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Unhappy Walden Customer Send email
Jun 14, 2015

Fraud at its finest

This "school" is the most unethical, predatory online business in existence today. I was informed that my doctoral program would take on average between 3-4 years to complete barring any unforeseen life emergencies and would cost approximately $45,000. Six years of continual enrollment and almost $250,000.00 of student debt later, I am still stuck in the never ending, perpetual cycle of dissertation classes. The feedback is non-existent for these "courses" and the instructor doesn't even bother to check in to the class anymore. The discussion forums, questions for instructor, etc. are literally bare with the exception of student complaints and questions regarding feedback for dissertation drafts submitted months ago. Proactive attempts to reach out to advisors, department chairs, etc. will typically receive no response or they are forwarded with no resolve. Enrolling in Walden was unquestionably the WORST mistake that I have ever made. I am currently shopping legal counsel. THE FRAUD MUST STOP!
drwest Send email
Jun 4, 2015

Walden Univ

I have at PhD from a real university and I have taught at universities for more than a decade.

I was forced to take classes at Walden to satisfy a state requirement for my license. It was the biggest waste of money. There was NO education taking place. The instructors do not provide any substantive feedback. But, boy oh boy, if you turn in anything late, they are quick to deduct points. The instructors will not respond to your email if they are away on a school-related residency, but if you ask for extra time because of a conflict with your own professional life, they are quick to cite Walden's policy on turning in assignments late. It is possible to get an "A" by not reading any of the material, and just regurgitating the posts that other students made.

The website would prevent submissions fairly regularly. I have 12 screen shots from the last eight weeks of spring term documenting this issue.

An instructor told me that I was being "unethical" to use my "Dr" title. When I told her that I earned the title almost 20 years ago and that I wasn't going to stop using it, she escalated the issue to the administration and I was contacted by their Student Development Coordinator who also told me that I was being unethical. Given the amount of money I was paying for no intellectual contribution on her part, I think the ethical issue is how they can continue to charge so much money for a worthless "education".

The financial aid department screwed up on processing my paperwork and then left me with a $6K bill.

I would be please to join forces re: any class action lawsuits.
cruzangal19 Send email
May 22, 2015

its all about the money, very dishonest

I attended Walden to earn a PhD in psychology. I completed all of the course work up until the last class required before going into residency mode. I had a tragedy in my family and requested a leave of absence. I spoke to my advisor and explained my situation. I had them on the phone with me guiding me through the online form I needed to submit for a leave of absence. I was ensured by my advisor that I would be able to start again and complete the course so after following their instructions I clicked "submit". Not long after I received an email saying that a hold was placed on my account and I owed the school around $1000! I spoke to a financial advisor and she said that since I withdrew from the university, I needed to pay back for the classes I dropped. I did not withdraw! And I took out loans through financial aid, which I am currently paying back so I don't understand why I owe the school $1000. Now I'd like to finish my PhD with another school but Walden will not give me a transcript because of the balance they say I owe. I wasted so much time and I hate that I had to stop when WALDEN decided I had to stop. Very disappointing. Part of me feels like having my transcript makes no difference anyway because the school is so CORRUPT and GREEDY. They took advantage of my personal situation to try to get money out of me. I would NEVER recommend Walden to anyone.
bkaiser32 Send email
Apr 27, 2015

Walden University

This school started out a dream. I have completed my masters in nursing degree. While the professors were superb, the college needs a lot of work. Huge discrepancies regarding the navigation and the instructions given. Huge discrepancies on the grading scale, matrix, rubric and final grade. additionally, the college develops the course goals, assignments, etc... leaving the professor to adhere to them, whether applicable or not. Frequently the professors were also confused regarding some of the course work. While I did finish and graduate (on time and as expected) I would NOT recommend this college to anyone. I am now $72,000 in debt, for student loans. My partner is receiving his undergraduate degree from Walden. He was told it would be 2.5 years (after transcript review, etc...). He is now almost at the 4 year mark!!!!! Still has 3 classes left.
Letatia Send email
Apr 23, 2015

