to work and went to talk to her and ask her if she had called yet, and she copped an attitude with me and started being condinsening. This isn't the first time this has happened to me since this woman has started working at the 0887 Trussville location. She never answers the phone when she's there, she never calls you back when you leave a message, or note. She is completely unqualified for the job. She constantly messes with the holiday day and the sick/personal time. I'm completely over home depot in general. It's nearly impossible to make a formal complaint because all that happens is the run around bull shit. Home depot seriously needs to get their shit together and get better management for the location all together. Not my only complaint either. There was also and incident where I was having an anxiety attack (I have really bad anxiety, and attacks happen when I become too overwhelmed) and I had a manager straight up laugh in my face while having said anxiety attack.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 6, 2021


This is NOT a complaint. I wanted to let Home Depot know that the manager of my local store, 8232 Preston Highway, Louisville, goes FAR BEYOND the call of duty. I received a mini refrigerator I had ordered on line Black Friday only to find it was VERY damaged. I went to my store, talked with Bob Toboco who made it right. Mr. Toboco even delivered the replacement refrigerator that I purchaed while in the store. Bob has renewed my faith that people do the right thing.

Home Depot hit the jackpot with Mr. Toboco; if it's not right, he makes it right.


Sheila Thomas
Louisville, KY
BooBabe Send email
Nov 19, 2021

Cashier assuming all Customers are Stealing

As a cashier at Home Depot and over 40 years in customer service, I find it unprofessional, rude, and an insult with all my fellow cashiers and Head Cashiers want to assume that all customers are in our Store to steal. I promise you that the next cashier that takes it upon themselves to look at my husband (who is an active duty military man) and imply that he is trying to steal. Well let me say it will be that first and last time any arrogant cashier will make that mistake. That is slander, defamation of character, rude, and unprofessional, And I promise that it will be the last time Cashiers: Rita, Lorrie, Bryan, Natalie, Barb and Head Cashiers: Evelyn, Diane, Nancy and Joe will make that mistakes. Because I'm not like others and I will file a complaint with the EEOC and then Home Depot and the Cashier and Head Cashier will face civil lawsuits. And maybe managers like Armando, Nancy, and Chris will also have a lawsuit against them. We do not have the right to label a customer as a thief because they dress a certain way, their demeanor is not what we like or because they might of had a bad day and just want to get their items and leave. To be honest I have lost respect for Home Depot as a Company and for it's employee's that I have the misfortune to work with. Maybe people should do they job instead of talking about their personal issues at work.
BooBabe Send email
Nov 19, 2021

Sexual Misconduct from Manager

I would like to know why Home Depot continues to employ a Manager Christopher Frederick that --
1) makes sexual comments about female employees and labels them as having a wide vagina because she has big hips. It is unprofessional and inappropriate for this Manager to imply that a female is an easy "fuck" because she has big hips or boob's. This is not the first complaint regarding this behavior but yet Corporate chooses to turn a blind eye. EEOC time is what I say.
2) tells subordinates that if they decide to try another company and quit they will be black listed so that they cannot be rehired. 3) Has his own set of rules from others. He is completely unprofessional and rude.
4) Has numerous times insulted customers by implying that they are only at our store to steal merchandise. Not all customers are there to steal. I have proven that to my fellow cashiers. The Company is only setting themselves up for a lawsuit for discrimination, stereo typing, and defamation of character.
Christopher Frederick needs to be replaced. April needs to be replaced because she just continues to cover for him. Many employee's have been told that if they call or report this to HR they will be fired. Managers are not allowed to bully an employee for following the rules. We are suppose to be able to report issues without any ramifications.
woodygator51 Send email
Jun 12, 2021

Manager decision

I was employed by Home Depot from 02-08 untill 01-17. I resigned to persue starting a new business. I applied for and was rehired for my previous position as Millwork Sales Specialist. During my first stay, especially the last 4-5 years I was always tops in sales and leads in my position. I left making $15.60 Hr, not a huge wage after 10 years. Last May of 2020,I was rehired. I was told the starting salary was a poverty level $11.00 hr but I took it. A week or 2 later I was designated a sales specialist bringing my sa;lary up to $12.00 an hour. This was in June. I worked at that salary lobbying for a pay increase and I recieved one when the covid benefits ended, same as everyone.So 8 months later, I asked for a salary increase comparable to what it was when i left in Jan 2017. I felt I deserved this as my sales are #1 in the district compared to specialist in my position by over $60,000 and my outside sales leads have produced some of the highest numbers in the district. I work in a high volume store but in the year since my return have built my customer base up to new levels in terms of sales $$$.I also have a great deal of responsibility selling and setting up installs which always go off as planned as I bring 35 years of experience in doors, molding install and windows to my job everyday. When i presented my salary increase request to manager Chris Hargus I was told a firm NO! His reason was he said it was off cycle and doing a pay increase off cycle was difficult. He said I had already realized a 27% increase from my starting poverty rehire rate so an increase was "not warranted" at this time. I immediately tendered my resignation. I did not want to but I felt I was not being fairly compensated given the job I do and the revenue I generate. How is mgr Chris protecting shareholder value, giving up over a 1/4 million $$$ quarterly sales to save $60.00 a week?? . .
Anthony Moaf Send email
Mar 18, 2021

