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Wo12234 Send email
May 18, 2018

Supervisor harassment

Well, I work part-time in the Freight/Receiving team at the Home Depot I just started a few months ago, & I recieved a call from a family/friend it was pretty urgent, I answered it and moments later I started helping out a customer who needed help, after finishing helping out the customer & I started answering my call and then my supervisor saw me & started to tell me that I haven't touched a box all day and that he never wanted to see me on my phone on the floor ever again and I said I was helping out a customer & he said bullshit! I tried to tell him what the customer wanted which was glass for a window & if he could cut the glass to the size he wanted which we couldn't, but my supervisor still didn't believe me. I've seen other associates on the floor on their phones making calls,texting,surfing the web and nothing has been said to them. And this is not the first time this supervisor has made me felt unwelcome at the workplace.
emloyee Send email
May 13, 2018

Management team

The management staff at store 7075 is incompetent in managing their staff. They also enforce illegal policies such as forcing employees to do job tasks off the clock. I have brought this to management's attention to no avail. They also selectively enforce policies differently for different employees. Sean Campbell is the worst manager I have ever seen. His entire goal is to make the associates know he's in charge. He's lazy while helping customers, often offering discounts instead of doing leg work. He has absolutely no idea how to talk to his staff. Dave Bouchard is a grumpy bitter man who lashes out when he's in a bad mood. Dave literally just caused a kitchen associate to leave because he reprimanded her in front of everyone in the lunch room because she missed closing rally to help a customer. When she tried to explain he yelled even louder over her saying I don't care, rally is mandatory. This is just a microcosm of the typical management that is used in this store. There have been several people forced out through schedule manipulation where understaffed departments further limit hours given to certain employees. It tends to be the employees that actually work in the store but don't play the politics. Where as the lazy ones that kiss up can slack and do whatever they want such as shellise walker in flooring.

I could keep going but I have to get ready to go back into that hole for the day. I have been trying to push for change in this store for ages now and I hope this will finally light the fire that get a proper management system or staff in that store.
verahines Send email
Feb 23, 2018

Money will not be refunded to credit card

To Corporate

I purchased stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. I did not take delivery right away and I cancelled at least 2x more before calling to say I wanted my appliances delivered to me. Upon my calling to set up delivery of my appliances, and waiting on the phone for 45 minutes. The customer service representative never returned to the phone. I was told by Store representative and Home delivery that my ordered and been cancelled. On February 22, 2018 the customer service stated that I would not have my money returned to me because so much time had gone by. I refused to accept this. I will need all of my money returned to me today. approximately $3000.00 other wise I will move forward with other actions.

Arthur Hines
Babbette Labes Send email
Jan 28, 2018

discrimmination at home depot

i been working for home depot for ten years cannot get a promotion i can butr i would have to take a ten dollar an hour cut to get more work and responsabalities. and i dont understand how i make more money then a asm and know more about the products and the store and have to take ordors from a dept head. i had an accident car coming to work i had to have the car towed and had the police drop me off at work . i punch in went got my apron went to bathroom came out made aphone call to insurance company to report accident told my manager what happen he came back at me byreprimanding for being on the phone. the next dat iwas clled to office and got writteh up for stealing time from the company. so you cant even make an emergency phone call.while other employee can show up an hour later in the dept. and others can leave the dept. an hour or two every day.
Babbette Labes Send email
Jan 28, 2018


i been working for home depot for ten years cannot get a promotion i can butr i would have to take a ten dollar an hour cut to get more work and responsabalities. and i dont understand how i make more money then a asm and know more about the products and the store and have to take ordors from a dept head. i had an accident car coming to work i had to have the car towed and had the police drop me off at work . i punch in went got my apron went to bathroom came out made aphone call to insurance company to report accident told my manager what happen he came back at me byreprimanding for being on the phone. the next dat iwas clled to office and got writteh up for stealing time from the company. so you cant even make an emergency phone call.while other employee can show up an hour later in the dept. and others can leave the dept. an hour or two every day.
anthony1978 Send email
Jan 21, 2018