Walden University Graduate Program

There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Walden University. I wanted to report this school 3 years ago, but didn't want to have any backlash. I have been spinning my wheels and wasting my time and money for 5 years with this school. I still have not graduated their EdD program. I have spent tireless nights attempting to correct errors in a proposal for 3 years, which is typically unheard of from other prestigious university graduate students.
tmlucas04 Send email
Mar 25, 2015

Walden University

I know there is a GOD!! I have been wanting to report this school for years. I attended for the first time back in the Summer of 2008 and WITHDREW from Walden U. that following Fall 2008 semester. To this date the Lender tells me that Walden University never sent the money back to them and they are holding me accountable for ($8,000) that I did not use because I wasn't in school. To this date I have the confirmation information of my withdrawal but the Lender is expecting their money from me. I pray that something comes of this lawsuit. Please....Please...Please...let's do this...I'm all in!!
anikitsinian Send email
Feb 25, 2015

Walden is a big fraud

I completed an ENTIRE graduate program 5 years ago. Before I had a chance to finish my thesis, I had to take a leave due to major life/family issues. I decided that I wanted to go back and finish my degree. After being told that I only need to finish my thesis, they came back to me and said that I would have to take the enitire program over since it has changed so much in the last five years. My classes had essentially expired? Expired? I'm not even done paying for the classes yet. Petition after petition has been denied. I feel like all they want to do is make money. They are frauds. Feel free to contact me on any class action lawsuit.

[email protected]
Christophbwilliams Send email
Feb 11, 2015

Higher the lowest

WOW! I started this program a little over four years ago and ran into some major issue in the last 2 years that I thought were just "scammish" and even contacted the president regarding the matter! These issues have occurred all during the dissertation stage! I want to go into too much detail considering the sensitivity of matter, however you get to a point where you begin to think "Hey I haven't done this before so maybe this is how its suppose to be" and then you come to realize that you have common sense and you become no longer concerned about the possible "retaliation" that you possibly can't prove! This university is owes us something that we can't get back, TIME! However, there are strength in numbers and I hope others join the movement! I just happen to google this because I felt there had to be "other" and what did I find..."others"
caselog2015 Send email
Jan 6, 2015

Law Suit

A group of past and present Walden University graduate students who feel they have been victims of educational fraud or scams are in the process of preparing litigation against Walden University. This may or may not be a class action suit or each case may be tried on its individual merits. The attorneys have yet to determine which approach they will take. All cases will be taken on contingency, so there will be no attorney’s fees unless the case is won. Once the law firm begins examining each individual case, they will advise you if your case qualifies for litigation. The more cases we can present, the stronger the pattern of institutional malfeasance we can establish. If you are interested in joining this movement please email your full name, non-Walden email address, school, and degree program to [email protected] There will not be a reply at this time. All contact information will be forwarded to the law firm and they will contact you directly to procure the precise information about your case.
DBA Student Send email
Dec 18, 2014

New Rubrics Cause Delay of Degree

Walden DBA Student Beware of Changing Rubrics!

Walden University DBA methodologists release a new rubirc every two years with new more strict criteria that keeps the student enrolled past expected graduation. Students are NOT GRANDFATHERED for the previous rubric. This is a breach of trust between the university and the student. For instance, my prospectus was approved in 2011. When my chair decided to step down, I had to submit a propectus to gain a new chair in 2014. I used the same approved prospectus from 2011, and the methodologist deemed the prospectus unsuitable. He suggested that I make changes to the prospectus or start over. This information was three years and $60,000 too late.

If you applied the new 2014 rubric to those DBA students who published their dissertation prior to 2014, most would fail. Does this mean that their dissertations are no longer scholarly? Should their doctor degrees be revoked? Of course not, because they are grandfathered.

Walden University is supposed to make a positive social change. However, the decision makers are guilty of causing a social problem. The social problem is causing minority students to accumulate debt that may take a decade or more to pay because of poor policies. Once a student starts a program, the program in place should be considered a contract between the student and the university. When the program changes the contract changes. If the student has to take additional classes because of the changes, a breach of contract occurs.

Not only is there a delay of graduation, second and third effects occur. The student can experience anxiety, depression, loss of sleep, and loss of appetite. This experience can influnce job performance. Family members can also experience the setback such as time away from the student. Years can be wasted.

