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Consumer complaints and reviews about KFC Malaysia

hakimazlan Send email
Mar 22, 2017


Dayah Send email
Mar 22, 2017

Servis tak memuaskan

Makan di KFC Kemaman petang tadi bersama keluarga. Ada beberaoa perkara kami tak berpuas hati. Antaranya :
1. Order air lain, dapat yang lain
2. Ayam goreng masih nampak darah yang dah kering. Rasa memang tak sedap langsung mcm ayam yang digoreng semula.
3. Tandas berbau. Dekat sink pon dah boleh bau.
4. Sos tidak diisi hingga pelanggan sendiri sedar bila nak pakai.
Kami harap pihak berwajib boleh memperbaiki tahap servis sebab ianya kurang memuaskan. TQ
madris92 Send email
Mar 21, 2017

Had To Pay For "Redeemed Voucher" , Given WRONG amount of change and DID NOT present receipt!!

Today (21/3/2017) around 3:00PM at KFC Tanjung Malim, I came in to redeem 2 vouchers for the 3 pcs chicken with mashed potato and soft drink, I added wedges together, Suddenly I was asked to pay for something that was supposed to be free. Adding to that the cashier returned the WRONG AMOUNT OF CHANGE! supposed to be given back RM35 but instead got RM15 and I didn't even get my receipt of purchase, I want this sorted out ASAP! OR I will be taking legal action against KFC Tanjung Malim with committing FRAUD towards their customers! Check the CCTV for prove of evidance! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

My Email, madris305@gmail.com

I will be waiting not so patiently for a reply.
Tun Nila Utama Send email
Mar 21, 2017

Perbualan staff umpama pasar. Lalat Banyak

Pekerja berbual dgn suara yg kuat tanpa memikirkan pelanggan yg hadir. Agak memalukan la sbb manager pun join. Umpama outlet tu diorang yg punya..
wecare Send email
Mar 17, 2017

Tiny plastic strick inside coleslaw

We bought 8 sets D and 1 set F at 12.00 p.m today. Unfortunately we found a tiny blue plastic stick inside coleslaw of Dinner Plate Set F. We wish you can improve the quality and safety of your food. If it's eaten with unawareness, it will be very dangerous for the health and safety. For food and beverage industry, this must be taken into consideration and action seriously with no excuse.

Tiny plastic strick inside coleslaw Tiny plastic strick inside coleslaw Tiny plastic strick inside coleslaw Tiny plastic strick inside coleslaw

shahainserdang Send email
Mar 15, 2017

alternative of plastic bag your firm should provide paper bags

alternative of plastic bag your firm should provide paper bags, if your firm obey the selangor goverment who banned the plastic bags and go for greenery, then your firm should be very strict and inform to customers, no plastic bags,
why should your outlet selling plastics to customers for 20 sen,
is this the way your firm obeying goverment? goverment say go for GREEN,
and your kind firms disobeying the law of goverment by selling it,
want to abolish plastics then do go ahead, but do not play double standard games, for every plastics 20 sens,
nurthiaa Send email
Mar 13, 2017

Staff have no customer service and not alert

Dear Restaurant Manager KFC KLgateaway/ to whom it may concern.

I am very dissapointed as your staff have no customer service at all. I understand that KFC KLgateaway are new but that is not a reason for your staff to treat your client (me) this way. I requested for Lunch treat Set E (snack plate with upgrade large orange juice) with special request (thigh and rib) at counter 2 (handled by Mr.Ramiz) on Monday (13 march 17/ 1:45PM). Mr. Ramiz dont even look at me while taking my order.

1. There is no proper greeting as i believe it should be "Hi Sir/Madame, welcome to KFC. May i take your order please?" ( i dont need a long greeting just a simple smile would be enough but non!)

2. There is no eye contact at all! Mr.Ramiz only look at his ordering machine while talking with one of his clicks to call "Mama" (which is not related with his work or my order!)

3. Mr.Ramiz didnt repeat my order. When i ask for thigh and rib he just mention "i'll try" (which show he is not promise while i believe it is part of the KFC procedure if there is no chicken at all in island(place to hold chicken), BUT! There is a lot of chicken and i am the only one client left at his counter request for that!). He put in the order system machine for my special request .

