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lorrainevilj Send email
Jun 29, 2022

Bad service and stealing my money

I have logged that complaint in May referring to incorrect charges on my account.

Sending emails phoning the call centers, with no one that can resolve my query.
But I'm still getting reminder sms to advise me to pay my account.

I will not pay this account you need to reverse all balances and close the account. and in the same time please refund my money that you have incorrectly charged me for years. in actual fact that was stolen from me.

refer to my emails send and my complaint logged on the 10 June
[email protected] Send email
Jun 13, 2022

Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account

I have not purchased anything on my Edgars account since 2020. I realized that I kept on getting phone calls that I have a balance. With investigations realized that I am charged Cell phone airtime and other charges from BLTS on my Edgars account. I never applied for these services. Since Dec 2020 I am struggling to get those services cancelled and it refunded on my Edgars account. The case was already reviewed by the ombudsman and I was advised that it was fraud and must open a case of fraud with the SAPS. I am sitting with over 50 SMS's from BLTS that the services would be cancelled and my account refunded. They could also not provide any proof that I applied for those services which I know I did not. I see allot of similar complaints for Edgars. I have opened a case of fraud at the SAPS against Edgard and BLTS but it seems that nobody at either companies cares about that. This is now going on for 2 years and the charges are still put through on my Edgars account. I get harassed with phone calls to pay the account. I will not pay another cent and if I get a bad credit record I will take it further as this is the responsibility of Edgars to sort out. I have opened an account with Edgars to purchase items at the Edgars stores. It is fraud allowing a third party company to raise charges against my Edgars account which I never applied for. I now had enough. No one listens to you and no-one from any of the companies is taking responsibility to sort it out. I am sitting with loads of emails and SMS's but no resolution. I cannot believer that Edgars and BLTS is getting away with this. Attached are just some of the SMS's. My account number is: 7000100100021871082

Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account Fraudulent Cell phone charges on Edgars account

[email protected] Send email
Jun 13, 2022

Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account

I see allot of complaints about cell phone charges on people's Edgars account. BLTS also started putting through charges on my Edgars account since 2020. I have spoken to the ombudsman who validated my case and said it is fraud and I must open a case of fraud with the SAPS. I am sitting with about 50 SMS's where BLTS confirmed that the service is cancelled and I will receive a refund. No cancellation since 2020 and I am told I applied for the service which I did not and BLTS cannot provide any proof that I applied for the service. A case of fraud was opened against BLTS and Edgars with no success. I cannot close my account and it does not help speaking to any staff at BLTS or Edgars as nothing will come from it. This is fraud on the highest level but no-one cares. Edgars now already owes me more than a R1000. I have not purchased anything on my Edgars account since 2020. Edgars will be held responsible for any cell phone charges on my account and I will definitely take it further if I am blacklisted due to something that is not my fault. I am sitting with multiple emails and SMS's of which I will attach what I can to this complaint. My account number is: 7000100100021871082

Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account Fraudulant Charge on my Edgars Account

LKrug73 Send email
Jun 10, 2022

Bad service and stealing my money

Good day

Please note that I’ very update and your service of such poor quality.

1) I have logged a query in March 2022 09E26A regarding the R25 CellC airtime billed on my account since 2016.- I here with request that you pay back my money that was taken from me.
The refund value is +/-R2400.00
NO one have phone me back with feedback. Every time I do phone to follow up, I get the response that Edgards is buys investigating and that the query is still pending

My word how long does it take for some one to do an investigation and supply feedback to your customers. You treat customers with disrespect, and we are the people supporting your monthly income.

Last month the did receive a R25.00 credit. Sure, thing one month credit when you billed me for 7 years for something I did not get any value for

Now with month I receive my account ------


I will not pay nor be responsible for this outstanding balance. I you so much as dare to Blacklist me I will sue Edgars, as I do have record of all the calls and request, I have made to you

In fact, Edgars is owing me R2 619.52 with interest. Will you pay me back this money????????

