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Nefertiti A. King Send email
Jul 22, 2018

3444 White Plains Road, Apt. 12a. A family of hostile people.

I live in building 3444 White Plains Road in The Bronx with my twin sister.

In November of 2017 a new family moved into the apartment above me in 12a, and right from the start they were disruptive. At all hours of the day, all days of the week the family and children alike would pour into the room above my bedroom to stomp, shout, scream and blast music.

Any time I made a 311 complaint against this family, they would blatantly lie to the police. Either by smiling and reassuring them they'd lower the volume only to intentionally raise the noise they were making to spite me, or by playing the victim by insisting the children are very young and therefore it's justified that they're a disruption.

This justification makes absolutely no sense, as they blast music at unreasonable volumes and let the young children stay up often late into the night, sometimes until 2am. The parents actively encourage the children as well, telling them to be louder when complaints are levied against them.

They're a very combative, hostile family so I haven't been able to speak to them and find out their names, but I'm fairly certain they're the Figeuros based on the information I could find online about the current leaseholders.

I don't know what this is going to do, but everyone should at least know about this deeply abusive family and how uncooperative they are when it comes to co-habitation. They're incapable of it and make no attempts to change.
Clifford melvin Send email
May 3, 2018

Taking advantage of a senior

Complaint against Ms.Tabatha Blue housing employee has access to Mrs.Susie Melvin of cypress hill project brooklyn keys Bank card and code food stamp card apt6E from my understanding city worker's should not have access to tenants apt. Weather u know them or not and Mrs.Melvin is in rehab and not in her right mind.I need. Cypress hill to investigate this matter asap I appreciate your help I need Ms Blue to stay out my family affair which is causing family friction or be transferred.Thank you
CarmaConklin77 Send email
May 1, 2018


I am being stalked by my daughters biological fathers ex girlfriend who is my next door neighbor. I live in Baruch Houses in Manhattan. I went through mediation with social services and was granted permission to move but my management office blocked my transfer. I've gone to the police and they will not help me because they say her actions are non violent. Every time I put in a complaint against what she is doing they close it out and wont even question her actions. I fear for the safety and well being of my daughter and I. I feel she is trying to provoke violence with her actions. Can someone please offer me some assistance. Thanks in advance
Mocha B Send email
Apr 22, 2018

mailboxes are broken

The mailboxes were I live have been out of service for over 3 months now. As a result, tenants whom this issue affects have to go to the post office only twice per week during an outlined timeframe to pick up their mail. This is a major inconvenience and there has been no discussion in regards to when this is going to be repaired.
Martha Rivera Send email
Apr 21, 2018

Sedgwick Houses

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Martha Rivera and I currently reside at the Sedgwick Houses located at 164 west 174th Street, Apt 11C Bronx, NY 10453. I am complaining because for the past few years I have been taking my housing development to Housing court regarding repairs that needs to be done/completed. My Housing Caseworker both Mr. O and Ms. Paulino (718-299-7500) are very aware of my situation for a long time and they are not taking me seriously at all. My health and safety is of no concern to them whatsoever. The first time I requested an Emergency Transfer was several years ago due to being attacked in my own building before the elevators doors were replaced. Back then the elevators doors open only if you push it open. This attack occurred before 9am and no one helped me. I suffered facial bruising and now currently suffer from sleep disorder as well as mental health problems which I am currently in treatment. They both are aware that I do not feel safe and the reason they couldn't honor my request for transfer was because I owed rent. This reason is beyond reason.
Now my apartment is falling apart. My entire living room area needs plastering and the floor repaired as well. My kitchen floor entirely needs to be repaired. The entire kitchen floor is without tiles. My hallway and both bedrooms and bathroom needs painting. It has been more than two years since my last transfer request. When I inquired about my transfer, my caseworker rudely mentioned that nothing has been filed. Ms. Paulino knows my case very well and she is being rude and ignorant regarding my situation. I requested to be transferred to a one bedroom apartment and they are ignoring me completely. I have been very patient and don't know what steps I need to take to be transferred to another housing development.
If you need further information please contact me at anytime at 1-347-592-4098. Thank you very much and have a great day.
cintron331 Send email
Apr 10, 2018

no water

I live in Grant Houses on the upper West side of Manhattan and we get water during the day and it goes away about 6pm every night and does not come back till the morning. I have six children including a new born baby and I need to give him formula but there is no water. We've been going through this for about 3 years now and we've been living here for 3 years where the water comes and goes. I pay $
1300 a month and we should not be living under these conditions I hope something can be done about this or we will be going to court on this matter. My address is 3150 Broadway #1C. Thank you. My name is Herminio Cintron and my email address [email protected] and my number is (332) 201-6779..
Kayjean Send email
Mar 1, 2018