4. He didnt REPEAT MY ORDER AND KEEP TALKING WITH HIS FRIEND while im paying for my meals. Then, he just gave my balance without eye contact and continue talking with his friend.

I dont mind been treated this way if there is a long que. As i know how tired they will as ive been working with KFC for 2 years before im working with corporate company. BUT there is non!!!. NO one !!. They are lazy to serve me maybe because the way i dress with pants and shirt. They thouht i am not educated enough to speak!.

Dear Mr.Ramiz, if you read this complaint i hope you will change and treat whoever your client with manner and good customer service. EYE CONTACT IS IMPORTANT!

Dear Restaurant Manager/Manager. Please monitor your staff accordingly when you are free instead of just staying in your office. Sometimes they doing whatever they like.

PLUS!! i've been served Set E with Rib and Breast Part while there are plenty of chicken is the island for them to fullfill my special request. I am so dissapointed with your staff attitude. Will never recommend to anybody to come to this KFC outlet branch.

charlie wen Send email
Mar 11, 2017

bad attitude

i want to order value treat c on that time..potato load..but they told me they dont have the stock..but suddenly a girl beside had order the same thing and the cashier say ok..so i request to order again she said have to wait 30 min for the same thing.but the customer beside already get the same food...when i ask back the staff she say i have to wait more 30 min..i have no idea why i have to wait more 30 min for the same food ..by the way i order 1st..if not mistaken the staff name is ms izyan
rdhilmie Send email
Mar 5, 2017

Propose to display a memo for credit/debit card customer

Dear KFC Customer Service,
I have disppointed for the staff service and manager on duty Ms. Hidayu at counter of KFC Megamall, Kuantan today, 4 Mar 2017 around 7:30pm since I have to follow a long queue around more than 30 minute and arrive at counter they inform me the credit/debit card payment was offline. They should display the memo or note in advance for the service interuption for customer information.

Thank you.
Mohd Riduan Hilmie
Tel: 0127096361
Shalena Send email
Mar 3, 2017

Slow service

I visited KFC at Pavilion,Penampang Kota Kinabalu Sabah. I have waited more than 20 minutes to be served and still it was not yet my turn. All trainee staff was put at the counter at peak hours and they were slow and didn't really understand the customer's orders. They were slow at preparing the foods. Only 3 counters were opened during peak hours and the que was getting longer. Another counter was opened only when customers were getting restless and angry. I understand that the trainee staff need to get exposure to peak hours and how to work under pressure. But please make sure your customers are not affected by this. FYI, this is not the 1st time I hv encountered this situation. For the past 3 weeks I have been visiting KFC every friday and the counter staff never failed to make me wait for more than 20 minutes. KFC is a fastfood chain restaurant, so it should be fast and serving customers. The branch has a lot of customers everyday. So please do something about it.
Kogi siva Send email
Feb 28, 2017

Tak full fill our requests

Required bahagian rib. Kata Tak Boleh apa yang ada itu saja Boleh bagi.. what kind service they provides to customers..kita bayar Tak Boleh makan apa yang kita suka.. omg..
celmina Send email
Feb 25, 2017

Rude staff

Today around 1.15pm at drop by KFC Tunku Haminah. I' m so happy to see 3 counters open. I was in the middle lane. Unfortunately i had to wait more than 5 mins to serve after the 1st customer. The cashier without name tag walk here walk there after every customer. I'm not sure what is she trying to do or she is lazy to work. After i had make my order and pay money. She told me i had to wait for 10 mins. After waited for 12min i went to the cashier 2, she dont bother to look at me at all. Until i asked her where is my order only she respond to me to wait for another 4 mins with unhappy face and just walk a way. She dont even bother me. Therefore, i asked her to refund me my money.What type of staff do you all hire? Please send ur staff include the manager for training how to serve customer in polite way. KFC management please educate your staff.Thank you.
junaidah Send email
Feb 24, 2017

