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drae Send email
Nov 22, 2021

Susan Thomas Jewel School

Can management at Jewel School please talk to Susan Thomas about her constant chatter about her boyfriend Tony. That is really all I have to say...... she always finds a way to insert his name. We all know by now that it is the Tony that works as the Master Jeweler for JTV. It is so High School for her to act so giddy, maybe it is a Tennessee thing, but our TV hosts in LA do not act like JTV hosts do........... do something please.
drae Send email
Nov 22, 2021

Jewel School Susan Thomas

It is so nice to see that Susan Thomas is happy and in love with someone named "Tony"..... although, I think we all have realized that it is the Tony who works at JTV and is a Master Jeweler. Her school girl giddiness is really obnoxious. She had him on the show last week, and tried to act as if they were only co-workers working for JTV. Sorry, Susan it was quite obvious that you and "that" Tony are together. Plus, Alicia H. acted like a 5th grader giggling and looking at the crew, as if she and the others were getting prepared for an on air kiss or proposal. Ladies Please.....we don't want to hear about your personal life, we tune in to see the beads you are selling. Keep your personal crushes off air.........................JTV Management must be sleeping when their shows are on. Observe you staff please.
P%[email protected]#$ Send email
Sep 17, 2021

Bad hosts. I'm no longer a customer.

HEIDI: "To be perfectly honest with you ..." I don't believe a word she says. I'm a Christian, but I don't want to be preached tto by a shyster. Sister WENDY: Her nasal whine is excruciating, but adding UH on the end of words is a ridiculous and annoying affectation. "This is available in size 9UH. Beautiful ringUH." Not the uh between sentences, but added to the end of many, many words. REBECCA: Just give her a cigar, a big bottle of bourbon and a script to read. BOYS: They all talk too much instead of showing jewelry. MISTY AND NIKKI are obviously the stars and top sellers. I find them entertaining (banter, silly hair & make-up), but their grammar is atrocious .... a common feature among all of your hosts. There are others, but these are the most egregious. I no longer watch and share my money with y'all.
marhaba Send email
Aug 28, 2021

Please finish your sentences

I can't stand to hear them start a sentence, interrupt themselves, interrupt their own interruption.... ad infinitum. Leslie is the only host that can finish a sentence--thank goodness for her! Also, please mute your microphone if you're going to take a drink or eat something--nobody wants to hear that.
teacher99 Send email
May 19, 2021


What has Kristen done to her face?? At one time, she was a pretty girl. Now, she looks almost freakish. Enough with the plastic surgery and fillers! Her face has become so immobilized from so many procedures, it barely moves when she speaks. Her lip freezes up and juts out in an odd way whenever she tries to pronounce certain words. So, you can tell she's experiencing numbness in the jaw and mouth. She looks like a big weird plastic doll.
Kate S. Send email
May 19, 2021


Will the hosts STOP promoting their pov with regard to the "v" word, the "p" word, and "sd!" Who wants to listen to that over and over and over again?!! Stop it already!! We're all aware of the circumstances. I can't watch jtv anymore; every time I start to enjoy the show, some annoying fool host belches out this promotion. I want to watch the show, but I've been changing the channel! I can't stand to listen to it anymore!
Kate S. Send email
May 18, 2021


Donna P Send email
May 9, 2021

The haters

Listen to ME!! You have a lot nerve host bashing. I have my favorite hosts (so hello Rebecca Moore) and hosts that I truly dislike. I would never name and condemn anyone of them.
YOU HATERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! You need to shut your evil mouthes.
Done rant
Jeanine elizabeth Send email
Feb 7, 2021


I love all of the hosts, except for the following:

1) Heidi is EXTREMELY dull and boring.
2) Wendy has a very annoying accent and drawl. Whenever she talks, I have to turn the volume off.
3) Dawn is irritating because she is so absent minded, constantly having to correct herself, and comes across as manic at times.
drae Send email
Jan 11, 2021

Alicia H.

