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Multichoice DSTV

South Africa

Consumer complaints and reviews about Multichoice DSTV

chrisanta Send email
Apr 30, 2017

Bad service

Arrived at our holiday home on friday it is now sunday. Paid R300 as requested was promosed by two consultants to phone us back due to tecnical issues from there side. It is now sunday morning nobody phoned and our line still not connected. Also 53min off airtime wasted on pour service and bad company. Wonder who is going to pay for our calls and time but they will not connect until we paid full amount. 😂😂😂They were trying to connect us on saturday afternoon again but the charge would have been for 3 full days..... although we would have only had the service for 2 and a half days. Rip off i would say. Dstv .... what service..... there in NO service
awolsa Send email
Apr 21, 2017


DSTV are morally reprehensible for even allowing ANN7 to air on their network. The blatant Zupta propaganda is false and nauseating and should not be allowed, especially on their cheaper packages. It's a blatant attempt to brainwash a very specific demographic. The lies, false witnesses and cowboy 'journalism' are not even veiled or attempted to pass off as legitimate. As for the "live feed" I wouldn't be surprised that the grubby hands of Bell Pottinger has a direct link to provide the drivel spewed forth across the screen like a congealed gravy train way past its scheduled stop.
Kick this crap to the kerb.
madziva Send email
Apr 18, 2017

request for a movie to be rescheduled

may you please have a nigerian movie "The Last Ofalla" to be aired again. notify me when scheduled
madziva Send email
Apr 18, 2017

african movie: The Last Ofalla

May you please reschedule Nigerian African movie called "The Last Ofalla"? I miss it
Renietha Send email
Apr 11, 2017

Poor service

I phoned on 2 april for dstv explora deal. Been approved and told delivery will be 5-7 working days. Today was day 7. Nothing. I phoned twice today but got told someone will phone me back. Dont understand why no one can check the progress on the system.
Entle Send email
Mar 27, 2017


Good day Natasha Abed

I Maria Mokoena, 7305240323085, I would like to have a querry on my account as I ask for debit order for 20th of each and every month, of which the debit order never went through from my side and again I have a problem with my phone where it will show the incontact if the money go off from my account. Last week I spoke to one of the agent that side regarding the money of which it was R472.00 that suppose to go through debit order today when I received a call from home that the service is suspended and I call to find out why the money never go off and again when I checked on the system that the debit order never goes off. I call to find out why debit order never goes off Joshua Matlou gave me an attitude and said I have to pay reconnection fee again because they were trying to take money today as the money reversed from their side but from my side no debit order was done. My complain is how can I pay double reconnection fee whereas I was not aware? And again how can I ask for reconnection and again reverse the money? It does not make sense to me. I would Like you to reconnect my dish, I will pay it now what was required R472. I think I must cancel my debit order so that it will be better to pay cash to avoid troubles. call me on 0736544148. Really it was a bad experience I had.
phakamak Send email
Mar 24, 2017

Dstv not working

Good day,

I have a problem, I paid my dstv last week monday the 20/03/2016 and some of the channels were not working so I called the call centre and the guy that I spoke to give me instructions over the phone to reset the decoder to default settings. My dstv now is stuck on the installation wizard screen and when you try to go next to finish the installation, it says not signal and what so ever. I contacted the call centre again on wednesday the 22/03/2017 to ask them to suspend my dstv, I have spoken with Tsepo mhlala sitting in johannesburg and I haven't got any joy from him and ask for a supervisor who called me on this number (011 289 2000) and the time was 22:24. Supervisor advised that he was going to log a call for me for my dstv to been suspended until the problem is resolved because I cannot watch the tv and my money is now been washed away. Supervisor advised that He was going to call me back to give me a feedback but I haven't heard a word and its now friday the 24/03/2017

Please kindly assist me.
eajyyav Send email
Mar 17, 2017

DsTV connections disconnected even before 30 days

I paid for my Indian subscription on 16th Feb 2017. It is supposed to work for 30 days and then should go off if not recharged.
By simple mathematics today, 17th March 2017 is the 30th day of my recharge and it must work today. But the connection has gone off since 2 AM, 17th March. It is supposed to work for full day but it is off since 2 AM.
I want it to be working for 1 full day to compensate for the time lost by me when the subscription was not working.

