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M1111231 Send email
Jan 5, 2021

Paid up letter

Edgars account settled over 5 months ago and a paid up letter requested numerous times. The same story of “we will request it again from our admin department”. It seems that management (or lack thereof) are in a 24hr meeting.


ACC NUMBER 7000100100224777490
Corleen Send email
Dec 29, 2020


Try to settle a matter from the beginning of November 2020 - poor poor service- I did call and when I came through the operators dont take the call - can hear them at background and then end the call-
I did email hundred times with only auto response for high volumes and they will come back to me - no response!
Will never buy at Edgars Again - what a shame!!!!!!
Several other people I know of also have poor service!

One of the persons who made Contact with me was a Amanda but also could not help me through.
Corleen Send email
Dec 29, 2020


Try to settle a matter from the beginning of November 2020 - poor poor serive- I did call and when I came through the operators dont take the call - can hear them at background and then end the call-
I did email hundred times with only auto response for high volumes and they will come back to me - no response!
Will never buy at Edgars Again - what a shame!!!!!!
Several other people I know also have poor service!
This complaint will also not be responded!
Sindile Send email
Dec 21, 2020

Failure to get a paidup letter

Sindile manzini I'd 8407090836080
Bebethi Send email
Dec 14, 2020

Closing of Edgars Account

I have an Edgars account and recently paid all the outstanding amount in order to close it because of I am not happy with the charges on my card. I made peace with their scam account and just wanted to pay what I owed and close the account but I was told I cannot close it immediately need to come after 7 working days, which I did come 13 December 2020 to close it to my surprise I was told I am owing R119.00 for Edgars card club , Insurance and another stuff I don't know of , I was just told a lot of nonsense . What frustrate me is settled the account why can't they just close it ? I was even told by the consultant at Edgars it wont help me to closing the account because there will be charges even after closing the account then they will take me to lawyers for arrears cause i would have told myself the account is closed while there were monthly charges every month.

Can Edgars manager explain to me what is it that needed to be done to close that damn account of yours ?
I was not paying for a house for Gods sake it is just an account what do I need to do to close the account ?
I am so disappointed of how much you rob poor people of their hard earned money just like that , You have scammed me for so many years what more do you want from me?
I have changes every month about R400 which i did not understand till today.
I just want to close the account please
Primmy Send email
Dec 13, 2020


I have an account with Edgars that was settled on the 20th of August 2020 based on the settlement value received from their consultants via the sms. Now I received messages and phone calls that I owe 1700 and my account has been handed over. I asked consultants several times to investigate how come I owe whereas the account has been settled but nothing happened instead you will get phone calls everyday from different consultants and you need to repeat your story to each of them. I told them I am not going to pay that because the account is settled, now they hand me over.
Primmy Send email
Dec 13, 2020

Account payment

I have an account with Edgars which wa settled on the 20th of August 2020 based on the settlement value received from their consultants via the sms. Now I received messages that payment of 1117 is required and my account has been handed over. I asked Edgars consultants several times to investigate and provide feedback of what was the amount for because my account has been settled but none of them could provide feedback, I told them several times I am not going to pay back untill the matter has been resolved now they hand me over.
Shawn E Send email
Dec 8, 2020

Fraud on Account

I received a statement from Edgars and i was shocked to see that I owed money on my account as we didn't buy anything because we have been trying to close this account for a while. On inspection of the account I noticed that there are now suddenly a Cell C Airtime Subscription on my account off which is not mine. I don't need to buy airtime from Edgars or any one for that matter as my wife and I have Vodacom Contract phones.
I have tried in vein to phone Edgars and sent mail after mail with no response or assistance. Only receive ticket number after ticket number. I refuse to pay this bill and it needs to be resolved. I will go to the extreme to get this resolved, even if I have to lay a fraud charge against them.
6008150115895890 Send email
Dec 4, 2020

Payments on Closed account

I Closed my Account at Edgars Uitenhage after a long struggle of trying to close it.After I did it in shop and they assured me that my account is defnitely closed I still get reminders of outstanding payments.When I enquired I was told that it is for cellphone insurance that I cancelled more than 3 years ago as well as for the Edgars club which I also cancelled long ago.I was on the phone for more than an hour without any success and it is still expected of me to pay for something that is not my fault.This actually constitutes fraud because i am not aware of any transaction or agreements that I made with them after my stuff was cancelled.I am CarolAnn Christoffel.My last payment was on 20201101 an amount of R178. Why do I have to pay more money for an account that is closed.My husband.s account was closed on the same day as mine and he does not have any problems or reminders.
I hope you can assist me.
CNyawo Send email
Dec 2, 2020


