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Sep 4, 2017

Charging me R1002 for reversing duplicate debit order

17/12/2017 you debit double the installment on my account i went to bank and reverse my money back

only to find out that u have charged me reversal that i did on 17/12/2017 which was FINCHOICE mistake now i must pay R 1002 interest

what you are doing is called fraud i just spoke with the consultant she told that is the interest of me reversing the money back as it was double debited. whose fault is it to debit double the installment on the same date

Im surprised now i am left with 2 Months installments but the outstanding balance is more than the outstanding installment
khomop Send email
Aug 31, 2017

ITC unfairness

Currently i have a loan with finchoice, I did not know that if you take an additional loan, on your ITC it shows as if you have settled the other loan.Now when i am trying to apply a home loan, they need a letter to say those loans were settled as it shows on my ITC record.All i need is a letter, but i was told i can only get a statement, but home loans do not work with statement, now my home loan will fail just because of the letter that someone can just write , i find this very unfair.

[email protected]
Namfiso Send email
Aug 23, 2017

Account still showing outstandint

I paid up my account with finchoice in 2015 through an attorney that they handed me over to and the loan was paid up and they provided me with a paid up letter and it was sent by myself to them when their legal department requested it last year but on my ITC it still shows an outstanding balance of R123 ,when I call their legal dept on the numbers provided by their agents none are working (011 767 5334 / 011 767 5439)

Kindly contact me so I can send you the paid up letter again which you can also get from the attorney you handed me over

My number:083 570 1555 Jabulile
Thandomaxwell Send email
Aug 15, 2017

Settlement letter

I need to pay this account and now Finchoice can not give the settlement amount they say they have handed over my account. The company that they handed me over on its unreachable. I have called them almost the whole week.

I want to pay but now finchoice is not interested what do I do

My email..... [email protected]
LEBO Send email
Jul 18, 2017

account settled

I paid finchoice in full last year and received an paid up letter to my surprise, its still shows that I owe fin choice on home choice site. I am struggling to get hold of your legal department
Lekanang Send email
May 23, 2017

Appalling Service

To whom it may concern,

I have never in my entire life experienced such incompetence throughout the entire company.

All your call centre staff are so unprofessional, they transfer from pillar and post and hang up if unable to assist.

It gets worst with the supervisor as well.

Ronette Schroeder is the most unprofessional manager I have dealt with, never accounts for anything and never deliver on promises.

It's been three month since i logged a query, till this day it's still unresolved.

As i'm typing this email, I have been holding for more than 30 minutes, call gets cut and I'm transferred from one department to the other.

Never again will I do business with Finchoice and I will make sure that i warn people as well.

Kind Regards,
AKHO Send email
May 15, 2017

Settlement letter

I have been requesting a settlement letter since February this year after my account was paid up and still nothing from them

My name is still listed on the credit bureau as if I owe them and it is affecting my credit score

Then their legal department is never available for me to speak to them
manyamamo Send email
Apr 28, 2017

settled account

i still get messages even though my account is fully paid
mandyera Send email
Apr 18, 2017

settled accounts

acc 2068205 and 2570663v have been settled last year 2016 yet may credit profile have not been updated

064 626 4770
Florah Send email
Apr 7, 2017


Good day

I was trying to get a settlement quote online but it couldn't show me. I have sent an email requesting that but only received a call from a lady telling me that settlement is bigger than my balance to me it doesn't make sense when i was asking her about this but she just hang up on me


Tshepo Malepe

078 688 2748
Kelebogile8 Send email
Mar 23, 2017

my account is debited after the account is settled

My Standard bank account was debited on 20/03/2017 after the account with finchoice was settled on 03/03/2017 by African Bank. I called Finchoice on 20/03/2017 at 16:00 to rectify the error and refund me but the consultants are refusing they are claiming that I had 3 accounts(2 which were internally which as a client did not know about, it was never communicated to me) and African bank only settled one account but what is funny is that when I was at African bank when the account was settled there was one account showing on the credit bureau and the balance was what African bank settled. When Finchoice received the payment and letter from African Bank they choose not to contact me as a client to inform me that the amount settled is less but transfer amount to what so called 3 accounts which never reflected on credit bureau.The consultants at finchoice are not willing to assist on Monday I spoke to almost 8 people some claiming that the are managers but only to find out that they are consultants and cannot even assist me. I spoke to Nabila who was so rude and promised me that Natasha Ersme will contact me on Wednesday 22/03/2017 in the morning but guess what I had to call finchoice AGAIN!!!!Crap services I have received and still no refund. Natasha promised me I will get an e-mail with all recording and proof of accounts, balance, all details before 09:00 Thursday 23/03/2017 so that I can be able to lodge my complain but guess what I have not received anything. The amount debited has really made me suffer, financially and emotionally not even mentioning the stress that I have to go through the entire incompetent staff of Finchoice!!!

Angelique9 Send email
Feb 22, 2017

Loan is pending for a week!

I called FinChoice for the past week about a loan that still is pending!!! They told me its approved...and successful!! But when the hell will I receive the money.!!! ??? Does it take a week for verification/payout!!!

