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Kdudeck Send email
Feb 11, 2021

Food sticks

We purchased one of these pans from the TV ad and food is sticking to the center of the pan. Never used any abrasive cleaner or put the pan on high heat. Is this pan warranties? The number on the handle is 6092.
roselady 316 Send email
Jan 7, 2021

credit card fraud

didnt recieve my pans and charged my credit card then I went to check and they made me reorder again and pay again ripoff called up
ggarth Send email
Dec 8, 2020


BS worked like you promoted for a week, try to do the right thing, Your commercial was believable your product crap, if you made the center of the pan robust, it may have made it a month. Your CEO needs corona I want my money back
Me! Send email
Oct 28, 2020


Crap Garage Bull She It Trash. I want my money back and those commercials to stop their lying!!!!
Joe Coffey Send email
Oct 2, 2020

garbage pans useless junk

I bought the hammered pan and got an egg pan with it. Both are useless. Liver sticks in it eggs are a waste of time and onions burn up like crazy. Not sure what pans they use in that fantastic TV ad. But it was certainly not the ones they sent me. I got junk. Complete useless waste of money and material in the pans. I would advise no one to buy Gotham steel.
vonka Send email
Jun 23, 2020

Where is my order

I placed this order in April it is now the end of June and I have yet to receive my items that I paid for----I want my items--Who can I complain to in order to receive my items that I paid for and was never delivered.

Order Summary
Confirmation #: 1205217498
Order #: 36862202016126090
Order Date: 04/13/20 Payment information:
Ship to Address

Item # Item Description QTY Price Status Notes
GOTH9INCBBO GS 9.5 INCH PAN 1 $19.99 Temporarily out of stock
GOTH9INFREE GS 9.5 INCH PAN 1 $0.00 Temporarily out of stock
Product Total: $19.99
Tax: $0.00
P & H: $0.00
Total: $19.99
ruthmaniscalco Send email
May 28, 2020

Did not get what was advertised

I ordered 10 piece Gotham hammered stackable cookware. I did not receive the hammered. There were no instructions. I called customer service and was told instructions were on the box. NOT TRUE. It was very difficult getting the pieces out of the box. Once out of the box I discovered it was not the hammered. Called customer service again telling them I was unhappy with their product. When I asked them to send a return label I was given the excuse they had no way to print one. There was no way that I could get all 10 pieces back into the original boxes. I needed help so I took everything I received to UPS for return. They had to return product in two boxes which cost me $134.11. I had originally paid $159.06. I want my money back; all of it. I'm a retired senior living on a fixed income. Please help me get all $294.17 back. I feel none of this was my fault.
Gotham123 Send email
Mar 20, 2020

Detective parts

Food sticks to our 9.5 inch pan. Your advertising is false and you are impossible to contact. You have several numbers to contact you with but non are available to us here in Canada. We bought this pan a year ago from Costco. The lack of customer service and support is appalling you should not advertise this product as stated.

In our view, these pots are garbage and should not be sold. Totally upset.....
Jaf Send email
Feb 26, 2020

Used 5 times and it’s garbage

I purchased the 9.5 Gotham steel pan based on all the advertising I’d seen in this product. First off, food sticks. So I resigned myself to using oil and I just noticed the ceramic titanium (seriously?) surface has a chip. It had been used a handful of times and always with silicone utensils. The lifetime warranty is a joke! You have to pay $9.95USD to ship it to them in order to get a replacement. I will not feed your never ending revenue stream, so the pan is garbage. And when I called, it was suggested I buy 2 for $19.95 because I refused to incur the shipping cost for a faulty product. Gotham steel should be studied as a cautionary tale of poor customer service. What a complete disappointment.
joy52 Send email
Dec 26, 2019


OK...I HAVE to admit this, I didn't read reviews about these pots and pans before purchasing them. At my age, one would think I'd do that! Anyway, my pans/pots have held up (SO FAR) however, I have noticed a while ago and poo-pooed it off thinking I just didn't wash the pan properly...anyway, I was making oatmeal using milk (of course) and noticed specks - gold like flecks in the milk. Someone said, maybe that's the way whole milk looks when heating it up (I didn't buy that but...). Enough is enough, today, as I was heating milk those little gold specks appeared and made me son who is visiting for Christmas thought I shouldn't be using the pan "just in case"....I am now quite concerned. I don't know if this happens with other foods because they have 'color' to them, milk makes it more noticeable. I no longer have a receipt so I am sure that Gotham Steel will not reimburse me or take back these pots and pans. Does Gotham even get back to anyone about complaints???

