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Truthteller Send email
Apr 2, 2018

terrible grammar

Jennifer: "This color is Jana and I's favorite." Misty and many others: "The color of these stones are remarkable." Also: "Thank you for joining my co-host and I". Nikki: "In just a moment, I will show a beautiful necklace". I run to the tv, and the so-called "necklace" is merely a pendant and chain, or even worse, just a silver or gold chain, with no stones. Wendy calls every single diamond bracelet a "tennis bracelet" whether it's a line bracelet of solitaires or not. Scott and the other "rock a feller" say "strohnium" titanate instead of stronTium titanate. I could go on and on, but what's wrong with your schools down there? I should also mention that if you have very freaky thumbs like Melissa (ugh) and Jennifer, try to keep them out of camera range.
MeMe60 Send email
Jan 31, 2018


Really. If you people were children,I'd laugh and say " kitten fight,kitten fight" as I do with my 3 year old grandson. Truly ,never have I read such childish petty jealous rantings. I have watched jt v since day 1. If you don't like a particular host's voice; turn off the volume or turn the channel. Remember, all people are different and have different likes and dislikes. What you like I may not and vice-versa. JTV is not designed for you and you alone. All catty woman-child complaints aside, isn't this supposed to be a company complaint board ? I have ordered many things as gifts from jtv and received things as gifts from jtv. They have great customer service. Their product are of good value. Stop being jealous brats and grow up,no matter what your age. Stop criticizing the hosts voices,bodies,etc. If you think you can do a better job, try it.
xsshopping Send email
Jan 15, 2018

show hosts who are trying to impress

There are a couple of hosts who are constantly dropping info on how they spent the weekend or a recent trip jet setting around the country.....What does that have to do with us buying jewelry.....Also, a new host made reference to her privileged upbringing on a recent moissanite show...probably because the vendor is from a privilaged background. Many of the hosts are nice, down to earth and relate well to the general public but several are intent of telling us how they have this and have that and go here and go there.....we dont care...
xsshopping Send email
Jan 15, 2018

employee who was fired

In response to the person fired for being late during inclement weather, I just want to say it is a pretty bad precedent....Especially when a couple of your show hosts are continually missing their weekend assignments due to being under the weather or had to be out of town.
xsshopping Send email
Jan 15, 2018

firing of employee

In response to a poster who was a longtime employee who was fired for being late during inclement weather, I say that is shameful.....I constantly see certain hosts who are continually absent.....Many times, their absence comes on weekends and the excuse given to the public is they are under the weather..... Kind of sad that an employee is terminated who is behind the scenes and those on camera get the benefit of the doubt
sjenkins Send email
Jan 11, 2018

Nikki and Misty...!

Not complaining about those two ladies, but what the hell is that fake nails on Nikki...? If JTV claims whatever hundred thousands or million of people watch it, can't they just get a batter manicurist or nail specialist to make that Nikki's gaudy, overly too long, and disproportionate nails to look a little more real? It looks it has been down in a discount nail store in a strip mall at bargain prices, and it is overdue for a rework for a couple of weeks or so.

Misty used to have more shapely nails which were done better than Nikki's, but that gaudy looking gross French manicure that she got now blew it for her It screams cheap and fake.

I only watch JTV Friday evening for a couple of minutes when I sip my coffee then change channel. Not a shopping TV watchers but those two I mentioned can help their nails to look a little more real. Or so I think.
llisadoree Send email
Dec 1, 2017

Misty and Nikki

What's up with these 2 hosts Misty and Nikki suffering from the same affliction? They both sound like they've got the worst cold and should be in bed. Do they need meds or a drug test? They sound like they have what is known as a coke sniffing stuffed nasal talk. They really need to check that out. Cuz it's distracting when you hear them unconsciously sniffing to keep their nose from running. I dont say this to be mean or judgemental, I'm concerned because I used to do a lot of sniffing in the 80s and 90s and i used to talk like that too. I've been clean for 21 yrs. If they are doing this, I tell them it's no secret because those of us that have been there recognize it just by the way you talk. There are alot of health risks in doing this. Take care girls life is presious.
Tabithasparkles Send email
Nov 18, 2017

Rebecca Moore Jtv Host

Please please Watch Rebecca yourselves and Understand WHY she should NOT be a Host. She stutters her words, uses "UM" like it's her job, She has no idea "HOW" to present an item, COUGHS like a Smokers Cough out into the air, She does not cover her mouth, has no clue how to Show jewelry, She shakes horribly and We as viewers cannot see the item.
When Rebecca is on, I can't handle listening to her Smokers-Manly Trucker voice. I have to mute her out or change the channel and I MISS OUT on Excitingly BEAUTIFUL jewelry because I can't Tolerate her any longer.
I have been a JTV customer for a very long time...I believe over 10 years and have Always Enjoyed the girls but My Goodness not her.
JTV REPRESENTATIVES Have got to read these reviews and LISTEN to Your Customers, The SAME Customers of which You all make your Living by. Please do something about this issue. You have More to Lose than Gain by keeping her.
Jeebes Send email
Nov 15, 2017