Alicia H. is very creative and bubbly..........but, her attention level is low...and appears to be not the brightest light bulb on the street. I wish she would think before she blurts out her thoughts. It makes her look unintelligent. Then she laughs at herself as if she was so cute. Please give her training as to how and when she should laugh out loud and speak. One other note, if I have to hear one more word about her being pregnant I think I will scream.
Nancy Merryman Send email
Jan 9, 2021

Poor performance

Why is Misty 's hair so sloppy looking ? Its distracting !! Theres no reason for a poor appearance on TV !!
Scott Parker..and Robert Thomas TALK way too much and don't show enough jewelry !! I refuse to watch them !! I have to tape every show just to get through to the jewelry !! Nicky Rouleau..and Melissa Wolf are excellent ..They look attractive and are organized ..showing nearly all the jewelry on the trays..I watch JTV because I love the quality and prices..I'm disabled with a large Family ( Girls) and I love to give jewelry as gifts ...
ladylis Send email
Nov 21, 2020

TV Hosts' Integrity

Improve for the sake of 2020 quarantine...Misty, your extended blond pieces look HORRIBLE. Mandy, your hanging blond pieces do not match the top of your bleached blond. Kirsten, yours is getting longer by the day--- too obvious. There is far too much information given for a single piece of jewelry that is necessary. Like another who noticed, Misty appears to be the host that does not give honest description of the jewelry. IF I buy during her show, it usually goes back the next day I take from the mailbox. By now, those of us viewing know the longevity of yours and Nikki's employment. Sell the jewelry! Further, if Girlfriend Friday is primarily to show case the host, invest in a stylist. The leggings and stilettos make you both look unprofessional and cheap. Lastly, and most importantly, EMPLOY a BLACK host. Your viewers are Black, your customers are Black. She doesn't have to be perfect. If I can tolerate those two silly new blondes that you keep pairing up, then surely you can find a Black woman who can sell jewelry. And coach Kirsten a little more. She tends to interrupt when another host is speaking. Heidi is pleasant but boring, haven't seen her sister in awhile. Did she return to the court room? If I hear about the Argyle mines closing again, I'm going to break the TV screen. We got it. And finally, for chrome diopside, sleeping beauty and tanzanite to be scarce, you seem to be able to keep selling it. If you can't buy BLUE aquamarine, please stop selling it.
Chase1 Send email
Jun 7, 2020

No people of as host

Really not a complaint, just an observation.

I been watching and buy from it a couple of years now and I have yet to see a permanent people of color. one time I was one who appeared to be in training, if I remember correctly she host late a night (after 1pm slot). I just wonder why.
WendysJTV Send email
Mar 20, 2020

New hosts

Entirely too much laughing on JTV and unnecessary chatter. Tell us about the jewelry you are selling and move on to the next item.
tizzysmum Send email
Jan 17, 2020

Jewel School

I have been watching Jewel School now for about 2 years or so. Loved Sheree Henry, and Susan Thomas. Sheree is no longer on JTV which is very sad, she was funny and I enjoyed watching her. Susan is great and informative about making jewelry. But now she has Rebecca Moore on with her and frankly, I can't watch any longer. They just had on a couple guest hosts Candi Cooper and Dale Gulka (?). Anyway they hardly had time with Susan, than back come Rebecca with her loud obnoxious laugh and loud voice, she's too much for flesh and blood to take. I'd just soon have Susan take over the helm, than share it with Rebecca, she doesn't need any help. Susan can maintain the show all on her own. I'll browse the web on Jewel School days and check out Susan's how to videos, but can't watch them live, not as long as Rebecca is hosting that show. JTV needs to listen to it's customers, if we are indeed so important to them and their sales. Plus the shipping costs are getting over the top. Plus you never get your full purchase price back, s&h both ways are kept by JTV. Most times I just kept the item (unless it's defective), rather than loose out on costs. Amazon, has free shipping and faster service and a lot of good jewelry items a lot less expensive. Jewel School has been jacking up their prices as of late as well.
cmitch70 Send email
Jan 8, 2020


I have nothing against trying to sell products on T.V., but a modicum of honesty should be required. I often hear how much the jewelry products are "solidly made" or heavy in silver content, but when they arrive, they are flimsy and lightweight. It's often embarrassing to wear some of the Bella Luce pieces. They literally look as if they were purchased from a gumball machine. Now, the artisan and genuine gem stone pieces are much more of a viable investment; however, if you're going to sell simulated pieces, do so with care. Simulated or not, if I'm spending my money, the pieces ought to be made well. I've been a customer for about 2 years and my earlier pieces were much nicer. Stop focusing so much on Tanzania and the country's refusal to allow you all to pilfer its natural resources and start producing worthwhile Exotica pieces that don't look like they fell out of a Cracker Jack box!! Sell, yes, but do so with integrity. I find the most famous JTV hosts are infamous for spewing half-truths and whole lies. Enough already!!
erny44 Send email
Oct 6, 2019


