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Mimiza Send email
Mar 14, 2016

Loan Approved but no pay out

I called to apply for a loan last week Thursday 10/03/2016, i was told that it has been approved and i emailed through the required documents on Friday 11/03/2016,Saturday and Monday but till this day i still don't know what the hold up could be. I kept on calling the whole weekend and i kept on getting different answers from different people.

I also called again this morning and i was told to upload my documents which i have been doing since Friday. I really don't know who to ask,what to do or what to upload anymore.

I have never experienced such bad service with Finchoice before.

Email:[email protected]
nonhlanhla.m Send email
Mar 4, 2016


I made a loan applicatio on Thursday last week and I was told that my application was successful but my need is not taken seriously people in the customer care are playful since last week I am waiting for you to validate my employment and nobody is coming back to me to apply for a loan with finchice in order for you to get money you must wait for more than a week .Your agent on Wed she was very rude she said I must stop shouting her and I did not shout.You have waisted my time waiting for you to credit my acc for more than a week .Name Mirriam Sithole.I should have applied with other loan instituitions if I knew about your service first time you get this .
nonhlanhla.m Send email
Mar 4, 2016


I made a loan applicatio on Thursday last week and I was told that my application was successful but my need is not taken seriously people in the customer care are playful since last week I am waiting for you to validate my employment and nobody is coming back to me to apply for a loan with finchice in order for you to get money you must wait for more than a week .Your agent on Wed she was very rude she said I must stop shouting her and I did not shout.You have waisted my time waiting for you to credit my acc for more than a week .Name Mirriam SITHOLE
Shanome Send email
Feb 25, 2016

Harassment and undue stress

Since Monday, I have received 28 calls from Finchoice to date.
I receive at least 7 calls a day asking me to make arrangements.
The Consultants are RUDE beyond.
Sometimes Finchoice calls and then hangs up after I answer.
I am tired of this harassment from Finchoice,
Khethy29 Send email
Jan 5, 2016

wrong billing

I took a loan with finchoice November 2015 of which they said I will start paying February 2016 as part of their promotion I am so surprised when their collection agents keep on calling me saying my account is on arrears how can they robbe people like this they debited my account twice and refunded me my money twice just so they can ruin my name I really don't get this their 3 collection agents who called me promised to sort it out but I am still receiving calls that my account is on arrears I am very good in paying my account check my credit report I only took their loan because their offer sounded too good
Khethy29 Send email
Jan 5, 2016

wrong billing

I took a loan with finchoice November 2015 they said I will start paying February 2016 as their part of promotion they debited my account twice and refunded me my money saying it was system error now their collection department agents called me about 3 times telling me my account is on arrears I really don't understand this how can they try to rip me off like this I am so fade up with finchoice and their system why they refunded my money if they going to say my account is on arrears they don't need to do promotions if they know they just wanna scam people please I really need help before this interfere with my credit report
tjididi Send email
Oct 2, 2015

charge extra

Good day
My name is Jeremia Kekana,I have account with fin choice.I was suprised one of the staff member calling me and saying I owe my kwik advance and I have paid the whole amount why they say I owe them I dont know because they too do not know.They send me pillar to post but they don help me.I can still see that my account was not rectified and when I ask them they say they could see that the account was paid up but they do not understand why they say I owe them.
[email protected] Send email
Oct 1, 2015

Over charged

I see there are lot of complaint about finchoice, i have finished paying my loan now all of a sudden interest amount to the value of R536 is deducted on my account when i reverse it and asked for explanation because I never got any statement since May , the month the increase the amount to R688 is this how the do business robbing us daylight because they are fly by night and i am going futher with this, i want to see them loosing they are business is is how they do business.

