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Nov 23, 2016

home depot

I got a final for customer service for not properly finding help for a customer when I was already with other customer dept was under staffed no one else available how long will that final be in my records
Pissedoffguru Send email
Oct 18, 2016

5 yrs for nothing

I worked for home depot for almost 5 yrs.I was an appliance specialist ,guru is you will.I started my career in the Lubbock tx store( the one on the loop). It was a great place to work then I transferred to the Abilene store when we moved.and I found that there was alot of favoritism and there still is today. I got fired yesterday because I supposedly said an inappropriate word in the break room. I worked my ass off for these people and I don't recall saying something bad but someone thought I did so they called corporate.1day later I'm fired no forgiveness is I did say something bad. Doesn't matter how long or how hard you work.I'm really pissed and I'll never step for in a home depot again and I'll tell the whole world what they are like.
RO7 Send email
Sep 25, 2016

some mgmt employees / associates running own private installation flooring business comes in conflict of intrest

Some Managers have there own private business and work as Private contractors / install flooring, garden services stealing home depot businesses while working in home depot. They are loyal to there own private business and doing solicited dealing on Kajiji and websites advertising there business with customers of home depot on different projects. Wrong employee reviews and bullying are given by Mgmt if you report as some of them are equally corrupt have percentage in these private businesses and support disloyal customers, friends , neighbours, associates who assist them in there corrupt practices. Lack of coverage,no breaks, Rude and hostile atmosphere, Award ceremonies run by corrupt people. Safety is a joke, disgusting benefits , less hours , low wage with zero benefits.
johnalessi Send email
Sep 24, 2016

Employee Complaint

I ordered 4 garage doors from the Kingston Home Depot on September 1, 2016 and wanted them installed. On September 22, 2016 I received a call from the person in the Kingston Home Depot Mill Works Department who told me that there was a door size change and that I owed them $ 200 plus dollars more. I told the man that I did not need a size order change, nor did I authorized it. I asked him what the size order was for and he could not answer me. He said that the person who does the ordering would be back tomorrow and they would call me to explain. At 11:00 am on September 23, 2016 I called the Kingston Home Depot to speak with the person in charge of Mill Works and I was told by customer service that, that person called in sick today, to try back after 12:00 pm. At 5:15 pm I called the Kingston Home Deport and asked for the Mill Works Department and was informed that the person was out to lunch until 6:00 pm. I called back at 8:10 pm and finally spoke to the same person that called me the day before telling me that I owed $ 200 plus dollars more. He proceeds to tell me that my order was canceled. I asked to be transferred to a manager and was on hold for 20 minutes. Periodically, a man named Dominick answered and I told him that I was waiting to speak with the store manager. Dominick first told me that he paged the manager 3 times and he didn't answer. After telling Dominick that I would continue to hold, I got transferred to a number that rang for approximately 5 minutes before being disconnected. I called the Kingston Home Depot Store back and spoke with Dominick again who told me that the store manage was out to lunch. It was 8:30 pm on a Friday night and the store manager was out to lunch. The moral of the story, save yourself some aggravation and don't give Home Depot your business.
Teriblecustomers Send email
Sep 23, 2016

Customer service policy

I want to know how home depot expects employees to give the orange promise of giving excellent customer service when they are always understaffed. I run from dept. To dept. Answering questions because we never have enough employees all the while leaving some customers basically waiting in line for thier question to be answered or ordered. The managers seem to be all tied up when I ask for help and the aisles have no associate to help. How does it sound making me give the orange promise and forced to live by the policy but upper management and corporate leaders do not help us to help the customer's by scheduling and staffing correctly. How is it when an employee is bombarded with customers the minute we walk in and by asm's directing us in to complete other tasks or we will get fired making us upset before we ever get started working. This sets the mood, a bad mood, and then we are suppose to help the customer too. Even the customer who demines us verbally, some physically assaults us, or who throw anger attacks by throwing carts against walls or pulling our merchandise all over the floor..screams and yells at management about not having items in stock. We are forced to deal with mmentally ill or drug addicts as if we are psych nurses or the police. Really home depot you need to step up to the plate and the times of violence in this nation and u shouldn't subject your employees to these harmful elements. You need people in security clothes walking the store, place an empty cop car out front to deter some of the behaviors that customers display. I had a grown man throw a piece of paper in my face and i am a senior citizen, cause he had to wait so long to get help! I just happened to walk by and seen him standing there so I asked if I can help him and this is what he did to me. Then after the attempted assault I am suppose to smile and give good customer service. You are a system set up to fail. I truly believe you know this. Sad.
Mark Liuzzo Send email
Sep 5, 2016