Because Walden University is an accredited for-profit college that has been around for year, taking action can be intimidating. What can action lead to? First, Walden may change their policy to grandfather students on graduation criteria. Second, a lawsuit may hurt Walden financially. Third, the Department of Education may launch an investigation that threatens Walden's accredidation. Fourth, negative social media may deter potential and current students from attending Walden University.

One of the policy changes that could help students if to know more about the doctoral chairs. Would you like to know the success rate of graduating students that your chair is responsible for? If you found out that your chair has never graduated anyone, wouldn't you want someone who was more proven. I suspect that there are many doctors who want students to go through unnecessary pain, because the professor had pain when going through his or her doctoral process. This perception would help explain why only 1% of the U.S. population has a doctorate.

To make a positive social change, Walden University DBA program needs to change its policy on changing its program and grandfathering students. If Walden University decision makers are not willing to make a positive change for students, then students need to take action against Walden University for positive change.
abos Send email
Nov 19, 2014

Conspirators in Walden University

I want to add my voice because of the bitter experiences I have been going through in Walden University for the past one year. I supposed to have finished my internship but the conspirators are obstructing me in every way possible. They started a year ago with a pointblank warning that they will not let me complete my program. I quote: "we have decided that will are going to stop you or slow you down". It is bout time that nemesis catches up with them. I went into depression for many days. As I am trying to get around it, they came after me again, even right now, my life is in turmoil because of this. I can't say much right now because of my anxiety of what they are going to do against me this week.
2014 Send email
Oct 19, 2014








gypsynona Send email
Jun 16, 2014

Mal business practices

The list is so great I cannot apply it here. Suffice it to say that a class action is not only necessary, but individuals would be remiss to avoid joining. Money bilking, lack of response, insufficient instructional interaction, poor communication, strategic degree delay and disruption, retaliation, and pure avoidance all characterize the business practices of Walden. The methods of attending to students is untenable to say the least and is not saying enough. I encourage any and all of you to come together to put a stop to the horrible nature of the institution. Learn from those of us that realized too late and do not involve yourself if at all possible in a program that will not deliver a solid career option for you. If you are at Walden, then use screenshots, keep all your emails, and look up the precedents that litter the internet forums/boards before you handle your circumstances in a legal manner. You are not alone, so rest assured in that.
fed up with Walden Send email
Jun 10, 2014

lawsuit against walden

We are a group of 30 + students of Walden who are going to file a class action lawsuit. Are you interested in joining us? If you are, contact me ASAP. It has been agreed by the group that I will be the lead plaintiff. We are asking people to tell us their complaint in an attempt to establish a pattern of behavior that Walden is practicing. We are moving fast. If you know anyone who is interested, please give them my email. The more people the better, as it may demonstrate and highlight Walden’s behaviors, therefore strengthening our case. [email protected]
Julsintx Send email
Jun 3, 2014

Walden University

I attended Walden for 3 years and completed all coursework for MSN-FNP. I have a 4.0 GPA and belong to STTI. Now Walden is unable to find any preceptors for clinical placements for program completion. They gave me a list, I had to call 145 places, still no placement. They say they have agreements - but these agreements were done for 1 person (usually an employee) and in general nobody works with Walden students. You are completely hung out and cannot complete the degree since they cannot provide clinicals. I have been 'on leave' now for 3 months, soon to be 6 months because of this. If I transfer, I lose all my work and have to repay to take the same courses again. Worst decision I ever made was Walden. I now have $40K in student loans and will not have the higher paying job to repay them with. When I applied at Walden, this was my main concern (placements) and I was reassured over and over that they would help me - that was a lie! I feel helpless at this point and so discouraged.
James Kenneth Terry Send email
May 26, 2014

Educational fiasco

As a 59 year old, who received a masters in 1983, I decided to return to school and brush up on techniques and policies. I reviewed the curriculum of Walden University, spoke with a representative and decided to enroll. What a huge mistake. I will be the first to admit, my first course was extremely difficult for me. Learning how to maneuver the school portal and the other computer skills that were expected of me. But, I managed to receive a "C" grade, which was really a gift. It never dawned on me that I was being set up to be scammed. After making many mistakes and figuring out what I did wrong, I decided to try another course. This course I received an "A" grade. And I earned it. Me thinking I had learned what I needed to be successful, I now enrolled in two courses. Again, I received two "A's". I enjoyed the courses and learned a great deal. But, during the next three years of attending Walden University I experienced racism, a professor that ignored a disability, a professor that was a bully and another that refused to answer my questions. The closer I approached my internship the attitudes of the professors became less of a teacher.

