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Consumer complaints and reviews about KFC Malaysia

Teng Y.Y. Send email
Apr 21, 2015


Greetings - Yesterday 21/04/2015 4.45pm I patronized KFC at Jalan Universiti. I asked for take away - 2 Sets of Tuesday Treats Snack Plate. None, no such offer I was told, but I told the Indian girl Cashier that I was pretty sure this promotion is on for year 2015 continuous offer from year 2014 to which I've been a regular customer. That girl by the name of MAZITA just next counter to the indian girl answered but was quite rude in her reply - making me felt "terhina". Its such a humiliation being told in such a manner with her facial expression that I'm like begging for cheap treats, after answering me she immediately turn to her customers totally ignoring me.
Whats going on. Why are your staffs in all KFC restaurants in Malaysia not brief thoroughly over your products. I've come across staffs who do not know the package set that I order - I have to explained to them.
Off late I notice theres a decline pertaining to services given by most KFC outlets. Texas Chicken was the other way round, they are attentive and apologetic.
When delivery is concern, your telephonist aren't professional too. Try odering Nandos, Dominos and you'll understand what I'm trying to say to KFC Malaysia.
Azmin Send email
Jan 17, 2015

Rude Kfc Supervisor at Quill Mall City

I went to Kfc Quill City Mall on 16 January 2015 at 6.15pm.While queue supervisor name Zaleha was not smile and rude to one of customer,"she yelled to customer "i said 10 minutes".When come to my turn I asked her "kenapa awak tak senyum dan kasar dengan customer" She said"saya marah encik ke" My answer to her "awak supervisor sepatutnya hormat customer" She just show her anger and challenge me launch complaint to Kfc Customer Service.Her impolite attitude is unacceptable!!This is my 1st bad experience with kfc staff.How come kfc can hired impolite supervisor she supposed to smile and polite!!Seeking your explaination!!
Disappointed Customer Send email
Jan 1, 2015

Poor Cleanliness

I just finish a meal with my family at your Sunway Pyramid outlet. Its New Years so we understand the crowd and the long queue but what is unacceptable is the cleanliness of the place. The tables were left un-cleaned long after the previous customer left. There were easily 15 empty tables but all were not cleaned. There were two staff cleaning tables but they were only cleaning tables that were to be closed. This happen at 9.10pm and as far as I know the outlet closes at 10.00pm. Is it a standard practice for cleaning crew to close certain sections one hour before closing time? The place was so dirty....the tables were dirty...the floor was dirty...the hand wash area was dirty... I cleaned my table myself while the cleaning crew watch and not even offer help.What is happening to KFC? Kindly ensure the outlet manager gets this complain and improvement is done.
sue9578 Send email
Dec 12, 2014

delay delivery

Hi,i would like to express my unsatisfaction on delivery order in section 28 shah alam.i place an order with promised that delivery time is 45minutes.i wait until 1hr 30minutes & keep calling the customer service center...but i cant get the reply since the staff cut off my line without notice.then after the 5th call again to ask regarding my order,the staff didnt reply anything.then i decided to cancel the order after i start makes a complaint.the staff rudely said that i should cancel my order since i express my unsatisfaction to her.without sorry onbehalf of kcf,she just cut off my line.
may1 Send email
Nov 17, 2014

Bad bad bad service

I would like to complain about the staff who is a Malay girl (no name tag on uniform)duty on 7pm, 15 Nov2014 in KFC Seapark PJ.
She asked me ‘makan sini’ ? I answer her ‘makan sini’ then continue with my order. After that she prepared my food and put into plastic bag on the counter ready for payment. I said ‘ saya cakap makan sini.’ Then she looks unwilling and start whispering her own-self and throw away the plastic bag and said ‘tak susah pun’ without saying any sorry to me! Her attitude is so impolitely and unprofessional in the whole ordering process! Some more she didn’t provide me tissue and receipt. What a bad service!
machankuthi Send email
Nov 16, 2014

