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Consumer complaints and reviews about Outdoor Adventures

classygift Send email
Dec 29, 2017


piehole65 Send email
Nov 13, 2017

Dont get suckered

OK...first I entered a drawing for a Yeti cooler, 3 month's later I get a call saying I was one of the finalists for a 2017 Truck or $20,000 cash. I had to make an appointment , they said bring "The whole family!" also spouse must be present...hmmm first clue, so I made the appointment, sat in this room for like 10 minutes then someone came out and brought us back into another room with tables and other couples.. this wasn't just a hey come see if your key fits, it was come and sit and listen to us try to scam you into paying $11,999.00 for a lifetime of use of hundreds of campgrounds in the US. So I played along knowing right along what this was, did the whole tour and afterwards the gentleman that was telling us about all "THE GREAT" benefits of this took us back out into the main room where you come in then his "BOSS" tried to sell us this package, after we talked and we he knew that I wasn't interested just like that he got up and left without a word.. tired my key ,, didn't fit, the kid opened this cabinet that was FULL of these blank keys I'm talk like over a hundred, so my waste of 2 hours of my time on a Sunday was lifted with a $250.00 gift card bundle and these gift cards that only cover a part of the cost of something on these websites, oh lets not forget the 3 day & 2 night vacation of a lifetime. It does not include the airfare or extras just the lodging...
I did not get suckered into this ploy or scam. Don't waste your time if you get called saying "your a finalist!" They will try to be smooth talkers, bribe you, sucker you in..

stiles2634 Send email
Oct 22, 2017


They say there is no way outta of the contract even though we were lied to! Has any one had any luck getting out of this Scam? Anybody gone to court and what was the out come?
bethanderson Send email
Aug 29, 2017

Storage of Travel Trailer with Outdoor Adventure

Paid for full year of storage for travel storage that the Davison location. Tried to cancel storage for months that will not be using any longer and they are unwilling to refund money or apply money as it was prepaid in full. Was transferred to manager that handles these issues, but was disconnected.
bethanderson Send email
Aug 29, 2017

Storage Complaint

Paid for full year of storage for travel storage and tried to cancel months that will not be using due to travel trailer not being in the area any longer. Was unable to cancel nor was able to get refund for months that will not be used. They stated because it was prepaid in full they would not be able to refund money.
bethanderson Send email
Aug 29, 2017

Storage Refund

Paid for full year of storage rental for travel trailer. Was unable to cancel the storage and because paid in full to get the additional prepay discount they would not give back months that will not be using.
teesh418 Send email
Aug 16, 2017

Outdoor Adventure

I hate I even signed up for this company. I have been trying for over a year to get rid of this membership. Last month I totally forgot to change my credit card for my autopay, so when this rude lady name Donna or Dawn ( couldn't make out her name) called to tell me my credit card was declined, not only did they charge me an additional $25, but she charged me a $5 late fee when the card was just declined the same day. When I advised my card on file was lost and please change it to the new card she swore up and down it was changed and now and behold she called again today and told me my credit card was declined. I asked her read the card back they have on file and behold it was the same old card. Not only did she not change my information, but once again I was charged another $25.00 fee plus another $5 late fee. And then she had the nerve to tell me they are removing me from autopay. I could careless what you remove me because in all honestly I don't even want this crap. We don't even use this mess. I need a lawyer so I can get out of this contract and never have to hear or see another billing statement from them again.
Mkamerad Send email
Aug 11, 2017


I also have not been able to book a site this year in Grand Haven, and was told we would never have a problem getting one. I asked the sales guy, "what happens when you sell to many of these"? He said that they only sell a certain amount and that way all of us stupid people that fell for this line of crap would have a place to stay when we wanted. I can't even get a call returned. I agree with the guy on the lawsuit. I too am going to seek a lawyer and see about getting my money back. Even if i can't, I plan on exposing them for who they are! CROOKS!
dianatopia Send email
Jul 27, 2017