Account number : 43162940
Contact number : +233 540125044
Brillian Send email
Mar 13, 2017


My account was due on 7th March, 2017. I paid for smart card no: 4135071249. We have been watching since then until today 13th March at 13.00hours. Can I have my channels.
[email protected] Send email
Mar 9, 2017

unsatisfied & angry

I am very unsatisfied with DS TV (Multi choice) services. In feb2017 I was not at my home for the whole month and due to that I did not pay my services for the Feb 2017 month because I knew I will not be at home..so why must I pay for the month if I was not going to watch tv. Then in March I got an sms saying this (" DS TV: We've suspended your services as we've not received a payment. Please pay R268.01 immediately & we'll reconnect you. Dial *120*68584# for where to pay.") So then I went and pay the amount as required or stated via sms. Then I called Ds TV to confirm my amount has been paid and then I spoke to the consultant Mr. Lettlhogonolo Thede at Ds tv he confirmed everything is paid and fine and the decorder/ Ds tv channels will be opened for the whole month March 2017. Yesterday to my surprise coming from work home then the ds tv was off....WHAT IS GOING ON WITH DS TV PEOPLE...STOP LYING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PLEASE I WANT MY DS TV CHANNELS ON IMMEDIATELY.

Mrs SS de Wee
sim card : 1035725682
twoprins Send email
Mar 3, 2017


Since last Thursday we have had no service whatsoever from Multichoice. This has been happening over and over for the past few month's with all sorts of excuses.

The latest excuse is that cables etc. were stolen but surely it cannot take a week or how long still to come........ to get new cables and merely replace them???

Multichoice is this supposed to be "Big conglomerate" but they cannot find a technician who can do the job in one week or even longer, heaven alone knows? One or even two days at the most but over a week already, this is unacceptable!!!

It would be cheaper to rent the latest videos from a store and also to watch Super Rugby which has started at the club because paying for something that doesn't exist makes no sense and heaven alone knows what year they will find a technician in this country to fix this small problem!
silindile Send email
Feb 16, 2017

billing and refund

good day

on the 1st of February I paid R345 -(subscription amount) manually...the same day I received an sms advising me I owe R690
few minutes later I received another one informing me it was an error
I ignored the sms....the next day I received another one informing me I owe R345...I ignored as far as I knew I didn't owe anything,

the next day I received another sms stating I should ignore the sms
the following day I received a refund of R345 from Multi choice,
On the 7th I woke up and my services was suspended
I called the 086 number stayed on the line for 34 minutes explaining to the consultant

she apologized and reconnected my services,
she also told me to go pay R345 which I owed again with a week
the next day I went to the walk in center, I was advised Im up to date and don't owe anything...
(bear in mind Im paying to travel to the walk in Centre and for the phone calls...as they told me they couldn't phone me back as they are in a call Centre,)

on the 10th I woke up and my service was suspended again
I using my airtime.phoned ,I was with the consultant for 20minutes, he apoligised and reconnected my services.
he said I owe R345 as they refunded me by error...I told him im going back to work and wont have time to go the pay that refund
besides the fact that im incurring bank cgarges for their incompetency
I requested to speak to a manager/supervisor
I was told he is on a call,,,he will get back to me
till to date I have not received the call

yesterday I got home my services is suspended again
this morning I phoned, spoke to Margret who was incompetent,....I asked to speak to a manager
I was then advised he is busy with another complaint on the line
3 hours later...he has not returned my call

my services are still suspended....
I told her to take the R345 via debit out of the account
she said I now need to pay them R382...I don't understand...
I had paid my subscription, this is the amount they incorrectly refunded me
why should I suffer like this as a Client

client number :97413736

I need urgent feedback...
Irate client
Sharna Gaugain Send email
Feb 13, 2017

Decoder Insurance

I bought my DSTV Explora decoder 2 years ago and I took out insurance when I received my decoder with Multichoice.

I then received an sms and email from you on the 11th January 2017 advising that my insurance was cancelled and I immediately called your company to find out why. They mentioned that I missed a payment in October 2016 but I was never notified of the missed payment. I then asked to be reinsured immediately.

My decoder blew 3 weeks ago and when I went to the multi choice shop in the Lemon Tree in Alberton they said I cannot get a new decoder because I haven’t had my insurance for longer than 3 months.

I then called your company and they advised that I need to wait 3 months before I can get a new Explora which I find extremely unfair as I wasn’t informed that I missed a payment and I definitely wasn’t advised that there is a 3 month waiting period plus I had paid for 18 months already.

