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Kathrina Send email
Feb 29, 2020

Multichoice DSTV Call Centre

My DSTV services has been off for a full week. Last week Saturday I called the Call Centre, a few channels were up and running. This week the channels that were not working are still not working. I spoke to Amber Paige at the CallCentre extremely unhelpful individual. Tells me to switch it in and off, when that doesnt work she tells me it's a software problem. I asked how is it a software issue if other channels are working. I ask to speak to a Manager someone by the way who is suppose to be managing a team, tells me hes in a meeting. I then ask for his name, she says Mr Khan, I asked for a first name she said it is confidential and she cant give me his this a joke! What is happening to customer service at DSTV??? It is deteriorating and these call centre agents think thet can tell us any nonsensical thing and we will accept it. Whilst the service has not been working for a week, I am still paying my premium to DSTV for services not worth paying. Poor customer service, an absent manager who should oversee such things, what a joke DSTV.
Angelique Jeffery Send email
Feb 12, 2020

Xtra veiw not working bad service

I am going to try and be frank abuot DSTV customer service it is disgusting they should be ashamed.

How dare DSTV staff keep us holding for 30minutes who do you think pays for that 30 minutes.

Why don’t DSTV do a 0800 toll free number but they know they would go bankrupt paying for phone calls, your consultants don’t know what they are doing.

I have been struggling for three days with incompetence.

My extra view is NOT WORKING.

I escalated to Kgomotso who got someone to phone and when this person couldn’t help I phoned him back and he was supposed to phone me back in 5 minutes later HE DID NOT I was told this by Mafulatsha he would phone back….. NO RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL.

Then I got hold of Carleso who was at least kind enough to try and help she gave me a reference number for the call 14374132/i255 she should be a supervisor.

She then sent an escalation to Xtra view 12230349 and I was told they will phone in 5 minutes. It is 9:22 the next day and no call.

I then phoned Lukas who took 25 minutes to give me an xtra view email address and a number for Extra view 011 289 2200 which does not work. Well done Lukas you have made your company proud. Call reference 14371432-i257

The installer is now on the phone with Thandeka who won’t give me a reference until the call is done. Now is that not stupid what happens if the call dies or she makes me listen to music for 30minutes until I have had enough of that then I hang up.

This has happened over and over and over

So can anybody who is qualified enough and intelligent enough please give me a call so that we can sort this problem. Xtra view specialist with reference number 12230349 why have you not called.

I have a credited installer and he is not winning his number is 00011486MC.

What is wrong with you people don’t you care about your paying customers.
vzyldl Send email
Feb 5, 2020


Unable to sort out my account 12922841 since December 2019. Pricelock account but paying non contractual fees. Logged numerous references with promises that they will get back to me, but no replies yet.
[email protected] Send email
Jan 14, 2020

Adult content on kids channel

Hi, my complaint regards the adult content on a holiday kid's channel on DSTV(Multichoice) , in South Africa.

Channel 105(M Smile) is a holiday kids channel, but TV show Bachelor trailer keeps showing on the channel in January this year. This is definitely not some thing our kids should be watching. I am disgusted and I feel that this is inappropriate.

DSTV needs to catch a "wake up" or put somebody competent to manage this.

Strini Govender
+27 72 094 1925
sammyfish Send email
Dec 25, 2019

DSTV is selfish & very greedy! Sort this mess asap

am premium subscriber with 3 explorers connected. Then DSTV offered me a price lock for R799/month. They say they will send an installer to install. Then after installation & activation, my price lock of R799/month will start while my existing premium of R1000/month will be deactivated.

I got the pricelock decoder early in December 19. Its still in the box & incompetent installer hasn't come to install. Then greedy & selfish DSTV decides to charge me for an explorer that's is not connected or activated. What rubbish is that by DSTV? DSTV didn't even call me to check if the new decoder has been installed or not. DSTV must reverse the price lock premium until my new decoder is installed & connected. I dont have money to pay R1921 as I always pay below R1000. I wasted my R110 airtime on the 25th Dec 20 explaining to the call centers people. Unfortunately they are useless, incompetent & very rude. Please sort this asap or come to collect the pricelock decoder.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 11, 2019