Tidak Berpuas Hati Dengan Service di KFC Selayang Mall

Pada jam 9.30pm saya datang ke KFC Selayang Mall untuk membeli family bucket untuk sambutan hari jadi anak. Saya dapati kaunter yang beroperasi hanya 2 kaunter sahaja daripada 5 kaunter. Saya sangat marah dan terkilan kerana anak saya berumur 4 tahun sangat lapar dan menangis menunggu dari 9.30pm hingga 10pm. Manager on duty ialah Safuan dan cashier di kaunter 5 ialah Mariam. Selama 30minit saya beratur dengan anak yang menangis kelaparan, tidak berperikemanusiaan langsung dari staf yang bertugas pada shift petang. MOD sibuk di kitchen area tanpa menghiraukan cashier yang sedang sibuk di kaunter. Tak salah sekiranya MOD membantu cashier di kaunter dahulu untuk mengurangkan masa beratur. Apa yang saya nampak sibuk ke hulu ke hilir checking floor. Sedangkan dia nampak ramai orang yang beratur nak membeli kfc. Masa beratur yang panjang tak ada langsung inisiatif untuk membuka kaunter 2, kaunter 3 dan kaunter 4. Saya nak order kfc, Mariam (cashier) memberitahu saya semua sudah habis. Saya mengatakan pada Mariam, selama 30minit saya beratur kenapa baru bagitau saya kfc dah habis? Saya meminta Mariam memanggil MOD dan berikan saya sehelai A4 paper untuk saya membuat aduan. Saya bertanyakan kepada En. Safuan mengapa dia tidak membuka kaunter lebih sedangkan pelanggan yang datang sangat ramai. Jawapan yang tak masuk akal dia jawab pada saya, kami tak cukup staf, cashier ada 3 org sahaja, Kaunter closed tidak diletakkan di cashier kaunter. Bila beratur seorang staf pun tak bagitau kaunter tak buka, saya tanya tak ada orang ke nak layan saya? Baru nak jawab kaunter tak buka,kaunter 1 dan 5 sahaja. Buat apa saya nak buang masa beratur di kaunter 4 macam tunggu buah tak gugur. Apabila saya dah naik darah,Safuan mintak saya tunggu 15minit lagi untuk dia buatkan order saya. Saya tidak mahu kerana anak saya akan lewat tunggu saya ambil dia di kelas tuisyen. Shift petang seramai 14 orang, tetapi perkhidmatan yang diberikan sangat mengecewakan. Setelah saya marah dan nak buat aduan baru nak goreng ayam kenapa ye? kenapa tak tanya dulu pakai captain order, pelanggan yang dah beratur dari 9.30pm tu untuk dia arahkan staf kitchen dia masak ayam lagi?Adakah jam 9.30pm tu masa untuk mop lantai, closed section mana yang dah mop? Kurang ajar sangat nampaknya seolah tiada hospitaliti.Sekiranya kfc tutup jam 10.00pm, buat la last call..saya boleh terima sekiranya MOD memohon maaf, Puan, operasi kami akan tutup dalam masa 30minit lagi, boleh saya ambil order puan dulu sebelum kitchen kami tutup. Saya boleh beredar dan cari makanan lain untuk anak saya. Saya amat berharap aduan saya ini mendapat maklum balas dalam masa 7 ke 14 hari. Penambahbaikan perlu dibuat untuk masa akan datang. Saya tau kfc ramai pelanggan kerana mampu dibeli oleh semua golongan. Besarlah harapan saya agar tindakan yang wajar perlu diambil untuk mengelakkan berlaku lagi perkara sebegini. Saya boleh dihubungi ditalian 01111858782 @ junaidahothman6888@gmail.com.
abubakar Send email
Feb 23, 2017

