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benita159 Send email
Aug 25, 2016


I did not pay my dstv last month (august) as I did not have the funds to pay it. I went last week to down grade from premium to compact and i was not given the option to change. My account was standing At R735.00 (19 August). So last night ( 24 August ) I go to pay my account and then my balance was standing at R1298.00 that is ridiculous. I phoned them and they told me Its because i did not let them Know i did not want my DSTV and because it ran untill the 12 August They charged me R365.00. what happens if you dont pay your light it goes off. if you dont pay your water it goes off. I was not told that i had to phone in and tell them i did not want dstv and i had a cut off date of the second of every month but yet the run it without my concent and charge me a full R1298 to get my dstv up and running... I think its pathetic all you do is steal money from people. you charged me almost dubble and for what ? bad service and robbery. you people are honestly pathetic and you advertise such good service. You must advertise how shit your service is instead. user 8832464 0790751725
PYNKO Send email
Aug 23, 2016

scam from multichoice finance department

On May 26 2016 I downgraded to DSTV access and my account had a credit of R79 ,,on July I woke up my DSTV was suspended and when I checked on SELFSEVIRVE I saw the amount of R-1241 that means I was owing them now , I called them they told me it's an error it will be fixed and they reconnect my service , after 4 Days again my Service was being suspended and did the same called them they told me the same story adding more that they will remove the incorrect amount reflecting on my account , 4 Days after I was disconnected again call them again , they apologies they will fixed it ,

believe me till today on22 August 2016 I am still suffering with this problem as I speak my Service is suspended ,the question remains to me now as I have red some your comments ,Are we scared to sue MULTICHOICE ALL for all this time we have waste calling them with our Airtime and they do not call you back with the progress even those so called supervisor's they are just useless

Cynathan Fortuin Send email
Aug 19, 2016

PVR Catch up

Ever since the explora launched Dstv have only put their focus on that people like me who still have the PVR are left to eat the scraps e.g catch up, explora gets updates left right and centre on catch up and we get stuck with programs and highlights from almost 2 weeks before, the Olympic highest that are still on catch up are from the first few days of the games and will still be there for a couple of more days. They don't even have the world record breaking performance from our South African athlete Wayde van Niekerk. This is really poor multichoice and we expect better because we pay almost R1000 for our premium subscription
stevem Send email
Aug 19, 2016

Daylight Robbery

Back in October of last year, I was intrigued by the Explora Box offer and subscription of ZAR849 per month for 24 month fixed. Cut a very long storey short , I only received my Explora Box in February 2017 after have my order cancelled and re-instated 3 odd times. During this time DSTV /Mulichoice where very happy to take my deposit of ZAR 99.00 out my account ASAP , more times than once.

From the get go , I knew something was wrong with my decoder , here are few things.

• Did not record entire series
• Rebooted all the time
• TV guide was not in sync with the actual time

For three months DSTV argued with me that this was an installation issue , after having accredited installers out x 3 times ZAR 800 a pop , it became very clear the Explora box was at fault. After the worst customer service ever experienced in the DSTV accredited shop in Mynardville, Wynberg , Cape Town I was now at wits end. They tell me , your box is faulty (after a test) , we will replace it but , with a reconditioned box with a x3 month warranty ! What about the next box I have that has never worked that was supposed to be new ?? Clearly consumers don’t have rights anymore ! The worst part is , I waited 2h.00 in a queue on a Saturday and was told by DSTV , my box would be replaced and this is where I should go , a different set of rules not explained.

Many hours later and phone calls DSTV decide they are now going to replace my box. It took approx. 2 weeks for this to happen , the box was then collected and the new box arrived approx. 2.5 weeks later. All this time I am paying for full services , no rebate nothing !

