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dtrubshaw Send email
Jun 14, 2016

no cash card yet

I have the same complaints as everyone else and I want to let everyone know what I found out. The BOGO is through Verizon and that rebate information is on their website. They kept telling me they didn't have my UPC so I mailed it in a 2nd time. Nothing changes so I went on the chat and they inputted the number for me and they told me I should see Cash Card from Verizon in 2 weeks. The Costco cash cards is through Costco I called the number 1-888-369-5931. The lady was very nice and told me that it can take 14 weeks after they receive the paperwork. I sent mine in 3/23/16 and they received on 3/31/16. So count out 14 WEEKS seems long. She was able to look up the rebate info for me and told me that I should see something by July 14 but give it until the 21. If at that time I don't see anything to go to the KIOSK I got phones from and they will fill out a form there and it should take 2 weeks to get Costco Cash Cards.

I hope this helps
jmctague Send email
Jun 3, 2016

No Rebare

We purchased 2 IPhones and switched service from AT&T to Verizon. We promptly sent in paperwork for the rebates and I followed up by stopping by the Costco kiosk to see if they could help. They were helpful and attempted to find any status, but there was no status or any indication of rebate attempt. I'm not sure where to go with this....this is $600 in story credit at Costco. We spend that in a month at the store.
lorenatong Send email
Jun 1, 2016

$200 Cash card not received

On 12/15/15, I bought an iPhone 6s at Costco in Marina del Rey with the promise of getting a $200 Costco cash card in 12-14 weeks if I switched from AT&T to Verizon which I did. At 16 weeks, I still hadn't received my card and stopped by Costco to check with Barris who sold the phone to me. Today is now 5/31/16, 22 weeks later, and I still haven't received the card. I called Costco, talked to Barris who said to contact and fill out the Where's my rebate? form on the lower right. I did and will wait 2 weeks to get my rebate. If I don't , I'll file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Costco.
range Send email
May 25, 2016

More on Stuart Lee/Costco Gift Cards

ReCoil posted some very useful info. The Wireless Advocates number is 1-888-369-5931. Turns out they are actually a part of Costco. Stuart Lee's website claimed my paperwork was received two month late (BS!), so I called this number and spoke with a nice lady. However, early in the conversation it was clear she was not going to do anything more than tell me what is on Stuart Lee's website. Asked nicely to have the case escalated, and she accommodated. I didn't actually have talk to anyone in escalation area, but she said the case had been "pushed through" and I would receive my gift cards in 3-5 weeks. We'll see. But at least it feels like progress.
fernando mateus Send email
May 25, 2016


9 mounts later and NO REBATE $600.00 -$400.00- missing _________VERIZON?,,COSTCO? OR STUART LEE REBATES?
fernando mateus Send email
May 24, 2016


ON 9/04/15 I BOUGH 3 TELEPHONES from verizon @ costco w/ a rebate of $ 600.00 a mouth later i received (1) for $ 200.00 and the other 2 never arrived. i now live a bit far ( 85 miles ) but i;ve been to that costco 7 times.all kind of of excuses -can not find a supervisor -can not find my acct. etc...last time w/ so many words --forget it has been too long . i DO NOT INTENT TO GIVE YOU $ 400.00 TIP. it is not over YET i have been a business member of costco for 30 years i intent to let the H Q know who they are housing . fernando mateus MEMBERSHIP N.000320179887060.
Monicaperez Send email
May 24, 2016

No rebate received

I purchase iphone6 and was suppose to get $200 and after 14 weeks still waiting...
manju shukla Send email
May 21, 2016

costco cash card

hi my name is manju shukla i bought samsang 5th from costco last year some time summer i paid every cash cashier was ver nice time of selling phone next day i send rebate form almost eight month not recived rebate yet i am tired of keep going to costco I Phone dept don't help.can some one help me.
My cell number is 408 621 4985.
Home 408 224 6129
i really appriciate some one can help
Regards Manju shukla
thhiatt Send email
May 20, 2016


