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cejeremia Send email
Mar 23, 2022

No Show bxm7 buses in the morning

Please get it together with the schedule of the bxm7. The 5:36 bus to manhattan is sometimes NOT SHOWING UP AT ALL!!!! We have to wait sometimes till 6:05 or later.
Seeing that your garage is located RIGHT IN CO OP CITY!!! You have no excuses. Please hire staff and black up drivers appropriately. This winter has been the worst with this bus line. We're getting up early to take buses that NEVER SHOW UP!!! And paying almost $8 for horrible service.
Please be professional and do us proper service.

standish Send email
Nov 12, 2021


Approximately around 8:10 I was on line to get on the #12 bus, bus # 5486 (between University Avenue, and /Davidson) as I was going to step up into the bus, the driver closed the doors in my face. I knocked on the door and he continued to drive away.
This is unacceptable behavior, I understand your drivers have to deal problem passengers, bur they should still treat all passengers in a respectful manner.
On my return trip approximately 10:00. i took a select bus. and was treated with so much respect by Eddie the Bus driver, that he gave me hope that there are still great people out there. I did not get the bus number, but I wanted to give accolade's to person that deserves it! You need more diver's with Eddie's attitude.
beverly kelly Send email
Aug 12, 2020

MTA Bus Service

Today, August 12, 2020, Bus #8373 passed our stop--Kappock Street and Johnson Ave--even though we had rung the bell.

The bell sounded AND the sign indicated: STOP REQUESTED. Yet he passed right by the stop.

This was at 9:15 am and the bus was headed toward 263rd Street.

I asked why he passed the stop, and the driver lied saying, "You didn't ring the bell."

Poor training. He should have admitted the truth at the very least; had he been a decent human being, he would have apologized. But there you have it.

I'm elderly, 83 years of age, and he required me to walk an extra long block to my home..
nelson246 Send email
Nov 1, 2019

abusive language

At 7:50 am Nov 1, 2019 (license plate 8552, BX 7, west 239 st stop) an NYC bus driver was honking his horn like a maniac at me because I made a left turn on the right lane (there are two lanes). Was I in the wrong, yes. I stopped my SUV and I yelled at him what was his problem when he was about two car lengths behind me when I made the turn. I had my child in the car and who knows how many passengers he had on the bus. I am making this point because whether he can see my passengers or not he is supposed to have been trained and experience for these situations after all this is NYC and the roads are congested. The bus driver jumps out of the bus and was abusive in his language. I am not trying to justify my behavior, but this is NYC were countless buses, trucks and other vehicles jump in front or cut you off. Have we gotten to the point where we now have to accept abusive behavior by the people who are of service to this city or this is another step down on the quality of individuals servicing this city.
JTA Send email
Jun 15, 2019

MTA Bus Driver

On May 30th, 2019 @ 3:48 PM, bus # 7055, License plate # AU2045 was driving on Castleton Avenue, on Staten Island (route 853), pulled out of a drop off location, approximately 500 feat from Clove Road, cutting off a car that was close enough to have to adjust and drive onto the other side of oncoimng traffic nearly injuring pedestrians.
madison2010 Send email
Jun 5, 2019

M-15 bus line

Me and my wife were on our way home from the doctors office on bus number 1248. He pulled into the stop on 2nd avenue and 34 street at 1:15 pm. People were getting onto the bus when he shut his doors not letting everyone get on. The bus was 1/3 filled. A very elderly woman maybe 80 or older knocked on the front door to get on. The bus driver said your to late. Myself and others had a verbal confrontation with the driver who refused to let the women on the bus. He was very nasty and disrespectful. I said I'm going to report you to the mta. His reply I don't care what you do. Something needs to be done about there behavior. He's not god.
Wowie006 Send email
May 5, 2019