Such a scam

This place is such a scam and the salesmen are out right liars. We were told there are always sites available and would not be a problem getting into the campground. So far the two time this season we were able to go camping there were no sites available at Grand Haven out "home" campground. They would be willing to put us on the waiting list if we would like. All the other campgrounds are 2.5-3 hours away form our home and Grand Haven is only 1.5. When we signed up there were so many promises made that were not true. If you are thinking about getting a package through them please think twice. Go home and think about it and decide do not let them talk you into signing right then and there. The rules change once your name is on the dotted line.
angie.orcutt@comcast.net Send email
Jul 21, 2017


We went through same process (being called stating we were a "finalist" to win a truck), but name of company was Venture Out Resorts on our contract, but believe it is the same company (corporate office is out of Bay City, Michigan). We attended a presentation at the Wapakoneta, Ohio Resort and fell for this. The rep gave us false information about the program and the benefits. We have contacted legal counsel, but believe it would help our case to have others that have had same experience share the misrepresentations made by this company and potentially file a class action lawsuit. I don't know how a company can stay in business with the type of bogus representations they make about their program; this should be illegal. Buyers beware!!!! If they were truly legitimate and had any ethics whatsoever and stood behind their program, then why wouldn't they let someone out of the contract if the program was not at all what they were told? SCAM!
Paula T Send email
Jul 1, 2017

Paula Taylor

We were sent the key to the truck, and was told that there would be five other prizes besides the truck, we got a 250 dollar gift cards that were only good for twenty five dollars apiece and when you go to the website to get anything, you had to pay money to get anything cause everything was way way more than twenty five dollars. Then the salesman was so slick, he talked ninety miles an hour and push papers in front of us telling us just sign and we could take every thing home and read it later, he then said the payment would be about 85.00 dollars a month, didn't tell us that the two credit cards would be two more payments on top of that, and then he never mentioned once about 500 dollar dues yearly, this guy was good. Well, we couldn't get to the papers for a few days, six days to cancel the contract, well I didn't call until the seventh day, and that was because we had a death in the family and was told sorry there is nothing we can do for you. And they were really rude on the phone to us when I did call and I even talked with the main guy in charge not just the salesman, and he was rather rude too. I just may let them take me to court, they can't get blood out of a turnip, now can they? So please people if your suckered out there for a free gift, don't let them fast talk you make them explain every little detail to you first, and be careful of Outdoor Adventures, especially in Kalamazoo..
Bill H Send email
Jun 14, 2017

Over chargeing me two months after the contract was over

Hello, i am member 30744. I purchased a 5yr membership from outdoor adventures. I was told at the signing of the contract that if i purchased that day and made my down payment that the first two months would waived. Thats right i made sure to ask to make sure. So on August 4th 2017 would be my last payment free and clear. So now being June i called to make sure that i didnt have to write a letter stateing i wasnt going to renew and i was told no, nothing needed to be done by me. Well, today i called to make my payment and the staff member asked me if i wanted to enroll in autopay. I stated that my last payment was in august and that was just a month away. The lady then stated that after my membership expired in august (after my access to the park would be denied)i would still owe $290.00. I explained thats not what was explained to me. She stated that the first two months that were told to me that were waived were actually put on the end of my contract. I was considering enrolling in a lifetime membership in august but not anymore. Dont be fooled by these con artist. They are very dishonest
Racel123 Send email
May 30, 2017


We love this place have never had any problems, all of the resorts all beautiful and have never been treated rudely by any employee. Do not understand all of these complaints. We have always been able to get a campsite when we called. Great place for families and love how Outdoor Adventures give back to their members with freebees and activites for us our children and grandkids Thank you Outdoor Adventures!
NoviCampers Send email
May 25, 2017


My husband and I attended one of the pitches after getting the free days from our camper vendor. I wasn't hesitant, but my husband was so excited he talked me into it. One of their major pitches was that we could book last minute, unlike at state / public campgrounds. We were even able to book for that upcoming Memorial weekend (this was a week out from the holiday).

When we got home, we called my mom to invite her to come, only to find out she already had a membership. She hadn't really advertised it because she was upset that she was tricked into getting it and couldn't get rid of it. With her warnings, we cancelled our contract within the three days. We attempted to have her make a reservation for the holiday weekend (on the same day we did) and they said they were all booked (must have been saving spots for sales).