So I've been employed with this huge dirty tampon called Home Depot for over a year now. First off it is ridiculous on how much they pat themselves on the back with their stupid commercials and the dumb in-focus we watch every month. The raises are awful period ! You can be a lazy good for nothing employee who stays in the break-room for most of their shift and you'll receive the same raise as someone who works their ass off. They want you to get your forklift and or reach license , but offer you no raise when you do. So lets learn the stupidity of their practices . We schedule as scarcely as possible to begin with , now for example lets say its going into Christmas time , they'll not schedule enough help in the garden department because they are trying to get off the cheap way and will pull employees from the other departments to exhaust all of their resources in the garden department , leaving paint, hardware , flooring , and or plumbing with no employees. Not too mention the people that you are pulling to bring into that department no very little about the products in that department because it is not there department to begin with. So you have people scrambling around trying their best to help customers with products they know nothing about because it isn't their department and Home Depot doesn't take the time to train you in that other department knowing they could very well pull you and put you their. For the most part the store makes money because they have products that people need , not because of their business model. But corporate or some of the managers would never realize that. They treat their employees terribly , don't mention the word union. You'll be hung. Now lets get to the main topic of this elongated rant. You make billions of dollars a year ,and claim you care about your employees , but you give your part time employees schedules where they have 8 hours in a week , 6 hours in a week , 4 hours in a week and wait , 0 hours in a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really care about me !!!! Then you actually try and makee conversation with me and smile to me ! Unreal what a lowlife company this is . We've contacted the local news network so they are supposed to come out and do a story this week .
Randell Sygal Send email
Jan 11, 2018

Class action data breac

I have been a part of this class action since the onset. I asked for $2500.00 for someone using my identity and buying service and cell phones from T-Mobile.
I supplied everything but at the end the administrator asked for additional documents which I supplied and forwarded to "computer sharing" the most incompetent group of people you will ever deal with and expert at giving people the "run-around".
I sent these additional documents 5 times in March 2017, July 2017, August 2017, September 2017 and finally CERTIFIED MAIL WITH A RETURN RECEIPT , but magically they claim they never got it.
I have made countless attempts to reach "Scott" the claims manager who promises to call but never does, Deandra Mason, Dawn Fields ( who asked I send copies of my return receipt from certified mail mailed to the Kentucky address, which she told me in an email was handed to "Scott" who hides in a veil of secrecy and deception).
I could have claimed $10,000 but I wanted to be reasonable. On the other hand they are completely incompetent and unreasonable.
Now they told me my claim is "too late"!!!
What a joke.
I will never shop at a Home Depot as long as I live and I suggest to the entire world not to deal wit these evil hands guiding evil minds!!
I will continue my quest to get recompense for ruining my credit causing me 3-4 months of tireless efforts to repair and remove.
The only thing they offered me was an identity protection.I think that's a little too little too late.
Randell Sygal
vargas1361 Send email
Dec 21, 2017

Manager and lead

Store #0266 we have a manager name Peggy she has bad human relations they talk to us with a lot of disrespect.. and that doesn't motivate us it just make us slow down please help this store the praplum.
Don000 Send email
Sep 26, 2017

Stop liar

In high point and Greensboro north Carolina store i saw a sign said now hiring when i apply for the position need. And when i call the recruiter person she never in office when i go directly in the store she never here if don't have any job stop posting fake jobs
Nancy Warnecke Send email
Sep 7, 2017


i was terminated two days ago...I have been with HD for 6 months...Yes I missed a few days in the past 6 months...
I was having some back issues with my sciatic nerve...needed to call off for a few days. I had even shared with the store manager Tim,
that I had to go home early from my pain.... My pain didn't start until working for HD...Now i'm guessing I was let go because of my back pain...HD not wanting to be on the hook of my back pain...I went from one warning to here are your walking papers...So much for the Orange Promise, we watch your back and we watch yours! No Fing way this is true....
so very sad to end on such a bad note...
Humble Send email
Jul 19, 2017

Regardless of perfect reviews I have not received a raise in 22 months. Ignored and brushed off each time I ask my manager about a raise.

I have been with the Home Depot for well over 20 years and have always received great reviews. Scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the best I have always gotten 4's. I have never been written up during my time with HD. I have received several awards and letters from The founders of HD and from Frank Blake. And yet I can not get a direct answer from management or Human Resources concerning a raise. I feel that 22 months without a raise is a little excessive. I'm 57 and hate to think about starting over. Plus I have built a family at my store and would miss them dearly. What would you do?
Bhagwandai Achaibar Send email
Jul 13, 2017