Home Depot Wrongful Termination

I was hired 8/8/19 at The Reston Home Depot. I put on my application that I was a felon and I informed the interviewer Miles Barnes. 2/26/2021 Home Depot Corporate called and stated that they received a complaint and they are investigating my background check. I was speaking out about working conditions and pay. On 3/9/21 in the middle of my shift I was told I am fired. I went home and tried to kill myself. The day after I stood outside and handed out fliers about my situation. I called corporate 3/11/21 and they said I'm still showing as an active associate and to call the aware line. I called and they were a 3rd party. My second issue is the constant stress of working at the service desk caused me to attempt suicide 1/15/2021. My managers knew I had mental heath issues yet nobody would do anything. I would beg other managers to get me out of the service desk. I spent 5 days in the ICU and was put on medical leave. When I came back to work I was lectured on how Im not reliable and that if I killed myself that "I wouldn't shed a tear" is what manager Miles Barnes would say. Home Depot did the same thing to an associate by the name of Gloria. 8 months after hiring her Home Depot fired her. She filled with the eeoc and home depot offered her 5k to keep quiet.
victim of unfair work practices Send email
Feb 23, 2021

Discrimination toward employees with an ongoing illness

I started working part-time at the Home Depot the summer of 2020. Shortly after I developed extreme and chronic fatigue. I was so tired I could barely walk and had pain in my legs. I have type II diabetes and my glucose level was elevated in the 200's range. I informed several managers of my condition but they took little interest in what I had to say. When I called in sick the manager on duty would just say "I'll put you down." About four months later I was brought into the office by Craig one of the many managers. I was given an ultimatum. Craig stated: "If you call in sick once then we'll have to terminate you." When I explained to him how sick I've been his response was: "Then you should have let one of the managers know." I told five managers of my condition! None of the managers asked questions or showed any empathy or compassion.
One time, I was so sick, I had to present myself to the ER. The ER doctor gave me a note for work. When I tried to give the doctor's note to HR Director, Christine she stated: " We don't recognize that." This same HR Director leaves early, takes weeks of vacation, and when I ask her assistant where she is her assistant states: "She is at a meeting." When I check the conference room it's empty. I took medical leave which was in and of itself a debacle. Corporate HR lied about not receiving my application which I sent four times! When I informed good ole Christine her response was: "No one else complained about her.
Today, The store manager "Jimmy" left a message on my machine informing me that due to accusations made back in September of a DUI arrest they may terminate me! I've never been convicted of a crime! This store is horrible. The "women" at the service desk shout their announcements over the speaker in an angry tone sounding less like ladies and more like male drill sergeants. Managers like Katie just walk around telling people what to do while she just sits around the store sitting on boxes 'chit chatting.' The rest rooms are so vile and filthy there is a constant putrid odor because they only clean once a day or less!! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT WORKING HERE!!! IT IS HORRIBLE!!!!
anonymous123# Send email
Nov 10, 2020

Supervisor Harassment

I have been working for this company for over 1 year and I really like my job, but I really hate being harassed. There is a supervisor by the name of Colt that works in the plumbing dept., who is always harassing me. I try calling to HR to report this, but I keep getting the run around. But before I file a report with the Sheriff's dept., I wanted to give Home Depot the opportunity to correct this. He has slept with several co-workers in the store, of which one had to be transferred to another state because of the harassment, and one had to quit because he was spreading rumors about her in the store. His wife came to the store several times and had it out with him. As an employee, I do not think this kind of behavior should be tolerated. I don't think its good for business or for the reputation of the company. If this continues, I will be filing a report with Sherriff's dept., because its very uncomfortable working in this kind of environment.
rentals middletown ct Send email
Sep 29, 2020

