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HateNycha Send email
Dec 11, 2016

Heat and Hot Water

99 Avenue C, has not had heat and hot water since December 8, 2016 to December 11, 2016. We still have no heat and hot water the entire building has been calling 718-707-7771 creating tickets. The tickets keep being closed saying the issue has been fixed but that is false. It is now 29degrees outside and our families are freezing with no heat or hot water in our units that we pay rent and con-edison. New tickets created 17057291007, 17057291087 now lets see these tickets get closed without fixing the issues.
Tiffanymendez Send email
Dec 6, 2016


SOMONE living in nycha and not on the lease no permission to live there and is withholding their income
chino Send email
Nov 30, 2016

Leak fix/ Need plastering

For a couple of months now I've been complaining about a leak. A leak which is causing the water to go through the wall in both bathroom and kitchen. Since sept, I have put in so many tickets through the calling center. I have try to speak with a manager here at this Development, in which I was never successful. Receptionist always tells me that the manager is unavailable/ at lunch or at a meeting. So many tickets that I have put in, so many time off work thinking they were coming to address the problem and fix the leak. I even went as far as writing the Chairman and putting in a complaint. (09/22/16. After putting in the complaint to the Chairman, a week later maintenance came out to fix the leak, at least that's what I believed at the time.The following day a man from housing came out to do the plastering, in which I thought he did a pretty god job plastering the wall. I even went as far as writing a compliment letter on 10/05/16 to the Chairman. Come to realize several days later the leak was still there. Since than I been complaining to housing, my wife and I miss a couple of days off work, because housing would call telling me they would out to my apartment that someone had to be home, and for what no one show up, and this went on for weeks. I'm exhausted. Maintenance finally fix the problem as of two weeks ago. Now I am left with two huge holes in the bathroom walls, not to mention the damage walls in the kitchen due to the leak. But now it seems like they don't want to plaster the wall. I put in a ticket last week, now Management tells me I have to put in another. I feel like this is a case of discrimination. Asking if someone can come out to supervised/ and assets this incident. All I'm asking is for the necessary plastering to be done. Thank you in advance...
Jvailes Send email
Nov 21, 2016

No heat

There has been no heat for 2 weeks in brevourt housing when i calll they say people complaining it is too hot last time the heat was on it wad 65 degree outside i have 2 small children an a elderly mother in my home an its to cold
Biancaolivencia22 Send email
Nov 9, 2016

Harassing tenants in apt 5b

The woman above us in 41-16 Vernon Blvd 11101 apt 6b has been banging on our pipes, our ceilings because of the singing that we do in our house while cleaning at 10:00 in the morning. She even bangs at 10:00 at night because our TV is apparently too loud. She has been doing this for the last 5 months we have tried everything to be respectful to the point we have covered the pipes where she hears us. She has threatened to get us evicted from our place. Don't know what else to do.
chocolate7 Send email
Nov 3, 2016

noise complaint/ no heat

i live in 2533 7th avenue nyc i complaint about the noise and nothing seem to do nothing and i havent had had heat since 2015
Filthy neighbor Send email
Oct 30, 2016

Vermin infestation

Pomonok Houses- 155-26 Jewel Avenue (7B)
Putrid smell, roaches and mice fill the hall from the man in apt 7B. Management keeps saying they cannot do anything as far as exterminanting unless he puts in a ticket on his own. It is unfair for everyone on his floor to be subjected to vermin and filth because of one person. I pay a high rent and do not deserve to live like this even if I paid a low rent. Everyone else on the floor has to just deal with the situation instead of the person causing it rectifying it?
waubeeka9 Send email
Oct 27, 2016