On the 4 July my account gets debited ZAR 3217 , no questions asked , still to this day I don’t know how they came up with this amount but rumour has it , I have three different accounts and the confusion at DSTV is they had to cancel my old account (decoder) for a new account (new decoder) I am now baffled and want my money back , all I should be charged or get charged is the ZAR 849 as per contracted 24 month agreement , they also have the audacity to charge me again ZAR 99 joining fee , in their defence , this was credited 18 July . Don’t worry Sir , you will get all your monies back in 7 working days , to date I have only received ZAR 1972 05/08 , it is now the 20/08 and I am still outstanding . 7 Days , Please !

I call this afternoon , I get the same old , please hold (15 minutes later I get fed the same crap ) we are not sure what is going on and need to speak to Multichoice . I asked for a supervisor to call me back , still waiting , it has been 3 hours now. This has now been a total of 9 month of mishaps with the worst customer service I have ever experience in my life , not to mention (Stealing) and not returning monies. I have now been out of pocket without explanation for over a month , bloody daylight robbery , no apologies , rebate , credit nothing , only a portion of what is due , not even the full amount.

This has no hint of customers service and DSTV are pushing consumer rights , this is not on !!!!
Suzette Cordier Send email
Aug 17, 2016

Recording of Programs

There is nothing more furstrating than whatching a recorded program that ends when the program is not finished. It's like reading a book just to find out that the last few pages is missing. This problem started when we had to change from our previous "PVR to the Explora" To my mind, the Explora is the worst device Multichoice could have choose for there customers. Also we where not giving a choice to as what device we wanted to use. And then you have the audacity to advertise the recording options as a major feature, At this stage we have to record the follow-up program just to see the end of the program that we wanted to see, which is also a problem, because then you can't record another one which fell into that timeslot. PLEASE GET THIS RIGHT!!!!!! There is also the adverting complains Commission that we as customers can go to for false advertising.
Foto Send email
Aug 11, 2016

Dstv Multichoice Rubbish Service

Firstly I wasted so much airtime and time calling your call centre, talking to those useless agents of yours! I've been trying to communicate with you that am over charged for this month all I get is finance department this n that, you will come back to me. Do you ever come back to people? Reading all the complaints I guess not

I pay my installments every month, suddenly this month I had pay double I don't know for what good reason. I didn't do that nonsense instead I paid my normal installment. My services were suspended and I called again to speak to the other she said she didn't see any problem that I have been paying bla bla they will sort it out, well she reconnected my services and promised they will sent me an email after they've sorted it before the end of the Day, well few days later no email the amount still reflects that am owing another disconnection of services. Is this how you will treat your customers?

I am tired of wasting my time with, if you can refund me the money I paid this month for services so we can peacefully part ways
Qualityservice Send email
Aug 10, 2016

Dstv service

DSTV service is horrible. Calling them is even worse because you waste your airtime and time but at the end of the call you are in the same or even worse position. The call center prople know nothing more than asking you to try what is on the website and then giving up. There is only one solution to this. Strong competition to multichooce.
They must learn from Telkom when they set on their laurels while mobile communications operators took over the market.
It's coming and it's not far.
Mpho Send email
Aug 5, 2016

I want Bundas Liga and Serie A

Please Multichoice,I pay R845.00 to watch sport.please.I spend the whole season not enjoying my DSTV coz Bundas Liga and Serie A was cut from your bring them back coz I pay more money to watch them.increase more leagues like France and Netherlands
Reneeroux Send email
Jul 29, 2016


Your service is pathetic and phoning is doesn't help! I'm still waiting for the supervisor to return my call! You will be hearing from my lawyers!
sue2padayachee Send email
Jul 28, 2016

DSTV repeat series on MCity and still dont show the missing episodes

I'v been following Rizole and Isles for a long time. MNet showed S6 & didnt air E13, 14, 15 & 16. Now they repeating on MCity and still didnt show those episodes. My decoder was set to record the season when it aired on MNet and now AGAIN when aired on MCity. What a rip off of subscription
Kings1223 Send email
Jul 27, 2016

