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Walden University

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Walden University

bigscene14 Send email
Sep 21, 2017

Tution too high

I had high hopes of getting an degree at Walden University. I thought that I was finally going have my bachelor degree. I am three classes from finishing and now I can not get my degree because I have used all my financial aid and I do not have any out of pocket money to pay for the classes. It makes me so upset to know I have come this far and can not finish. It does not make sense how much the courses and tuition cost at this school. The really mess up part is if I don't come up with the money to pay for the courses now then all that I did is lost because they are getting rid of the program. I do not understand how this school can get away with this.
britt08 Send email
Sep 20, 2017

Financial Aid

Firstly I'm currently a student here and I thought by going through all the red tape of getting enrolled here I would enjoy it but I don't! I wrote appeals, paid for transcripts and turned everything in but on my body parts all, I wanted to further my education. I in my second quarter with my books! I have to google or go to the public library to get help on certain questions so I don't pass now my fourth week and still no book. My financial Aid disbursed on Monday tell me why I haven't got my refund yet? Most colleges disburse soon as they get it to the school this college make you wait the whole 14 days after I guess. And I'm direct deposit and still nothing. And steal no book I don't even need it now I have two more weeks before the end of the quarter and why would I spend $200.00 dollars for a book that I don't even need at this point their financial system SUCKS!!!
cyndiblevins Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Tuition Waiver Rip Off

I attend Walden University and its the worst decision I could've ever made. Walden is refusing to refund my money from last quarter since I had to withdraw from classes after the 4th week of due to brain inflammation. I provided medical documentation and after nearly two months, they denied my request stating I didn't have a letter from my doctor stating I couldn’t continue on in the class. They never requested a letter from the doctor as part of the form I submitted. What are my options as I’m currently enrolled at Walden, but plan to discontinue this program at the end of this Qtr because I don’t believe in this institution anymore. They are money hungry and don’t live by their mission. I didn't have a common cold, I was hospitalized for weeks due to inflammation on the brain. I have a 4.0 GPA and enrolled in my 4th Qtr.
Lisa M Send email
Sep 3, 2017

Walden University

Here is the site for the lawsuit against Walden University: http://www.waldenuniversitylawsuit.com/
brigitte1973 Send email
Aug 29, 2017


When I started my program with this university two years ago, the cost of books was included in the tuition. After the first year, they switched to the student having to order his or her own books online, giving the choice to order from the university bookstore or other sources online. However, the tuition didn't change to accommodate having to order books. I called the school about my complaint and was told the tuition was raised and that's why it didn't reflect the difference. I spoke to another friend of mine who had the same complaint and she stated she called them and raised heck with them and they, in turn, sent her a $400 check to offset the difference! I was so upset! I think it was just another way to gouge the student for money.
Elowens1 Send email
Aug 27, 2017


I registered for 2 doctorate classes with Walden. Due to medical reasons I was unable to continue with the classes. I dropped the classes within 2 weeks of the classes, and submitted documentation to their registrar's office. Walden is reporting a $5000 negative balance on my credit to all 3 credit bureaus. I am asking that they remove these negative items off of my credit reports immediately. This is fraudulent and is negatively effecting my credit.
skrgurl Send email
Aug 18, 2017

Financial aid problems

If i weren't too far along in my studies i would have left Walden. I wish i had actually followed my gut in the beginning when i first started attending and had constant problems with the school haggling me by phone against my wishes like going to college was my first rodeo hence i'm in GRAD school! But i kept going as my employer finances a huge chunk. For the first time in almost 1.5 years of being a student have i had to consider taking out some form of loan. I had a Perkin's which should have been forgiven as i'm a nurse and have always provided the proof necessary to my past schools for forgiveness, however this one school unfairly never notified me they didn't receive it all the while i thought it was taken care of. I took care of the small remaining balance got the clearance letter and presented that to Walden as they requested. They sent me a message telling me i was cleared then several times they came up with lies telling me they need a letter from the Department of Education who doesn't even do that. After i proved that the next day they came up with some bogus lie that i was in default of another loan! After constant calls to the Department of Education/NSLDS to check they keep telling me in so many words Walden is fudging it and lying. Even requested i have them call in on the line with me. Oddly Walden sends a bunch of emails with no direct names so you never know whose handling your stuff. I really hate this school but i've already given them too much money to quit now. My employer which is a major corporation has gotten wind of the issues with Walden from several people and i hear of plans to pull the contract to supply a voucher to this school as they are not proving reputable, hopefully after i graduate. They have contacted me to ask about the affairs of the school however i never gave any bad feedback despite all of my negative experiences, but i definitely will be reporting them now. What's odd is that i hear on this board where they're giving folks all of these high price loans and all i'm asking is for $3-4000 maybe less! My sound advice to anyone willing to listen is do your homework on this school and don't just stop here. Find out upfront if they have the accreditation you need. Don't be fooled by the easy entrance into programs; it will make no difference if they stiff you on the financial aid end and you can't complete your degree track. There are many other colleges out there which won't send you through so much unnecessary stress and grief and that has a much better reputation! Everywhere i go when i mention this school's name people crinch or make some kind of negative comment....i'm honestly becoming embarrassed to tell people where i go and i want to be taken seriously in my profession. Just hoping if i graduate from here that it won't negatively affect my employment opportunities since they don't have such a good reputation.
RFL89 Send email
Aug 15, 2017