Hammel houses

My name is Eric and we have plenty of people that are trespassing in our projects they have no respect for the tenants that live in these projects we were all told that when the new CEO came in their would be changes made it has gotten a lot worse.
Every project in the city are being ruined, They urinate in the staircases and in the hallway and elevator they are dealing drugs smoking weed drinking and they keep the doors open all hours of the day and night. some of us are working people and some are disabled whatever the case is we pay rent and we shouldn't have to deal with this all the time. My neighbors made numerous complaints I think its time to have Mrs Shola Olatoye removed and have someone that can handle the top job. Mr De Blasio appointed her and this is what we get. We need to protest and go to 250 Broadway and let them know that we will start holding back rent until the situation is resolved. The problem is just not one are but all areas of each borough NYCHA houses. We should get the news involved. They put up cameras that don't work. They have outdated outside lighting. They are renting these portable lights that are costing a lot of money instead of changing them making them led lights like they are doing in the streets and highway.Lets take a stand and take back our buildings.
feelee Send email
Oct 11, 2016

drug use ins hallway

Now it is getting cold outside the drug use in building 40 11 Vernon Blvd lic queens ny 11101 Begins again. It starts from early morning till the next sday.The smell comes in to apartment .This is unacceptable and I have asthma and my grandchild as well.Why does teneants have to be subjected to illegle drug use by the tenants in apartment 4D.We need police patrols in this building asap .Why should my health and the people in this building be jeopordized.
Carmend Send email
Sep 27, 2016

High bridge houses

The tenant in 1145 university ave #7g don't let me sleep every night they move funiture and throw stuff in the floor to make noise I can't sleep and I wake up at 5 am every day pls do something about this I already make like 3 complaint in 311. Thanks
t0700 Send email
Aug 22, 2016

Latoya young

I moved in to Jane Adams houses 8 years ago and my daughter was 2 .my daughter is now 10 years old. and I put in a request for a 2 bedroom. With a note from my daughters doctor about the conditions with my apartment and my daughters asthma .and got denied. By my housing worker that said do not quialify.And I've been told by numerous people and some people that work for housing that told me once my daughter turned 6 I qualified for a two bedroom so I don't understand what's yhe isue ?.
Momof3 Send email
Aug 2, 2016

Loud music all day

Building 40 apt 2F (34-55 12th st Astoria my 11106)is constantly playing loud music day and night the disabled woman has moved her adult son in who does nothing except get drunk and obnoxiously play music so loud my walls tremble! I have complained to 311 several times as have others only when others do it they don't know the apt # and the cops bang on my door at 4,5,6 am thinking the noise is comming from my apt! I have 3 young children whose nights and mornings are constantly disturbed becuase of this neighbor and her son when I call to inform MRs Parks of ravens wood housing I'm told just keep calling 311. In the mean time my kids and I have to just deal with the disruption of a teen at whose moved in her son ?!! And isn't even on the nycha lease. Neighbors on this floor and building are fed up and things might end up getting hostile fire Nycha does nothing about it
chiqita Send email
Jul 22, 2016

dienied apllication because of back arrears

i was accepted to section 8 on 2009 the application went to the interview and accept was getting a voucher than in 2009 because of the economy the section was frozen so they found me at my current address and was scheduled a interview for my voucher on july 5th i had the option to fill out a form to go to hra after i moved into my apartment when i got my voucher then the woman said no hra will not pay i had to pay out of pocket i live on a very low income after the accepted me with two interviews now i', denied that it seriously not fair what can i do , but take nycha to court
John888 Send email
Jul 17, 2016