On the 12 of july i went to home depot in south ozone paek to purches a two piece toilet i had bought one before 2flush tank i had so much problem with it take it out and i went to the store spoke with the manager Larence Smith he told me he will give me 10 persent on another o e i said thank you i then went in and bought one not knowing when i went home my husband and i open the box ready to insiall there is two different pieces in the box i had to take it back i spoke with Cashier Marielle he said to go and take another one and go to the check out and i told them the manager had give me 10%off i was told to go back to return i went right back to casher Mariellehe then tolm to go back to cashier i was getting very upset i am 65 dont need that kind of harassedment i told him to call the store manager he said he is not going to do that he then went in the computor and try to cash me he is giving me higher price then the one i buy and return i told hin it is the same price he told me if i want 100% off i said no please gige me what i pay before it seemed like he dont know what to do another sales lady were next to him just bull shitting she then told him to put in 050 he did and the store card what they had give me had 1.45 cent left i told him he can keep it i dont need it be said i make him go through so much problem he was very rude it is a shame we have to go threw that kind of a problem his user id wd2 104388 103201 password 17362103173 he need to go back for trainig.
Ebony7489 Send email
Jul 12, 2017


Well were do i start....first day on the floor day 1-i was told by a veteran employee to help him put up cpvc pipes and that he will be back to help me finish and he never returns said to myself from that day fwd i will not be helping him do nothing else day 2 i get a receiving manager trying to get my digits when i turn him down from that point on he wants to know who i am and who knows me outside of work "non of his f***ing business" i seen him more then 10 times a day and every time he felt the need to introduce himself to me over and over again now i'm not the best looking girl in america i'm cute and all but from that point i'm like yo what the hell is this guys deal a week later i was helping a customer find a item i didn't have full understandings of so i asked an employee that was walking by to help me the guy happen to be an employee from receiving after he helped me find out information on the item for a customer i thanked him and walked back to my department to pick up some left over boxes to take to the box crusher which happens to be in the "Receivings Department" i took the boxes back there then looked over and saw the receiving manager he didn't say anything to me i continued on to my department got a few more left over boxes and walked them to the box crusher on the way back there this time i met back up with the employee that helped me with the customer a few minutes before and he was talking with me about the store and guess what all of a sudden the receiving manager gets up from his desk to "once again" introduce himself to me and then tries to introduce me to the employee and im like yea i just meet him a few minutes ago hes like "oh y'all know each other i said no and the employee said no and he ask the employee if he knows me again...i was pist i'm like no we just meet a few sec ago i needed him to help me with a customer so in my mind i thought that was the end of that i go to walk away to start back over to my department only to hear the manager ask the employee again if he knows me he said no again to the employee he now says "oh you trying to halla at her" the employees like no she's gay! but before i could say anything the receiving manager loudly bust out and laughs and say "oh yea she has to be gay then!" basiclly i didnt give him my number and he dont see me flurting or carrying on like the rest of the girls at home depot that brown nose him every chance they get then i must be gay and the fact that this was a mananger that made it worst i was so upset about it i wanted to go to hr about it but i said i dont need anybody speaking for me ill do it myself so the very sec i saw any one of them i will address them directly just so happen i saw the employee first i asked hay so was your mananger asking you if i was gay or telling you i was gay because i didnt like that at all and its none of anyones bussiness if i was and if how i dress tells you im gay who tells you how a gay person looks (i have a boyfriend two kids by the way and i dont ever belive in sleeping behind my mans back or sleeping with co workers thats a stupid move to make it never ends well) back to the matter at hand the employee clearly denide it and im sure the employee told his mananger that i had an ear full of what was said which 1 can cost him his job and 2 get his employee fired as well and after i told the employee that i knew what was said about me the mananger tried his best for 3 full months to avoid me and to this day i have not gotten an apologee...see one thing i know about any job is if you dont know your rights you will be slapped arround im not having it at all now fast fwd to today(3months later) i have seen that almost every asm is eaither walking around in there phones or no were to be found threw out the full work day and when you ask them for help its "i dont know anything about this store i just work here" bol are you f***king kidding me! this is something that was said in front of a customer and dont get me started on the spechalist they sit at the computer all day and when you have a customer with a question its some of the most rudest customer service ever givin in customer servic history i broght a customer to kitchen and bath for a power cord the spechalist jumps in the conversation snatches the power cord out the customers hand and toss it back on the shelf the customer went from 0-10 in 5 sec of her being compleatly nasty to him but yet she sees me later in the day to say that guy was rude lol no it was the other way around there can be some rude customers but 99% of the time its the way the customer is handled that can set or change the outcome of everthing it seems as though the vets look at you as there replacment so they try to up stage you all the time to show you how importaint they are and the manangers are the ones that allow them to do nothing and over work the new employees which i feel is unfair i really dont care how long you have been with a company if you are not doing equail work as everyone else you shouldnt be here they dont do returns they sit in the brake room all day and they are never in the departments they are schedualed in (steeling time) we have a new store mananger he is very nice but i see that all the asm's are trying to play kiss butt and take his kindness as his weakness but on the other had he has a name to keep clear and if he doesnt throw the book on them the store is basiclly for the bairds i do feel sorry for him but then again he asked if i was okay and i told him its not any type of team work for me here in my department he said to keep up the good work and dont worry about the rest but the rest is the hole day crew that leaves hard work on the next shift after them and i have never been the type of person that is out for self i love helping people that was the hole part of applying here but i see its all a game your job is to simply play by the ruels in beating them at there own game so long story short GET ANOTHER JOB SOME WERE ELSE! i have photos of how the ailse are kept how many health issues they leave us employees and customers in by letting the day crew go home or on brake without making sure the department is clean and safe it was 3 return carts left in the ailse air filters on the floor and bits layed every were intead of bing hung up in there rightful place sreaght bs! this is keot like this almost every day rather a asm is there or not