Video played on Channel O

I'm highly appalled by the video 'Vodka and Panties' that played on Channel O around 18h45 on the 27 July 2016. To have half naked women performing sexual acts with men at a time when families are watching tv is highly unacceptable. Videos like these should play in the ams if they ever do play. The video had women dancing like they performing at a strip club and some were sexed while in clothes etc. We are raising kids who enjoy to watch this channel as fans of local and international artists so REAPECT US!
Ian smit Send email
Jul 27, 2016


almost 90% is just repeats on dstv compact they give new programs to premium but nothing for compact veiwers and old out dated movies they repeat and there should be so many to choose from for the money they asking for is rediculas screwing us over for our money and giving us just plain shit to watch the comany has no heart for complaining customers giving one nothing worth in return but shody excuses telling one to look at the menue and go watch something else which is not in onse intrest becuse its just programs they maybe got for nothing and just plain crap this company dont give a F about customer care just to see how much money they can screw you over with and they forget its the south african public that made them big and look what they give in return they only intrested in there profits they make and the hell to the rest I feel I been defrauded out of my money by hardly ever seeing anything new they have no shame to take your money and a year later they increas and repeat the same old shit they not willing to update and spend money on new programs more often my money is not old and stale but give us this in return as if they dont give a F but advertise so nicely but one is sucked into there bullshit.
liyanda Send email
Jul 14, 2016

airtime/time wastage - no service knowledge


I don’t understand what is the problem with DSTV call centre assistance.
We paid R140.00 on the 3rd july 2016 for our services but came back home to realise that the decoder had three lights on it the Green, Orange and Red light, I then called the call centre on the 0317102222 number and the lady assisted and advised that the decoder seems to be having a problem so we need to take it for testing at our nearest multichoice branch then the account holder which is my Aunt then went to the smith street branch in Durban CBD where they advised her that our decoder is broken and she will need to get a new or second hand one. I called in on the when we had a second hand one and was advised that the previous owner and my aunt need to go into multichoice branch to be able to pair it, we left that one and took an old one that we were using at our previous home and it was registered under my sister in law same surname but it was no longer in use because she is now using pvr.
I then called in again yesterday at 18:56pm till 19:34pm the first call the guy said he was assisting me in transferring the information from our current smartcard that belongs to the broken decoder and the info will now be stored in the smartcard of the decoder that we want to use – the call lasted for about 40 minutes and at the end of the call the agent reassured me that the signal is fine and we will be able to watch the tv in 2 minutes time. Then after 5 to 10 minutes there was an area code E100-4 then I called back at 19:42pm till 20:32pm and a lady responded and spoke to her for about 50 minutes but still at the end of that call I was even more frustrated and not assisted.

I want to lay a complaint against the guy who lied to me wasted my airtime and time, saying he is assisting me knowing very well that he isn’t, he didn’t leave any notes on the system according to lady that I spoke to last, I asked to speak to a supervisor but I wasn’t given one and then she said there is no reference for my call some ref: 77379008 – I51 number, I need some superior to listen to both the calls and give me feedback as to why their employees are giving such bad service and insufficient information plus not logging calls. I am very upset as I lost my airtime for nonsense, and paid for a service I cannot use.

I am now aware that my aunt and sister in law need to go instore to change ownership – but what I hate and got upset about is that Multichoice agents wasted my airtime and time for nothing and no one is giving one exact straight correc information and the last lady who was covering up for the agent to just wated my tiome completely.
Can you assist I will be awaiting your response soonest.

thank you
Ituphe Send email
Jul 7, 2016

Premium incresed without my knowledge


I was not informed of premiums increasing ever since they increased,i got a shock when my dstv was suspended without my knowledge...