Rude Staff

Yesterday, I went to one of your branches over at KL Sentral at 4.15 pm to have my lunch with my colleagues. I was made to wait in the queue for more than 20 minutes in the line, eventhough the queue only consisted a mere 4 people at that point of time. The staff (Nabila) was very slow in her work and she was very rude to other customers as well. When it was my turn to place an order, Nabila was very rude and questioned me why I didn't mention clearly what I ordered. I certainly hope there is an action taken against that staff as I believe she will totally jeopardise the image of KFC. I have been a consumer of KFC for the past 20 wonderful years, and I hope to continue being your consumer for many more years to go ahead. However, if this is the kind of staff and service that is being provided at KFC again, I will certainly stop heading to any KFC in the future and will not bring my family and friends either.
miaomiao9 Send email
Oct 17, 2014

Kfc Rider_Rude

This is my third time order by call. The rider which 'spoke in kelantanese slang' was called me up just to tell me that he only know tmn subang xx place and didnt know my location. he keep repeating like 'kak, susah la saya nak ke sana. kena lintas jalan besar. im answer him with 'jadi apa masalahnya?' and he repeatedly that for 3 times with the same answer i gave to him. tired being questioned. i ask him for his location, my intention is to help him out to get the right way. he told me, he still in the outlet and again, he throw the same question to me. I was thinking, if he really dont know the place. How he would know that he will pass by the petronas which 100 meter away from my address. I ask him which petronas, he told me the right direction. I get annoyed and cut the line off because i can feel that he dont want to deliver my order, gave so many excuses. so decided to call the customer service. Less than 10 minutes i get a call by his manager then. she told me that the rider was out for a long time. hmmm..wondering something,because the rider said he still in the outlet. made up a decision to cancel the order. less than 5 minutes. he call me and ask me to come down with loud voice. i told him that i already cancel the order and have spoken to your manager about the cancellation. he yelled at me 'kau turun sekarang, aku nak tengok kau'.. i cut the line off and his action was enforce me to call the security to ask him to leaving. Fyi this is the 2nd time that the same fella did this to me. The first order i made 3 days after Raya celebration. Understand that people will away for long leave,so waited for 1 and half hours with patient, yet still didnt get any respond. Call the centre, they said rider was went out for more than1 hour. i dont have any patient for waiting him.Get upset with the late service and call up the centre to cancel the order.20 minutes later he call me to know my location. Told him that the order has been canceled. He want to scold me, i hang up the phone quickly. My second delivery order was went smooth. The rider was so nice.

To the rider. I will help you to reach to my location if you can talk nicely with me. Why my second order can reached me around 30 minutes without any issue (the other rider did the delivery) and you took more than an hour to get here.
Olivia Hoo Shee Teng Send email
Sep 19, 2014

no manners, poor service

No manners, every time I go pack, that they will give me see his face, and even the manager is the same, really not polite, so every time, poor service attitude it!
zoriati Send email
Aug 6, 2014

poor service

Kfc Giant, bandar kinrara, puchong.

I would like to complain about the staff (duty on 2.42 pm, 05 august 2014). She asked me to wait for 20 minute (actually more than 20 minute) when i want to buy a dinner set. The reason she give me were the chickens is still hot. What nonsence of the reason! I never heard this reason at any other outlets/ kfc branches. I waste my time at that kfc's restaurant about 25 minutes for 3 pieces of chicken!!! Besides when i asked to met the kfc' manager, the manager not come out from the kitchen. I knew he trying do not want met me. I saw him hiding from me in the kitchen. He not come out till i get out from that kfc and not giving any apology to me.
bb36 Send email
Jul 25, 2014

poor services

the staff playing around. the manager just give prior to family members. pending? 15 mins become 30 mins. alot of staff i think enough to make the orders within 10mins.
give customer pending number but, still didnt close payment? huhu

KFC limbang, sarawak.
pia Send email
Jun 27, 2014

Complaint against Penang International Airport KFC Branch Manager "ABDULLAH"

The reason i am writing is to report regarding your branch manager "ABDULLAH" at this branch on 24th June 2014 around 3pm.