I have found JTV to be lacking in diversity. Now that you have one token, Shauna, I have noticed how the other hosts treat her. What they do to her would be subtle to some unless you are used to the treatment as a minority. Her comments are left hanging and the interaction between her and some of the hosts are not the usual easy conversation you see between the 'old timers'. It is very obvious to me what they are doing. They do not want to help her or even want her and just tolerate the situation until the ax falls on her as it has so many others. This is unfortunate because she is good at descriptive terms but lacks knowledge of the product. It is not clear if she will be given training in this area or needs to do this on her own. This missing element makes her presentations weak. I hope she is strong enough to overcome some the obvious attempts at sabotage. So Shauna, get rid of the glue on nails, get your hair together and stop the distracting licking of your teeth. You can do this just as well as any one of your counterparts. Probably better once you get grounded. Your voice is perfect, you are articulate, just need to get some more knowledge under your belt. I have seen the verbal improvement already. You just need to be able to talk about the gems, metal's and origins, etc., a bit more. Good luck and god bless!

Remember...the best revenge is success!
erny44 Send email
Jul 6, 2019

Artificial nails

Nikki Rouleau brags about being with JTV for years. Is there no employment guideline that your hands should be television ready at all times. Her nails are chipped, the polish is sloppy. I find it distracting. JTV is in millions of homes. If I were her I would be embarrassed at how I am maintaining myself.
Redrose1965 Send email
May 29, 2019


Leave it to women to get on a forum and tear others down, you need a life if you think this is appropriate behavior. Yes there are things about some of the hosts that bother me but I was raised better than to be awful to people especially people I don’t even know. Definitely not Christian behavior so all you need to think about your nastiness when you walk into to church next time because Jesus doesn’t like ugly nasty and petty. The lady with a grammar issue get a life. Most of you here need a life,can’t believe the terrible behavior.
WendysJTV Send email
Apr 13, 2019


Wrote something here yesterday but it hasn't appeared. I have a difficult time watching Lauren, a new host who often is paired with Jennifer. Constant smiling no matter what. No one does that! Why is she still on JTV?
WendysJTV Send email
Apr 13, 2019


There is a new host, Lauren, who is often paired with Jennifer. She smiles too much--all the time. Very distracting!!!! I do not enjoy watching when she is on and often change the channel.
WendysJTV Send email
Apr 6, 2019

New hosts

Lauren, a new host, is very difficult to watch. Constant smiling whether she's talking or silent.
[email protected] Send email
Feb 8, 2019


Ok I have been waiting to say this but I can no longer wait-Mandy is a big blabber mouth hilbilly who throws herself at all the big shot guests-----she talks over everyone...….she repeats herself constantly and she chased Remy Rotenier right off the show...she is constantly cutting people off and dominates every co-host. I would like to see her get lost...I am a good customer but when I see her I shut it off! How can she be allowed to act this way? She is a big blow hard and has bad manners.....her fake hair is annoying--and if she says "it looks like money" one more time I am going to scream...…..she is soooooooooo low-class.
Silvertycoon Send email
Oct 24, 2018

RE: Jana Laurin Dishonest Host

Re: Jana Laurin Dishonest Host:

I can't buy anything from her because I don't know if what she is saying is the truth. You must be able to believe the person selling you a product. Apparently JTV doesn't care and I guess they are a Dishonest company.

Also on the Net Worth Sites. She apparently told one site she is worth $2.5 million, another $20 million, and another $900,000.00.

Which is it as you said? Cant be all three. She owns a big house in Maine not far from the Bush clan I heard . That is at least $2 million there, plus the Condo in Tennessee. So , I would guess less than $20 million, but more than $2.5 million. However, that is not really the point. She can't tell the truth and she got her wealth in a dishonest way. I know all about her past and it is unethical , immoral, and would shock the viewers if they knew it. I will just say she is not really the person you see on air and leave it at that.
Ken Banter Send email
Oct 24, 2018

Jana Laurin Dishonest Host

Jana is so dishonest:

On one of her shows she said that she flunked Marine Biology , but on her online Resume , she says she has BA in Marine Biology and Acting. I know she was trying to "be like" the viewers when she said it. Like I am stupid like you. But which is it?

On another show she claimed Cushion cuts keep value better than round cuts. I knew that was wrong and checked with a GIA member that graduated #1 in her class and she said that was incorrect. Jana must have wanted to get her sales up.

She says on show that she is a cluts , but on her Resume she lists she plays sports.

I know people that she told one she grew un in New York and the other she told she grew up in Maine. Which is it? She also deletes conversations because she doesn't want people to catch her saying two different things.

She also stated on a show that Kristen got her the Job on JTV, but in Bio she claims she saw an AD and responded for host job. Again , which is it?

She also has a past she tries to keep hidden from the JTV viewers . Just google Jana Laurin Animation and look at photos and you should see her .

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