Kakitangan KFC bersikap biadap

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Semasa saya mengujungi KFC cawangan Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, pada 23 februari 2017 jam lebih kurang 1015pm. Tiba giliran saya mengambil pesanan, saya memesan dua set dinner plate tambahan milo ais dan memaklumkan bahawa saya mahukan empat ketul ayam spicy dan 2 ketul original bahagian peha dan atas peha setelah itu pelayan wanita di kaunter memberitahu saya ayam original dalam 10 minit untuk siap disediakan. Kemudian saya membayar sebanyak RM 39.60 untuk pesanan saya, beberapa minit kemudian pelayan di kaunter memberitahu saya bahawa mereka tidak dapat memberi bahagian peha dan atas peha kepada saya dan memberi bahagian lain kepada saya. Saya melihat pada bahagian dapur di tempat meletakan ayam goreng terdapat ayam goreng bahagian peha dan atas peha. Saya memberitahu pelayan tersebut dan meminta menukarkannya, tetapi hanya tiga ketul sahaja yang dapat di tukarkan. Saya bertanya kepada pelayan wanita itu "kenapa tidak beritahu sebelum saya membayar yang mereka tidak dapat memberi apa yang saya minta sebelum ini?", pelayan wanita tersebut memohon maaf kepada saya. Pada masa itu juga seorang kakitangan lelaki gempal tinggi berkulit cerah yang berada di bahagian dapur bersikap biadap merenung dan menjeling saya ketika saya berada di kaunter.
Di sini saya sebagai pelanggan merasakan di tipu kerana apa yang diminta di beritahu tiada tetapi ada dan rasa di hina dari kakitangan KFC cawangan Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang, Selangor dengan merenung dan menjeling. Saya bukan mencuri tetapi sebagai pelangan yang membayar apa yang saya mahukan. Apabila di lakukan begini hak saya sebagai pelanggan di anggap sebagai pengemis dan pencuri. Harap pihak tuan membuat siasatan untuk kebaikan Tuan dan pelanggan tuan supaya perniagaan Tuan tidak terjejas serta pelanggan tetap setia dengan KFC. HARAP PIHAK KFC MEMBUAT SIASATAN UNTUK KEBAIKAN KFC.

dhia Send email
Feb 17, 2017

kualiti makanan

assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera. saya mohamed dhia addin bin mohamed zain ingin membuat aduan kepada pihak tuan mengenai cawangan kfc yg berada di tasek ipoh perak. tiga orang anak lelaki saya yang berumur 5tahun,3tahun dan 2tahun telah dimasukkan ke hospital raja permaisuri bainun ipoh kerana mengalami muntah dan cirit birit yang teruk selepas beberapa jam makan peha ayam kfc yang dibeli dicawangan tersebut. saya telah diberitahu bahawa anak saya telah mengalami keracunan makanan. ketiga- tiga saya terpaksa ditahan di wad kanak-kanak HRPB ipoh ketika ini. saya berharap agar pihak tuan dapat mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya kerana bagi saya perkara ini sangat serius sehingga boleh mengancam nyawa. saya berharap pihak tuan boleh memberi feedback kepada saya kembali. sekian terima kasih.
KarenSydney Send email
Feb 15, 2017


At the KFC Parkson sibu,there's this cashier,Ms Lennie if not mistaken.not sure if it's her real name.but tht was her name on the receipt.not trying to destroy others or etc.but she was very rude when she talk to an innocent customer.Her tone was harsh,and her speech was rude.She even dare to roll her eyes.Please take notice of this!!!!!!....At least if you don't want to smile,speak politely.it's very rude.I come bck to sibu once in a while and encounter such rudeness.thanks
tejiri123 Send email
Feb 14, 2017


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Lok Send email
Feb 10, 2017

The uses of Siswa Discount Card

Hi, I am a student from Sungai Petani, Kedah. Today, 10Feb2017, I ordered for value treats which is loaded potato bowl in KFC central square , when I was trying to pay with siswa discount card, they refused and told me that I couldn't use it because it is a discount set. Okay, it is fine, but I brought the same set yesterday (9feb2017) at KFC in front sp Plaza, they accepted my card and I get discount. Their services are good, I was surprised why two different branches have different rules? And I checked for the terms and conditions, it listed that as long as purchase under RM 20, we can use our siswa card, it is our Right. I was really angry, services in central square are really really bad and rude, I hope that person-in-charge can take action and give me further info. Besides, I want to know whether siswa discount card can be used or not when buying value treats set. Of course, the services from KFC Central Square is unforgettable. What a bad day!
roziemalik Send email
Jan 31, 2017