Q55’ awful bus times and not enough buses

The q55 is by far one of the worst buses I have ever taken. It’s always late or out of service. Better yet there are usually three buses back to back and don’t stop. I’ve been waiting for a bus about two hours one day it said it would arrive at 11:45 and only came till 1:38. I don’t know if it’s short of drivers or whatever but something needs to be done.
avsdutch Send email
May 2, 2019

unnecessary waiting at bus stop

at around 722pm on 3rd ave bus 6059 stopped at 77th street stop. After waiting about 10 minutes and having several buses pass by I walked to the front of the bus and asked why we have stopped. He only ignored me . After asking several times his response was " We'll be moving soon". I than asked why we have stopped still no response. After asking again several times he claimed he made an announcement which was not true. He advised me to make a complaint and gave me his number 119.
Mta suck ballz Send email
Apr 12, 2019


Q55 is so bad I been waiting for about 30min and no bus and when I do see a bus it's out of service .mta should low down the bus fer to $1.50
ruth valentine Send email
Mar 7, 2019

MTA complany

my name is Ms. Valentine in live New York city, in Harlem , I take the limited Bronx, 15 bus to work Monday thru Friday, it take me 1 hour to get to work, and 2 hours to come back home, the limited Bronx 15 is the slows bus on the route, the 101, the 100, and 60, bus are always on time with their schedule, but the limited Bronx 15 is not, I can wait 45 min to a 1 hour waiting on the limited Bronx 15, and once the bus will come, and by the time it get to Manhattan the bus driver the say is last stop is second Ave, on Madison, Ave and then you have to get off the bus in the rain, snow, on cold windy day and wait for another bus, which will take another 30min or, 45 min, it's not fair, I pay my fare and have to waited again, I hope something and be done about this poor! bad service. as soon as possible. thank you Ms. Valentine P.S. also when the bus do come it's very crowded.
Ccyndi Send email
Dec 18, 2018


The B13 is one of the most latest bus in the MTA! There are NEVER ANY BUSES FOR 1 PM! Before approximately 4 months ago it use to come at 1PM and 1:17PM. Now its barely coming on time. I usually take the 1:17PM bus, but it arrives at 2PM, which is ridiculous because it makes me late for work. I cant trust this bus at all. We, the people, are paying so much money for lack of services, which is not right! This b13 bus needs to come on time! We all have jobs to get to and we depend on the MTA FOR OUR TRANSPORTATION!
MGross Send email
Oct 19, 2018


October 19, 2018 -- 5:10 am EST at Gun Hill Road, the Bronx, NY -- the bus AGAIN (daily) does not arrive at all. There are 22 PASSENGERS and we are ALL CAREGIVERS to the ELDERLY SICK. WE need to be at our jobs ON TIME EVERY DAY.

The driver showed up more than 1/2 hour LATER, and it was TOO CROWDED for everyone to board.


He has to finish his cigarette??? THE DRIVER is SMOKING? This is against the law.

This MUST STOP. There are ill people who need us and who wait for us to arrive every day. We CANNOT be LATE for our JOBS.

Please call me at 516-650-6948 -- mobile.
frustration Send email
Sep 24, 2018


On BXM7 early morning rush hour. Get on the bus at 7:00 am going Southbound. Although there was an accident. on the highway; and I understand there are some delays. However, once we get into Manhattan the "Bus Driver" slowed down to every traffic light. All buses behind us, passed by. This driver "with his attitude" did not care to move the bus. He just leaned back and followed behind vehicles who were in the turning lane.. It took us 2 hrs. and 45 min to get to 51th St. A passenger asked the driver would he be going down Lexington Avenue. His response " I don't know, I have to see if the other buses go down Lexington" This is unacceptable!! Get drivers who want to work. Everybody on the bus was complaining that he was "just seating in the traffic" All the other buses were passing by. The bus pickup in Co-Op at 7am License AW 6799 Bus 3276.
hezull Send email
Sep 24, 2018

MTA NYC Select Bus Driver

On Wednesday - September 19, 2018, at approximately 12:33 p.m. - M-15 bus driver - select bus number 1235 - heading southbound - in Manhattan pulled up to the bus stop located on 2nd Avenue at East 49th Street. He closed the doors while the bus remained in the designated bus lane stopped for a red light. The driver refused to open the door to let me and 5 other passengers on the bus. Then, the driver pulled out of the bus lane into the next lane and remained there for the duration of the red traffic light until it turned green.