I have an account with multichoice which was on debit order for the 22nd of every month, so last month on the 22nd I did not receive a notification from my bank that the money was debited then on the 25th I gave them a call to debit the money and I was told the money is appearing on their side so I should worry and I was not disconnected, then 3 or 4 days later I was disconnected when I call them now I was told that I did not pay and I asked them to check their notes and comments then they recognised that it was their fault so I was connected again on the 28th and on that very date I paid R145.00. THEN again 3 days later I was disconnected I called in again then I was connected. Now Sunday the 7th I was disconnected again, I call in again then they told I have to pay R205.00 to be connected again and I told them my monthly package is R125.00 why am I supposed to pay R205.00 then the manager buy the name Handsome told me that I was charged like that by their billing department, then he is logging a query for me with that department and I will be called in the next 24 hours, I waited 24 hours passed I call them again I was told they will call me back in 72 hours nobody ever called me. I cant watch TV since Sunday till today can somebody help me please.
my number is 071 028 6562
Rynodeb Send email
Dec 7, 2019


Hi we took the Premium package..
1st month there was an error on installation..
2nd month you debited over and above..
3rd month same thing..
Now heading to to next billing again its R1330 instead of R956 like agreed so it goes without saying i am not happy with price lock package as they debit alot more than agreed and over and above package price if this problem does not get resolved i will be cancelling this service
lawrence44 Send email
Dec 5, 2019

Account Information

well done Dstv, welcome to the world of BAD service, fast becoming a government parastatal. I called Dstv for information on my Dstv account. The operator which I could not hear her name properly asked me if she could put me on hold which I agreed. From 10:24am to 10:49am I was still waiting for the operator to return to the call which she did not do. I have patience but this was beyond patience. I hung up.

If I had a choice I would cancel my subscription with Dstv.

You guys suck
Davidjihaan Send email
Nov 24, 2019

Incorrect billing and disconnect

54877954.... Call me back, sort out my problem, why aren't you assisting me...
Neluembeni Mulalo Mia Thompho Send email
Nov 22, 2019


I am very disappointed on the service I got from your consultant on 28/10/2019 @02h44s42. I phoned DSTV to change the debit date due to change of employment.

The consultant ensured me that the system has been amended and i was shocked to get a message on 20/11/2019 that my dstv has been stopped. I had to phone dstv on the same day and the consultant i spoke to alluded that he will escalate the matter and i should accept their call before end of business. They never phoned, i phoned again on 21/11/2019 and spoke to a consultant who knows her job and she explained everything into detail. An explanation or procedure which i got from Ngiphiwe Xulu was sufficient enough for me to understand why i got cut off.

It is so unfair that i had to pay the connection fee because of your consultant Sibahle Mancewu who failed to outline the procedure to be done since i am moving the date to the 25th.

I am hoping that this matter will not be left unattended as i am also expecting a feedback on how it was handled. Sibahle Mancewu was supposed to incur the connection fee not me. How would i have known that there is a pro-rata i was supposed to pay if Ngiphiwe Xulu never expalined to me.

I would like to applaud Ngiphiwe Xulu for her professionalism and understanding her role in serving clients.
NoniNkosi Send email
Nov 16, 2019


Good name my name is Nonhlanhla nkosi tel no. 0761712367. My partners name is mondli Buthelezi. Smartcard no 1027508833. We have a problem wth dstv they keep disconnecting there service but we up-to-date with our payment. We spending airtym now every 4 days trying to solve the problem but we failing. We spoke to several managers and consulted but no luck. Our money is waisted. Please assist us
Igzz Send email
Nov 6, 2019

Debit order refund

Good day

My Name is Igsaam Zass.. Dstv ran a debit order on my account for an amount of R1063.06. After my account has been deactivated for months. Now it's nearly two months trying to get my debit order to be reversed. I am spending hundreds of rands on airtime with a call center that give me story up on story.

Ref no: 87160972/I 70

Can this please be sorted out.

060 500 3018
Igzz Send email
Nov 6, 2019


Good day

My Name is Igsaam Zass.. Dstv ran a debit order on my account for an amount of R1063.06. After my account has been deactivated for months. Now it's nearly two months trying to get my debit order to be reversed. I am spending hundreds of rands on airtime with a call center that give me story up on story.

Ref no: 87160972/I 70

Can this please be sorted out.

060 500 3018
Mapokiza Send email
Oct 31, 2019

Terrible service

I am unhappy with the way I'm being treated by Multichoice, for the third time this year my services are disconnected for something they always apologize for. I have 2 decoders and 1 of those I'm not using,so I took R99 subscription for Dstv Access in 2018 however I'm being told now that it went up to R105 since April 2019 .I've been paying R99 without any communication being sent to me or services disconnected but all of a sudden my services are disconnected this month saying I owe them reconnection and subscription for the decoder I've never activated. What frustrates me the most is the fact that I spent my airtime and time calling them but they have different answers

Terrible service

Johanrey2 Send email
Oct 30, 2019

Poor Customer service

See my e-mails to Multi Choice (DSTV) I asked two questions no answer just cut off:

From: Johan Reynecke Transnet Engineering GRM
Sent: 30 October 2019 11:36 AM
To: 'Dstvhelp' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>

Hallo Getty

You totally misunderstand me I said after the Rugby world cup ( the world cup did not end yet ) I am going to cancel.