I called in today to get the call center to assist on the matter,beside the attitude they gave me but also i was told they sent me an mail, when i asked them to confirm the email address they gave me a wrong email address (spelt wrong),why is multichoise hiring incompetent staff who cannot even spell email address,,attention to detail...but one this for sure is when you send a something using the wrong email address you will get a response that the email was not delivered...

the call center urgent called her supervisor which as well wa no helpful,why im a getting penalized for multichoise's incompetent staff..
WendyM Send email
Jul 7, 2016


I could write a BOOK. No one i had a decoder that was not working for over three years and paid for it. No 2 prices increased in April and no one bothered to inform me instead they just kept on adding interest. No 3 my decoder is suspended as we speak but on the 26th i paid R370. The R319 for service and R50 reconnection. Guess what they say i owe R207.Ok understood all the interests added to R207. Told them they need to reconnect me cos no one informed me about the increase. They claim they sent sms and emails - why would i ignore an increase notification and pay less while i know that at the end of the day i WILL have to pay interest. This morning im disconnected again and im being told i need to pay R307.where the hell is the R100 COMING FROM??????ITS BAD ENOUGH THAT I HAVE TO PAY AN ADDITTIONAL R207 GOD KNOWS WHY BUT NOW THERE IS ANOTHER R100 ON TOP IN A PERIOD OF 7 DAYS???????i was my refund that i was paying for three years for the extra view that was not working.
Contact me urgently!!
rentia Send email
Jul 6, 2016

Rip off & expensive

Due to many weeks of travel during a month and year i have to pay full dstv subscription, which I find very unfair and a total (rip off).

Considering the PVR a total waist as the same shit gets repeated 3 times a day,,not to mention this annoying Cart Blance add that is on REPEAT during every single break,,, REALLY !!???

Suggestion: when will DSTV evolve to a possible day to day pay as you go like all other services,, but of course this would never in a million year be the option, they are making some much money screwing you over.
not to mention the poor packages and offers!

"Your service are very expensive to be watching one and the same thing for months. We are being robbed on broad daylight and we see no improvement on your deliveries.+R900 is a very steep payment for such service 😈
Natisha Send email
Jul 4, 2016

Still debiting my account after I cancelled

I cancelled my dstv account last month but dstv still debited my account I think that is disgusting I have immigrated to new Zealand and to get a hold of some one from SA to sort it out is a mission I feel like flying down to SA getting a lawyer and sueing dstv for stealing money from my bank account I have a reference no for my cancellation my email address is [email protected] please email me urgently
Natisha Send email
Jul 4, 2016

Still debiting my account after I cancelled

I am so disgusted with dstv they have debited my account last month when I had cancelled my dstv I live in new Zealand now to call them is a mission my email adress is [email protected] please Iam begging you to contact me or Iam going to fly into south Africa to Sue dstv for stealing money from my bank account I even have a reference no 582067200 that was used to cancel my contact my name is natisha budhna I'd no 8210300049084
Jaded001 Send email
Jul 3, 2016

DSTV Cancellation

I cancelled my DSTV contract and paid my cancellation fee due to my unhappiness of the poor viewing options and repeat programmes given by DSTV .
I followed all the correct channels and emailed my final payment to Portia Tshabalala @ The Multichoice Enquiries team - CASE NUMBER: 7989561. Please note, it took me 2 Months of continuous phoning and emailing DSTV to get to this point...
YET, DSTV has deducted another premium payment from my bank Account? I phoned again, and there's NO record of me cancelling and paying up my contract?
Please advise what I should do?

Very Unhappy client
Firoza.a.Clarke Send email
Jun 30, 2016

Unauthorized deductions from my bank account

I have cancelled my DSTV subscription over two years ago and I do not have a decoder as it was stolen out of my house two years ago with the smart card.I contacted DSTV and cancelled my subscription.I did not even put in a claim for a new decoder although I was paying insurance for it since the day I installed it,I was just to busy at work to go to a police station for an affidavit and also wanted to punish my kids by cancelling the subscription totally. DSTV deducted funds in the amount of about R222.00 by mistake and promised to refund me which according to the consultant would have taken almost a month to refund me and I never received my refund at all and now suddenly for the past two or three months they have been deducting a R33.35 from my account every month,for what I do not know.