I have difficulty understanding how I successfully completed 23 out of 24 courses and wind up expelled from an institution to never apply again. I have spent $80,000.00 on an education, with NO degree. I think this was a set up from the beginning. Walden University plans to enroll students for degrees, but does not plan to allow students to obtain there respective degrees.

Walden University set up a "NEW" tool to assist the students' detect plagiarism. I had completed my final paper for my 24th and final course, when I submitted the paper for possible plagiarism. Once it was submitted, I received a 33 percent of similarity with other papers. Two papers in Malaysia were identified. Come on! I was not allowed to resubmit the paper, was considered to have plagiarized my final paper. In return, I was expelled and denied future admission to Walden University.

Walden University charged me $80,000.00 for education, but NO degree.

James Kenneth Terry.
Chappel1978 Send email
May 9, 2014

Class Action Lawsuit

I attended Walden University from 2008-2011. I spent nothing but time and money on a Ph.D. Degree that I know I will never earn. I am interested in pursing a class action lawsuit against Walden. Please e-mail me at [email protected] so we together can start the process. Thanks.
ysanders1 Send email
Apr 8, 2014

Deceptive practices of Walden

Help! If anyone has a valid claim and evidence of deceptive practices of Walden I am interested in a class action law suit this place just stinks. They have a 109 complaint against with the better business bureau add mine at now its a 110. I am a "A" student I came to Walden with a GPA of 3.88 and had made the dean's list eight times. I took a Group communication class the teacher an a student started to personally attack me in calls and emails. I was the project leader and think they became jealous of my expertise. Which is bizarre at a school but it happened. Nevertheless I ask advising if I could withdraw and they said yes I would have no balance also financial aid confirmed this. I withdrew guess what happens I get a check for $3314 I called them as they no I am attempting to go to my new school at Ashford and they say owe that's your monies if you send it back we will mail it back to you. I said well this is student loan fraud I am not taking any classes and don't have six credits. They continued to argue I had to ask for a manager to get a address to mail student loan refund back. I mailed it back all at additional costs and charges to me. Now they are lying and saying no one advise me to do a complete withdrawal this is a lie. Then they said we have a recording of conversation I quickly email them then share it with me cause you will have to in court. I did not get advised not to withdraw and told I would have a balance and I said okay like a fool and did it anyway. Any suggestions or help would be great! I feel they are trying to sabotage my financial aid so I can't go to Ashford. There credits don't transfer anywhere so I've wasted a whole year at Walden and about $9000. I need help!
thunderhorse Send email
Nov 5, 2012

Racism, double standards, lack of concern...

I have been a student at Walden University and I would have had a decent year until I came across 2 instructors that are clearly racist and a feminist. When I addressed the issue, the director of the program gave me reason to believe that they were sympathetic to my situation and that they would do whatever to make the situation right. Needless to say, I got a "C" in a class that I clearly should have received an "A" or "B" but because the director and the instructor were working together, they gave me a "C" that locked up my financial aid, then the very next class I got an "A". Now I am dealing with racism in the classroom. I was told to look at some films that were older films that had nothing to do with the class and then asked to be a Caucasian when I am not. I was told that my behavior was in question when I asked was this type of curriculum supposed to be given? This school is racist and their curriculum is not up to par nor does it challenge the intellect of individuals that have more experience in the workfield of their chosen profession.