Noisy neighbor/loud music all day/ night

I have been living in NYCHA in 41-08 ,12 ST with my two kids. The lady from 41-08 ,12 ST Apt #1A, Long Island City, NY she put portable stereo who blasts music everyday/night with her buddies 3/4 males from 41-10,12 ST they always hang out infront of building and blasts music eveyday till 4am not only music drinking /smoking weeds /drugs no matter how mant times me and my neighbor report/call 311/911 even CEO Shola Olatoye and housing Manager Jacob can't helps us in this matter. WHY? NYCHA can't ignore that ,other thing they send us notice about garbage not to throw outside building trash container as soon all residents get that notice we follow we dnt do that ,so they should do same thing sending notice to residents to 41-08,41-10 ,12 ST these are two building puts music so loud my kids can't concentrated in their studies ,we all have to closed our windows/AC on 24hrs still we can hear speaker so loud inside our apartment we are prisoner in our own apartment and children can't go and outside we can smell mad weeds these people r playing/enjoying loud music because they r smoking/drinking/drugs so they like do but for us working people with kids have this environment is so distressful atmosphere . And it's always same lady from 1A and from the building 41-10 ,12 ST, if they r not then no one put music, only them have problem and they have no respect for their neighbors we r helpless and not getting help for this matter is distressing, causing hardship in our daily living. Our next step will be going to media/news/nyc council member or even Court. Because these people blasting music in speaker everday /night is not acceptable. We need help and stop these people blasting music infront of the building ASAP.
0pyhb Send email
Jun 30, 2016

Housing Assistant - Mr. SEBASTIAN/QB South

The Housing Assistant who covers some Blogs on the 41st Side of 10th Street is very disrespectful and uncooperative with tenants. I have had several situations with him. I've was put on the list for a 4 Bedrooms in 2014. When my 2years was up for the Internal List, I began to request the Working Family/Need Based list every 2 wks. Mr. Sebastian seems to have a problem printing the list when I go to the Office or call to have it left at the Reception area as well. I have called the Boro Office to report him numerous times. I've been told to "leave him alone", then they assist me with whatever my issue is at the time. This is crazy to me. Even in the QB South Management Office, they will assist me after he states to me in a very NASTY TONE AND DESPOSITION that he's not going to print the list. His excuse is either "I'm busy right now or the new list is not out yet. Maybe it's me but isn't his job to ASSIST TENANTS WITH THEIR ISSUES WHEN THEY COME IN THE MGMT OFFICE.? EXACTLY!!!! So whatelse is he busy doing, if not helping the tenant! Then we literally get into a heated argument which is usually ALWAYS witnessed by the Assembly. Mgr or Manager of QB South (who then will print the list out in 2 minutes) from their computer as Mr. Sebastian previously just lied to be 5 minutes earlier saying that the new list is not out or his computer in not working. This is an ongoing issue (every 2 wks to be exact). I've asked to be transferred to another HA but was told unfortunately, he covers your building. Basically, he is the one you have to deal with. This is becoming a serious problem for me NOW. Something needs to be done about this man. He picked this job and unfortunately for myself and other tenants, we are being treated like "trash" when interacting with him. Im at my witts ends. This man needs to be FIRED!!! If not that, then he should be REPRIMANDED for his actions and downgraded to another job which doesn't entail dealing with PEOPLE! Who can I speak too in pursuing a COMPLAINT against him now. His colleagues and the Boro Office are covering for him. I need someone over them at this point. Please help me so I can resolve this issue. Until a Development, I WANT is on the list, I have no other option but to deal with him. I need help!!!!!
LaLuna Send email
Jun 14, 2016

neighbor's washing machine upstairs

My neighbor who lives upstairs hangs the hose of their washing machine out the kitchen window. The water hits my window sill and comes inside. And the noise is really loud too. They wash always at night so no one from NYCHA can see.
This is a step away from what used to happen before. The water used to come down the pipe by the stove every once in a while. I do not know who to complain to.
Slohan Send email
Jun 6, 2016

heat when was 60 degrees no heat when its cold turning off hot water every weekend

Pelham houses has gone to the dogs filth and broken glass, uncollected garbage for days on end grounds a mess, buildings even worse at times. They were pumping up heat when was 60+ degrees and giving no heat when was cold. Every weekend hot water goes off and sporadic hot water during the week, who wants to shave and bathe at 3 or 4am when water is hot? by 9am its getting unusable what crock of crap Pelham has turned into as for all NYCHA developments. Some of us do pay good money to live in these hell holes.
josief77 Send email
Jun 1, 2016