Simply PATHETIC!!!!

dugald wiid Send email
Feb 6, 2017


Proof of payment

I made a payment of R14000.00 to Finchoice on 11/01/2017. I did not put my ID number as a reference, as I was new to this Internet banking thing.I did put my name and surname.
I have been calling Finchoice daily for the past 19 days as my money has not been allocated to my account.
They asked me for proof of payment, I sent it, they then asked for my bank statement, which I also obliged with but am still not getting a clear answer as to where my money went.
Surely their accounts department should see an un allocated amount of R 14000.00 in their bank account
My Absa bank consultant has tried to find out what is going on, she was just pushed from pillar to post. I don't know what to do now, and where to go.
Kegobo Send email
Jan 31, 2017

Clear my account

My name is ke gobo my emil is [email protected] since i paid up my account at finchoice till now my name is not cleared at credit bearu , i want to know when are u going to clear my name
JanaF38 Send email
Jan 13, 2017


I have been trying to get a hold of Finchoice Legal Department since September 2016. I was able to speak to two ladies in the legal department, weeks apart, whom both claimed to have problems with their computers, took my details and swore to get back to me but never did. I have been calling almost every day since September. Finchoice consultants are 'unable' to assist me as they are 'unable' to see my balances. They have apparently sent emails etc to the legal department but till now I have yet to receive a responds. MOST of the consultants are rude and never gives you a hearing.

I am frustrated as all I want is a settlement balance. Does it really take FOUR months?????
Pathetic service to the max.
bonny makaringe Send email
Jan 12, 2017

settlement letter

I settled my loan last year December but still waiting for settlement letter your attorney say their waiting for you to send them the letter so they can send it to me . Please I really need dat letter ..B.mskaringe
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Dec 6, 2016

Paid up letter

Hi l applied for a loan from Finchoice and had challenges in paying it.I was eventually moved to Andre Der Walt Attorneys Phone: 017 824 2300.I eventually paid up the loan in Oct 2015.I have been requesting for a paid up letter from both Finchoice and Andre Van Der Walt attorneys and they have been throwing the ball to each other.I need the letter so l can clear my name!!!
Please assist me
Kellis Send email
Nov 8, 2016

Wont let me settle my balance

I have been trying to settle my account with finchoice but they won't let me, I was told by one of the consultants that they cannot help me because my account is up to date so they will keep on deducting from my account. I called again, and I found one rude consultant who gave me banking details over the phone with no references whatsoever she didn't even want to tell what the settlement amount was. I'm tired of these people I have been paying without skipping and every month the balance owing goes up so that I will be indebted to them forever. I need to settle the amount but they do not want to assist me, can i take them to the lawyers? They are very crooked
Phindi Send email
Oct 27, 2016

Proof of payment

I made a payment of R1500.00 to Finchoice on 01/10/2016 and I didn't put my ID number as reference, as I was new at this internet banking thing, I did however put CR in it's place. I have been calling Finchoice daily for the past 26 days as my money has not been allocated to my account. They asked me for proof of payment, I sent it, they then asked for my bank statement, which I also obliged with but am still not getting a clear answer as to where my money went. They refused when I asked if I could ask my bank to re-call the funds after I asked them to confirm their banking details and it is as on the proof of payment. I don't know what to do now, and where to go.
StellaMD Send email
Oct 24, 2016

Settlement letter

Hi! I wanted to settle the loan with fin choice . I am struggling to get the settlement letter. I have been calling them since Friday . I don't know what to do now. Why are they doing this. I am not sure if I need to get my lawyers involved. I am not going to give them any money until this this letter is sent to me.
Pinah Send email
Oct 19, 2016


I have recently done a credit check on my name and to my surprise I'm in arrears with finchoice for 4 months.I do not have a loan with finchoice I'm told to contact the legal department I cannot get through and no one seems to know of an alternative number.
Firoza Send email
Sep 13, 2016


I am very disapoited for the mere fact that u guys keep on asking me to takeout a loan me that I'm interested u guys doing today keep to what u are saying. It's never about 2 weeks now almost that I'm waiting for a respond u guys r very unprofessional ND very unreliable u guys r going to loose ur custermers like this u need to think if u guys need a lone department if so do something about it if not then close it u r waiting ur own time ND others
michelove21 Send email
Jun 21, 2016



I am so irritated with all the calls i have received lately from Finchoice , i have explained countless times and the consultants who calls me even admit that account is up to date. I dont know why cant they update they systems and spare themselves the embarrassment .

I took out a loan with Finchoice which to date is up to date with payment , the records is not updated and ever since i am receiving calls from the collection dept and its annoying early in the mornong late at night why i dont know i have call countless times to address the matter and was told to speak to the collection supervisors Sigam / Siphelo not to sure if names is spelled correct and they refuse to accept my calls. The last consultant Siphiwe even dropped the call . I spoke with Eugene and i assured me that matter will be resolved in last week up to date i still receive calls. I wish they wake up and stop bothering paying customers.

0845693371 STOP CALLING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy Martin Send email
Apr 29, 2016


I took out a loan with Finchoice in February, and not long after I have found myself in a dire financial position where I am unable to make full payment on the installments. I've spoken to countless agents explaining my situation. I've now recently become a single parent and I'm not receiving any child support. I'm struggling to survive day to day, which I've told them. I'm in the process of implementing various systems to ease my financial burden. They said they would make a note of it on my account but they are still phoning me all the time. Yesterday I received 15 calls from Finchoice. This is harassment. Up to date I've received no less that 130 calls from them. I refuse to answer all these calls, as firstly I don't have time to talk to them all day, I work a full time and very stressful job on a switchboard and cannot take calls all the time, secondly they are charging me for all these calls. As I've explained to the agents, I'm in a dire financial position, where I cant even afford to buy food for my family, let alone pay the full installment. I do want to pay the account, I'm just unable to pay the full amount every month, until I start receiving child support, find cheaper accommodation, and when my divorce goes through I can go under debt review, I absolutely cannot to anything more. It looks like I will have to change my number in order for them to stop phoning me all the time. And when I do speak to them they are rude and they shout, you can't get a word in as they are constantly interrupting you.
MUSACELE6966 Send email
Mar 14, 2016


I have deposited R 20855.18 on the 11th March 2016 and I have received SMS showing R 17896.00 paid. The proof is attached and e-mailed to you.

Please, help me understand what happened.

Mr. M.S. Cele
721222 5400 088

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