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
MWANN1 Send email
Dec 16, 2019


I have bought 2 returned 1 now after the third all are warped and stick horribly if you want a warranty pay $8.95 and send it back no thanks this has to be the worst pan in the entire market I have 10 year old black teflon that are better .I would complain but no way to do it but call not wasting my time NEVER BUY THIS OR ANY COPPER PANS EVER
Jimbo914 Send email
Oct 15, 2019

Truth in advertising???

After over two years with just about every Gotham Steel product, even the double sided grill, I think I've given these Gotham Steel products an extremely fair chance. They stuck right from the start!!! Shifted to Pam to spray before cooking...same result! Tried buttering a warm pan for eggs...same result! The final straw was yesterday while cooking rolled, stuffed beef with ample sauce around the pan...LOW HEAT...constant basting and NO LUCK!!! I was using the 12 1/2" pan with lid. I could not believe the mess this pan was!!! Applied dish detergent half dozen times, let sit overnight, scrapped with a spatula, finally destroyed the abrasive side of a sponge to clean. A dishwasher certainly was only going to bond the food to the surface. I can assure you that living alone means that these pans are not used daily and certainly not abused. Lastly, I think a quality set of 18/10 stainless steel pans would give the same result, without the danger of scraping an unknown material from the surface.


Me! Send email
Sep 30, 2019


Bought a whole set for my wife for Xmas. The whole set you can't even get clean. Can't afford new ones now. Have to use and God knows what I may be ingesting with all the scraping I have to do to remove my food from the cookware!

Ågain, GARBAGE! Avoid at all cost.
[email protected] Send email
Sep 8, 2019

Fake replacement warramty

Purchased 11" griddle and Gotham Steel 10pc red set, after purchase the 11" griddle started sticking almost immediately, used a few weeks more to try and maybe season pan but to no avail pan still sticks.
From the 10 Piece set the square saucepan sustained a crack in the lower seam on one side of pan, and the round 10" pan started scratching after a few uses.

Calling customer service was no help, they just went back and forth with my wife that we weren't using the pans properly (pans not hot enough, using water to help heat surface) and the outcome was that we would have to send items back (shipping to be paid by us no refunds if items were found faulty). With the shipping cost being what it was to return, we opted to buy another complete set of another name brand cookware.

Would recommend no purchase any items made by Gotham Steel.
Rusty444 Send email
Jul 28, 2019

poor quality

Poor quality My 12" pan warps and works horribly on my glass stop electric range. The heat is so uneven it only cooks in the middle. the non-stick surface is done and everything sticks to it. Their warranty isn't worth bothering with so the next stop for this $20. mistake is the trash can.
Rusty444 Send email
Jul 28, 2019

Poor quality of Gotham Steel Pan

I bought the 12 inch Gotham Steel Pan for $ 19.95 on sale at Wal Mart. From the very first time I used it I knew it was a poorly made inferior product. I have a glass top range. The pan would sit flat but as soon as you turned the burner on it would warp and spin like a top on the bowed surface. The bottom of the pan is just too thin. The heat was so uneven the pan only got hot in the middle. The non stick surface worked for a short time then became worse than an old bare aluminum pan that I've had for years. Now anything I attempt to cook in this POS pan sticks like glue. I wouldn't bother with their so called warranty, with shipping and handling charges it's not worth it. Today it goes in the trash, where it belongs!
David S Send email
Jul 8, 2019

non stick pans LOL

Pans worked great for about 3 months. Now everything sticks. To get my money back I have to spend my money to ship them back.,
for replacement or refund. Hell of a way to not stand behind your product. DO NOT BUY THESE PANS THEY ARE JUNK ! ! !
TUtica Send email
May 23, 2019

