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arumugaranis Send email
Mar 6, 2023

Missing Cash Card

I bought 2 iphones from Costco Tmobile kiosk with the promotion offer that I will receive cash card 300$ within 3 months. I submiitted rebate as instructed in papaerwork in

After 90 days, the status changed as "Issued". But never received the cash card in mail. There is no contact number or mail anywhere in the site and 300$ card is missing.

I spent around 70 hours of my time in talking Tmobile/Costco customer service and no one was able to find out where this mypromochoice is.
Name:{not shown}
ZIP code:22180-7260
Email:{not shown}
Phone Number:(703) 987-6429
Date Received:11/22/2022
Conf Number:CFU168762043
Kiosk #:204
Purchase Date:11/22/2022
Auth Code:M00010175
Rebate Amount:$300.00
Check/Cash Card/Accessories:6213741658684136
Date Issued:02-21-202
Sam47 Send email
Feb 25, 2022

Costco T Mobile kiosk

Purchased Samsung Galaxy at Costco warehouse in Prescott, AZ on 16 November, 2021 with promotion agreement for a $300 Costco shop card to be sent to my home within 14 weeks. Today February 24, 2022 and the site, 'Mypromochoice' still lists my rebate as pending. After several calls thru the Costco organization I was given the number for Wireless Advocates that are suppose to provide shop card. I was told to wait an additional 2- 3 weeks because they had a data base outage in December and they are backed up. Don't own a turnip truck & certainly haven't fallen off one.
By chance I also have an advocate & will be speaking with him.
rajlini Send email
Dec 20, 2018

mypromochoice-costco rebate fraud

I purchased a samsung s9 mobile from costco as part of the black friday 2018 deals for a $250 Costco cash card and submitted the rebate online at, as directed by costco. After 2 weeks when i checked the status, it says the rebate was denied due to device returned, when i did not return it and i am still using it. They do not have a phone number to call. They have a contact us page where you fill in the details of the query. I filled that in and also sent emails to the email id [email protected], with the proof of purchase, IMEI screenshot from the mobile, etc., but there is no response to any of them even after 2 weeks. So, i called the costco customer care but they have no idea about this promotion and do not have any contact details about this so called It is strange that they allow them to sell things inside costco but don't know who they are. Then they asked me to go to the same store where i bought this phone. So i went there to know the same thing again and was told to contact TMobile, but this time Tmobile says it is costco and mypromochoice who have to deal with it and we do no have anything with mypromochoice and we have never heard of that promotion. I just don't know how these guys can do a promotion in the name of Tmobile, inside Costco and has access to upgrade and activate and provide a new sim card for Tmobile but none of them know each other. Looks like all of them have some kind of relationship and knowingly doing this cheap and fraud activities.
D_J_L Send email
Oct 28, 2018

Signs of Scam

It has been two weeks, still no confirmation or any response. Several signs of scam:

The instruction is specific on NOT using any traceable delivery service.
The only contact information is their web site.
No confirmation for the initial submission or subsequent inquiry.
ginremy Send email
May 24, 2018

Did not receive rebate

I purchased my iPhone 1/14/2018 and sent in my perfectly good phone for a rebate. It is now May 24th and I still have not received a check or gift card. I have lodged multiple requests on the website and no one has ever gotten back to me. I fear this is a scam and I am so disappointed.
JRG Send email
Apr 5, 2018

Costco Verizon cash cards not received

I purchased 2 Samsung Galaxy s8 plus in December 2017. I filled out and sent everything required. Checked my promo choice rebate status and it says they were issued 3/27/2018. Still have not received my 2 $300 costco cash cards. This happened to me 2 years ago as well. My promo choice / stuart lilt owes me a total of $1100 in costco cash, and I have received nothing!!
There is no customer service number or any contact number . This is so wrong!!
ScammedConsumer Send email
Apr 4, 2018

Still Waiting for Rebate 4 Months Later

I bought a phone at Costco with the promise of a $175 rebate. I mailed my phone back in the package that was prepared by the seller at the kiosk in my local Costco and confirmed it was delivered to their rebate center. It is now over four months later and I have not received anything. I asked to be contacted through the website twice with no response. It appears this is a scam and it is very frustrating and unfair to be lied to and treated this way.
christinectx Send email
Mar 20, 2018


I sent in my rebate on 12/17/2017 the day after I bought the galaxy note 8. Looking for my $300.00 rebate still no check and it is march 20th 2018. The website said it needed more information??? I copied everything now it says it is processing?? I guess instead of just switching from Iphone to Droid I should have looked into this rebate with Costco. I have told eveyone and now I need to post it on my facebook page and tell everyone that it is a scam. I have been with Price Club /Costco for over 30 years since the first store opened. Hmmmmm and now a scam. I need to tell people not to go there if they do not honor their promises and have flaky Kiosks.
arorajitan Send email
Mar 20, 2018

T-Mobile $260 Costco rebate not received mypromochoice

I bought 2 Samsung note8 on 11/24, the rebate page show that the rebate is processed on 02/13, but I never received it.