4141 Rooisteyn
016 457 5959
Francina Send email
Sep 14, 2015

Paid up loan now 3 years later finchoice wants to put in on Credit Bureu

To whom it may concern

I would like to lay a compliant about your service which I feel is very unprofessional and extremely bad

I had an account with your which I paid up 3 years ago. You issued me with a letter confirming this. One of your team leader Christelle confirmed that this was noted on your system. This payment was done in 2012 after you handed me over to your attorney, Since 2012 I have phone you a least twice a year requesting you to clear my name from the credit bureau. Every time the same story is told to me, that this will be done automatically – guess what after 3 years this is still not done

I, all of a sudden a month ago received a email out of the blue daily several email from below attorney stating that they are going to list me on credit bureau I first ignore the call’s at least 7 times a day the sms;s 4 to 5 times a day threatening me. I then just had enough made a phone call to the attorney asking them what there problem was and explain above to them. Also asking them to provide me with an account providing that I owe your money. The lady I spoke to said she will follow up with Fin choice. She also explain to me they are only dealing with collecting the debt she cannot assist with any further queries. If I need more info I need to speak to Fin choice. I have just wasted an hour of my time speaking to these attorneys

Neat less to say I phone Fin choice your offices very furious, the lady on the phone did not want to help me because I could not remember my previous office number even though I explained to her that this is my new office number. Because this does not correspond with the number on your system she cannot help me. After another 20 min of shouting and screaming she referred me to her team leader Christelle Hendriks or something. She listen to my story and accuse your back office that they cannot do their work. She promised to investigate and come back to me. Two days later and several sms;s, emails and calls from below mentioned attorneys see below email I phoned Christelle again as I have not heard from her yet. Guess what she is on lunch and cannot help me. The lady who assisted me notified me that the other team leader is currently busy but they assured me that they will get Christelle to phone me back

Another day passed attorneys still threating me, no call from your offices.

A day later I contacted Christelle again – she took about 10 min to get hold of, the call center lady apologize nicely for the hold up and told me Christelle is standing next to her and will speak to me know. She took another 2 to 3 minutes before she answered the phone, she advise me that the previous attorneys of 3 years ago who fin choice appointed to collect debt reversed the last payment that was made hence the reason why they handed me over to the new attorneys and she tried but could not get hold of the first attorneys to find out why this payment was reversed, I told her to ask below attorneys to step down until she has done her investigations and know what is going on. Her answer to me was she does not know if she can do this? Really now the client must be harass until your office decide when they want to actually do their job????????

I told her this is unacceptable. My account is paid up 3 years ago the mere fact the you came to me 3 years after the fact clearly indicates you have no clue what is happening in your business. I paid up my account you appointed both attorneys how can your because your feel like it appoint another attorney with no proof nor proper investigating the matter hand me over to new attorneys who are threatening me the client hourly. See email below

I need this sorted out a.s.a.p

I need my name to be removed from Credit Bureau and a letter stating this is done

I do not have time nor money to waste on a daily basis . (I am working daily long hours) to play pin ball between you’ and the new attorneys.

I would like you to request these attorneys to back off – properly investigate this matter – solve it – clear my name and send me proof

Thanking you

Kind regards

Francina Ackerman
Pierre Send email
Jul 2, 2015


I am being harassed on a daily basis by FinChoice looking for a lady called Rihana Johnson at my private home number.

I have repeatedly requested that my home number be removed from their system, but the daily harassment continues.

Please advise me on how to deal with the situation and where I can report this misconduct.
Sazzy123 Send email
Apr 28, 2015


It is seriously time that something is done about the marketing protocol of Homechoice & Finchoice.

I am constantly receiving phone calls from mostly Finchoice, but also Homechoice, trying to sell me goods or offer me loans.
The last straw was on SUNDAY, when I received a phone call from Homechoice at 08.45 to ask if I would like to set up a debit order payment method for my Homechoice account.

In addition to their phone calls, I also receive their catalogues on triplicate each month, because not only do they mail it to my physical address, they also (without my consent) send it to my company postal address and my company physical address.

Their marketing is extremely aggressive and borders on harassment.

I am extremely fed up with this organisation and I believe that I have as a result of their methods, made my last purchase at Homechoice, and once I have settled with Finchoice, I hope and pray they lose my details!!!
DSMyburgh Send email
Mar 24, 2015

Finchoice Harassment by call centre

Harassment by call centre seaching for an unknown Mrs Dlamini.
Finchoice call centre in Cape Town is harassing me and my wife since 2 March after receiving over 150 calls to date (24 March) from their call centre (using a series of about 40 different 087357xxx numbers looking for a Mrs Dlamini that is unknown to us.
No-one at your call-centre seems to understand that this is a private residence and are avoiding providing details and just keep on calling over 10 times per day from a series of 0883573000 to 0873574700. The call centre staff is unwilling to provide any information and answer on simple questions and extremely rude.There is a baby in the house and I just came back from an operation in hospital, just to be harassed and woken up constantly by your call centre.