I did not yet ask you to cancelled it.

So you know what to do now (these is the type of things why want to cancel people don’t understand what the Client want).

This terrible please read the e-mail again and tell me if you see a date.

J.J.C Reynecke

From: Dstvhelp [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 30 October 2019 10:22 AM
To: Johan Reynecke Transnet Engineering GRM <[email protected]>

Good day

Thant you for your e-mail

We will regret losing you as our customer.

Kindly note that service are already disconnected.

Should you need any assistance, please contact us anytime.

Kind regards,
Getty Dhlamini
On Tue, 29 Oct at 6:49 AM , Johan Reynecke Transnet Engineering GRM <[email protected]> wrote:
Good day

Since Sunday I am receiving a message for my decoder to the signal is weak and it comes and go.

What could be the problem. Herewith the details of my decoder:

PS Number Decoder Number Decoder Model and Description
23456612 TDS850 P300121736

Also advise me how the cancel my subscription with you after the Rugby world cup I want to cancel.

The reason for that is because I cant chose the channels that I want to wacth and I don’t want to pay for something I am not watching.


J.J.C Reynecke
Sadiya Send email
Oct 30, 2019

Incorrect Debit order. Failure to deliver

I requested that the unused Xtra view be disconnected and have another one activated the agent that assisted had disconnected the incorrect one even though serial numbers and decoder details where provided on the 24/09/2019. I immediately notified her and was advised that the problem was not her doing and that I am now responsible to pay for an installer to fix the problem. I then took all 3 of my decoders to the Randburg branch where they proceeded to check the decoders. the DSTV app shows that the decoder is active but we are still experiencing no connectivity. Fast forward 6 weeks late are still experiencing the same problem we have called DSTV and are told to get an installer. we then decided to swop the inactive decoder that was initially asked to be removed and connected that one as the one that suppose to be active is still not active, to our surprise the inactive decoder works. this morning 30/10/2019 I called in (reference number for call - 23424977) to have them assist again the agent had then went and activated an entire new package resulting in the account being debited with R500.00. I asked for a refund as this is not what I asked for and only received the amount of R369 back and my entire dstv not working.
Craigzwe Send email
Oct 29, 2019

Price Lock Fraud

I entered into a Price Lock agreement in 2018 for R750 per month. This was not honored by them and they continued to bill me R809 until I complained in 2019. I have not received the refund.
DSTV are now billing me in excess of R900 yet I'm still in price lock agreement for R750.
I requested a settlement so I can cancel my service, but have not received feedback.
Herewith references.
2392120, 2633400, 2465827, 2465445, 2465018, 2413307, 2401923.2392487.
This excludes phone calls, dstv community reporting and hello Peter reporting.
Monique94 Send email
Oct 21, 2019

Unfair disconnection

I have had the DSTV Compact subscription for 3/4 years.

In August i agreed to the pricelock for an explora, when it was deleivered i found out R900 would be debited from my account which i couldnt afford, immediately cancelled it and it was sent back.

thereafter i was told i am no longer on debit order but cash payment.

Occtober payment was made on the 1st then my account was debited for almost R600 after they told me i was a cash customer.
Reversed the payment with the bank as they were unable to assist.

few days later they disconnected me, phoned and i was reconnected, few days later disconnected again and told there is an outstanding amount due now so they can not reconnect me. Phoned again and someone reconnected me. few days later disconnected again, same story, I have spent so much money on phoning them to reconnect me, each time same story that they will log a dispute.

If they can not assist on the phone they cut you off.
Absolutely disgusting to think i am paying for a service not working and no one can assist.
Tshego Desery Send email
Oct 8, 2019

Poor service

Dstv keeps on saying that the amount of money I paid was reversed I don't know to who as it never reflects into my account. I paid 508 for both my two decoders. But now m being told I must pay another amount.. How inconvenient is this.. Very poor service ever. Please reconnect my access decoder. Id number 9311050495086
Tshego Desery Send email
Oct 8, 2019

Poor service 😠😠😠

Dstv keeps on saying the amount I paid was reversed.. I don't know to who as my transaction does not show any amount in. I paid 508 which is for my two decoder.. They switched the access one off telling me to pay another amount. Like this is really disturbing. How poor is your service. Please sort this out as I sent proof of payment. My ID is 9311050495086
E Goodwin Send email
Oct 4, 2019

Over charging

Good day, I have the premier bundle with a price lock and a fixed monthly amount. I have been a subscriber for over 20 yrs and this month DSTV deducted 3 times my normal subscription from my debit order. A total of 2627.00 was deducted where its only R974.00 including my extra view.