I've been calling Edgar's for 6 months now requesting for assistance with settling my account and was referred to RCS then after to Limbro thereafter Norman attorneys and neither of these people can find my account, I then called the NCR and I was advised that I should ask for a prescribed letter as this account has been inactive for more than 5years now. I spoke to a few consultants (Asanda, Nosiphiwo, Cindy...the list goes on and on) from the RCS who promised to send me this prescribed letter for my account,I even went and extra mile by providing the voice recordings of the consultants promising to send me this confirmation and nothing still. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional company to such an extent. I've suffered calling into a call center that cannot assist me....

Please help me get my prescribed letter from Edgar's!!!
My email address is [email protected]
Doreen Alexadner Send email
Nov 26, 2020




MY EMAIL ADDRESS - [email protected]

Ricardo HL Send email
Nov 24, 2020

UNAUTHORISED BILLING: 7000 1001 0000 8131591

EDGARS ACCOUNT: R LUCAS 7000 1001 0000 8131591
1.  Your accounts department insists on settlement of my account yet, this matter remains unresolved.      Is there anyone out there to PLEASE ADVISE!!

2, Cancel my Value-add services(Edgars Club,etc.) with immediate effect and acknowledge receipt/confirmation by return.
Your confirmation awaited by return.
Ricardo Lucas
Ph. 084 628 5282
[email protected] Alternative: [email protected]

On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 1:31 PM Ricardo Lucas <[email protected]> wrote:
 The refund of the unauthorised deduction remains unresolved and would appreciate that this matter be given the attention and resolution it deserves.
Provide written proof that I applied for this service as well, if to the contrary.
Ricardo LucasPh. 084 628 5282
[email protected] Alternative: [email protected]

On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 9:45 AM [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
Good Day,


In response to your recent communication regarding the above mentioned account, please note that we have escalated your query to the relevant department for assistance. Kindly accept our apology for an inconvenience caused.

Should you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via the below mentioned contact details.

Nokukhanya Mgube Customer Services Administrator | Regional Credit Office Durban | Edcon Financial Services Telephone +27 86 011 2442 | Fax 27 86 570 4826 | Email [email protected]
re. Query Reference no. 19050903142/go My earlier telcon with your accounts consultant refers. I discovered that I have been billed for 'Mobile Content' since 2016 or from whichever date I was billed; this was unauthorized and against the spirit of the Consumer Act.
This 'Mobile Content' fee should be cancelled with immediate effect and all charges reversed WITH INTEREST & refunded to me.
This is unacceptable and very 'underhanded' behavior from a corporate & 'trustworthy' company like Edgars.
Your urgent response awaited within 5 working days from this email, alternatively, will have to escalate the situation accordingly.
Regards Ricardo Lucas Ph. 084 628 5282
[email protected] 
jeabet Send email
Nov 24, 2020

Paid Up Edgars Account reflecting negatively on ITC

My Account Number was settled in 2018 at Edgars Rosebank and i closed the account. to my surprise recently i applied for a credit facility only to be informed i'm listed on ITC by Edgars. I contacted their customer care line which reffered me to the store, once at the Festival Mall store they couldn't pick up my account details and reffered me to RCS and customer careline again on 23 November 2020. i was referred to Nimbo whilst at the store, they couldn't pick up my account number although they state my account is closed but cannot send me Paid up letter. this is reflecting negatively on my credit score and i want edgars to take accountability and responsibility for ruining my credit status incorrectly. No one seems to know how to resolve this issue because Nimbo said my account is overpaid with R23,00 so i don't owe edgars any monies. I'm at my wits ends with this query as i don't know where else to resort to to resolve ammicably
KPule Send email
Nov 21, 2020

Unauthorised billing - Edgars

My name is Khomotso and my account number is 7000100100192711174.

My account in July 2020 was R100. I complained at Edgars in Kolonade about this balance. I was told that I have an airtime contract which was suprising because I never authorised this transaction. I do not even have the sim card which they are talking about.