The same thing happened to me at the Verizon kiosk. I tried to contact Stewart Lee . There is no phone number to contact these people. I am very unhappy with costo and Verizon. They say they don't have any documentation in their system except for one headset. The information for two headsets were mailed on the same sheet. How does that happen? I never had this problem with c-spire. Can't wait to switchback.
ReCoil Send email
May 17, 2016

I found some rebate information

Ok here is what I have been able to gather. StuartLee Rebates does not approve, or Deny any rebates. That is all handled by Wireless Advocates, the owners of the Kiosk at the Costco stores. If you want to get resolution you can contact them at 1-888-369-5931, or custome[email protected]. Good Luck .... it worked for me.
lito Send email
May 17, 2016

I bought 2 samsung and 2 iPhone 6 & plus

I bought 4 phone frome costco 3/14/16 I just found out that my rebate for Samsung Galaxy when I apply is denied ($650 worth) when I called the mobile they don't have any record. I think I need to go back to Costco early tomorrow regarding this matter. Any advice when I talk to them? I'm waiting for that card and also the $25 rebate each new line.
Alisatomp Send email
May 17, 2016

Finally got my rebate

I've been reading and checking this complaint board for a few months now because I too bought three phones from Costco with the promise of getting a 300 dollar rebate each. Well, first off all I sent my paper work thru registered mail and I constantly check the Stuart Lee website. The first few weeks it said received, then pending and last week it finally said issued. I checked the mail today and lo and behold all three rebates came. I wanted to make sure the cards are real so I called the number and checked all the balances and they are the right amount. I just thought I would give this review to give you guys hope. Good luck everyone. FYI it took 14 weeks from the time they received my paper work.
vhusain Send email
May 15, 2016


I bought Samsung galaxy S7 on March 19 with the promotion BOGO: $650 Rebate. Then I found out on April 19, rebate was denied due to Costco's mistake. They didn't put my order in so they couldn't find my sales record. Back to Costco, and they said they will take care of it. Just got a call yesterday, May 14, 2016 from Costco said that I will not get my full rebate due to 2 upgrades instead of new activation. I did have new activation nimber on March 19. So I did everything that they want me to do to get the rebate but now 2 mths later they said I can only get half rebate $325 or return both phones. I asked Costco if I can take with whoever make those decision, but they refused to tell me. So I told Costco, it's not my fault, I will keep the phone and want my $650 rebate as promised. Costco will call me back with an answer. If no answer until next week, I will file complaint to Costco, Wireless advocates, and T mobile. This is not my fault why should I make a choice to accept their proposal either to return both phones or $325. Will not buying from Costco again and will not recommend to anybody.
3sonsforme Send email
May 14, 2016

Stuart Lee Rebates

I guess I am not alone with my complaint! Purchased two phone in November 2015. Check on the status, says denied, due to carrier deactivation. Really? I have had the same cell phone plan with Verizon for over 10 years. I just sent an email with copies of my cell phone bill, shows active! This is the 2nd time Stuart Lee Rebates has screwed up with my rebates. I'm not sure if they just have an inept rebate system or staff but it's very unacceptable. When I discussed this problem with my local Costco manager it was explained that Costco rents or leasing the cell phone kiosk to the people who sell phones. They are not associated with Costco. I said as a consumer, I buy an item and get a Costco receipt, I think they are associated with Costco and they need to look into this problem. I am thinking we need to look into a class action suit against Stuart Lee and possible Costco. Has anyone looked into this or have any thoughts?
MicheleVell Send email
May 11, 2016

No rebate yet - 14 weeks later

I purchased my Galaxy S6 at Costco in Danvers, MA on January 17th. Mailed the paperwork the next day with tracking. Stuart Lee website says they didn't receive it until Feb. 9th, which is incorrect since I have the damn tracking. Now here we are on May 11 and still no friggan rebate. It has been showing as pending on their website for over a month. I better get my damn $150!!! Sadly, I referred a few co-workers to Costco to get this "amazing" deal and none of them have received their rebates either. What's up with that??
tapmmrr1 Send email
May 10, 2016