If you ask me, those who think that Walden would be a good choice, I would reconsider my options. Another issue is the Ombudsman is two faced as well and has no intention of helping you because his job wouldn't be secure. These on line universities are full of crap...They treated my wife as if she was an idiot and tried to take her money...
cgriswold Send email
Oct 7, 2012

Walden is a Fraud

I would like to know the status of any class actions against Walden University
I have been there 5 years and now they are saying I failed a course as a way of forcing my to do the Ed.S program
I agree Walden is a scam
They do not provide any insight, assistance with course work.
They have ill qualified instructors who fail to provide guidance.
please contact me on an Class Action Law Suites
[email protected]
ktlove Send email
Aug 13, 2012

walden fraud

Dear Dr. Kaplan
I am a fourth year student in the program of clinical psychology licensure here at Walden. I don’t wish to be on the student advisory committee because I have not noticed any changes that we (the students) recommended in the past four years. I fashion this letter because it is my contention that these are issues that must be addressed from the top down. Initially, upon entering Walden University, I was under the perception that like Walden’s commercials they breed student’s potential for success and professional development at the highest level. Nevertheless, since my enrollment in the fall of 2006, what I have wittnessed bases on my personal experiences have led me to believe anything but.
First of all, I had to fill out financial aid at least 5 times because the paper work kept getting lost. The on line system of financial aid is not viable and must be tweaked. In the meantime, my credit suffered as I maxed out all of my credit cards to continue pursuing my education until my financial aid arrived. Finally, roughly two semesters later the financial aid came through. Summarily, why do we have to fill out financial aid annually anyway? I never did this in undergraduate or other graduate schools I’ve attended it just transferred. When you in the middle of 10 hours of course work this can be quite stressful in addition to insurmountably rigourous academic obligations.
Secondly, when the new personal student page was activated, it was at least more student user friendly because it was then that I noticed in the top left corner that I was classified as a B.S. to PhD. student. When I phoned admissions and records, they told me that my transcripts were never sent from Texas Southern University; however, when I phoned Texas Southern University I was notified that they were indeed mailed “certified” to 1001 Fleet Street in Baltimore, Maryland. I then requested copies of the certfied paperwork (see attached) and forwarded it on to Walden Admissions. It was only then that this issue was resolved. I was immediately changed to Master’s to PhD status and I have e-mails to corroborate this fact. My academic advisor Victoria Regher was an immense help. Fortunately, I have always been altruistic and not an opportunist.
Thirdly, upon filing a retroactive petition for course transfer, I was only awarded one course for transfer (group testing from TSU). As the result of this paperwork being lost by Walden staff, I lost much transfer credit possibly for the courses of Advanced Psychopathology, Statistics I, Cognitive Assessment, Lifespan Development, and the Elective course, among many others. The irony of this matter is that had this procedure been done properly, in the first place, I would have had about 20 to thirty hours transferred like numerous other students and this would have saved me a substantial amount of money and alleviated the duplication of coursework which I have already demonstrated proficiency in. Moreover, had this procedure been performed properly I would have gained more courses for transfer because the ten year rule would have worked in my favor instead of against me for an error that was no fault of my own. The ten year rule was what Mr. Suzanne Kashnow invoked on me to justify my receiving credit for one measly course. Of course you know I was deeply deplored!
Currently, I am working on my dissertation and cannot get licensed in the state of Florida as initially claimed upon my entry in the program (see attachment document). I printed out the portion of the Walden website in 2006 which vividly lists Florida as one of the licensure states for Walden. Moreover, I had my clerical staff to scan the document so that you could view it for yourself. We had to do this as part of my personal licensure plan in foundations my initial psychology course at Walden. Perhaps this was old information which was never removed from cyberspace but nevertheless it is quite fraudalent or so my legal counsel seems to think.
Since I have a family, I am geographically restricted from pursuing licensure in other states but since this goal is so important to me I am considering other options at the current time. If I cannot find a practicum I spoke with the Dean of Students about possibly changing majors from clinical to general psychology. However, I was informed by Dr. Nabors that I would have to take four more classes although I already was jilted out of receiving credit for what basically amounts to a whole year of coursework. It is my contention that a course substitution is in order here. I do not understand why I cannot substitute some of the courses that I have already taken in clinical psychology for the general psychology degree having taught for roughly two decades in the field. Furthermore, had I been properly evaluated initially this dilemmas likely would have solved itself.
With all due respect Dr. Kaplan, I simply do not have anymore money to spend unnecessarily here at Walden. I am so stressed with Walden that during my last July residency in Minnesota I had to spend time in Fairview Hospital on campus as the result of high blood pressure (two separate admissions) although, I have never been one who was ill a lot. It appears to me and numerous other students, at least the ones who persevered enough not to drop out through all the consequent dilemmas, that Walden lets students in on their open door policy but only a hand full actually get out. In the meantime, Walden makes all the money whether the student graduates successfully or not and apparantly nobody cares! Now this is ridiculous.