Cell C / Vodacom airtime months amount Interest of 18.75%
2015 25.00 12 300.00 56.25
2016 25.00 12 300.00 56.25
2017 25.00 12 300.00 56.25
2018 25.00 12 300.00 56.25
2019 25.00 12 300.00 56.25
2020 25.00 12 300.00 56.25
2021 25.00 12 300.00 56.25
2022 25.00 5 125.00 0.77
2,225.00 394.52

Mphagahle Send email
Mar 30, 2022

Customer service

Team Edgars Centurion
In so many years of using your store I have never been disappointed and disrespected by an Employee of Edgars so much Mpho was rude,unprofessional and disrespectful.she spoke over me and belittle me in front of the whole store for finding a T-shirt within the items that were marked under 250,when the T-shirt scanned a different price I was told by Mpho that is not her problem that the item was misplace she will never give it to me at price.what role does she play in the store cause really she needs training,customer service is not within her at all.She doesn’t know the roles and regulations of retail market or even when to listen to a customer.I will be waiting for your call 0721396199 Hazel
Etienne Send email
Jan 25, 2022

Unauthorized “purchases”

After many phone calls to Edgars client services, iua and contact with a Edgars branch, I keep on getting phone calls and emails from Edgars that my account is in arrears. My account was fully paid up but then I noticed that there are new “puchases”for ER24 RAPID RESPONSES @ R 59 monthly I never cosented to.

To call Edgars with quiries is to no avail. Customer sevices refer you from one department to another and nobody can help you. Send email
Jan 21, 2022

Review of complaint of Edgars South Africa, submitted by the user ace7603

Good morning,
I do not understand, how this site works.
The claimant, who introduced himself or herself as ace7603, submitted the complaint and did not tell his name from South Africa, what did he want from Edgars from the very beginning.
The claimant expects that someone reply on his complaint on his 3 secret emails, addressed to Edgars, which the claimant sent after he had promised to respect the primary promise.
The population of South Africa is about 60 million of black and white inhabitants.
Edgars, the complainant thought, is possible to check every bank of South Africa, every address of South Africa, every phone operator of South Africa in order to find the user ace7603 by the mean of the predication of the phone number 0767300017 and other combination of the Arabic digits.
Why the digits are named "Arabic", nobody can answer this question in South Africa while progressing the search, if.
Such chaotic picture of minds people can find in South Africa, in Pakistan, in Sudan, in their houses.
People trust their eyes, their years, the quality of their brain, and senses, which ladies (women, females, girls) call "by heart" or, if making dramas, "by soul".
If the claimant is lazy, shout "stand up", "give me" R50 without any material thing in exchange, such claimant deserves name "call girl" or "call boy" for one time use, whichever is faster.
For small boy or small girl R50 is enough for an half of an ice cream stick.
The claimant had guessed, to expect a material reply after 3 electronic meetings to the alive single anonymous, who wanted to prove to his or her injured company "give me the one" (reply) or "I will submit the complaint at web site" is not only useless, but it is dangerous for his carrier of student or of an officer in South Africa. And such complaints people do not consider as a serious intention for life.
ace7603 Send email
Jan 19, 2022


Good day

I have been trying to close my Edgars account since September 2020.

I have sent constant emails to close my account.
I have phoned just to get transferred or get cut off, or I have been told to speak with accounts
I have explained and even sent proof of payments and emails even to the debt collectors BONGANI at MDB
I have paid even R50 more for unforeseen expenses.

Egdars have handed me over to Edgars Debt Collections MDB that phones me constantly, harasses me, I have sent them proof of payments, the emails, but nothing gets done, but the harassment continues. And now I am blacklisted, thank you Edgars!

It doesn't matter what you say or do, it won't get settled, I cant close this horrible chapter in my life, Edgars keep on accumulating fees on a "closed" account. I have been a good citizen paying what I owe, and now this?

I refuse to pay the balance that Edgards accumulated after I've paid up my account, I have done my part by trying to settle this matter, I can't help Edgars incompetence.

I dont know what more to do. I don't know who is worse, Edgars or MDB.



ace7603 Send email
Jan 19, 2022


Good day

I have been trying to close my account since September 2020, After many emails, attempts to get this sorted out and numerous calls, my account is still not closed and they have given me over to Edgars Debt Collectors that phones me constantly.

I have sent proof payment too, but that made no difference. I have even sent my POP to the Edgars Debt Collectors team, but that made no difference either.

The worst part is that fees still accumulate. I refuse to pay the balance, I have paid up my account even paying R50 more for loosened fees. I am beyond frustrated with this incompetence. What does a person have to do to get this settled, pay what they say I must pay due after so many attempts from my side as far?

I have attached my proof of payment and all the emails send from my side trying to have this matter sorted.

I will never ever recommend Edgars to anyone.