It's not New Year's Eve or a fancy party

I like all the guys. Tommy, Robert and Scott.
All the ladies are fine too except for Sharon. Dies she think she's at a formal event every day?? Too dressy and doesn't dress age appropriate at all. Off the shoulders, cutouts, hair thrown over one shoulder etc she looks totally ridiculous. Trying to be a sex kitten??? I don't watch her.
blahblah123 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

turn the channel if you dont like the hosts

why don't all of you just stop watching the channel and shop online if they irritate you so much.
Sitting there saying how annoying the hosts are well you all are very very annoying cause no one is making you watch the channel.
Like really complaining that they refer to us as family..come on. they are trying to make a living and provide for thier family just like everyone else.
Don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. what ever happened to that saying?
BXR Send email
Nov 4, 2017

Lack of Diversity in Hosts

I've purchased jewelry from JTV over the years, but I'm ashamed to admit it. It's shocking that in 2017 you don't appear to have one host that isn't white, and compounding that, they sound like they're all fresh from the trailer park. Really JTV! It's not a good look, especially not for a southern company. What's up with that? Reconsidering where I spend my money.
Ginny Ybanez Send email
Sep 22, 2017

Judgemental Viewers

I can't believe how catty some of you are. If you have a problem with the hosts just switch the channel! For cryin' out loud, cut these gals a break. No one is perfect, and I doubt you all could do any better if you were on camera everyday and had to talk and try to sell your product for hours on end. Yeah, sometimes a few of them have an "off" day, and might be a little annoying, but I believe these are sincere people just doing their job. I love most of the jewelry, and JTV has always been good about refunds if I am not satisfied with an item. A little kindness goes a long way. Stop being so judgmental!
Sasha miller Send email
Aug 5, 2017

Rebecca moore

The. WORST. Host on the air. I like to watch jtv and have been for years. Her loud barking, constant gasping breaths, and lack of info drive me nuts and need to change. What happened to the good hosts? PLEASE remove her. THE WORST.
BusyBea Send email
Jul 14, 2017

Rebecca Moore is sooo ANOYING

JTV show host Rebecca Moore is one of most annoying tv host I have ever tried to watch and listen to. The eye blinking, rolling, blaring and glaring along with constantly looking into the monitors at herself and out into space trying to find that spot she came from, makes her so hard to watch. Then she jabs, taps, pokes and points at the jewelry. TAP TAP TAP...JABBER JABBER GLARE. EYE ROLL BLARE. She jabbers incessantly. I am amazed that her jaw isn't jacked after at least an hour. And oh my goodness she is on for hours at a time. When this lady is on I always mute the sound so I don't have to listen to her blathering. Her voice is grating and sounds like she's shouting. I miss most of any info about an item, if she ever gets around to telling us anything useful. She is either on speed, high on energy drinks or maybe drinks too much caffeine from that big ol' coffee mug she cuddles up with at home. Rebecca maybe a nice person in person, but I do not think being a tv host is her forte nor should it be her career.
Jannis1013 Send email
Jul 12, 2017


So MANY complaints on her, all she wants to do is admire herself on TV. Take the monitor away from her
DeenaMoulin Send email
Jun 25, 2017

BAD T. V. Host

Several Hosts have No Reason being Hosts!!! Rebecca, OMG, is a Ding Bat!!! Everyone agrees!!! Makes JTV look bad!!! Even being on in the early morning hours!!! Get rid of her!!! Misty is Rude, a Control Freak & bounces off the walls!!! She has No business being in front of a camera!!! Fat, bleached blonde, teased hair Nikki, needs to Go!!! Losing Avi, Erin & Meg, y'all's Loss!!! They were Beautiful Classy & Professional!!! Other networks are benefiting from them now!!!
loiu Send email
Jun 20, 2017