I requested recordings of this airtime contract. To this day I am still waiting for it. I was told the subscription will be cancelled.

My balance is currently R700. When I enquired about my earlier request to cancel the airtime subscription today the 19 November 2020, the consultants gave me excuses about recordings and that they will call mw back.

Edgars is ripping customers off. Please assist.

062 097 6969 or 079 7362147
Teboho Gaven Send email
Nov 14, 2020

Settlement letter

Good day..

Had or rather still mention that I have a pending account with Edgar's that I believe it was settled as per my personal and their knowledge.

Called their call centre to request for the settlement letter just before the end of September in this year still. The amount was given from their accounts department. on the 30th of September 2020,I made the total payment of the given discount. From there, I then asked for the settlement letter to declare that the account was closed or done paid. Information received was to wait for 20 working days for them to issue the document from the date of the payment.

Today the 14th of September 2020.I still do not have the letter as per their offices promised to deliver. Numerous phone calls were made. mails were sent to their different departments for following up after so many days or weeks of delays. nothing positive was told to me other than mentioning that the account was not settled as there is still an amount due to the value of + - R1200.I WONDERD OF WHY??? DO THEY HAVE SETTLEMENT AMOUNT REQUESTS IF THEY CAN NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL THEIR ACCOUNTS.

It is extremely exhausting and devastating to be going back and forth with people who can not at all give you a detailed clarity of the circumstance other than mentioning the problem existing due to COVID-19.


Wouldn't at all have any confidence to encourage no one in my closed of furthest vicinity to do purchasing or credited by this company ever.

Just a piece of document seems to be complicated to be obtained from their department.
Nompumelelo Send email
Nov 13, 2020

allocation of funds to my account

my name is Nompumelelo Kufa I made a settlement payment of R2051.32 on the 28/9/2020 using my absa app I have sent proof of payment in the form of a screen shot as well a detailed email to edgars collections,enquiries as well as payment I have called the call centre more 20time to try and resolve this matter even today tried to call the headoffice but they are not answering the call centre agent always escalate the matter but still it's not resolved I asked for the team leader to call me regarding this issue no one has called me. my account no is6008150159835554 which is the one I used to make email address is [email protected]
Doreen May Send email
Oct 27, 2020


Hi I am Doreen May.I have noticed a slow decrease in my account balance regardless payments being made.Thefore I have decided to cancel certain services i agreed upon with the company,but have no recollection about agreeing to airtime service.I opened an account in 2013,changed mobile nrs in 2017 which I updated at Edgars stores in Brackenfell Cape Town.I received communication from Edgars to my latest nr for the past 3 years.I kept paying regardless statements i could not open to review the content.Airtime was send to the old nr all along regardless updates.Can someone please assist.

Edgars acc nr 7000100100218143873

contact nr 064087201086

Email add [email protected]
mshoza Send email
Oct 22, 2020

damage cellphone

i bought a cellphone with Edgars lochlogan bloemfontein yesterday at 17:11 when i got home with the phone i have realised that the power button is not working well the phone restart itself. during my lunch i took back the phone to Edgars they told me that they can not refund me or give me another phone they will go fix the phone and i mite pay for the services as well. i need to know edgars are you selling damage goods to recover the loss of covid 19
[email protected] Send email
Oct 15, 2020


My balance is zero on my Edgar's account. Yet I m expected to pay R29 service fee. I called their support no: 0860 111 826 and consultant said there's nothing she can do about it and I must send email to [email protected] I sent this email 16/09/2020 requesting my Edgar's account to be closed and the R29 to be reversed. Today I receive Edgar's statements and my account is not closed and another R29 added to my balance. I was an excellent customer. Paying beforehand and this is the crap I must deal with. Email ; [email protected] Tel: 0849191899
Amanda Els Send email
Oct 13, 2020

Account Fraud

Account number 7000100100005103296
Reference numbers: 2005075560597 Phindile
2009085652583 Prince
I am a loyal customer of Edgars for 30 years. i am on pension and my account is most of the time in credit. suddenly Edgars started phoning me every day to say i am debt and owe them such and such amount, every time another amount. i went to our local branch just to find out we suddenly have a cellphone subscription that we know nothing about. i have numerice reference numbers of my visits to the branch trying to resolve this. they told me to com in and listen to a recorded conversation where i admit to a subscription. i went to the store and was waiting for the recording. They told me their is no recording available. They promise to refund me in 10 days time. i still waiting and barring every days harassment on my phone. What to do now?
Johanvv Send email
Oct 9, 2020