Upon visiting my local DSTV office in town, I was told that its a systems error and that they cannot refund me directly, and that I must wait and see what happens end of this month.

That's absolute bullshit, and unacceptable from such a corporate business.

Can we please have answers as previously colleges of mine had the same happen to them.

E Goodwin
DSTV subscriber
sim card no.: 10197064826
Hobbi1979 Send email
Sep 17, 2019

Extra view not working

For two weeks my extra view is not working after numerous calls I still haven't received any assistance.My screen keep on saying not part but of my package but the main decoder is working properly now I know why people unsubscribe I think I'll be next
Hobbi1979 Send email
Sep 17, 2019

Not getting my money's worth

It has been two weeks i'm phoning DStv to fix my problem my extra view jus started showing from channel 110 but I have the full boquet after that it jus switched off showing its not part of my package after numerous calls still nothing but end of the month they expect full payment for half service
nrolinyathii Send email
Aug 8, 2019

Disconnected without a reason

I'm very dissatisfied by Dstv staff as whole from junior to senior staff, I paid 400 on the 28th, 7 days later disconnected, I called and send from pillar to post without any success, they mention that the was R128, that reconciled in May, this is was never mention to me before, now I'm disconnected yet I paid. They I must pay R299 to get my service back. This has never happened before, I'm disgusted, furious, frustrated....................i don't have mine full of money to waste on your incompetence, I want my dish connected ASP, I'm gonna take this with my lawyers if I'm not connected immediately, South Africa need to have good competitor as possible, this is a daylight robbery that is done by this service provider.
ATmartins Send email
Aug 7, 2019

Terrible service

I have the worst experience. I made arrangements the end of last month for the 15th and wasn't done and now my dstv is disconnected and no one is prepared to help until I have made a payment and I emailed and got a reference which said 8 working hours of which it wasn't and the day I phoned I was told I can't be transferred to the correct department but the lady I spoke to took my banking details and will escalate from her side so come today no dstv and after years of always paying on time and now with a debit order this happens and every time you get asked do you want a debit order. Customer nr ********** 5. The I get a reply of : We're saddened that you feel this way about our service. Sadly we do not have a payment arrangement facility for normal Residential accounts, as such, we're unable to help in this regard. I replied : So because your call centre stuffed up I have to pay reconnection fees and make a plan to pay today and the 15th now wonder you guys are losing clients your service is the worse because you trust someone will keep to their word and escalate for you because she can't transfer your to the department but just once proven again you can't trust anyone and I can't sit on the phone the whole day to sort out nonsense as I work long hours in a call centre and plus my husband spent R120 holding on with a agent and not getting help so what now. PATHETIC ???? And once again they said : We really cannot apologize enough for the frustration. Which department were you looking for? & Unfortunately, our services are Prepaid Anel. But you don't get it I made arrangements for a damn debit order that wasn't done and I took the ladies word for it she would escalate it for me since she can't transfer me since when can't you not be transferred to a dept. You guys service is the worst ever because since yesterday I have not been able to sort this out but no effort what so ever from dstv from one person to the next that is all that happens
Anel M:
07 Aug 2019, 07:14
It is now the *th and no one had even made an attempt to contact me. I paid on Friday and it was reconnected and this morning disconnected and this after I had to make a plan to pay because I did not have the money to do so. This after an agent called me a liar that I phoned on the **th of June to set up a debit order and we spent R*** in airtime on Friday the **/** to get this sorted out with no success, I am so annoyed with this whole issue all you get with response on social media is we are sorry you feel this way, is this the way to treat your clients????? I work in a call center myself and behavior like this would not be tolerated no wonder your company is losing money. You don't even get offered some sort of gesture from your side, the answer is just no we can't help you we are not a pre-paid service and the answers you get is actually very rude, not how may I assist you, is there anything I can do for you to make the situation better, just no help from your side and the after informing the agents they can't contact me because of me working in a call center they will still tell me they can't get hold of me so never mind that they don't have listening s****s they don't have reading s****s neither because since last week Friday I have asked please phone my husband he is on the account but no why would they. You must be the first company that can't transfer a person to add a debit order, because to come back to my whole issue if my debit order was loaded like I have asked my services would not have been disconnected but you are not even taking ownership of this problem, your agent made me a liar to say I didn't phone and if I was not on pre-paid I would have sent you my itemized billing. I know this is just a waste of time because nothing will get resolved I will just have to pay reconnection fees because I am the client and I am always wrong and your agents are the best and your service excellent.

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