jtv hosts

im an avid gemstone enthusiast and have become increasingly disappointed that bella can be on countless hours while gemstones have been reduced to a paltry few hours a week,youve betrayed your roots and obviously are looking to the bottom line exclusively.your hosts are more concerned with being a tv personality than being a credible jewelry sales person,ive never seen as many affectations as your hosts display,from rebeccas eye rolls and loud outbursts to talking so fast as to sound like a carnival barker.with rebecca i half expect her head to turn around backwards,my friends and i find it humorous how your hosts steal each others mannerisms and affectations although its not unexpected as they work so closely together,i feel compelled to comment about Scott,in contrast to your fast talking hosts scott should come with a fast forward button,his knowledge is impressive but his rhetoric can continue for a painfully long period prior to showing the item,why cant he show and tell at the same time,additionally,the counting down on supply one at a time can be extremely annoying,100,99,98,97.96,95 94 93,92 91 90,89,88,87,86 85 84 ,please stop! understandably,your hosts feel a need to impress but regardless of your personal ego realize your are glorified jewelry sales persons that have a public forum and a captive audience but do not forget the audience has the final say we tune out or off,i regularly get further annoyed with your hosts when referring to the audience as family, i realize we are your bread and butter but there comes a time when its perceived as so much BS,there is no way that you please everyone all of the time but it would be of benefit if your hosts would take themselves a little less seriously and lose the self promotion as nikki never fails to mention shes been in the business for thirty years and known as the diamond girl,the pearl girl etc.please bring back gemstones even if you lose a few dollars it would go a long way towards customer satisfaction,its very difficult buying gemstones online from photographs,additionally,you dont give the clarity in the descriptions,would you buy a diamond from a picture without knowing the specifics?i can only conclude that you are no longer concerned withe gemstone side of your business beyond supplying your personal needs for the jewelry side,ive also noticed that you are creating more and more structured shows like girlfriend friday ,rockafellas etc,this promotes host self awareness that manifests their own self promotion and perception that they are stars,im further annoyed with hosts claiming they absolutely need a specific piece and that they will be puchasing "said item"which leads me to its either so much hype or they are grossly overpaid "why not"
Leeesa22 Send email
May 29, 2017

JTV Morgan

I've watched all the TV shopping channels since the 80s and I've never had a host annoy me as much as Morgan on JTV! OMG with the fast talking, whiney voice and constantly looking to one side (so you only see one side of her face), she is unwatchable! Someone agrees because she is gone! Does anyone know what happened, did she leave or was she fired? Just curious!
Nosmittenkitten Send email
May 17, 2017


While I pretty much agree with the comments about Jana and her over animated expressions and constant dufous head nodding, Wendy (her dirty Cheeto nails) and especially Rebecca and her constantly repeating herself what I'm going to hit on are the hosts Misty Mills and Wendy pushing lackluster diamonds as, "bright, white and sparkly" They are grey, cloudy and dull but that is understandable when one buys a $99.99 diamond ring. Just be honest about it and leave out the false adjectives.
JTV could stand to hire some fresh faces but if not maybe have your existing hosts read this feed.
And by the way, Misty, nobody believes your highlights come, "au natural from the sun" You're funny...
Moissy Send email
May 3, 2017

Certain show hosts

I agree with those who complained about Rebecca and Jana. They are the worst, especially Jana. Jana's voice has a high pitched very sharp sound and if she doesn't stop raising her eyebrows she'll need BoTox way before her time. Jana's gemological knowledge is also limited. Ah, Rebecca: She yells during her presentations with the tone of a truck driver at times. I wish she'd act more like a lady. Finally, with Heidi Kouns I sometimes don't know whether I'm watching a mediocre jewelry show or listening to a church sermon. Please leave your piety at your bible study group and at church. I'm a Christian but I don't wear it on my sleeve. In sum, Heidi's shows are so boring with high pressure sales tactics.
Fluke 31355 Send email
Mar 17, 2017

Nails on hosts

Omg please have your host clean their nails! When they show jewelry their thumbs are filthy under their nails ! It's sickening. Especially Wendy's! Omg
Katarina Send email
Mar 11, 2017

Other's complaints

This is not a complaint, rather I am responding to other's complaints. I don't understand how anyone could have a problem with Jana. I think she is lovely, sweet, and very knowledgeable. And I also want to say, give Rebecca a break! People are way too judgemental. Rebecca seems especially nice and she's funny. As far as customer service goes, everyone I have ever dealt with has been so warm, friendly, and extra helpful. Keep up the good work JTV!
WendysJTV Send email
Mar 5, 2017


Please remove Jana from the viewing public; her facial expressions and laugh are very distracting. I turn the channel when she is on.
Gwen888 Send email
Dec 23, 2016

Wendy's Voice

I really hesitated in writing this -- but I decided it has to be said. While I'm sure Wendy is a sweet person, her voice is NOT suited for television. The nasal screechy tone of her voice is so incredibly annoying -- I cannot sit through a show of hers. I have actually muted her because I wanted to see the product presentation-- but no person should have to do that. I'm a longstanding jtv customer and have bought thousands of dollars of jewelry from jtv. I also know other customers that have complained about this and actually refuse to watch her shows. Don't feel really great about writing this, but I do believe it has to be said.
Cranbud Send email
Nov 3, 2016

No Diversity at JTV

I watch JTV, and sometimes shop with the network. I do agree with other customers that it is disturbing that as new hosts continue to be hired, there is not one host of color on JTV. Truly, this is not what a network in the year 2016 should look like. Surely, there are African American, Indian, Latina, and hosts of other ethnicities that better represent the demographics of America who can do the job as well as the white hosts!

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