PIHAK TOP MANAGEMENT KFC, AILA AMBIL PERHATIAN..memandangkan kerajaan negeri selangor telah mengumumkan tiada penggunaan plastik di negeri ini..diharap pihak kfc mengambil INISIATIF UNTUK MENGGUNAKAN PAPER BAG seperti yang telah dilakukan oleh Mc Donald's, Burger King..tiada istilah hendak mengajar pengguna untuk menjaga alam sekitar tapi pihak kfc masih menggunakan plastic bag yg tidak membantu menjaga alam sekitar pun dan MENGAUT KEUNTUNGAN DARI JUALAN PLASTIK YANG SEMEMANGNYA MENGARUT..WALAUPUN 20 SEN..MINYAK NAIK PUN ORANG MEMEKAK INIKAN PULA PLASTIK KENA BAYAR 20 SEN..INI DAH MELAMPAU..HARAP HENTIKAN DAN PROVIDE PAPER BAG..
yunos Send email
Jan 31, 2017


Saya membeli kfc pada pukul 921pm. 29/01/2017
Saya tak dibenarkan makan di premis kfc dengan kata nya kedai akan ditutup.
Tanpa budibicara kami mmg tidak dibenarkan mkn dalam premis kfc tersebut walau saya cuba minta.
Pada hal pada masa itu masih ramai yg mkn dalam premis kfc tu.
Malam tu saya dan anak-anak makan kfc tu tepi longkang siap dengan nyamuk pasal anak-anak dah lapar sangat dan
teringin nak makan ayam kfc tu. sedangkan pelanggan didepan saya dibenarkan makan disitu.
Sedang kan masa saya beratur tu....bersama-sama anak-anak yang teruja sangat nak makan ayam kfc tu.
amalinamusa Send email
Jan 31, 2017

bad services - drive-thru

saya sangat kecewa dan tidak berpuas hati dengan layanan yang diberikan oleh pihak kakitangan KFC Tanjung Lalang, Temerloh, pahang sejak dari hari pertama dibuka. sudah banyak kali saya membeli makanan di KFC tersebut tetapi masalah ini kerap kali berlaku. berikut senarai kelemahan tersebut :

1) servis yang sangat lambat - saya dh berhenti di laluan drive thru untuk order, tetapi saya disuruh tunggu untuk ambil order selama 15 minit !
2 ) terpaksa ulang 4-5 kali untuk order - macam pekak je.. order lain, staf confirm order pulak sebut lain.
3 ) lepas bayar, disuruh parking kat tepi - hampir 20 minit. sedangkan hadapan dan belakang saya xde cust lain.
4 ) order lain, dapat lain - walaupun repeat order mcm orang pekak, tetap dapat tak sama macam order. contoh, order original, dapat spicy. order bucket, dapat snack plate.

untuk pengetahuan, jarak dari rumah saya ke KFC Tanjung Lalang tersebut kira-kira 30 km. saya ada pilihan lain yang lebih hampir, iaitu KFC bandar Temerloh. bagi saya seorang ibu yang mempunyai 4 orang anak kecil, pastilah saya memilih untuk drive thru kerana ia lebih memudahkan saya.

tetapi akibat dari KECUAIAN, KEBODOHAN, KESILAPAN, kakitangan KFC tanjung lalang, telah menyusahkan saya untuk berpatah balik dan tukar hidangan yang salah tadi.

bila saya maklumkan di kaunter, langsung tiada penjelasan, malah kata maaf. semuanya staf hanya lepas tangan. perkara ini benar-benar mengecewakan saya.

saya juga adalah seorang pekerja yg berkhidmat di bahgian customer service. betapa penting bagi saya keperluan dan kehendak pelanggan kerana mereka yang menjana pendapatan kita. mohon pihak pengurusan mengambil tindakan yang tegas kerana sudah banyak cerita yang saya dengar daripada penduduk setempat tentang servis yang buruk di KFC Tanjung Lalang tersebut.

sekian luahan saya, terima kasih.
Farahibrahim53 Send email
Jan 28, 2017

Wrong order!