Oil Based Paint

I am an asthmatic tenant living in St Nicholas Houses, on Saturday February 24th, 2018 Housing sent contractors to paint two bedrooms in my apartment, Since than I've been unable to sleep in my bedroom and been coughing due to the odor. I believe Housing should choose a low odor paint,considering many tenants living in Housing are suffering from lung issues and asthma. Thank you.
newyork000 Send email
Feb 12, 2018

staircase obstruction

neighbors block the hallway and staircase with personal items such as strollers, mountain bikes, furniture is a fire hazard as the staircase is not easily assessible. nycha management should send out notices to residents they can be fined if these are found to be theirs. sometimes the elevators does not work so the one staircase is the only option to exit and enter the building.
Lillian Wald Houses Send email
Jan 24, 2018


My family and I have been harrassed because we are a family of 6 and hispanic. We feel judged and discriminated against and we are being treated differently. Our rent when up 400% because the manager does not know how to calculate the rent. My husband is self employed and when your self employed your net income is your income as shown here. He choses what expenses he wants to deducted because he says his brother a cab driver and continues to compare us to his brother finances. He told us if we don't like it then pack our bags and leave nycha this lead to us felling threaten, harrased I cried for 3 days I felt that my 4 children security was in jeopardy. I have sarcoma cancer which is a rare cancer and am undergoing treatment and this is extremely stressful and nycha housing manager is causing me to get anxiety. I feel since he has been working there our rent has been grossly overcharged. Please help us and understand that we are human beings Our dream is to get out of NYCHA and have a house of course but we rightfully live her and do not have to be belittled and told horrendous things. We cannot afford the rent it is an impossibility. Also I have a 2 bedroom and have been in the transfer list for 11 years and there are plenty of 3 bedroom apartments available.
Xkelley30 Send email
Jan 19, 2018

Parkside management development

No heat or hot water for past 3 to 4 days.. on january 17th, after realizing this was day 2 of no heat or how water. I called to speak to management, they assured me that the super of the building was already aware of the situation with no heat and hot water. And that he was working to fix it... this was on Wednesday, it is now Friday and still no heat or hot water. On top of that I’ve been living with this security hazard for over 1 year.. my intercom hasn’t worked. I lost my key last year in May, and i payed 25$ for a new key, oh i got a new key, but the key never worked, and till this day that key doesn’t work. I have mold in my entire apartment that i have put in service request tickets for MULTIPLE times... lets not forget about the peeled and chipped paint that my kids are exposed to everyday!!
Mzbest888 Send email
Jan 9, 2018

Management NYCHA / Upgrade

Im a tenant in Queensbridge South , I have been on the list for a transfer to a larger apartment for so time now. I am in a one bedroom .I finally received a letter stating they have a larger apartment available for me and to come to mangement office immediately. I go in to my management office and they tell me no we cant give you an apartment its a mistake . How can something like this be a mistake , letter address to me and all information pertaining to new building & apartment where I’m suppose to move .I dont know what there trying to pull but this aint no mistake I have been waiting for this and desperately is in need of this larger apartment ,So I ask how is this a mistake ?? Something needs to be done someone needs to look into this matter please . I am in a one bedroom with my 10yr old son and I have medical documentation from my physician indicating I need a larger space for medical equipment.
Neeni73 Send email
Jan 5, 2018

No heat

We haven't had heat in 3 weeks. Hot water barely hot. Keep putting tickets in to emergency services and still no resolution. Such a disgrace.
Bkbori82 Send email
Jan 2, 2018

HORRIBLE TENANTS!! 481 Williams Avenue Apt 6H

Tenants from hell. The noise starts from 6am and can go on basically all day. The wall to my room shakes all day from their savage kids who they have NO control over. Even if I go to the living room to try to sleep, the banging and screaming can be heard clearly. I thought these apartments were size regulated? There must be at least 5 people living there, when these units were meant for 3 people max. Its a daily nightmare and it seems like there is no resolve. I spoke with the super and we both spoke with the neighbors. I have even spoke with management on Sheffield avenue and they never helped. They told me to call the police? Are you serious? That's management's job to enforce lease rules and listen to tenant complaints. Apparently rules on a lease don't apply to these people. There are 2 kids I have honestly NEVER heard speak... Just scream and cry. Their fire alarm goes off on average of 6 times a day which makes me very nervous because one day, there will be a real fire and no one will know. These people have left perishable food on the refuse room floor when the trash chute is clearly open for use. As a result, the whole 6th floor smelled like rotten potatoes and there was mayflies on our floor in DECEMBER?! They constantly burn incense and the hallways stinks. This is a smoke free building, apparently they don't care. There is one guy that practically lives there that always leaves his motor bike in the hallway blocking the other neighbors for or obstructing the refuse room.