We thought of taking over her membership, but were informed that we would have to pay for every campground she didn't have access to ($2,000 each). One of the things I liked about the membership was the pitch that the revenues go into an account which is used to build more campgrounds, to the member's benefit. How is it a benefit if the members have to pay to add those new sites?

Also, feeling like I was being scammed, I made my husband try to book camping reservations for the summer. We were able to book campsites at local campgrounds (within 2 hours) from our house for every weekend we had available for the summer, including fourth of July weekend. We were way happier with the idea of visiting eight different campgrounds over the summer than being constrained to just one campground all summer every year.

Now we're trying to help my mother sell her membership. She's accepted the fact that she's out the original money and the yearly fees she's been paying. She's not behind on her payments or in any financial trouble. She just simply wants to cancel the contract and stop paying the annual fee. I don't understand how it can be legal to have a lifetime contract set up this way. I saw people compare it to not paying your mortgage or cell phone bills. This is not comparable. A mortgage has an end date, as do cell phone contracts (which can additionally be cancelled any time for a fee). A lifetime contract is valid until the day you die? I did a little research and found out that these kind of contracts are illegal in many states (covered by the statute of fraud), but I'm guessing it's not illegal in Michigan. This should clearly be reformed. I understand not refunding past payments and requiring people to be paid to date, but no sales contract should be endless; it's not like she hasn't paid the initial fee (which would be the only part possibly comparable to a mortgage).

Regardless of the reasons you may want to get this membership, remember that any one of those reasons could end at some point. How long are you planning to live? Can you guarantee that you will want to camp every summer at this specific campground for the rest of your life? If not, then you should not enter into a lifetime contract.

I hope this has helped people avoid signing up.
Kimbob Send email
Mar 20, 2017

Outdoor Adevntures

Has anyone out there attempted to cancel an Outdoor Adventures membership in the 3-day window the contract says you have to cancel? If so, were you able to, did they cause you any problems, give you the run-around? I was just wondering as I recently signed up for a membership and then came to my senses and canceled the next day.
Ihateoutdooradventures Send email
Mar 11, 2017


My now ex-husband and foolishly bought into their pressured based, failed promised camp site. When we got a divorce I called to see how I can get rid of this thing. Seven representatives later, no one had an answer for me. Now that I am behind some new girl told me I could have sold it at any point so long as the payments are current. When my payments were current, I couldn't get an answer of out them. Also the director of their "legal" team is a complete jerk. When I was questioning him about this, because I don't have the contract in front me, he was rude and arrogant. I can't believe we fell for this scam, I can't believe it's almost impossible to get rid of because no one there is willing to help.
Kholley74 Send email
Feb 19, 2017

Outdoor Adventures

I'm almost embarrassed to say my husband and I were suckered into this huge scam. He was a finalist for the truck or $20,000. These guys were smooth talkers. By the time it was said and done, we were told we only have 2 payments to make total g around $60 all together. One payment, the membership fee gets taken out of my checking account each month. Now they are harassing us and trying to say we are late on our membership fee. Not true, when I have the proof. On top of that, we had financing through Camping World for 2 different loans? I have no idea for what. One is in my husband's name and one is in my name. The payments go to the same company so why are they 2 separate loans? Instead of one loan in both of our names? I'm so angry at them I could spit nails. I worked my butt off for years to have good credit and I'm afraid they are going to destroy my credit. Every time I make contact with them on this issue of a late fee, they are conveniently not able to contact me back. When we wanted to use our free "vacation " they wanted another $50! A bunch of crooks is all they are. I wish we would have never went to this place, it's turned into a huge waste of money and time.
Bannerm Send email
Jan 13, 2017


I just want to thank everyone for posting their complaints! These ppl called my husband with the whole "truck" thing....but told him he was 1 of 5 finalists!!! So, he was ready to make the 2hr drive for the hell of it on 1-20-2017. I received the key and info in the mail today, so I looked it up. Needless to say, owning a business I know that you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time, but trust me.....we usually make everyone happy!! Complaints about this place is overwhelming to say the least. Now that I know it's a campground thing we will not be going! We own a park model at yogi and LOVE it there!!! As far as the BBB goes, here's how that works for those who don't know........ businesses pay into the BBB to get their "A" rating....it's a joke!!!! BBB don't work for the consumer!!!! Thanks for helping me make my decision!!
gooski Send email
Nov 21, 2016