CateStoutBSED Send email
Jun 24, 2017

Human Resources: Aisle 11 between Lumber and Hardware

It's not the Home Depot, it's the home DESPOT. The only thing this company cares about, is you punching that time clock on time. That really is it. You cold be a sub-par nothing employee and coast for YEARS as many do wearing 12+ year patches of pride. You can: Smoke marijuana and report to work high (they do in the parking lot at #6634) abuse alcohol (worked with two alcoholics, one would routinely show up to work with booze on his breath #6634) the other was a hater of women, had sex with co-workers then would say vile slanderous things about her afterwards to anyone who would listen. You may be: and abusive, racist, chauvinistic bully (towards whites only however, since it's a minority dominated workforce in So Cal) HR will do nothing, and neither will the District Managers. Repeat NOTHING. Does not matter if the bully violated California Law. Lazy? NO PROBLEM (especially at #6634.) Routinely would watch associates slink off to the bathroom for 20-30 minutes to surf their phones in the stall. One Mexican racist would frequently film coworkers with his phone, in the break room without knowledge or customers, to post to his socail media, (unbeknownst to the person being filmed) for riducle and bullying online. Never called out. Fight with customers or be rude to them, the only time you'll hear about it is when the customer complains or you do it in front of a manager. Bad personal hygiene, NO PROBLEM. It's purely optional. The nastiest, grossest people I have ever had the displeasure to work with. Dirty hair, skin, mouths. Tattoo's, ugly hideous piercings too, NO issues at all for The HD. They'll promote you! Bottomline: The Home Depot is a dead end job. They sell you on the “Orange Ladder,” but it's really just a rope - to Hell. If you figure it out, as I did, you quickly get the experience you need and MOVE ON. The fact you wear the same color as the department of corrections, is a good indicator as to how you will be treated as an employee.
Ann4521 Send email
May 28, 2017


What new employees will find out is home depot allows abuse, harrassment, sexual harrassment, and discrimination done blatantly even though they will hire a different range of people because they have to. They do not and will not obey laws until you file an eeoc complaint. Most leaders do talk in an unprofessional way. Reading, ma. Store knows and allows a low life male on the pro desk to sexually offend female employees and customers for 13 YEARS. Mngment knows about these things and corporate knows about these things. Bottom line..they dont care.
niffiee43 Send email
May 11, 2017


The Home Depot is the greatest company to work for in the eyes of my husband. He started over 7 years ago as a seasonal temp employee and has worked his way up to Assistant Store Manager. He literally bleeds orange. He loves his job and the people he works with and you will never find another employee as dedicated as he is to his job and to your customers.

I however hate The Home Depot. I hate that he is required to work 11+ hour shifts 5 days a week with a 90 minute commute each way. The Home Depot is like a 2nd family to my husband, which makes sense since he spends 95% of his time with them. The Home Depot has a healthy living program where each employee is REQUIRED to participate or else they will lose their healthy living credit towards the monthly health insurance program, yet THD schedules their managers to work crazy shifts like the ones below.