I have spent more hours in time working out dilemmas of paperwork and inter administrative flaws at Walden than in the classroom as if graduate students who work full time and pursue higher education are not stressed enough already. In speaking with many other student s, I have heard horror stories of dissertation chairs leaving the university and no one informing the students on their committee, student’s grades going from 97 to 79 in two weeks due to professor’s personal issues with students. It is so hard to obtain a dissertation committee; this process is immensely vexating for numerous students. Only a handful of the professors seem interested in assisting students to prepare them for this seemingly insurmountable task. Furthermore, there appears to be a shortage of full time professors particulary for students in clinical psychology. Although I am quite satisfied with her quality of service, I had to go outside the departement to secure a chairperson. Perhaps students should be automatically assigned dissertation committees unless they choose otherwise. Many of the professors have no altruism in this momentous task whatsoever. Matter of fact, I spoke with one professor who I will let remain anonymous that told me on the road during a conference that he was not taking anymore chairships and then said he would not be on my committee unless he could be the chair and when I reminded him that I had already asked him he said he changed his mind! In summation, this process could be so much more fluid.
I decided to attend Walden in good faith. As an academician of many years, I don’t need a degree to culminate my career goals; for the most part, my career goals have long been accomplished. I am immensely disappointed and am slowly arriving at the conclusion that Walden’s quality of student services are not even remotely indicative of the high caliber revenue which students invest to pursue higher education here. We all have jobs, families, personal obligations, and many other life tasks. Therefore we should be able to secure our education and move on.
I still want to believe that Walden is still standing behind truly and genuinely helping students to achieve their personal & professional goals. I have traveled to Atlanta, Minnesota, Dallas, Minnesota, New Orleans, Chicago, and Minnesota to the tune of roughly $35,000 to $45,000 dollars for (lodging, airfare, books, food, taxis, trains, car rental, etcetera) only to find out that I cannot get licensed in the state of Florida. Therefore, I am now in PhD. Clinical Licensure debt but will most likely not have PhD Clinical Psychology credentials which I need to re-pay this 6 figure loan. With Walden being private and not APA accredited anyway perhaps in non friendly Walden states students should be allowed to be trained under the tuteledge of a Psychiatrist as opposed to Psychologists. I had several opportunities to perform practicum and internship under psychiatrists but no psychologist in the state of Florida will mentor anyone who is not in an APA accredited program at the Veteran’s administration or anywhere else. I was told by the field coordinator Dr. Rodney Ford that a psychiatrists are not sufficient as field practicum supervisors. Therefore, many students like me are losing sight of their goals and dreams and as the result Walden loses a great deal of money. In sum, since private institutions are not penalized for not accomodating state mandates anyway, Practicum and internship programs should be taylored to fit the student’s geographical stipulations for their respective localities.
I have lost much sleep and peace of mind due to these incidences that I have incured while enrolled in Walden’s program of Clinical Psychology. Summarily, I and many other students need to graduate Walden and get back to our lives without enduring unimaginable disarray and obstacles. I was never one to change horses in the middle of the stream but it is no wonder many of the students who I began my Milestone 1 residency with in Atlanta of February of 2007 as well as others from various programs (educational, general, and counseling etc.) have transferred to Capella, or Nova University and numerous other on-line programs instead of Walden. If I were not so deeply vested I too would transfer immediately. Most of those students who have transferred have already graduated.
With all that I have endured at Walden I know in my heart that an honorary degree is in order; my transcript vividly reflects the fact that I have paid my dues and maybe someone elses too. Nevertheless, if I do not get a sabbatical from my job as a psychology faculty I think I should be allowed to simply change my major to general psychology without having to take anymore courses whatsoever. Or if I decide to change my major to counseling psychology I should not have to take any more coursework despite all the dilemmas that I have incurred at the hands of Walden. I have not made up my mind yet though because if I can sacrifice once more an move to Houston Texas then I can complete my goal. I am broke financially and six figures in debt from taking courses and traveling on a year in residency for a state that I cannot even receive licensure in due to Walden’s misrepresentation of credibility. In sum, I would like to complete the rest of this program without any more dilemmas or obstacles. As a psychology professor myself, I could refer numerous students of mine as well as colleagues and business consultants to Walden University but am reluctant due to the unnecessary and unwarranted stress that me an my fellow classmates have endured over the past four years. Also, I always see advertises about scholarships but this must be for undergraduates because I do not see any of this funding being awarded to graduate students at all. As students, we are not asking for a free ride financially or in the classroom; however, we are asking for a fair and just opportunity for the pursuit of higher education. I am drained physically, emotionally, and financially; I anxiously await your response in this dire and urgent matter. Thank you sir for your time;
James Kenneth Terry Send email
Jul 15, 2012