We are being sued by Outdoor Adventures!! Was just wondering if there is anyone out there that would be willing to testify about all the problems that you have had with them.
joecheri Send email
Sep 21, 2016

Cost of wood

We camped at the park near the casino and the charge for wood was $5.00 a bundle outrages

Joe Cericola
Grandma B Send email
Aug 10, 2016

Cancellation of membership

Stupidly signed up for membership. Did cancel the next day by sending letter and called main office in Bay Cuty Michigan. Now must wait 10 Business Days before a refund will be credited to credit card. Beware when signing up for any sort of drawing when it involves Outdoor Adventures. It is not worth the stress. The "free vacation".given by signing up for going on site tour is worthless. Don't fall for this scam, I'm sorry I didn't investigate before attending the rip off. We are still receiving calls from them which I have now blocked. Common sense should tell you if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. We fell for it for a brief time, senior citizens beware!
MG5885 Send email
Jul 14, 2016

Outdoor Adventures

No legitimate company should EVER have to go to this extent to provide a product (or service) that is, in fact, legitimate. My parents nearly got sucked into this nightmare today. No campground is worth this b.s. people....if there was a campground that WAS trust me...your friends would be pushing you to join. They are not.
Deborah Dutton Send email
Jul 8, 2016

On boarding Appointments

Since our membership with American Campgrounds has aparantly been changed to Outdoor Advrntures, we are required to atrend an appointment. My husband works out of State, and we are both required to attend which is impossible. Furthermore, instead of making it at a nearby campground we have to make a 3 hour drive. No one is willing to help rectify the problem, and we are unable to use the membership that we have paid for.
wbednarz Send email
May 12, 2016

Misleading - Even admitted it in our last meeting

We have had our membership for a few years now. We were really excited at the prospect of this, initially. Then we found that making a reservation for a cabin became nearly impossible, even when trying to book two - three months in advance. We were sent several letters and received several phone calls this past fall to come in to receive our new id cards. This was a ploy, it's been over 6 months and we still haven't received our updated swipe membership ID cards. They wanted us to come in to try and renew/sell us an updated membership, to re-sign a contract. Stating that the old contract we had signed was essentially misleading. They admitted that they had been a bit dishonest, though of course they didn't use those words. The lawyer that was speaking with us even asked if we've read anything about them online. At the time we had not, and his response was 'GOOD!'. We questioned this new contract, while also questioning their practices the first time around. We weren't fooled. They've conned people for years and they've gotten caught, they were/are trying to cover their tracks before more people catch on. We've wasted so much money no this place. We will be trying to get out of our initial contract, but of course that will take lawyers and more money. The lawyer was even shocked when my husband refused to shake his hand after our meeting.
outdooradventuresinc Send email
Feb 17, 2016

Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway

Outdoor Adventures is a legitimate company and the truck giveaway is legitimate as well. We have been doing the "Truck or Cash" Giveaway since 1997. Only once, in 2008, did the winner choose the truck. The rest have chosen the cash. We do many other giveaways as well, and those prizes are awarded too. Not only do we award them because it's what we say we'll do, the giveaways are monitored by the state of Michigan. We follow the requirements to do giveaways such as these.

A little info about the winner of our giveaways:

A little info about our company:

Our website:

Our phone number, in case you have questions:

We celebrated our 20th anniversary in business in 2015. We have thousands of happy members, many who have been with us our entire 21 years in business. Yes, there are people who have had concerns, and we work with them individually to work through those. Yes, there are people who get calls from our accounts receivable team because they haven't paid their bills. It's no different than your mortgage, your car payment, your cell phone payment.

We are proud of what we offer to families and individuals. We have a great product in the perfect state for outdoor fun. We look forward to more years of fun to come!

Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway Legitimacy of Outdoor Adventures and the truck giveaway

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