Lied to about tutorial/registration

I was lied to by Walden University which told me that I can enroll in tutorial and experienced how I liked the program and that if i didn't like it I could un-enroll and not be charged. Well I did that and was still charged. 8k and I'm not sure what for. If there is some sort of lawsuit out there please add me to it!
drizzy91 Send email
Aug 10, 2017

misinformed and made to pay for the costs

i was made to believe i am attending an orientation with tutorials and that i could apply for financial aid with the university which i did but was never contacted by the financial advisors until when i decided to stop the tutorials realising that i cannot go on with the studies as my schedule was not allowing. that is when i was told i am owing the institution $2000 which i feel is just a reap off and i was tricked in the whole process to believe i am attending tutorials that orientate me on the course as i await my financial aid. i am scared as i do not have such an amount of money and i was not even ready to start studying as i was just exploring my options. what am i facing here?
cypayne25@gmail.com Send email
Jul 26, 2017

A great deal of money and no degree

I am a victim of Walden University taking at advange of students for thousands of dollars and no doctorial degree to show for, just a big debt of student loans. I have read many reviews and this has been going on for years and yet nothing has been done.

I have made it through all my classes and to the last chapter of my disertation. They had me revising for years with no light at the end of the tunnel.

I thought I had financial aide money my last semester. The university sent my semester materials as they always do. I checked into my class. No one said anything about me not having money. They didn't drop me from the roll.

Therefore I though financial aide was paid. They let me continue in that class. It was at the end of the semester when the university made me aware I did not have financial money and they did not pay for the semester completed.

They also informed me that I owed them four thousand dollars and that it had to be paid before I can register for the next semester.

I did not have four thousand dollars to pay the semester that was completed nor an additional four thousand to take the class in upcoming semester in order to complete the degree.

They harassed me daily for this money that I did not have. They placed it with the credit agencies. I would like my degree and the four thousand removed from me and the credit agencies. If they can do that I'm happy.
puncy15 Send email
Jul 11, 2017

Ed.D program (dissertation phase)

I have been trying to complete my Proposal and the URR keep saying that I have to make revisions. Its an ongoing thing for the past 3 years and Im still in the proposal. I have invested so much money for nothing. Im not planning to spend any more money, is NOT WORTH IT! Seems numerous students are experiencing the same problem.
Mr. Lewis Send email
Jul 7, 2017

III was taken advantage of too

Glad I found this. I'll read more. I too have been seriously abused by fraud and loan practices and false claims.

What I hope to find here is a suit to join. Anyone have a legal contact for me? Anyone in a class action or mass action suit whim I can contact?
RWB Send email
Jun 30, 2017

Con Artists

For those of you who were scammed by Walden, as well, there is an attorney's office handling student claims. The website http://www.waldenuniversitylawsuit.com/ has the details. So, if you, too, were conned by Walden, as many us have been, reach out to the attorney's office. Good luck to all of you!
distress_student Send email
Jun 21, 2017

Walden University is a FRAUD

Walden University is the reason for profit schools get a bad name. I took over 11 years trying to complete a PhD program in Public Administration with no success and over $200,000 in student loan debt. Walden University is specifically designed to:
• Keep you tied to ensure the student takes as many courses and gets into the most amount of debt in federal student loans. This is done by regularly and inexplicably changing the Programs of Study by constantly changing and adding classes to programs to make students take more classes and pay more tuition.
• Dissertation process is amorphous, ill-defined and grossly uncoordinated. Dissertation chairs do not communicate with other committee members and in my case were unsure of the Walden Dissertation process.
• In addition to this, contradictory reviews of dissertation proposals makes the student confused and frustrated. My URR for instance contradicted the approval of the dissertation chair when she had no experience in the field of Public Administration!
• Changing committee members for students is impossible even when members are under performing.
• It takes up to 10 business days to get any feedback on your work on the dissertation drafts. In a 12 week semester, this ensures student work will barely be looked at, vague feedback is provided and students has to go back and rewrite work with vague directions. These edits are later contradicted by the university reviewer or a committee member. Students are basically on their own with this horrible school.
Myrnafig Send email
Jun 16, 2017