I have the exact same issue with a Samsung phone and a new iPhone. Maybe everyone needs to complain to Costco and then find out who owns the kiosk's in the store and start hounding them with calls. This is absolutely ridiculous and such a SCAM. The website for support is an absolute joke. I am also surprised that Costco would do business with them too!!
dkviduna Send email
May 10, 2016


This is definitely a scam and I, like the others, are very surprised with Costco! I purchased my phone on Jan 16, 2016 and have been trying to get information on their lousy website. There is no information available. I think it is ridiculous to have to wait 14 weeks and even more ridiculous that on their website they say they update the information every 2 weeks. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! You better believe I will be writing corporate Costco about this lousy service. Furthermore, when this contract is up I will be changing to another carrier. I'm not falling for this load of crap again!
lady Send email
May 4, 2016

How long do I have to fill out the rebate paperwork?

My sister bought a Samsung Galaxy 6 on March 31, 2016 and the sales guy at Costco never gave us any info on how to get the rebate and then we both just forgot. How long do they give you to fill out the paperwork and where do I get it?
olgagreen Send email
May 2, 2016

No rebates on Samsung Galaxy 6 purchased at Costco

I purchased 2 phones Samsung Galaxy-6 from Costco on Dec.20, 2015 and mailed rebate forms for both phones of $200 and $150 for each number 2 days later. I have received 2 $200 vouchers about 16 weeks later. It is May now but I still haven't received my 2 $150 rebates yet. I checked rebate status on Stuart lee web site but there is the record of my only 2 $200 rebates that were mailed to me and absolutely nothing about the other two. Is this some kind of scam? Now that I am reading letters of many people complaining for the same reason I realized that I am not alone. Do you want proceed? I am in!
olgagreen Send email
May 2, 2016

No rebates on Samsung Galaxy 6 purchased at Costco

I purchased 2 phones Samsung Galaxy-6 from Costco on Dec.20, 2015 and mailed rebate forms for both phones of $200 and $150 for each number 2 days later. I have received 2 $200 vouchers about 16 weeks later. It is May now but I still haven't received my 2 $150 rebates yet. I checked rebate status on Stuart lee web site but there is the record of my only 2 $200 rebates that were mailed to me and absolutely nothing about the other two. Is this some kind of scam? Now that I am reading letters of many people complaining for the same reason I realized that I am not alone.
deannasa Send email
Apr 28, 2016

Costco Rebates

Looks like i'm having the same issue as all other customers! Didn't think i'd have this issue with a product i purchased in Costco! i've emailed/called Stuart Lee and no one ever gets back to me. This is definitely dishonest!
acpwalker Send email
Apr 26, 2016


Tadlam Send email
Apr 26, 2016

Costco Stuart Lee Rebates

I bought a Verizon cell phone for my husband for Valentines Day and I was promised a Costco gift card. I was given all this paperwork to mail in and after 12 weeks nothing as of yet. What a scam!! Costco should compensate there customers and issue gift cards. Never had this issue with Sam's.
We need to get together and sue this company.
jovanmeet Send email
Apr 19, 2016

NO acknowledgement of receipt

I have mailed ...emailed and faxed in the last four months no one wants to claim anything...hello a fax and an email have conformation....Wireless Advocates are just as rude too...awful awful customer service ...VERIZON and COSTCO shame on you for using such companies....
nyackjoy Send email
Apr 17, 2016

14 weeks have past and no rebate.

Fourteen weeks later and I have still not received my rebate. I have visited my Verizon Rep 3 times at my local Costco store. He checks on line and it says "pending". Well it's been pending now for 15 weeks. I will never, ever go to Costco and sign up again. I am thoroughly disgusted. There is no phone number to reach the great Stuart Lee Rebates. I have completed the form to make my request for further information and receive nothing in return. I will be seeking legal advice.

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