I contacted them twice, but no one respond.
Ruth Mesa Send email
Feb 25, 2018

Verizon $300 rebate

My husband and I bought 2 Samsung Note 8 on 12/3/17 we have not received $300 rebate. It says form is completed, processed to mail. As you can see, its been 2 months now, rolling into 3 months.

Date purchase: 12/3/17
Kiosk: 129
Costco: 1601 Coleman Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

What's the delay....
nadmur Send email
Feb 22, 2018

$300 Rebate not Received (Costco and Responsible

I did not receive my $300 check yet. I bought my Samsung Galaxy S8+ on Dec 23, 2017 from Costco BridgeWater, NJ , Kiosk#322. online confirmation web page shows that they have mailed me the check, while I never any check. Confirmation Page does not include my Name and email address also, therefore I do not know how can they write a check to an unknown person.

Retailer: Costco
Kiosk #: 322
Purchase Date: 12/14/2017

Carrier: Verizon
Rebate Amount: $300.00

Icecream Send email
Feb 9, 2018

Wirelss Iphone rebate

My husband and I brought an Iphone X in Costco on November 17. We completed all the rebate information within the same day and still didn't get our 200 rebate. According to the website, the checks were issued on 1/23/18 but we didn't received the checks and no there's phone numbers we can contact. This is a SCAM.
Tinaf2 Send email
Dec 1, 2017

Denied Refund

Was told the couldn't verify purchase when I sent everything in and have the receipt So I have not received a refund months later! No one has called me or emailed me about it either!
Kforcer Send email
Nov 3, 2017

Stuart Lee Rebates

Purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from the kiosk at Lynnwood Costco. When I registered online, there was an error message and I did everything right! Had to go into the store to fix it. Then I had to go back in February to ask them where is my refund. They said they'd escalate it blah blah blah. Then I came back in April, then in May, again, and both times they say it's been approved and fullfilled but I still have not received anything! Apparently, Stuart Lee is a company located in Lynnwood, WA near the Alderwood Mall. This company needs to be reported and something needs to be done! They are total scam artists!
eileen lucia Send email
Sep 4, 2017

rebate redemtion

i purchased a verizon phone and tablet on 07/26/2017. at your store COSTCO in issaquah WA When i got home i filled out the carrier rebate redemption form. i have not heard anything as of 09/04/2017. I bought it at your store because i felt that it could be a scam. know i am wondering if it was. i was promised 2 costco cards one for $100.00 for the phone and $50.00 for the tablet. have you had any other complaints about this offer. please inform me as to how you are going to handle this. i do not want to call Connie Thomson on channel 4 here in WA state.

thank you eileen lucia
eileen lucia Send email
Sep 4, 2017

rebate redemtion

i bought my verizon phone and tablet on july 26 2017. i submitted my rebate form on july 26 2017. i have not heard anything as yet. i have filled all the numbers they have asked of me. i did this offer because costco was involved and felt safe. is it possible that someone could let me know when i will be recieving by $100.00 costco card for phone and my $50.00 costco card for tablet. thank you eileen lucia issaquah wa 98027
shopfrankly Send email
Jul 8, 2017

scam rebate

I traded in my old iPhone 6 128G and was given an appraisal of $225. Then I received a Costco gift of only $66.38 in return. This is a scam company that took my valuable iPhone and gave me nothing for it.
CHughes_2017 Send email
May 1, 2017

Print all In new window Verizon Rebate Cash Card for Costco

I was offered Verizon Rebate Cash Card for Costco for buying my iPhone at the Kiosk in the Santa Rosa, CA Costco. I submitted everything to Verizon online as instructed on the phone receipt paperwork and I received back a confirmation number from Verizon. It's been 6 weeks now and nothing has arrived in the mail and I have not heard anything from Verizon.
JanetC Send email
Feb 5, 2017