As a result of all the noise, I have lost countless hours of sleep. I have woken up in the middle of the night to banging noises on my wall or to the screams of kids. Or the guy with the motor bike decides to get off the elevator with his boom box on loud which can be heard clearly in my apartment since I'm right in front of the elevator. I will not tolerate this in 2018 and will push forward with legal procedures if management does not intervene immediately.
Rosalia Send email
Jan 1, 2018

HEAT and hot water

THE AMOUNT of heat given isn’t enough TO warm my apartment the hot water isn’t hot enough to even bathe I put tickets and they close them as if the issue is resolved my apartment feels worst then the western beef freezer 😡
1790 Story Ave Monroe Housing Projects in the Bronx
TeiTei Send email
Dec 17, 2017

No Heat

It’s been since 2012 heat has not been coming up on the regular
during the winter months. I have a letter from my primary doctor
indicating I need heat 24/7 during winter months due to my arthritis.
Well that letter have fell on deaf ear. I refuse to pay rent the first five business days of of month due to the inadequate service that’s had been provided. However...I do pay my rent monthly it’s just at the nearing of the end of each month. It appears when you pay rent in the beginning of each month after hot water...elevators broke etc. My belief is that NYCHA wants the tenants to become sick and tired & that their agenda is fulfilled to get the rich in by 2025...the writing is on the walls...!¡!
victor melendez Send email
Dec 14, 2017

victor melendez

yo victor melendez
1970 Amsterdam av
NewYork ct ny.10032
AP13 N
mi complein es no tengo calefacsion
ya Asen mas de 3 semanas mos dos Ansianos de
84 anños Y.tenemos Asma por fabor
victor melendez Send email
Dec 9, 2017

victor melendez

Estamos sin jit.ya Ase un mes no tenemos caliente en mi Aparta mento.
esto qweda en el1970.Amsterdam AV
New YORK.NY. 10032 po fabor semos unapareja de 84 Anños p0r favor
Cbronx78 Send email
Nov 29, 2017

Marijuana smoking in hallway

1102 Longfellow. Murphy Private. On landing of 2nd FL, and in-between 4th and 5th floors there is always people loitering and smoking weed and hanging out making noise and dirtying the building. Called security a few times they do nothing. Bells do not work so cannot let NYPD in when they come. Cigarettes and marijuana smoke fill the apartments with children in them this is unsafe. Need something done
cyndoll Send email
Nov 22, 2017

Incompetent Maintenance & Housing Assistants

I have been living here for 7-8 years now and it just keeps getting worse. The hallways are filthy, there are mice in the stairwell, garbage all over the front and side. Besides all of this they want their rent on time and they never provide the services needed. Since November 7 i have had no heat. I have called the Housing assistant and all he could say is that he took my complaint and forwarded it to the Superintendent. They have been closing all my tickets, no one has come by the apartment, there are no signs notifying us of any boiler issues. To make matters worse, my apt is the ONLY apt on my floor with no heat. I am feeling like this is personal. I don't understand why i can't get anything done, why whenever i call they treat me as if my concerns do NOT matter to them. This entire NYCHA system needs re-evaluation and an entirely new staff. They are running their buildings like the slumlords they claim not to be.
Juanamena Send email
Nov 9, 2017

Queensbridge houses

Holes behind stove no paint job still smell gas from new stove got burn injury last inspection was March 2012. No one has shown up for repairs ive been complaining since February 20,2013. Stove exploded in my face still no show. I've been disrespected from someone in office said so what it's just a burn you get over it. Now harassed for 1 month rent they got me on delinquent account for termination.
xzavier511 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

NYCHA ,Identity Theft

in October of 2016 i was able to Reveiw my Nycha files and Unannouced to me there are people in my files that i have never met,and as a result of someone's deliberate actions allowed Edith Bailey,Jhirmira Jenkins,and Conroy Hibbert access to our personal information;Now that it has been exposed nycha is denying me a fair hearing why? no agency can deny any client a fair hearing,please keep in mind their awareness of Varnell's mental disability. i have a right to an answer.
nycperson6 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

Criminality in Public Housing

Don't move to NYCPH. The NYCHA management is indifferent, complicit to crime and criminals. NYC laws are not enforced by NYPD. I have never seen such disregard for the Rule of Law, in my life.

It is truly the worst place I have ever lived.
nycperson6 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

Criminality in Public Housing

Awful Public Housing; loitering, smoking, total disregard for rules. NYCHA is complicit, does nothing. Police do not enforce the law. The City of New York Public Housing is awful.

I highly recommend, anyone considering it, to think twice, as NYCHA does not enforce laws of the City of New York, nor does the NYPD.
penny1 Send email
Oct 24, 2017


The help to most of the problems faced can begin with joining your Tenants Association and organize around the issues, if not you are talking loud and getting no where. When you know better, you do better, just saying.
penny1 Send email
Oct 24, 2017


I have a good solution to most of the problems, organize my people, join your Tenants Association and those who were elected by you the tenants can put fire under their feet and hold them accountable to help rectify these problems. It is your home and you deserve to be content and our children deserve better. Moreover, your President of your Tenant Association, has the ability if he/she has no clue how to organize, get outside organizations to come in to train those interested in organizing around the issues, these monies can come out of the money that are usually used to fund yearly family day at your development, I believe it could be used to help organized, I'm just saying.

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