This happens way too often with many select bus drivers at stop #011901. It's a very bad driver culture & unfair to passengers who must then wait for the next bus that could take anyway from 10 to 20 minutes to arrive. Passengers deserve better service - Gold Star 4 service is not possible unless drivers are punished for this discourteous to passengers - especially local New Yorkers.
Phom Send email
Sep 9, 2018

Bus Service B11 and B16

Bus service during school hours. with no private bus service for middle schools in Brooklyn parents and their children are relying on mass transit in particular bus service. over the past week while teaching my son how to travel to and from school I noticed the B11 and B16 do not make any attempt to for timely connections. we use the MTA bus time app and also the bus schedule at the bus stop which is never accurate mind you I'm boarding the B11 at 50th and 4th 3 stops from the B11 starting point. the service on these 2 lines B1 and B16 are unexpectable. listing a quote arrival time of 36 min to 40 minute
The children released from MS839 at Caton & Ocean Pkwy at 3:20, while a bus zooms through between 3:25 and 3:30 allowing no time for the kids to reach the bus stop and to make matters worse 2 to 3 bus will come afterwards "not In Service" with the next in service bus not arriving until 4:09 or later once the B16 makes it to the B11 transfer stop at 14 ave and 50th street the wait time was even worst with a wait time of 40 - 45 minutes. and of course attempts for a timely or meaningful connections are non existing so my son who left school at 3:20 does not make it home until 2 1/2 hours later never leaving the borough of Brooklyn.
the same situation applies for the travel in reverse. when I've notice 3 and 4 B16 buses coming from bay ridge to Lefferts one after the other after school hours at 4:00pm while there a no buses from Lefferts to/bay ridge.
On Friday I was at the 50h and 4th ave bust stop at 2:10 the B11 did not arrive until 2:43 pm, when we reached 14av and 50th street
the B16 did not arrive until 3:20 pm, B11 arriving approx. 4:30 leaving me late picking up my son and not reaching home until after 5:00 pm.
incidentally our morning commute starts a 7:40 am, school starts at 9:00 , bus arrives at Caton & E8th at 8:45 am.
too much wasted travel time.
Tiny61 Send email
Sep 4, 2018

B 25 not stopping

Time 11:45 at Hillary and court at B25 #4815 did not stop ,I had just miss the last bus. So I walk to Jay St Station to catch "A"Train something should be done this driver
Bgrant5589 Send email
Aug 17, 2018

BxM7 Bus Driver

Bus was schedule to be there at 7:45pm. Bus# is 3181. This is the first stop on the route at Madison Avenue and 23rd street. He pulls off before 7:45pm as i was hustling to catch the bus. He closed the door and wasn’t able to move because of the red light. So i tried to to get his attention at the door. He ignored me for awhile then turns to me and shakes his head no and lip spoke no. The looked away because he had no intention of letting me on the bus. I feel as a bus driver you are suppose to be a service to commuters, so why not let me on the bus ? This is just an example of power tripping and not caring about the customer.
Preprepre Send email
Aug 11, 2018

M7bus #2830

Bus#3830 arrived at 11:56 pm, he allowed everyone too get in he refused to put the ramp down And he told me he don't wants no arguments and he dont cares that all the other passangers went ahead off me eventhough the rules are wheelchair supposed to go in first, I had to waited another32259 45 min to get on M7 bus 3837 bus heading downtown penn station, I wants this bus driver head on q plater after I waited two and half hours he just took off, he was rides and nasty yes this is how MTA bus driver treated someone whose in wheelchair whose disable, am not suck of MTA bullshits, after we New Yorkers are MTA slaves subjects that's why they kept raising the fares abs going us worst services/bullshits services, MTA dont care we can complain until we drop dead
Khill Send email
Aug 7, 2018

Bus always late Q77

Bus is never on time I be standing at the bus spot for 45 minutes everyday Q77
Generalprince707 Send email
Jul 26, 2018