Amelia Enslin


VijayaG Send email
Dec 6, 2021

Unauthorise contracts on my account

There was a vodacom subscription going of my account and i did not subscribe to anything. My account was paid up 2 years ago. I called and cancelled the subcription (Wasted R400 in air time) Ref EDCP-211004-5880499. Yet the amount is still accumulating, i gets calls daily from Edgars collections. This is not my problem. Edgars sort this out, reverse the balance and cancel the subscription, i should not have to run around to do this. If my credit record goes bad due to this, i will hold you responsible. This is not acceptable. Call me on 072 707 9049 Shunmugom Govender . Acc 7000100100005267505
[email protected] Send email
Nov 24, 2021

Edgars Account 7000100100086541794 not closed

I paid the final outstanding amount on my account the end of 2020.
My account was not closed by the accounts department and I have been to the store NUMEROUS times, made calls to the accounts department and sent mails to just about every Edgars account queries entity that exists.
I get calls from VVM attorneys every month stating I need to pay my account, but this account and all services where stopped Dec 2020.

I need feedback on this because it has almost been a year and there is no resolution.
[email protected]

Edgars Account 7000100100086541794 not closed

CorikaRademan Send email
Nov 18, 2021

Urgent notice on your Edgars account.7000100100070484738

I closed the account in May 2021, I made the last outstanding payment in June 2021 as Edgars requested. I did asked for the recording of my conversation with the Edgars consultant to confirm the cancelation of my account. I have spoken numerous times with Edgars and now their legal people. I send emails to confirm that the account was closed with no response. I also phoned Edgars to resolve this matter, but it did not help.
Nomvuyo Send email
Nov 15, 2021

i just finished my payment and wish edgars to clear my ITC and to tell me is the right time to apply for a new account

I Nomvuyo Ngcobo went to the edgars store on Saturday thinking i was going to be able to open a new account only to find out that know.I was handed over because of the arrears in my account and i finished paying last month can you please send me the right email address for enquries so that i can send the letter of clearance from the attorneys and so that i can be able to apply the new account. Thank you my email address is [email protected] Please can you get back to as soon as possible.
Tanya89 Send email
Oct 16, 2021

No assistance.

After paying insurance on my account, when i got retrenched and submitted all the documents they did not assist me, they black listed me.

Where did the insurance money go, why did they black list me not assist me?

This needs to be addressed and the account needs to be settled.
Tanya89 Send email
Oct 16, 2021


Good day.
I have been handed over to itc because of Edgars.
Even after sending all my documentation of retrenchment.
And not working 9 months.
Insurance never paid out.
Resolve this matter.
I want the account settled.
VijayaG Send email
Oct 13, 2021

Unauthorise contracts on my account

Acc -7000100100005267505
I did not make any purcahes on this account in over 2 years, all of a sudden i have a vodacom subscription, i dont even have a cell phone . This is unacceptable , I need this subscription to be cancelled and the amount to be reversed (EDC091300570733) if my credit record goes bad because of this, i will hold Edgards accountable. All the complaints on thi site is about the same thing! Edgards is a comitting fraud on their customers accounts.
maria thompson Send email
Oct 8, 2021

EDGARS ACCOUNT 7000100100077143238

When the country went into lockdown in March 2021, I stopped making purchases on my Edgars account. My last settlement payment on my Edgars account happened at the end of June 2021. In August I received a statement with a purchase for a Cell-C contract which I did not make. I never owned a Cell-C contract - I have been with Vodacom all my life. My Edgars account has always been in good standing and I queried the amount that was charged to my account. The answer was: 'send us a letter', which I did. Then the phone calls started... the same thing every so often, same response from me. Then I got letters and phone calls from Blake and Ass. I explained the same thing to them, sent off the same letter explaining the whole situation. That didn't help either, because on a daily basis I got my phone call demanding that I pay. Their phone calls stopped when MDB starting phoning. Every day of every week I got messages on my phone and a phone call. I must have spoken to every person in the company. In the end I asked my husband to take the calls because these people wouldn't listen or make any notes on my file. This had gone on for a year and two months - every day. Needless to say, I am now close to having a stroke, heart attack or something worse! Lo and behold I get a phone call today from VVM Attorneys - the third lot of debt collectors working for Edgars!!! Well, you can imagine what my heart rate, blood pressure and mood was when I heard they wanted payment for my Edgars account. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE EDGARS? Can nobody in that company and the companies that work for them understand English? I don't owe you a cent and I am not going to pay for some fraudulent amount made on my account. PLEASE STOP PHONING ME AND CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!!!! 7000100100077143238
KUMARIE Send email
Jul 22, 2021


I am SO frustrated.

My Edgars account (7000100100008278475) was paid on 27/11/2020.