Money grabbing educational scam

On September 9, 2009, I enrolled in Walden Universities, M.S. Mental Health Counselors program. After successfully completing 23 of 24 required courses, at a total of $80,000.00, I was expelled from Walden, to never be re-admitted. I am accused of allegedly plagiarising portions of my final paper. My colleagues and I have been given grades, so that we would continue to matriculate at Walden University. I have had colleagues who shared how they accidentally submitted the wrong course assignment for a course, but received an "A" grade for the wrong assignment. Walden University has shown no interest in teaching me what I have done wrong. Yes, I successfully completed two courses they recommended to teach me about plagiarism, but I failed to be able to incorporate what I learned into my writing. Walden's answer was to expel me. Is that what I deserved? I am one (1) course from completing my degree's requirements, next would be my field work.
Disgusted Send email
Jun 2, 2012

Walden uses a Policy of Stalling

Don't WASTE your $$$$$$$$$$$$$ EdD Program Walden Ed D program DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! I am disappointed in Walden's attitude and behavior towards me, after I went into debt for over $100,00.00++.
In fact, I have tried so desperately to meet the requirements to complete the program, that I have changed my topic three times since I started the dissertation part of the program

I have pride myself on meeting all requirements and presenting quality work. Put yourself in my position, over three years working on my dissertation, hundreds of revisions, paying for editors, academic writers to assist me and yet here I am, nothing to show for my submissions.It has become obvious to me Walden wants to get rid of me without issuing me a degree. I find this reprehensible

I have been w/Walden in Ed.D program since 2006. I have been attempting to get the URR to approve my dissertation, which my chair and co chair OK'd. No Luck! It seems the URR has no clue about my topic and the achievement gap for Latino students. There has been NO MOVEMENT since the first week of October, when my chair submitted the dissertation.

Any one else have these issues. I will NEVER RECOMMED WALDEN TO ANYONE. I could have gone to Seton Hall, joined the fast track cohort and been done in 2 years for LESS $$ and not have to defend my doing an Ed.D online. What a mistake! I will never recommend Walden; in fact I will dissuade anyone from taking courses at Walden!
I am in process of having my attorney review my emails and other materials as I prep for a lawsuit
Beckev Send email
Feb 23, 2012

cost, lack of response, grievance filed without so much as an acknowledgment...the list goes on!

Anyone interested pursuing a lawsuit please email me asap and i will give info on how we can do it together. [email protected]
Abashed Veteran Send email
Feb 23, 2012

cost, lack of response, grievance filed without so much as an acknowledgment...the list goes on!

Beginning of 3rd term. Had issues changing from one specialty to another last term; dept chair took their sweet time approving the change. I had to write the Ombudsman before they reacted at all --- and even then it wook two more weeks to get my request through. I'm a straight "A" 4.0 student but the following term, the one I was enrolled in as we speak, my grades dove to Cs. I filled out a Leave Of Absence and now they're taking their sweet time sending the money back to the lender. I'm going to contact the lender and let them know what is going on. I'm also submitting a complaint to The Minnesota Board of Education regardless. If anybody starts a class action suit post it here, I'll be more than happy to add my name to the docket. For those who are saying Walden's just in it for the money, it is a "for profit" institution. What does that mean? It means they are supposed to place you into a job when you graduate - perhaps this is why so many of their own graduates end up working for them. Look it up, "For profit educational institutes." You'll see it plain as day.

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