service desk very short heavy set female

on September 29th at approximately 9:15am I was in the paint department looking for a quart of paint..... manager Mike (who is fantastic) told me they were out. Mike gave me a note and told me to go to the service desk and have them find out when its coming in. at the service desk I was met by an employee short heavyset female who I handed the note to and she immediately said and might I add with a unhappy tone..... " do you want to go to another store" I asked her if she could find out when a shipment was coming at this point she began to give me excuses which I really wasn't interested in.. after a few minutes I again tried to ask can you find out if this paint is due to be delivered at some point.. she was holding the piece of paper I handed her in her hand and threw back at me.. saying.. " Im all done with you". at this point I told her she has absolutely no business working at the service desk and I walked out. Im 60 years old with several rental properties and have been shopping here for well over 30 years. I have never encountered an employee with this attitude of I cant be bother

I exited and via my cellphone called four different employees who work in this store to ask about this employee.. three told me she should never have been put in that position one told me she has a nasty attitude not just with customers but her peers have no use for here. hopefully someone reads this and they sit her down or even better send to to people skills training 101....
DB134 Send email
Nov 4, 2019

Age discrimination

The Ozone park 1215 store discriminates against the older workers at the service desk. the lead makes comments on a regular that "their all old", she routinely cuts the older part timers hours and ensures that her young friends on the service desk have full hours. meanwhile she never teaches or coaches anyone. She spends her weekends standing by the door looking around or on deliveries. I think corporate needs to change up the management badly at this store. Also, you can't move or transfer to another department unless you are friends with one of the ASM's or store management. they are just sneaky, immature and uneducated.
DB134 Send email
Nov 4, 2019

Age discrimination

The Ozone park store discriminates against the older workers at the service desk. the lead makes comments on a regular that "their all old", she routinely cuts the older part timers hours and ensures that her young friends on the service desk have full hours. meanwhile she never teaches or coaches anyone. She spends her weekends standing by the door looking around or on deliveries. I think corporate needs to change up the management badly at this store. Also, you can't move or transfer to another department unless you are friends with one of the ASM's or store management. they are just sneaky, immature and uneducated.
MonitaG Send email
Aug 23, 2019

Return not processed

I bought premium stain from Home depot on 8/20. The total was $525.97. I had $12.61 store credit and I used it to pay for the stain. I did not use the stain so took it back to the store to return it. I was told that the return could not be processed because I used store credit. The total was $525.97 and I only used $12.61 store credit. The store Manager tried to help me but could not do anything. He told me to send an email which I did but have not received a response. I need my money back.
sam smith Send email
Jun 21, 2019

Manager abuse

I a customer watched a "Lady" named Chavonne I assume she was the manager, at the store on Mobile Hwy tell a young employee that she wasnt going to" fire him today" and laughed, cruel inhumane treatment. She had flicked her hand at him like he was her lacky, slave whatever, You should have seen this kids face. This is abuse and cruel. This is in Pensacola Florida . I have no other recourse and I want this crazy treatment to be addressed.
er206 Send email
May 23, 2019

payout of vacation pay

I retired from home depot on April18 the next payday was on May 3. I called HR on the 3 asking why I did not get my vacation pay and was told it would be on the following payday of April 17. On April 17 I called and there was no explanation as to why I did not get paid. I asked to have my pay sent to my direct deposit so I could get my money sooner. They told me they would put a note in the computer. I called back on April 20 and was told it did not go out because HR does not work on Fridays and they only send out checks and I asked if it would be overnighted to me and was told it could take 12 to 72 hours to process but she would mark it urgent . I called back today and was told I would not get paid until the 31st because they have 2 paydays in which they could pay. that is 42 days without my money . I know Craig does not need my money compared to the millions he makes. The home depot makes Billions but they can not cut me a check. I am on SS and am 70 years old and would like to have it before I die.
Clemster Send email
Apr 7, 2019

Rude store manager

I would like to address this to Home Depot management who believe that as a corporation, it is important to honor and reward Veterans, especially disabled Veterans by giving them consideration in your stores. I am a service connected 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. I live in Waukesha WI and have traded at the HD since it was opened. They always took good care of me. In the past, I have had a HD credit card, and presently my wife has one. By identifying myself with my Veterans card I have always received a 10% discount. This is great, and I exclusively shop at HD because you have this policy. Some months ago, I was shopping at the HD store in West Allis WI when I came across oak veneer flooring, exactly what I needed for my condo. It is a beautiful flooring. I did not have my wife's HD card on me, so I paid cash for the whole batch. I misplaced the receipt. I laid the flooring and at the end had 4 unopened boxes left. I took them to the HD in Waukesha. I went to the returns department where the clerk at the register refused he let me return them. I was under the impression that you could return unopened items for store credit. He soon became very defensive and refused to give me his name. I asked to see the store manager and he reluctantly called the manager to the floor. The manager talked to the clerk, his name on my receipt was Jack. The manager belligerently asked me the same questions that Jack did, and said I could not return the product. He refused to tell me his name and when I requested his business card he ordered me to leave the store or he would call the police and have me banned. Fearing for my safety I left. I need someone to call this manager to account. Is your consideration for disabled Veterans for real, or just a pretense? I prefer email response so I have a record of your response.
RNrsch Send email
Jan 29, 2019