No rebate yet on Samung S7 edge bought from Costco

Bought a Samsung S7 edge because of a $150 rebate offer at Costco on July 27 2016. As of today February 4 2017 I have not received it. Went to Costco wireless kiosk in Nov. and inquired and the rep said it takes up to 16 weeks. In Dec I found online and the website where I can see the status and saw they received paperwork at beginning of August but the status was "denied". Dec 24th went back to kiosk to question this the rep said she would escalate the issue and someone would get back to me in 3 weeks. Waited 4 weeks, no call back. Went back to kiosk and spoke with the manager he said since soon after I bought the edge the note7 issues started so that backlogged the rebates. He said someone would be calling me back in 9 days. Waited 2 weeks. No call back. Got the number for the District manager he tells me same thing about the delay due to note7, says my rebate is being processed but not sure when I will get it. I asked him about the no call backs and he said the rep and manager should of never told me that because no one was going to call me back. So now I look online at the status of my rebate and it still says "denied" (don't know why). Wondering if the District Manager was just giving me a line of bull about my rebate coming since they all have a history from the kiosk to do that so I will go away. Really tired of waiting. Would like a more definitive answer on when I can expect my rebate.
smarthrish Send email
Feb 5, 2017

Rebate not issued

Got two phones from costco with verizon plan. They offered a 225$ rebate on each. I had submitted the rebate request on Oct 4 2016. There was an hardware issue with both the phones and we had to get them exchanged. The person at the kiosk said that we don't have to submit a new rebate request since its an exchange. Waited for 3 months and finally on Jan 17th I see that one rebate got approved and the other one got denied saying that the product was returned back. I have been chasing Costco Wireless Advocate folks to escalate the issue but with no success. Please advice on what the next steps should be.

AJAYMATTA Send email
Jan 26, 2017


I bought Samsung S7 Edge from Costco wireless center on Jan 08, 2017. the paper work was supposed to generate a 12 digit rebate control number for claiming online rebate of $150. Due to "IT Glitch" or something it was not generated and I was assured by the manager of Kiosk that he will contact there IT department and will get back to me with numbers. to this day, after visiting and call them several time, I am still waiting.
every time I call I get the same reply " We have several complaints like yours and working on it. will get back to you ASAP". if they knew they have this error in the system, why were they accepting the orders?
It is not right for Costco to give its customers such a hard time. Future costumers, you are warned.
AJAYMATTA Send email
Jan 26, 2017


I bought Samsung edge s7 on Jan 08, 2017 and was promised $150 costo cash card. some how the paper work did not generate 12 digit rebate control number required to submit rebate online. I was promised at the wireless center that it will be generated by there so called IT department and I will be notified within few days. as of today, Jan 26, 2017 there is no communication. I have called/visited the center and every time I get the same reply:" We have so many applications and are processing it. as soon as we get it, we will let you know"

Had I known that Costco does such a lousy job, I would have taken my business else where. now I am stuck. for future customers, think twice before you place any order with them.
boymom3 Send email
Jan 5, 2017

Wireless Advocates

On October 9, 2016 we decided to take advantage of the promo being offered by Wireless advocates at the kiosk at our new Costco store. We got two Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. There were two different rebates, a memory card from Samsung which I applied for that day and received within 4 weeks and a $175 Costco gift card per phone which I applied for on the same day. Everytime I check on the rebate it says it can not be verified and I have sent copies of the contract, receipts and rebate forms at least 3 different times. I have also contacted the kiosk and they said they would submit a ticket, once in November and again in December. It has been 12 weeks and promochoice is still saying that they can not verify the information. I have sent wirelessadvocates 3 different emails and have heard nothing back. I normally get my phones at Bestbuy when they offer giftcards and have always been given a giftcard that day. I have never had this much trouble with a rebate before and will never recommend wireless advocates to anyone.
Dec 31, 2016

lost my rebate cards

good morning in 2015 oct 18th I purchased 2 Samsung cell phones at Costco.
status # 92748926997664513013433575 and 92748926997664513013433582
Lawrence lerner 341 1st ave ny ny 10003
I lost the credit cards is there a chance they can replaced you can see they were never used
kiosk # 322
phone model gs6
provider Verizon
917 337-7049 and 917 337-7050
thank you
Deano224 Send email
Dec 7, 2016

Costco Cash card denied by wireless advocates

Tyler lied to me about iPhone 7 being delayed on July 27 2016 so I ordered iPhone 6 with 200 rebate thinking price would be 400 after receiving $200 cash card rebate. It has been 16 weeks still no response til today with Stuart lee rebate center telling wireless advocates denied rebate. They gave me a reason And the phone has a defective home button, Verizon sent me another iPhone 6 when I tried to take the defective back to Costco they didn't honor their 90 day return policy. Now Verizon is piling on charging me $500 if I don't return it within five days for a iPhone 6 with three year old technology that they only offered to give me 145 trade in value. I find it appalling that they only give me five days but it takes them 16 weeks so for for them to even respond to my complaint much less get my cash card!

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