Very Rude to Customer

Went to home depot this morning and got treated like was a stupid bastard for the second time with the same he's not a people person not friendly at all very arrogant, disrespectful, embarrassed me in front of everybody for the second time I feel terrible I left Lowe's for the same reason and never went back
gilleytech Send email
Jul 16, 2016

a home depot employee

An employee at the home depot store #6509 Houston ,tx. while the female employee, on 05/16/16 at appprx. 1030 or 1045 cdst,. name la tonya working the self service and standing in front of the 4 open registers refused to take my credit card payment. The employee wanted me to go to the customer service at time had a line of customers of 4 to 5 customers or to go to the other registers. I did inform her that other stores took my payments at the self-service and that she had no customers only a b/m that she appeared to be having friendly conversation. If she was not going to take payment I wanted to speak to her supervisior a j.d. walz . I did wait long enough to think she was waiting for me to leave the store but I then proceeded to customer service believing her supervisior and her were not helping my cause but theirs hoping that I would just leave. At customer service a ms kim i mention that i needed store info.and to call her manager. a wait of 5 mins. a mr j.d. walz appeared at customer service i gave him the details and he may thought she was a new employee and did not know how to take credit card payments i then mention she worked at home depot for 11 years, then mr. walz mention she should know how to take payments. I stated to mr walz that i wanted to file a formal complaint the home depot central office he said it would not do any good because they would come to him.
RichardJensen Send email
Jan 10, 2015

Wrongful Termination

Accussed of STEALING TIME for printing a copy of Order confirmation while at work.
Ryan Joseph Send email
Jul 14, 2014

Wrongful Termination

These are my arguments in support of my allegations of wrongful termination:

Retaliation: I was wrongfully terminated for not snitching on another employee. A new minority cashier (Vietnamese?) improperly processed a discounted purchase I was entitled to as a military veteran. (Mother’s Day flowers) The Loss Prevention interrogators, one black and the other white, accused me of being in a conspiracy to defraud the store. (Having paid by credit card, I didn’t discover the error until later after having left the store.) The interrogators said I was required to turn the cashier in. The fact that I did not turn him in was “proof” that I was in a conspiracy to defraud the store. Then they fired me on the spot (7-12-14).

2) Unsafe Environment: The Home Depot environment is stressful and psychologically unsafe. Because of the unsafe environment, there is no way I would snitch on a fellow minority for his mistake as a rookie and cause him to be fired. Its not like he shot someone. The atmosphere / environment is such that to snitch on someone’s mistake is suicide. In being ostracized by fellow workers, there is the danger that the person you snitched on may be the favorite of your manager. These managers will take revenge on you via employee reviews, lousy job assignment, a cut in hours or fire you, etc. The unspoken rule here is you keep your mouth shut and mind your own business. There is no procedure or safe procedure in place to bring the matter up with “management.” Gossip travels fast here. There are no secrets...lots of petty politics. The normal conditions are stressful; to snitch or complain is to bring hell upon yourself.

It is my understanding and accepted American business doctrine that if the cashier is not performing, it’s management’s fault; insufficient training, lack of supervision or insufficient experience for the job assigned. Further more, when I made my purchase, I was off duty...I was a customer and not responsible for the performance of a cashier.

3) Discrimination in various forms.

Racism: The interrogators accused me of being in conspiracy with the rookie cashier. Their “proof” was the fact that we are both minorities, that we both live in Pittsburg, CA and “there is a lot of crime in Pittsburg” and that we routinely participate in criminal acts.

Lack of training discrimination: for us entry level minorities. This is how it works: most of us minorities working in the sales associate department are the lowest paid employees. We receive minimum training in spite of being essential sales people. We are required to be pleasant to the customers, have product knowledge and help facilitate the sale process. Our function is an important part of the success of Home Depot.

However, after the minimum break-in training, we are left to ourselves to accumulate more training and knowledge in order to do our jobs proficiently and hang on to our jobs. “On our own” means in between servicing customers which leaves us precious little time for advanced training. There is no regular training programs in place where time, place and materials are set aside for further training.

Further training for us means we need to kiss up to our immediate supervisor or fellow veteran employee for the information we need...if we and they have time between servicing customers. Our immediate supervisor or fellow veteran employee is not required to share their knowledge. Naturally, this puts stress on the new employee trying to gain knowledge in order to keep their job and advance.