Goeie Middag CEO Edcon/Edgars,
Sedert ongeveer 12/09/2020 het ek redelik gereeld ler epos kontak probeer maak, nafat ek besef het dat ek vir ten minste 3 maande geen state ontvang het nie. My navraag het ook enkele vrae gehad en n instruksie om klublidmaatskap te staak. Op dieselfde dag moes ek ook verskeie oproepe maak, alvorens ek by die regte oproepsentrum uitgekom het, maar is steeds nie gehelp nie. 'n Dag of so later het ek die uitstaande state ontvang, maar geen antwoorde en terugvoer is verskaf op my vrae / versoek. Sporadies het ek dit weer opgevolg, geen terugvoer... Vandag weer oproepsentrum geskakel, agtergekom my saldo het gestyg, maar die stelsel was glo af, daarom, geen verdere inligting - ek moet maar weer skakel, is gese. Die persoon had geen idee wat rondom my e-posse gebeur nie ek kon my ook nie verwys na die korrekte mense nie. Die nuwe saldo, nadat die rekening reeds 3 dae gelede ten volle vereffen is, het bewys dat my versoek ge-ignoreer is, gedateer 12/09. Daar was ook SMS-se betrokke, waarvoor die persoon verskoning aangebied het, maar ek twyfel of hy weet waar dit vandaan kom en hy het aanvaar dat die SMS-se en my e-posse n direkte verband het, wat nie 100% korrek is nie. Oor 3 dae is dit nou n maand reeds aan die gang, geen terugvoer steeds...
Dit dui vir my op die geen respek wat Edgars vir sy kliente het en bevestig dat Edgars vergeet het waaroor klientediens als gaan, terwyl sonder gelukkige kliente, daar geen Edgars meer sal wees. Dit sluit aan by die patetiese winkel-ervaring wat ek/ons middel September by u Kollonade winkel gehad het, toe loop ons maar...
Ek sou graag wou he dat ek spoedig, so gou moontlik telefonies gekontak word, synde e-pos nie gereken word nie.
Baie dankie
Mandla5131 Send email
Oct 6, 2020


I am Edgars customer with account (7000100100020443016 )and pay my through debit order on the 25th of each month, during the month of August Edgars change the date without consulting me to the 4 September.I called their call center on the 15th September and the gentleman I spoke to promised me that they will change the debit order date to the 25th but there wont be on for the month of September 25 because there is one that that went through on the 4th and the next will be only in September 25.To my surprise there was debit order on the 25th of September for double the amount.on the 28th of September I then sent email to Edgars complaints department and Patrick from Admin called me back and promised that they will refund me with the overcharged amount but until today they have not done the refund.I find Edgars not be trustworthy and over promise and under deliver.
sharonn Send email
Sep 28, 2020

Payment confirmation not reflecting on your system

Dear Mam / Sir

I have been a customer for Edgar's for years. I have paid my account each month. I have now been listed as having arrears on my name. I have gone into the store and no one was able to assist and explain to me the receipt totals. Can someone please call me
WilmaB Send email
Sep 18, 2020

account no 7000100100175706837

Account Number 7000100100175706837
I have paid this account on the 1st June 2020. The store told me what the settlement amount is and I paid this amount with the request that this account must be closed. I also asked that all other extras for instance funeral policy, be cancelled with immediate effect. From there on I still receive monthly accounts where they add fees on. I have visited the stores in person, I have sent emails and made phone calls to complain, to no avail. Why do I have to battle like the staff incompetent.
ElzaneM Send email
Sep 8, 2020

Settlement amount missing

I have settled my Edgars account in full during July 2020. Edgards did not allocate my payment to my account. I have been phoning and emailing them daily for the past 2 months, I just got ignored and the issue with my account is still not resolved.

I have tried everything in my power to sort this out. I still get charged finance fees and Interest on the full amount, that I settled and paid in July.

I have collected several email addresses and contacts. But I just get ignored.

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