Washing Machine Warranty Department

I have tried to submit this on another site and it continues not allowing me to submit it. So, I will send it here.

On December 29, 2018, our Samsung washing machine became disabled. On December 31, I called the Home Depot Warranty Service Department. An appointment was scheduled for January 2, 2019.
On January 2, 2019, I was informed they would not be coming and rescheduled January 8, 2019. I asked what I should do for washing clothes and was told to go to a laundry facility.

On January 8, 2019, they arrived and informed they did not have the correct part. They returned approximately 10 days later and again were informed they did not have the correct parts. Parts were ordered.

Yesterday, they arrived and again not the correct parts.

This has been three times where they had the incorrect parts. Totally inacceptable!!!!

Since December 29, 2018, no washing machine. The cost for washing clothes at a laundry facility is extremely high.

I called the Warranty Service, where finding out, they have no concern or respect for the customer. I have been treated unfair. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

My question to them: What would you do if you did not have a washing machine for 4 1/2 weeks? The laundry cost has exceeded $100.00. WOW! Do they care? No!!

Yesterday, I contacted the company and told they would get back to me today. Yes, another day later. The Home Depot Corporate are not customer friendly. I called Home Depot yesterday and was bounced from one person to another. Then, on hold for a period of time. Finally, I was informed they would call me tomorrow. How disrespectful!!!
I now have cut up my charge card and will never purchase another item at Home Depot. I will share this with others so they will avoid my frustration.

So the story continues, no washing machine for 4 1/2 weeks. No reimbursement for the laundry. A cold hearted company.
Mwd5979 Send email
Oct 4, 2018

Sop neglected

A cashier whom has a boyfriend in the same store was just promoted to head cashier over others whom deserve it. This new head cashier was seen by multiple people including an existing head cashier she was making out in the parking lot with her boyfriend that works there. The OPS manager was well aware of this as to the fact of this make out session where She was holding up everyone's breaks. People went looking for her and found her making out with him. The jead cashier pointed to his watch and she neglected to return to her post and messed up everyone's breaks on the process. The ops manager just made her head cashier with this knowledge. 3484 has so many other problems. I was a supervisor In this store and im shocked as to how dept heads and the ops manager conducts themselves. More worried about playing laser tag then how his store os thr worst in new england currently. U would think they woukd weed out bad seeds amd make that store better. Poor choices. Allowing no call no shows multiple times and allowing that employee to continue working. Its time to get rid of dead weight and hire people that actually wamt to work and hold them accountable. There is bullying amd clicks like high school happening without write ups etc. No lumber carts cause the pro lady has them all. Customers have no access and the employess have lumber fall off of shopping carts and hurt their feet. This happened to my wife 2x now. Actually has a black nail on her big toe about to fall off due to the operations negligence. This store needs a corporate review. Its a sad place to work.
Msjf74 Send email
Aug 3, 2018

Poorly ran store

I am a relatively new employee of home depot. I started in Bend Oregon and ABSOLUTELY LOVED MY STORE!!! AND ALL OF MY HOME DEPOT FAMILY!! Had to transfer dew to personal
reasons, Transfered to Grants Pass, Oregon. Can not believe how poorly the store is ran. Manger is oblivious to what goes on, there is a lot drama between all employees, nothing is stoked right, over head bins are a giant mess!!! There is a lot of two faced poeple and humors fly..... I am completely disappointed in this store. I am sorry to say that I am NOT happy with my job. Sad to say it makes me wan to leave the company.... one that I thought I could grow with and build a career.
Misssalysssa Send email
Aug 2, 2018