Yes I know he doesn’t have to work THD and it’s his choice but how in the world is this type of schedule even legal? He gets less than 6 hours of sleep when he has to “Clopen” (Close and then open). How is that even remotely safe for your employees to have that kind of turn-around?

This is a typical schedule of my husbands, taking into consideration that the time he is scheduled to get off is every rarely when he leaves because something always comes up with a customer so he typically works 12+ hour shifts

Friday: 1pm – 12am - IF he leaves on time, which he never does he gets home around 2am.
Saturday: 1pm – 12am – Saturday, one of 2 days where me and the kids are all home. He sees us for approximately 1 hour before he has to leave for work.
Sunday: 5am – 4pm (This is a CLOPEN. He has actually had to get a hotel room to stay the night because what’s the point of driving the hour to get home when he has to be back at work at 5am). This gives him less than 5 hours of sleep.
Monday: 5am – 4pm – Because of the previous days schedule he gets home around 6pm, eats dinner and goes straight to bed.
Tuesday: 9am – 8pm
Wednesday: OFF Happy Day, we get to see him but alas its short lived because the kids are in school and I work and we get home, eat dinner and he goes to bed early because he has to be up at 3am to get to open the store at 5am.
Thursday: 5am – 4pm
Friday: OFF

For the next month, all managers in his district are scheduled to work 6 days a week 11 hours a day. and this week he has had a schedule where he worked 7pm - 6am, with a 90 minute commute he gets home at 7:30am and has to be back at work at 2pm so he has to leave around 12:30pm. You do the math on the number of hours that leaves him to sleep.

Looking at his schedule please ask me how this is kind of schedule is supposed to allow anyone to have a life outside of THD? When in the world is he supposed to sleep and spend time with his wife and children with this type of schedule? I’m a working parent myself, working outside the home Monday through Friday.

THD is an amazing company who is doing great things for my husband’s career but I sincerely worry about his health. His drive out of State to get to work is on a 2 lane road the entire 49 miles. The roads are dark and surrounded by woods. It’s a very beautiful drive but it’s also a dangerous drive for someone who is sleep deprived and has to constantly be alert and watching for deer.

My husband would never complain because he loves his job and he doesn’t want to lose his job but these kind of hours are killing him and I know he’s not the only one that feels this way and I know for sure I’m not the only spouse that feels this way. As a company you have to ask yourself why you are allowing these kind of hours for your management and why they are required to work 11+ hour shifts versus 9 hour shifts. Are you not training your management or employees well enough that they can’t get the job done in a more reasonable time frame? My husband works harder than anyone I know and you are lucky to have him on your management team but with these kind of hours you are going to slowly burn out your employees.

A worried Spouse
Gfree Send email
Apr 23, 2017

Lack Of Leadership

First, let me say that Home Depot is a good place to work when things are organized and have good leadership. The flip side to that statement is, Home Depot is one of the worst operated stores(0585) in Houston,Texas. We must be the laughing stock of all the Home Depots in Texas, just check our store records. It all starts with our Management Team. They must do a much better job of doing their jobs and communicating with all of the other employees. How do you make changes in your weekly meetings and not inform your employees of these changes? Management must take responsibility and actions for this store failures in so many areas.

How does a Home Depot Store continue to accept bad and low marks from customers? At store 0585 there is a problem because nothing is being done to make it better for our customers. Customer Service should be at the top of every retail store agenda, not at 0585. Why not? It looks like the Management Team and some employees just "Go With The Flow". This practice should never be tolerated. If it is allowed, there should be a change in command starting with the Managers.

I can not stand a negative behavior towards customers or those hard working employees who are striving to make things better at store #0585. Yes I am totally upset with how we treat our customers, employees and the store overall. Yes I am complaining and yes I am part of this problem because I waited to long to say something. Let it be known that I have tried to speak with the Management Team, it's a waste of time. In one ear, out the other.