My ID Number is 6508210086084 and my contact number is - 0825558407.
I wanted this sorted with immediate effect or I am taking this further


Firoza Clarke
jaco Send email
Jun 14, 2016


two month back I could not pay my dstv butt it I stayed on for who know how long before it went off at the end off the month I paid my dstv for the month and no one said anything about paying more so today they switch it off and say I must pay another r500 so before they will switch it on after I did not ask for it to stay on I have payed for my dstv for this month if you did not switch it off its not my problem or is that the only way you can make money by ripping people off I want my dstv on that's what I payed for end off story
tsietsi.ramatsekisa Send email
Jun 9, 2016

Failure to communicate with clients

I did a self service request for upgrade on the 15 of May 2016 from compact to premium. The request was never implemented the same day. After having made my normal monthly payment for compact as the upgrade was not done, first week of June I receive an email that says my account is owing and it will be disconnected if I fail to pay. I checked on my TV and find that the upgrade has been done but I don't know when was it done.

My concern: There is and there was no communication at no point that my request is being received, being processed or is implemented. Ther was also no communication as to when was implemented and how much I have to pay after my upgrade.

Legally in terms of consumer rights Multichoice has to communicate with me on all these points above.

Poor Service, violation of consumer rights and ill treatment of customers: after having figured out, I called their call centre, asking the for information as to when did they implement my request to upgrade to premium I made on the 15 of May 2016; the response was that they did it the same day. This was not true because I could not watch nor record the movie and a show I wanted to on Mnet. I asked for a proof and they said they don't have.
I requested an email confirming that they implemented my request on the same day the lady called Elizabeth a supervisor at the call centre said she will email and I never received such email up to today. I insisted that I need to speak to any superior she reluctantly said the person is busy but I will be called before 13:00 and no one called me. That was the 8th of June 2016.

On the 09 June 2016, I called the call centre requesting the promised email and that no one called me, the lady told me that there is now way she is gonna give me such information. I was shocked that Big Companies like multi hoice still violates consumers rights.

It is time that I consider taking my money to their competitors.

Toney Send email
Jun 2, 2016


Changed to compact as premium is a rip-off - R844 pm. Repeats and crap continuously. When changing, was advised it would be R314 pm. Received sms before activation to pay R85 (???). After checking, told that it is an extra monthly charge to enable me to fast forward, rewind, pause, record. What BULLSHIT!!!!! It is like paying to press the buttons to dial a number on your cellphone. Is that not part of the instrument. Why would I pay to dial a number? What use is the blasted machine if the buttons are there, but you have to pay to use them. With the SHIT and expensive service, they still rip us off. Seriously thinking of cancelling EVERYTHING. DSTV continues to lose customer base, but obviously do not care.
Plangnan Send email
May 6, 2016

Loss of channel

Hey, I live in Nigeria. Last year BBC Entertainment was removed and before then we were promised BBC First only to now discover that it is not available in West Africa. It is a form of discrimination? Some of us only subscribe to DSTV because of BBC channels, and the only BBC channel full of drama and entertainment was BBC entertainment where you catch a lot of British drama. Are we in West Africa ever going to be able to watch this channel? DSTV channels are full of repetition which is not very good but BBC managed to give us Eastenders which I miss so much. Please release this channel to West Africa
Charles Berman Send email
May 6, 2016

Unauthorised deduction of R844.00

Cancelled DSTV on the 25th April 2016,assured by consultant that payment would not be deducted on the 28/4/2016.
Regrettably this did not happen and my bank a/c was debited with this amount.
Numerous emails have been returned as not delivered,cannot call as I am overseas How do I get my MONEY BACK ?.
Charles 4108135004080.

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