I went there with my son and i ordered 03pcs original chicken to take away. One of the young cashier attended to me and i asked her whether possible to have original drumstick n thigh meat. But she told me only left 3 thigh meat on the tray. Then she told me she could mix the spicy drumstick n original thigh meat for me. I thanked her. Suddenly i overheard he- Abdullah shouted at that cashier saying" what did she asked. 3 drumsticks not allowed". He shouted repeatedly n went into the kitchen. Cashier confused n unabled to deliver my order due to his shouting. His actions had installed fear in my son as he wanted to leave the premise.

But the young cashier apologised repeatedly on behalf of his actions while finally delivered my order. I felt humilated, embarrased n my son mentioned not going to KFC again. In fact, i always visit this branch weekly whenever back to KL. and i have noticed he has always reacted as much behaviour towards his subordinates n customers.Since this time happened to me and I think is time for somebody like me to file a complaint.

I feel that is unprofessional as a branch manager to behave as much. Please look into this matter seriously n looking forward for your reply. Thank you in advance for your time n effort in solving this matter.

Yours sincerely
girija Send email
Jun 14, 2014


On the 14th.06.2014 at around 07.11 p.m I made a call through KFC Delivery Service which I think I am a loyal customer. I mean I am a frequent user of the delivery service. The order was taken and promised to be delivered around 30 to 45 minutes, so I waited and waited no one turned up. Then I made my second call to complaint but the person told me its only 45 minutes and the delivery person is on the way. Okay so I decided to wait patiently, after that I waited for another 1 1/2 hours and made my third call my call was cancelled then I called again for the fourth time and call when through, as usual they gave me an excuses that the concern restaurant will call me. Finally after two hours I have decided to write this complaint. The customer service is very poor and the entire family was waiting in hunger, why can't they just tell us the truth about the order? Very poor customer service for an establish company like KFC.
Eve.j Send email
Jun 1, 2014

Unsatisfied product quality and poor service

I, would like give feedbacks on one of the KFC branch which newly open in teluk intan, Perak.

Its just been few months since the opening but I heard many complaints from others and I myself have notice it few time during my visit to that KFC branch.

My feedback is about the product quality served that particular KFC. The chickens and other fried foods serve are not fresh. I notice it from the chicken's bone are much more darker and not tasty and it has been fried again. Moreover the chicken are too oily to eat. I have compared it to the KFC at Teluk Intan town and other KFC branch but these is the worst KFC chicken I have ever ate.

Secondly, about the services given to the customers. On, 26th May 2014, after my work around 6.00pm, I and friend when to that KFC which was very nearby to my workplace. After dining together, my friend order some three set of snack plates to carry away for her family and took it without checking it. She has order spicy chicken. After came back home, I receive a call from her saying that the chicken given are not spicy type but regular but the thing piss her off is that the chicken is not fresh at all and tasted nasty. This is not the first time it happen and it happened before. Moreover, the speed of the services is damn slow. We have to wait for long to get our orders and sometimes we need to get up from our seats and ask the employees "where are our orders". The worst part is that sometimes they will forgot to send the orders.

I wish, KFC HQ in Malaysia will do something about my feedbacks or more likely to say complaints. Teluk Intan might be a small town but news or complaints will spread faster than you ever know to all over Perak state and not only Perak, around the country. Thank you.

tan sze liang Send email
May 30, 2014

kfc delivery

i would like to complaint on the kfc delivery which delay 1.5 hour. i had called up one day in advance for the order to reach at our factory at 12pm the next day but it was reached at 1:30pm.

This is too much.

How KFC compensate the lost of trustworthy to our employee?
Bavachand Send email
May 26, 2014

Poor customer service

Dear SIr/Mdm:

I would like to make a compliant about the the Drive-Thru free gift issuance at this particular KFC outlet. (KFC DT Jalan Soo Ban Keng, Bukit Mertajam - beside Shell)
Its a norm to receive free gifts from the drive-thru counter when a customer spend above RM20 in a single receipt. Recently a few times, i've been denied of the free gifts, when asked an explaination, the branch manager(Mr.AMIR IZZAT) informed that the customers need to get their receipt stamped from the cashier in order to get the free gifts. When asked why we(customers) need to do so, while in other KFC DT outlets the free gifts are given promptly with the orders, the guy was mumbling and asked us to parked in a near distance and wait for a while, after a few minutes i reverse my car back to the counter as i saw the staffs there doing nothing than trying to avoid seeing us. Once i drove back my car to the counter the staff quickly handed me the free gift and say nothing, again i called the manager and asked him why he ignore us and what took him so long to settle it. He irresponsibly replied 'You've got the gifts isn't it, what else you want to know? I really upset with his unprofessional ethics and feel that this must be brought to your attention as this outlet was recently opened to carter the needs of customers around the busy roads of Bukit Mertajam, Penang. I'm also taking this opportunity to report another problem that frequently arise in this outlet, where most of the times, i found the billed items went missing/not included in the parcels. Due to this i have to double check my received items every time when make a purchase from this outlet's counter.