Financial aid abuse

Considering that I like the education I am getting, I am more than disappointed and even furious at the disrespect the school's financial aid process. Having 0 hold and over 3.5 gpa in my 4th term, and after spending out of pocket money for my residence, the school has not released my funds in 9 days since it was disbursed. Even more infuriating, is that I told them that this has put my son and I in a precarious situation, but the school's attitude is 'oh well, we have 14 days if we wish'. While they are accruding interests in money that does not belong to them, my son and I are asking people to lend us money so we can have groceries. HOW IRRESPONSIBLE AND GREEDY of this school. I bow to report this to various agencies and let other potential students know about this disregard for students.
anious51 Send email
Jun 10, 2017


I would like to get in on the claim, i think students are over charged, Walden is too expensive, it seems I will never pay back my loan, I was left with a balance of 1,500, I am writing a letter to the President as we speak, I am looking for help in this matter so I will be able to get a copy of my transcript. I was sent to Allied services collection to pay the bill, and its all self learning with little help from the instructor, its sad all that money that the school took from my loans and nothing, I can't even find a job, I'm wondering if it was a waste of time and money, students are sweet talked into it after that there is no one to help us. I want to get some kind of help to pay the creditors so I am able to get my transcript to get a better job. I am going for my Masters in a year or two and it will not be with Walden.I think we were all drained its all money, being greedy

R3nee41A Send email
May 25, 2017

Walden University

I was one of those persons who could not understand why others had complaints about their schook. I figured you do the work, comply with everything and everything will be alright. I've been a student at Ashford University, graduated with honors for my Bachelor's degree. I was a student at Liberty University for my Master's Degree abd now Walden University for my Ph.d. Well, I am happy to say to all those people who have ever had problems with their school, I apologize, because Walden University is so messed up I think I made a bad choice in choosing this school for my Doctorate. The enrollment advisor told me it would take three years to complete, but when I check my completion date it says 2023, that's seven whole years and a lot of money. I feel as though they suckered us in and we are left to fend for ourselves. We do not get feedback on assignments, we do not hear from our academic advisor and the financial aid department are all idiots. I'm into my third term and I want to quit and find another school, but I'm sure the money I have paid into it will be wasted, not to mention I'm sure I will run out of money way before 2023 or be over $200,000 in debt with a degree most employers won't hire. So, stay away from Walden University. At least pick online school that actually have a physical school because Walden University is in it for the money, they are not concerned with you.
Gcashme Send email
May 17, 2017


I to have fallen to be a victim of what so many people are claiming happened to them. This is not right or fair to be in so much debt and nothing to show for it. I'm not sure if there are lawsuits still happening but if so can someone let it be know I would like to be apart of the lawsuit
theroys88 Send email
May 14, 2017

financial aid office

Was set to start the RN to MSN FNP program 5/30/17. Since Walden is not on the list for private loans I filled out my FASFA and all required documents that Walden requested. Federal loans were approved and even dispersed on the financial portal. I emailed and called the financial aid department just to make sure that everything was ok and could not get through but was told they would contact me withing 2-3 business days. I also emailed them and they never returned the call or email. On 5/5/17 I received a email only telling me my financial awards had changed and to accept them on the tab in the financial aid portal. When I went to the portal, all of the loans had vanished. No award tab also. I called them twice that week and again they are always to busy to talk to you. I was told by the rep that again they would contact me withing 2-3 days. I also emailed them twice and no response. I contacted my enrollment counselor and she looked into my account and told me that since I was starting in May I would have to fill out another FASFA and make some other corrections but could not give me a way to contact the financial aid office. She stated not to worry and that I had 3 months to pay for the courses once started. She stated she was sorry I felt I was unsupported on this issue. Basically there is no communication with the financial aid office and why I prefer to get private loans which are painless. I was told by Discover that schools such as Walden do not qualify for private loans because of the low graduation rates. Because of this, it makes no sense that their financial aid department would not be squared away since loans and grants through them are the only option besides self pay. I sent a withdraw form in yesterday since it had been over a week and I still have not been able to speak to anyone in the financial aid department and have not received a call back or email.
ajajbj70 Send email
May 4, 2017

Billed for classes I did not take and now account has been sent to a collection agency

Walden University has billed me for two classes I did not take and has now sent my account to a collection agency and of course refuses to give me a copy of my transcript as I have no intent of ever returning to this school again. I took an official leave of absence last year and had two surgeries, went through a separation and did not return to Walden for online classes. So they in turn billed me for two classes that I never even logged into ! Of course I do not mind paying a legitimate bill but this is ridiculous. I have no idea if Walden has a lawsuit against them for former students with similar circumstance but if there is I'd like to be a part of it!
edisont91 Send email
May 3, 2017