When a new employee comes in with inherent experience or is a quick learner, he / she becomes a threat to others because job security does not exist. Add to that environment the factor that people are being fired for the smallest infractions or harassed until they quit. So you end up with minorities competing with minorities trying to curry favors in order to keep their jobs. This is because there is no training system and no fair promotional procedure in place. Its a dog eat dog environment on purpose. Asking for more pay can lead to trouble. You are replaceable. Of course, if the new employee is inept, he poses no threat to others but is usually the victim of verbal harassment from others and in turn is stressed out. Under these conditions, it would be stupid to snitch on a fellow employee and in turn suffer the consequences.

Under these conditions Home Depot is practicing a form of economic slavery. These are the similar techniques American slave owners used in the 1700s and 1800s. Rebellion was always a consideration when buying slaves for the plantations. Specifically, there would never be two slaves from the same tribe. Having multiple languages, the slaves were hard pressed to organize and rebel. Of course, the “trouble makers” were routinely whipped in front of their peers to keep them and others in line.

Home Depot does the same (whipping) by routinely punishing or firing for the slightest perceived infraction. There is no system in place where as an employee’s supervisor or other entity is made available to protect an employee’ rights. There is no system in place that allows a third party to witness the interrogation performed by Loss Prevention personnel. The behavior of these Loss Prevention personnel is akin to Stalin and German Gestapo techniques. You are harassed and coerced until you write a document to the satisfaction of the interrogators; then they fire you. There is no safe system by which employees can organize and voice grievances against Home Depot without retaliation.

Home Depot hired extra security personnel specifically to prevent me from passing out informational flyers to fellow employees in protest of my wrongful termination (see attached). A store manager was seen grabbing my flyers out of employees hands and ordering them not to read it. Extra security personnel were seen on Sunday July 13, 2014 at the entrances to the Concord Home Depot specifically looking for me. On this same day I received an email from the area Human Resource office asking me to call her (I didn’t). This confirms my belief that the unsafe environment is purposely in place to prevent forms of employee “rebellion.” There is no doubt in my mind that any union considerations will be ferociously fought by Home Depot.

Intentional lack of training: an important fact is that the intentional lack of training insures that this group of sales associates (mostly minorities) never get to climb the corporate ladder or improve their skills such that they can justify a substantial raise. If you are proficient and demand a raise, they find a way to get rid of you. I was very proficient and well liked by all. It may be possible that I was fired to keep the others scared and insecure about their jobs. Insecure people do not ask for raises. Denying training to a specific group of employees while giving training to others (higher management) is a form of discrimination. Upper management have regular training, promotional procedures and raise procedures in place. We just get lip service.

Discrimination by Irregular work hours: I worked as a sales associate. Most of us are minorities. Most of us prefer to work full time and would love to enjoy the same benefits that higher management enjoy; such as training to enhance our careers and to justify raises; medical and vacation benefits, etc. However, we are not allowed to be full-time workers even though the labor demands are there. The hours are hellishly irregular. (Example: Monday 6am to 1pm, Wednesday 6PM to midnight, Saturday 10am to 8pm, Sunday 1pm to 9pm). Then it completely changes the next week.

What does this mean? It means it is very difficult to have a second part time job to supplement our income. It means most of us are living near or under the poverty line. It means we really need to hang on to this Home Depot job. It means we dare not complain or make demands for fair treatment. The slightest “infractions” can get us fired, assigned to a lousy job or worse, a cut in hours. This is the method they use to keep us insecure and from making any reasonable demands. This in turn formulates a very stressful, insecure, psychologically unsafe working environment which is illegal.

The benefit of the policy of irregular hours to Home Depot: by intentionally establishing an insecure environment as explained above, Home Depot is able to keep the salaries extremely low. Irregular hours almost guarantees a stunted learning curve which is used against us to justify no raises. We are hired with promises of fair promotions, etc., but fired or “motivated” to quit when we become to proficient and asking for our promised raises. On the other hand, management has the security of regular hours and training as such that they can plan their lives around their job. We have to jump when called upon and required to execute our jobs regardless of our experience or training; and punished if our performance is deemed substandard. The punishment is low wages / no raises.

Denial of benefits to minorities: this is another form of discrimination. We sales associates are the cornerstone of a store’s generating of profits. But the Home Depot system is deliberately set up so that our specific class of workers are not allowed to benefit from the profits along the same formulas as the middle and upper management class. We are required to generate sales but not allowed to share in the profits and benefits. It seems to me illegal for Home Depot to have two sets of policies for their employees.

I you feel inclined to support me with details of your experience my email is: [email protected]

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