I've finally learned that it is Finchoice collections harrasing us. Reported it, but still receive more calls.

Seems that these people are like robots and brainless. They cannot understand to delete my private telephone number from their system. Contact email to [email protected]
pmthembu Send email
Mar 6, 2015


I have settled my account last year and send through the proof. What come to my surprise they still deducting and telling me that im owing them. Kindly assist this matter has been going on for so long, since last year December 2014. Im really devastated about the service they render to their clients. I want this query resolved since on their side they are failing me. Thank you.

ID number 8402080953086
Contact number 0610773851
skhumbaz Send email
Feb 1, 2015


Hi. I have a problem about my credit is increasing daily. And our agreement on the installment was R849 bu now they debit R949 every month. Can you please clearify this for me. Regards S'khumbuzo Maseko
I'd No: 8109135533082
Cell no: 0716144685
MarithaC Send email
Sep 15, 2014

Default on my Credit Report

Due to the fact that the company I am working for pays me on irregular dates, I have decided to change my bank account and pay all debit orders manually. I have explained this to FinChoice and asked them to send me their banking details in order for me to do regular monthly payments. This went on for about five months. At some stage I received banking details without a branch number and the enquiries started all over again. About two months ago I finally received all the information I requested and immediately started my payments. However, on the 10th of July 2014, FinChoice lodged a default on my credit report in the amount of R6 441.00
My report shows that this debt has been written off as bad debt although I still pay the monthly installments and get regular hassling phone calls from the company's very nasty employees. They have to remove this default from my credit report as they were unable to supply me with their banking details while I was willing and eager to pay.

Default on my Credit Report

NDlamini Send email
Feb 27, 2014

Tablet not in working order

I was getting calls and e-mails from Finchoice selling me their Tablet on contract, stating they got my details from Home choice, I received the tablet in November a week or 2 later the camera stopped working, I requested that they come get it for fixing, they brought it back after about 2 week, Dec the 25th the camera did the same thing, didn't work I called finchoice on the 28th, they said they will collect it for fixing, I tried tracing the tablet with no luck after they took it and didn't return it. I then told them I don't want it anymore in any case it brings more problems than enjoying the product. This lady who was helping me Roegmah who is constantly not in the office finally today she gave me a "Quote" for surrendering the goods that I have been requesting from her for the last month and a half. the Quote is about R 2 700.00 that needs to be paid today. My concern here is I had a chance of using this tablet for less than a month and it spent most of its time at their warehouse for fixing and now im liable to pay R 2 700.00? I don't have any signed contract with them expect for a recording. Now I am getting calls from their call center from people threatening me and forcing me to pay them. what are the legal proceeding I need to take in this regard?
Candice53 Send email
Mar 23, 2012

account balance

Hi can you please send me your banking details via email so I can pay the settlement amout my email details are [email protected]
Fikile Ntimbani Send email
Feb 23, 2012

account balance

my name is fikile ntimbani i made arragemnet with 1 of the consulted but i have not received my response.can u pls send me the settlement amount of my account via email([email protected] send me the banking details where i can be able to pay off.
Mary-Anne Moatla Send email
Feb 23, 2012

account balance

I was trying to draw, but i blocked my pin number will you help me. MOA00378
Snookums Send email
Feb 23, 2012

account balance

i would like to know why do i not get every month a statement so i can know how long i still need to pay this finchoice
Feb 23, 2012

account balance

Dear Sir / Madam,
I made settlement payment last month as per our telecommunication, my complaint is, why is my account still debited, please advise when can i get the funds back or reversed ? PLEASE CONTACT ME ON THE FOLLWING :

Salaminah Malatsi
ID : 7102281177086
CEL : 0780721425

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