Be wary of Walden

Last November, I sought out a doctoral degree through an online university. My wife and I expected our first daughter in July 2017, and I work full time as a high school teacher, so I wanted the flexibility the online curriculum offered. As I spoke to different schools, Walden seemed like it fit the best. The reviews on it were mixed, but that is often the case with so many online reviews that I decided to proceed. Academically, the first quarter went well, in fact too well for doctoral level work. I was an A student in graduate school, but that was more rigorous than the doctoral work. This past few weeks though, the problems many online reviews warned about started to appear. I received a lower score on an assignment that was graded far differently than I was accustomed to. It was an annotated bibliography, which I wrote several during my graduate work in history. Very little feedback was provided outside of a few comments and to follow the rubric. I contacted Academic Advising about my concern and they told me to contact the professor. I did, despite having reservations that a differing opinion on grading and a request for more feedback to improve could cause issues with my final grade. I received no reply. I contacted Academic Advising again, informing them I had emailed the instructor, reasserted my concerns, and indicated I was beginning to have doubts about whether the university was a proper fit. I received a cavalier response to keep them informed. There has been no follow up and it seems I am now falling into the pattern many reviews warned about. As long as no problems arise, everything is fine. If something comes up, you are on your own. Effectively, I have been teaching myself anyway. I think it may be in my family's best interest to withdraw and look for another program as I fear this lack of communication is the beginning of what develops into a recurring theme where many doctoral students post stories of their programs being strung along for years. I'm still early enough to hopefully find another university before any permanent damage is done or we amass more debt with nothing to show for it. I want to warn others to be careful about choosing Walden, listen to the negative reviews. If anything starts to go wrong, you are on your own, much like you are for your learning.
Tandg Send email
Apr 25, 2017

Lied to about amount of time for completion

I have been at Walden just under a year but my experience so far has not been enjoyable. When I first enrolled I was told it would be a 2 year program but this doesn't appear to be the case.i was also never informed that I would have to find an agency to complete my field experience or when I needed to begin the process. I have spent over 15k so far and still have to attend another residency. I have contacted the field office only to be referred to a manual. I feel they are a complete rip off and have considered dumping them but am worried what repercussions I might face. Their program is a joke and I could learn just as much about my degree by reading a book with no instruction. I am not the type to seek out legal action but at this point I need all the help I can get so that I can get into an afforadable program.
adzindolet Send email
Apr 12, 2017

Dont depend on finacial aid advisors

I was a student at Walden only to be mislead that I had a financial aid advisor. I counted on being notified of how my financial aid would work and trust that in the event there was anything to worry about I would be advised. About 5 classes before graduation I had to take a break only to return and be told I can't . They sent back my tuition leaving me with a large bill, no transcripts, no ability to re_enroll. Everything I worked for is stolen from me. I say stolen because they won't let me finish, and won't let me have 50,000 worth of transcripts over money they sent back. A far less amount then what my transcripts are worth. All because someone didn't do their job and advise me properly. But I am told no, I didn't do my job and read every word in the paperwork. I thought that's why I had an advisor, the same as anyone with a lawyer , an accountant, etc would. How is it far do leave a person in such debt and have nothing at all in return? I may not had been in a PHD program yet, but I was still robbed. I worked just as hard. I put my self back threw school from scratch went back to high school with 4 kids, then college thinking I would be able to give my kids a better life. Now its worse I owe so much money and can't even use my education toward work. Please is there anyone that may take a second to help me? Is there nothing I can do? All I want is to finish school. I can be reached at adzindolet@gmail.com
Zerbit Oboe Send email
Apr 11, 2017

Laureate & Clinton Corruptions

Don't forget that Laureate (Walden's parent company) paid Bill Clinton $16.5 million from 2010-23014 to be an "honorary chancellor." I would like a refund for that bogus payment to a corrupt politician. What did the school get for that kind of money?

Indiana Jones Send email
Mar 21, 2017

Financial Aid /Not APA accredited

I will be transferring out of Walden University's online degree program. To my understanding they are not even APA accredited.I looked their psychology programs up on the AOA website to verify and low and behold Walden is not on there.The professors don't "teach" they just grade dicussion boards which is a waste of time. The financial aid department does not release your funds on a sufficient amount of time nor are they knowledge about the financial aid loan process.For example some Higher Ed degree programs in the health field allow for additional funding (i.e.MD,Health Psychology) even if you are over your aggregate limit! Yes I said even if you are over your aggregate limit! I found this out by contacting the Department of Education myself.They informed me that the school should be able to see this information but for whatever reason they don't.In all of my collegiate years I have NEVER experienced financial aid issues until I attended Walden.I will be leaving this quarter and attending a program whose psychology program is APA accredited and you don't have to do pointless discussion boards which are comprised of mini assignments.

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