I started receiving calls from March 2021 to advise that I owe money on my Edgars Account. I have proof - numerous emails have been exchanged between Edgars and myself, CSC apologising for the inconvenience. Club fees have been debited to this account. Since last week I have been receiving at least 3 to 4 calls a day from Blake & Associates. The Consultants have no telephone etiquette, no manners and can be rude. I explained to them that I don't owe any money and they need to please make note of this onto their system, to avoid so many calls. This is still happening and calls have never stopped. I started to also receive emails about my account R583,21 outstanding. I once again emailed Edgars Account Closure and Edgars Customer Care Retailability and have no joy. It seems this is ignored, no one wants to take an extra step and close this account. This is totally disappointing to see how incompetent employees of Edgars are. They have no respect for their jobs nor their Customers.
FraudScared Send email
Jun 15, 2021

FRAUD FRUAD FRUAD: Frustrated and scared

On the 3rd of February 2021 I made a payment of R690 into my Edgars account with the meaning of completely settling my account. I had a surplus of R5.68 in my account. Hence I did not expect to make any more payments toward my account until I use it to buy something in store again. Hence, I did not check my account or statements. On 10 May I received a mail letting me know that I have missed a few instalment and that I now owe R301.21 on my account. I was shocked as I did not use my Edgars account at all and I am very diligent on paying my instalment.
This amount kept increasing and after investigation I discovered that I was being charged monthly fees for two plans, a Family Provider plan and a Personal Funeral plan, that I never consented to, asked for or signed for with my knowledge. Ontop of the fees for these two fraudulent plans they were charging me account admin fees and interest of these plans. I contacted the Edgars on May 10th to query my account and to ask them to stop these plans and to subtract the money from my account as I will not pay for something that I did not consent to. The first reply I received was on May 22 asking for my ID number so they can "look into it". I replied on May 24 with the info. Finally on May 28 they did send me an email mentioning that the plans were cancelled. No mention was made that the money they charged me with fraudulently was subtracted from my account. On inspection some money was removed however I still owe over R200. I have been trying to get this sorted out and trying to close my account because I do not want to support a company that supports fraud. I have phoned every number available to me and have been told multiple times that they will add a dispute on my account, or that they have sent a email to the complaints section to help me with this. However nothing is happening. I have been told to go into an Edgars to the support staff there to try and sort this out. This made me super angry, because in times of Covid running ramant I know have to put my health on the line to go and sort out an issue that was not my fault in the first place. I have been receiving a call almost every second day of someone from their collection department wanting to know when I will be paying my account. I have tried to stay calm and told them the same thing every time, that I will not be paying that money because it was fraudilently added to my account. I am told the same old story that they will add a dispute to my account. I am now being charged collection fees and also for collection letter fees on my account, but nothing is being done. I know that it is not a lot of money but I am not going to pay for anything that I did not consent to! This is FRAUD!! If anybody knows of anything I can do please let me know because I am running out of options. I am scared that this will get me blacklisted and affect my credit score which is really sad because I opened my edgars account with the whole idea of trying to build a good credit score!

FRAUD FRUAD FRUAD: Frustrated and scared

Yolandè Westraadt Send email
Jun 4, 2021

Theft and fraud

I have an account with Edgars. I defaulted during 2020 - lockdown and made an arrangement for payment. Since then I have been paying my account monthly, into my Edgars account into their bank. They have now given me up at the credit bureau stating that my debt was written off due to bad debt (this is false information as I am still paying them monthly). I have requested statements which they can not provide me, because they say my account was handed over. I requested proof that they send me a final letter of demand before they handed my account over as per the national consumer law. They can not provide me with this either. I then also requested a letter from them stating that I am still monthly paying my account as I need to clear my name with the credit bureau. They can not provide me with this either. So in short they handed my personal information to a random company without my knowledge - THIS IS FRAUD. They can not tell me where the money is that I have been paying them monthly. - THIS IS THEFT.

Someone from this company better phone me within the next 3 business days with my relevant documentation as requested or I am posting this everywhere on social media, I am reporting them to the NCR and I am opening a legal binding case for Theft (where is my money) and Fraud (my details given to a company without notice of this given to me) against Edgars. I will also include harassment I have been receiving from some random company and the fact that my name has been made bad on the credit burau.

I want to know where is my money, my statements, the letter stating I am still paying this account as well as the letter informing me of the intent to hand me over.

I have send numerous emails and they send reply with an email saying " your account has been charged of". What does that even mean. I AM STILL PAYING THEM MONTHLY!!!!!!!!