It is time for someone from the Corporate Office to step in to see why Home Depot Store 0585 is doing so poorly in every aspect . Our customers and employee's deserve a better environment and a Home Depot store that truly cares. It is time to turn all negative situations into positive situations at Home Depot Store 0585.
Fran345 Send email
Apr 21, 2017


Store allows harrassment against employees. Store will do nothing.. Low lifes harrass females and customers.
Janet23 Send email
Apr 15, 2017

Bullying and sexual harrassment

Nothing is done. Sexual harrassment gone on for 12yrs by same person Openly and towards employees and customers. Reported to coorporate and management by numerous people. Home depot does nothing about complaints unless mngment doesnt like you. They will do nothing until the eeoc or labor board is complained to.
Rene Herrera Send email
Mar 12, 2017

Home Depot Cypress Park

I walked into the Home Depot Cypress Park store to return a ficus bejamina 12inch braid plant which I had bought a day before but my mom was not happy with the plant so we decided to return it. As I waited in line I was greeted by a store manager Steve which then approached me and told me I had to wait up for him that he was revising video and I responded for what then I followed with go ahead I have nothing to worry about. When he came back he denied the return but would not give me a reason why. Today I walk in there and they tell me that I'm banned from entering there store and that I have to leave or the police would be called. I'm being treated like a criminal I don't understand what these people got going towards me. I feel it's because they know that I'm brother of an ex employee for that very same store.
exemployee2017 Send email
Feb 21, 2017

terminated for something out of my control

was fired on 01/17/17 for getting late to work because the bus i took to work hit a car and the driver had to get the bus riders off the bus so that he handled his accident situation and that left me to wait for another bus which took time and made me late to work now I understand one must make the effort to work on time but how can one person know whats going to happen I mean this was something I had no control off I had called my manager and told her what was happening and even took video on my phone of the accident but management or corporate didnt care to even see it and used that situation to fire me. 3 years I gave the depot and always went above and beyond not only for the costumers but for management and co workers only to be treated like a number.
Dixon Send email
Jan 18, 2017

Manager EJ at The Home Depot

I have been at The Home Depot as a cashier for over 2 months now and have had multiple concerns regarding a manager and have decided to report her due to behavior and treatment of not only myself but customers as well. I find this manager to be very rude, condisending and unprofessional and after dealing with her behavior again on 1/17/17 I am filing a complaint. This manager does not take the time to show a new employee how to do solve problems correctly but instead rolls her eyes, get irritated and preforms the function without explaining to me how I can fix the problem myself. There were customers in the self check out having a conversation with each other and not paying attention to the monitor screen. The manager walked over and fixed the problems they were having on their screen and as they were leaving I said, " thank you very much and have a nice day." The manager looked at me and said, " what are you thanking them for they have done nothing and their f*cking stupid." I could not believe the manager was talking to a new employee regarding customers like that. On 1/17/17 I went on my 15 minute break at 6:50pm and returned 15 mins later. At 8:30 pm I had to use the restroom and called the manager so she could relieve me. The manager again ( which has not been the first time) said no I can't I have this and that and ect.... so I said ok thank you and hung up the phone. Within a minute she came over to me with a man who closes every night and said how rude it was to hang up on her when she was speaking to me. I informed the manager that she has been rude and unprofessional since the day I started working here. I'm sorry but I really need to use the bathroom. She said, "you have to wait until I can get someone to cover." The man who walked down with her said, " I can cover for her while she uses the restroom." The managers reply was, " no, she can wait." At this point it is late, I have to use the restroom and I am very frustrated with the way this manager is not addressing my concerns. I was just about to log out of my screen and use the restroom when she came up to me and infront of a male customer and she said, "you can go pee now." I was shocked, very embarrassed and could not believe she said that in front of a customer. I believe this manager needs further training on appropriate communication and professionalism. She should be thankful for her position and not treat associates disrespectful.
Hobbiehorse Send email
Dec 3, 2016


I have a new supervisor that has made repeated statements to other employees when she is going to write you up. Do employees have any right to privacy?I tried to speak with the hr person about it but she basically said she will do nothing. This is a home depot store in illinois
[email protected] Send email
Nov 23, 2016

home depot

I got a final for customer service for not properly finding help for a customer when I was already with other customer dept was under staffed no one else available how long will that final be in my records
Pissedoffguru Send email
Oct 18, 2016

5 yrs for nothing

I worked for home depot for almost 5 yrs.I was an appliance specialist ,guru is you will.I started my career in the Lubbock tx store( the one on the loop). It was a great place to work then I transferred to the Abilene store when we moved.and I found that there was alot of favoritism and there still is today. I got fired yesterday because I supposedly said an inappropriate word in the break room. I worked my ass off for these people and I don't recall saying something bad but someone thought I did so they called corporate.1day later I'm fired no forgiveness is I did say something bad. Doesn't matter how long or how hard you work.I'm really pissed and I'll never step for in a home depot again and I'll tell the whole world what they are like.

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