I went to kfc sunway velocity mall cheras this evening and take way the cheesy mushroom 5pcs combo. I specifically asked for no drumstick, upgrade my drinks to mango and ice lemon tea, add on one coleslaw.

The best part is, they gave me 1 thigh and 4 drumsticks and noooo cheesy mushroom gravy!!!!!! Plus i got 2 coleslaw?????? Where is my mashed potatoes and the cheesy mushroom!! and And they gave me 2 pepsi??????? Like wth? I paid to upgrade my drinks and the gravy!!! Such a waste of money since my partner and i dislike drumstick and we dont drink soft drinks!!!

I didnt check my order since i was in rush. But come on. Cant you guys do your job properly? My first and last visit to kfc velocity!! Please teach your staff about chicken parts and be vigilant!!!!!!!!
shariza shorkan Send email
Jan 27, 2017



Saya sekeluarga membuat pesanan melalui pandu lalu. Saya membuat pesanan set mushroom cheesy crunch.
Apabila tiba di rumah......kami sangat hampa kerana pesanan yang diperoleh adalah 5 ketul ayam original recipes tanpa sebarang sos keju dan cendawan. Saya cuba hubungi premis tersebut namun talian tidak diangkat....Adalah amat menyusahkan saya untuk pergi semula ke premis tersebut. Permasalahan seperti in bukan yang pertama terjadi di KFC BUKIT DAHLIA...MUNGKIN SETAKAT SEKALI DUA SAYA BOLEH BERTOLAK ANSUR....TETAPI HAL INI SERING BERLAKU....BUKAN ITU SAHAJA SERING KALI MENU YANG DIPESAN TIDAK ADA, KENA TUNGGU 20 MINIT.....PERKHIDMATAN MAKANAN SEGERA APAKAH INI????? PENGURUS BERMUKA MASAM..... "LACK OF HOSPITALITY ETIQUETTE"
Mehrdad75 Send email
Jan 23, 2017


My name is Mehrdad Zagr I have been a Malaysian Citizen for the past 35 years I think KFC should be banned and C-L-O-S-E permenantly.Why?I tell you.Why I have been paid RM60 once a week and the goddamn KFC is not of standard.The chicken is so crumbly and pasty not cruncy like it used to be,even the new menu nonsense cheese mushroom taste like a rotten cheese dish or something YUCK.Good past menu such as bandito,wrap,popcorn chicken,black pepper sauce,cheezy zinger burger,double down and etc you just cancel it and you introduce some nonsense menu item.How in the world Singapore have good menu such as aforementioned good past item becaume a default item but not Malaysia.I think all KFC should be banned and close down and should change it into texas or popeye and there is the another thing why popeye is close all over malaysia but KFC is expanding?I think if KFC is not going to change and just keep being the same sore loser who keep sabotage other people business so they are just the fried chicken in town which serve the old lame horrible lousey fried chicken and restaurant that introduce menu that a SUCKS big time I think it should just be close DOWN.A word of advice study THE GODDAMN POPEYE AND TEXAS CHICKEN menu and maybe you will learned a think or two because even the late Colonel Sanders says that KFC food have become garbage and I started to think he is absolutely correct.
ayunie Send email
Jan 20, 2017

poor services

Sy kecewa dgn perkhidmatan yg diterima di cwgnBaung Pengkalan Chepa....sy sdh semnggu janji dgn anak nk mkn...cuma x sempt...td...dlm hujan sy redah pegi beli...sy order set cheezy mushroom...tp bila bawa blk tidak ada sos cheezy mushroom...frusrt betul...dan tadi sy ada bgtau x mahu bahagian dada....dh siap minta kepastian x mahu bahagian dada..dia kata..ya x ada...tp bila balik...2 ketul dr 5 ketul yg beli adalah dada...kenapa nk berbohong...kami bayar bkn minta free...kami berhak dpt apa yg kami mahu...minta pihak atasan dpt perhatian kerana bknsekali service di cwgn ini mengecewakan kami...

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