Phone me: 0765207554 and I will give all other relevant information. You have 3 business working days.
Masakhane Nsele Send email
May 17, 2021

Fraud Account Under My Name

Please note that i do not have an account with Edgars or any account under my name, however i received a message from VVN stating my balance of R6859.33 which i have no clue about. Please keep in touch with me so we can sort out this matter very soon.
EDGARS Ref : 7000100110014103351
For more details please feel free to contact me.

Please sort out this matter as soon as possible, I need to get my Life going.
I am a professional 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Masakhane Nsele Send email
May 17, 2021

Fraud Account Under My Name

I received a message claiming i have an account with Edgars, However i do not have any account. Account held with VVN Attorneys Ref : 7000100110014103351.
[email protected] Send email
May 7, 2021

Failure to allocate my payment to Account/Harrasment

I have an Edgars Account that I want to paid it off but the problem is they cant send me settlement amount. In 2020 I have paid my Account for August and September but my payment was never allocated to my account. I went to Edgars and Jet store to give them proof of Payment but still not allocated that payment. I received an E-mail to say my account has been handed over to Blake & Associates. I responded to say let them allocate my payment and send me Settlement amount, until now that they keep on calling and sending threatening messages. on the 11 March 2021 I have spoken to Ms Bianca Ngcobo who was promissing to attend to the matter because she requested the dates that I have send proof of payment and she confirmed that the emails are there. they requested that I must go to my Bank account and request that they must indicate who was the Beneficiary on the payment that I have made. I went to Wonderpark Mall to my Bank, the manager called Blake and Associates to clarifies that the payment that I have made it was not a transfer payment it was a straight payment from my account to Edgars and after that they have send that proof of payment straight to Edgars, RCS, Blake and Associates but until now nothing that is happening. what frustrates me a lot is that my Edgars account is increasing on a monthly basis and I cant even make any payment as they are not allocating it. Please assist me in this regards very frustrated. Mirriam Masango
tmalaza Send email
Apr 15, 2021


edgars Account: 7000100100223424441 - My account has been in good standing with Edgars. Due to the fact that I am retiring I decided to closed all my accounts. I went to Middelburg Mall Edgars to close the account. I was told to pay off the balance and I discovered that day that I have an insurance for the Edgar's store card, club fee and interest that I am obliged to pay every month, I asked who authorized those fees as I did not authorize them. The store assisted me in calling their call center and got a closing balance which was paid in full on 19 December 2020. I have requested for the account to be closed and confirmation of account closure to be sent to me, which I never received. In January 2021 I received an SMS and a statement on my email which indicated that I had a balance on my account. I went back to their Middelburg Mall branch, they again called their call center wherein I was advised that by the time I close the account and cancel the other fees it was already in the middle of the month, hence a January bill I accepted the explanation and paid off that balance . to my surprise in February 2021 I received an SMS and a emailed statement, I immediately responded on that email and called their call center a lady that assisted me said she is forwarding an email to their legal services. in March I received another statement and the amount keeps on increasing, I am really frustrated It is like edgars is doing this deliberately or maybe it is how they are making their profit this is unethical practice), Thereafter from the period December 2020 to date, my account remains open, unauthorised fees being charged and I have informed 6 agents about this but did not receive any assistance. Every consultant that had called me had informed me that they sending an email. is only once agent that copied me the email they forwarded to their legal services, due to irregular administrative practices my account is being kept open to accrue amounts for malicious collection practices. Please can I have a copy of my credit agreement which indicates that Edgars can refuse closure of my account and that without contacting me and reviewing my account which would have shown a payment bringing my balance to zero and that the credit facility is being used to charge fees that were not authorised and add interest. Please also advise on the date on which system changes were made to my account to add unauthorised club fees, the amounts that have been deducted which I would like refunded to me.
Marlene van Wyk Send email
Apr 13, 2021


Failure to get a paidup letter

I have an account with Edgars which was settled over 5 months ago.
My account was handed over last year to ???rci / norman bisset / blakes attorneys??? none of these mentioned can get hold of my paid up account and assist me with a paid up letter. This appears on my credit record and my son cannot get a student loan because of that.
Can Edgars manager explain to me what is it that needed to be done to close that damn account of yours.


Account Number: 7000100100003622883 - Full and Final Payment

My name has been registered with the Credit Bureau thus affecting my credit status. I need Edgars to clear my name at the credit bureau and the debt collectors. This should be done in writing. Please assist.

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