Noise, property damage, uncleanliness

The residents at 54-15 Beach Channel Drive Apt 4C have guests visiting at all hours of the day and night. They loiter outside the building, leave their litter throughout the lobby and urinate in the elevator. I have reported this to the management office and asked them to anonymously speak with them as all the residents are affected by their behavior but there has been no change. It would benefit everyone that lives there, and guests who visit, if this situation could be resolved.
Mr C Adams Send email
May 27, 2016


For over several years now, my neighbors who live above me has been deliberately pounding and banging and stomping on the floor. My mother and I tried many times to resolve the issue peacefully but to no avail. I then took the law into my own hands one day and as a result; got arrested, an order of protection against me and a program for addicts. Now this stomping is continuing day and night and I had to call the police last night. The landlord is completely incompetent and I'm at Whit's end here. I was once a quiet man who stayed away from the shootings and the drugs and stuff, now I'm far past being nice. I have made threats against this family. Keep that in mind.
mannybx Send email
May 19, 2016


The tenants living at 877 Taylor Ave on the 6th floor are dirty and nasty. They be always dirtying the floors, smoking and making loud noise. The tenants are; Raymond Lewis, Gerard Lewis, Valerie Lewis Servon Lewis and Lillian Milanes. NYCHA needs to make sure that tenants that live in there buildings are following rules.
Stuart Send email
Apr 16, 2016

Disrespectful and always drunk

1309 washington ave bronx ny the varetaker is very disrespectful and always smell of alcohol ever since sge came the building hasnt been upkept the right way garbage in halls and piss in the elavators i think her name is mizell something
fei9004 Send email
Apr 13, 2016

drug use and trepassers

40 11 Vernon blvd lic queens ny 11101.Trepassers are using drugs everyday 9am -until whenever they feel like.There is a trepasser 6 feet tall black guy who smokes weed and dirty the building and urinates in elevators.He is a nuisance and our quality of life is being jeopardize.He refuses to stop.And he knows the code to get in the building and he brings other drug users.Also apartment 4D knows him and they use drugs in hallway and on staircase.Sometimes you cannot even go down stairs because people are on stairs and in halls. I am asthmatic and have to deal with the stress of drug users and trepassers. I reported to managment over and over again.THIS NEEDS TOO STOP ASAP. There are reports with 911 and 311.I even smoke to Dective Johnson from PS9.Please help.
[email protected] Send email
Apr 2, 2016


On 70 Pitt Street, some keeps tossing pampers from their window. The place is riddled with disposed pampers and no one seems to care. I want the person to stop and if possible, fined, maybe that will stop them from this animal like behavior. Who throws their garbage out the window anyway?
The address
70 Pitt Street
New York, NY 10002

Back of the building, pampers on awning and grass.
Lgbt Send email
Mar 5, 2016

Income fraud , non tenant living on nycha grounds

Tenant inside of queensbridge north 12 this side
Has been withholding all of his income from nycha . As well as renting out a room for about $150 and he only pays nycha $80 for rent each month

Sex offender leaving on premises without housing permission they stay inside the home all day
kimberly goodrich Send email
Feb 28, 2016

same complaint # 1-1-121251684

My name is Laura Goodrich I live 70-29 Kissena Blvd apt. 3d in Flushing Queens and I feel so disrespected and annoyed with Pomonok Housing office workers it's been 5 weeks and I'm still not able to leave my apartment because I don
t have key to apt lobby or mail box. This has been goi9ng on since 1/28/2015 with the same complaint what else am I suppose to do. lobby key 42232121 apt. key lock change 42232141 kitchen cabinet 42232201 no one showed on the 2/223/16 for cabinet. I'm always on time paying my rent but no service from NYCHA. My Family have to clean the hallway floor for being so dirty our walkway at the entrance of my building you could hardly walk from the garbage everywhere, I'm afraid I might fall and if I do it's going to be a big problem that could be avoided. I'm asking for assistance for the last time!! I need to be able to lock my own door!!!!

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