Please look on to this issues immediately and greatly appreciate your prompt action on this matter.

Thank You.
NRK Send email
May 5, 2014

Chicken not fresh

I am a great lover of KFC fried chicken. Nothing beats its taste and im sure most of us feel the same way. I can say that im an addict to KFC's fried chicken and im a regular at KFC's outlet at Jalan Cockman in Ipoh as i feel that the fried chicken tastes best there. I have been heading to that outlet for like ages and its always a take away. But recently the quality and the taste is starting to deteriorate. In the past 2 weeks i have headed there twice and even today. I couldnt help it but to make this complain. The chicken is soggy, dark in colour and not fresh. Its either that the chicken had been fried for a 2nd time, or else its old meat. Being a KFC fried chicken lover for as long as i can remember, I can instantly know that theres something wrong with it in a single bite. I bought it back home and even my family feel the same way and this the third time this has happened. Being the biggest franchise i suppose, KFC should upkeep its reputation and not let it get down with something like this. After this complain, i will head there again and if i dont see any improvement, i will never head to that outlet again and waste my money, and ill make sure that none of the people i know waste their money there as well. KFC is not cheap u know.. :). Hope something is done about this.

With regards,
evaemee Send email
May 1, 2014

Service and wrong order

I recently went to KFC drive thru at Ayer Keroh branch. I have went through this drive so many times and have experienced good service. However, when I used this service today, 1/4/2014 at 3:30 pm. They gave me bad service as I need to repeat the words again eventhough my voice was loud enough to hear it until the back car. I order a snack plate and dinner plate. And I specified that I want original chicken and no wings and drumstick. We also further specified it when we went to cashier counter. Despite all of that, they gave spicy chicken and wings. The purpose of my complaint is that the neglect I suffered today should not fall upon other unfortunate customers. As it is a very dissatisfying service, if it goes on.
Thank you for your attention and I would truly appreciate that you take this complaint into serious considerations as i involves the service that is provided to customer and also the image of KFC.

Thank you so much, again.

Baby Send email
Jan 19, 2014


I would like make a complain about the staff name Kalaivani, she's very blur n not concentrate during working. I ordered my food and When I pay my order billed.. She gave me the food.. But never give me my drink also she don't realise and server another customer... Until I have to ask her... (Where my drink) she only do it for me. So sad. Not even a single apologise and good word from her.
M3ea Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I have gotten this web address from Facebook. It has been circulated around.
There fore, to whom it may concern, I am a regular drive through customer of KFC.
By seeing this video from Facebook, it makes me hesitate to buy KFC again.
The web address is as below,
I don't want to eat chicken with shoe flavours. Please investigate this. Thanks!
TBY Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Upon viewing the youtube on the KCF icity outlets incident. It's disgutsing, unnessesory & tanished the KFC Malaysia image 2012.
When sudden in demand arise and long Q from customer, the leader incharge and manager shall observe the stock availability and decide to make a cut-off order to those affected, so that customers is inform an advance of the limited stock, with this innatiative taken in first place, the customers is more than happy to accept . I opinion the icity outlet Manager shall take the responsibility and accountability for failing to act inadvance and also intervence the staff behaviour.
I would suggest KFC Malaysia to re-look the current recruitments policy for the middle & entry level staff, there is needs to redefine the current policy where the new staffs shall be trained on customers services with basic knowledged of handling sudden crisis through the courses and examinition inorder to qualify the staff competency with the job requirements. this will enchance higher standard of the KFC staffs like Mc Donald & others.
Regard. TBY (S'PORE)

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