Pans stick horribly

12" and 9" pans are garbage, everything sticks. Save your money and buy a cheap $10 pan which will work way better. LOUSY PRODUCT, LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!! JUNK!!!!!!!!!
TUtica Send email
May 23, 2019

Pans stick horribly

The Gotham 12" and 9" fry pans claim to be non stick. Nothing could be further from the truth!!!!! They are a rip off, save your money and buy a $10 no stick pan. Lousy quality, lousy customer service, a great learning experience. DON'T BUY GOTHAM!!!!!!!!!!
scootergal Send email
May 4, 2019


This isn't a complain. A question or observation; I guess. Is there a cover for the handle to make it easier to hold? So far the pan is fine. You do need to use non stick spray on your spatula, otherwise you can't turn your eggs. I not sure about flipping them (HA,HA)'
I hope to hear from you are someone with a helpful suggestion.
A new customer.
morti Send email
Apr 9, 2019

non stick pan...ha!

So much for the Gotham Steel warranty for their copper cookware! My $20 copper pan has failed miserably just months after purchase. The company policy is mail back the pan ($7.00) and send $9.95 for them to replace pan which is warranted. This so called policy means I have just paid almost the full amount all over again for a supposed warranted item....quite shrewd indeed for this company!

Based in New York, Gotham Steel should be ashamed of their useless warranty.
searay0509 Send email
Feb 9, 2019


My partner bought into they're infomercial that included the "LIFETIME WARRANTY! that's since been revised to 30days! ours is the LIFETIME CLAUSE GUARANTEE! we've waited 8mths for our 2nd set replacmnts w/mny calls since all lies!! Lie 1. It was on back order. Lie 2. Its been shipped, but no tracking & a lot of bck peddling talk ..(btw, wldn't get awy w/speaking to me) ultimately weve yet to receive them, 8mths later! The end all.. to be told today you ship bck your pcs on your dime & we'll replace them! MY ADVISE DO NOT, I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENGH Buy into there newly improved BS! NOT ONLY are these the WORST pots, pans pcs I've ever used to the point of my frustration now dread entering the Kitchen knowing my works of art will burn, stick or end up raw. This is very sad I feel this way I'm ITALIAN. I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE TO COOK! NOT so much THESE DAYS. The moment HEAT HITS these pcs they WARP badly causing heating inconsistencies! Scratches, & Pits. forget about wiping clean is a farce! the quality they show while cooking on tv are clearly far superior pcs then what you will receive. One side is done the other stuck, burned or raw! This comes from someone whose mastered cooking w/SS pcs! I'm a firm believer in proper technique when it comes to using the correct tools in the kitchen, regardless of there testimonials claims or other! They are the worst pcs I've had the displeasure of using! STAY AWAY!
Jeanette Ott Send email
Feb 6, 2019

Sticking and scratching

This has to be the biggest SHAM I have ever seen! Every pan I have sticks they have scratches on them and I don’t abuse them. Their guarantee is absolutely hilarious I could not believe what they asked me to do. I have to pay for my own shipping back, then I have to pay nine dollars shipping and handling for each SINGLE PAN that they send back under the warranty to me!!!!!!!!!!! I might as well go buy a brand new set of cookware that is decent and will do a lot better job than Gotham has done. This lifetime warranty crap is just what I said crap. The customer service agent told me that in order to get your eggs not to stick they have to be room temperature. I must have missed that part of the commercial. Seriously people stay away from them their product is no good and THEY DO DOT HONOR their promise to the customer!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete BS
[email protected] Send email
Jan 21, 2019

9 inch pan

everything sticks from day one, absoute trash and waste of money
Natasha15 Send email
Dec 27, 2018

Pots and pans

after using these pants for over a week I've noticed that the pots get a film on them they are definitely not dishwasher safe Gotham steel needs to read define their commercial with the truth.

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