M.t.a. 8053 bus operator

Walk to 164 st. Union turnpike caught. Q46 bus going to e-train bus was in his stop when I approach bus passenger just got on bus I knock door to get on Q 46 bus he pull off refuse to me on I have disability work related from construction the bus should be hailed accountable for his action pulling out bus stop that was very disrespectful and rude for government worker. Who always take of passengers with disability and be more of safety no manner of person race hope m.t.a. take this matter serious
christinajoe Send email
Jul 10, 2018

rude MTA bus driver

The bus driver with badge # 51532 ; driving the B 35 (775) ;opposite way of McDonald ave put the bus out of service at NEWYORK avenue without letting me & other passengers know why.

Of course we thought the wait was because of a wheel chair, but other back passengers noticed it wasn't.
Next some opened up their mouth for people to move further back. That was done but the bus still didn't move.
I was even thinking he had to use the bathroom, because he could have wanted to go in to use a restaurants bathroom, but that didn't happen even.
Yes people got off to see if they could get another bus/ just walk. Me being disabled ; I was not going to STAND outside knowing approx. 5 buses passed already while we drove up to NEWYORK avenue.
It got loud with words toward the driver to the point where 2 cops showed up. The driver must have felt guilty & scared. I got up from where I was sitting & listened to what the bus driver told the cops. The bus driver pointed out this one particular man about how he behaved. Right there I was like you got the cops now let them take over so we can get back on the bus, but that didn't happen.
The next bus was to crowded to take everyone of course. Officer LIN said he will see that we all will be put on the next bus. That did happen.
pattyrpaints Send email
Jun 26, 2018

bxm10 Express Bus

On 6/22 ran from my job (I work late) at 8th Ave and 40th to catch the 9:23 pm bus at Madison and 45th. Got there around 9:18. The bus never showed up. A lot of people waiting. I left at about 9:45 and went over and caught the 5. The next bus posted to leave 23rd street was 10:15, which meant the bus wasn't running behind. It just wasn't there.

This happens quite a bit with this bus, but usually at an earlier time when if you miss one, another will show up in 20 minutes or so. Which is not good. But not an hour.

I usually stand at this stop at Madison and 45th and watch, at least 2 bxm8 express buses go by to before the 10 shows up.

It took me 21/2 hours to get home after working a very long day. I moved to the Bronx a year ago from Brooklyn, love everything about it but the commute. IT IS HORRIBLE.

I don't like riding the 2 or 5, at night because I have to transfer and that can take forever sometimes. Also at 180th street, half the time if you are on the right train (5) they make you get off and change it to something else, or will skip my stop. During the winter it is brutal.
Warrenharry Send email
Jun 12, 2018


At 3:59 on a 104 bus at 8th Ave and 56 St
going uptown on Broadway (the #
6722 bus driver) started yelling at me.
He is an Afro America man about 60 years
old. My monthly MTA card read some kind of error several times. All other bus drivers don’t blame the customer nor hold them responsible.
Warrenharry Send email
Jun 12, 2018


At 3:59 on a 104 bus at 8th Ave and 56 St
going uptown on Broadway (the #
6722 bus driver) started yelling at me.
He is an Afro America man about 60 years
old. My monthly MTA card read some kind of error several times. All other bus drivers don’t blame the customer nor hold them responsible.
City driver Send email
Jun 1, 2018

Rude bus driver

Today at around 4pm, I was driving on the New Utrecht in Brooklyn as usual. There was an umbulemce coming behind me, so I stoped on the side to let the umbulemce pass though. After the umbulemce had passed through, the traffic light turned red, as I was waiting for the traffic light, a bus made a bad wide left turn in front of me that blocked the entire intersection, so I tried to back up to give the bus driver some room, I thought I was doing a favor for the bus drive, however, instead of weaving at me and saying thank you, he rolled down the window and started to humiliate me for bad driving. I was very angry and upset because I follwered the tragic rules ( I stopped before the white line) and even backed up to give him room to go through. The passengers were looking at me and I felt being insulted for doing a favor. I don’t know why the bus driver had to be so rude on the daily basis.

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