Manager made a shady move

I worked for Home Depot and loved working there. A couple of years ago I was in a very abusive relationship. My manager at the time knew this. She put me down as not rehireable when I had to call in 2 times because I didn’t have the father show up to watch the kids. (Even though when I called in she said don’t worry about it and I’ll still have my job.) Then while I was at work the day after that, he took my car at Home Depot and a co worker at to give me a ride. I finally got my life in track and tried to apply (the store wanted to hire me again) and they said I wasn’t rehireable due to this managers decision. I talked to a couple different people down in Georgia who were very unhelpful. Considering my situation and the fact that I DID call and spoke with my manager... they claimed she said I didn’t, I’m surprised that seeing I have proof as well to back my situation up that as a company they weren’t helpful at all. It was very disappointing because again, I loved working there. I had to make a complaint because I’ve got my school situated with doing an appeal through then from 2015 and showing my situation and mmhmm I’m ready to go back to school. This was another thing that was upsetting because this past winter/spring I was trying to get my job back. Either way. This was not ok and they could of been more helpful or understanding.
bjamming Send email
Jul 5, 2018

Unfair Promotions

The managers at Home Depot 6643 (Anaheim Hills) are practicing illegal promotion activities. Their latest act was they just promoted a part-time cashier to a full-time specialty position. Others asked about the job and were told the job was for this person and other qualified people were discouraged to submit an application. This specific manager only hires her favorites. She also lied to another full-time associate last job when a full-time position came open in specialty saying his application had been lost. Other activities in this same store include promoting people to department heads who don't work.
noway Send email
Jun 28, 2018


Watch my friend get fired for having a SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION> Heart problems. Seizures, Micro Strokes. This is the truth.
to many witnesses, Employees, Plus a lot of Managers in store. And Finally The Human Resource Dept. They all new for years they new not to put him in a stressful situation. This is sicking period!!!!!!!! This friend was like a dad to me. He was 60yrs old He loved helping people and they went after him..I don't work there anymore went back to school. Thank God.I get tears thinking about this all the time. I used to wait for him to come in every weekend.he would always make me laugh. What in the Hell is going on in this world. I,m sorry i have to say this as i am considered one compared to my friend. (KIDS SHOULD NOT BE IN MANAGEMENT )
Please pass this on as it needs to be told.

All the things the home depot does for people in need is greet. as seen on tv the news.

These things you will never see or hear about. Remember it only takes one straw to break the camel's back.
His back is about to break it's about time the world knows about what goes on behind those doors.
Noneofyourbusiness Send email
Jun 26, 2018

The Home Depot

The mgr at The Home Depot does not appreciate his hard working employees. He will not get change for his cashiers His store is severely understaffed after 4 pm and it is hard for his cashiers to get some help for customers because when the cashier calls the dept., sometimes the dept mgr will be helping in another dept. Also mgmt would rather give a promotion to a relative of a manager that works for the Home Depot than a better qualified employee. Also people have been hired as a head cashier, or front end supervisor that has never worked a whole 8 hr shift as a cashier at Home Depot before or after they have been hired. There is a severe lack of communication between the garden dept. and the front end dept because sometimes there will not be a loader for the garden dept. and the garden dept. does not let the front end dept. know.
theoneintheknow Send email
Jun 12, 2018


There is a reason that this store has fallen from grace...Management. I've been a part of HD for more than a decade. Dealing with the typical retail challenges is to be expected, but when management has NO RESPECT for their employees, the employees will have none for them. There is very limited contact with the store manager and 4 of the 6 ASMs are ok, but the OPS Mgr and one ASM are the reason this store is now at the bottom. If you ever want to really see what goes on, drop in unexpectedly. Listen to the screaming over the store system. It is embarrassing. I've had many customers comment about how incredibly unorganized we appear, because there's constant screaming for backup cashiers and constant screaming for people to return to their departments. Why isn't there enough coverage in the first place. Specialty is pulled from their area to come to the front, then someone screams on the speaker to come back for customer assistance. It is a joke. The two above-mentioned people from management avoid their phone, and when you call to get assistance and do manage to get them, one is completely useless. He has told a few employees to "figure it out". The level of professionalism is NON EXISTENT. I stay there out of necessity and convenience and pretty much do what I need to avoid contact with the aforementioned managers, but because of them, it seems more people are calling out, leaving everyone else to scramble and no one really gives a crap.
Milo Send email
May 29, 2018

Was diagnosed with vulvar cancer

I was supposed to go in for a lazer surgery for vulvar irregularities and be back to work in two weeks. When I went to my doctor app. I was informed that it is cancer and need to do six weeks of kemotherepy five days a week and if that does not stop it, then I will have my chlortis removed. When I applied to FEML I was denied saying I didn't have enough hours to qualify. The hours are 1250 but I have over 1600. What can be done? Please let me know.

Jodi Paul

Thank you

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