I was then told to email [email protected] my complaint and was advised via email that they would get back to me in 24 hours.

I called 24 hours later only to be told by the call centre lady that it takes longer than 24 hours and up to 7 days and that the promped email response form Multichoise is incorrect.

Its been 2 weeks now and I still haven't heard from anyone.

CASE NUMBER: 8473267
CASE NUMBER: 8480372
Deryck LVender Send email
Feb 8, 2017

Repeats and poor overall programs

I think it is very poor that we are subscribed to your premium bouquet and have to suffer continuall repeats boring reality shows non related History channel content etc the list goes on. It ia crying shame that on your entire premium package one cannot find anything decent to watch. I pray for the day you get an opponent. Rest assured you will lose many customers. Enough is enough stop cramming rubbish down our throats.
ZKW Send email
Feb 7, 2017

Multichoice DSTV Complaint

People check your accounts. Need to pay Family Package this month but suddenly need to pay R700. Because of a double payment suddenly reversed in January. When I called in November to check how much I need to pay, I had a credit on my account confirmed by the consultant, because we did not had money to pay that month I wanted to make sure about the credit showing on self-help service. I asked the guy if I can then use DSTV and choose my package with the credit, and he said yes. So I went on with my viewing. Now suddenly they reversed that credit, said I didn't pay. What's the use then to call the customer care to find out the payment for the month, because I didn't had money to pay. It is not my fault I had a credit on the account and the consultant confirm that on phone. It is DSTV's account department that have malfunctioning systems, because of it couldn't correct it at the stage when the credit was showing. FIX MY ACCOUNT, I WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR DSTV'S FAULT. I will take this further than DSTV.
pmaake Send email
Feb 7, 2017

Paid my account, still not connected

Can someone please explain..

1) My DSTV details >> (DSTV-A,Smart Card-A)
2) My Parents DSTV details >> (DSTV-B, Smart Card-B)
3) both these decoders are under my name however, i specifically asked that they separate the billing accounts as per the Smart card numbers to avoid future confusion.
4) how come is it that when DSTV-A,SmartCard-A is paid and DSTV-B,SmartCard-B is owing, both decoders are switched off due to non payment??? why don't u just disable the account that you haven't received payment on? and does this mean i forfeited the payment i made since my paid up smart card is deactivated??
5) The call center personnel excel at arguing more than resolving issues
6) the self help "live chat" service is as useless as the call center they are referring me to?
7) why am i still paying for this?
8) my customer number - 9886300

Paid my account, still not connected

Veryupset123 Send email
Feb 7, 2017


JUST SO FED UP WITH REPEATS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like enough is enough. Seriously
I also switched from SD decoder to HD PVR and most of my HD chanels are not playing so I ask with tears in my eyes. WHAT ARE WE PAYING MULTI CHOICE A LOT OF MONEY FOR?????? I feel is ridiculous to pay such a lot of money and you don't even watch half of the channels. Some reasons you not interested and some are the channels are not playing at all. "Technical problems with the HD PVR's"
Give us an option to tailor make our packages if you not willing to reduce the costs!!!!!! AND DON'T SAY IT WILL COST MORE CAUSE IT WON'T. I know exactly which channels I want. We could really use some healthy competition for DSTV. The subscriptions increases by so much but the level service is getting worse. DSTV started out with a fairly reasonable price but why should we pay so much for the same content that was shown when it started??? Nothing has changed so why increase subscription every year???? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE UNHAPPY AND YOU JUST KEEP ADVERTISING EXPLORA AND PRICE LOCK. HOW THAT IS ALSO A SAVING BEATS MY BRAIN.....Just had a brain fart: LOCK THEM IN FOR TWO YEARS SO THEY DON'T LEAVE. I AM SURE THAT IS WHAT OUR SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE IN TWO YEARS TIME, THAT'S IF I HAVE NOT CANCELLED MINE ALREADY.
Tinasa Send email
Feb 7, 2017

Channels not working

This is ongoing now for months and months..why are some of my channels suddenly not working..I'm paying a lot of money and getting really frustrated now
Channels not working is listed below
I am paying for full dstv and it is not my decoder that give me problems..please
I am looking for answers...for sure the problem must be on dstv signal
Please contact me via email
matlou Send email
Feb 6, 2017


I'm beyond pissed with this date self-service nonsense, I paid for my account and still hasn't been activated, went for the stupid self-service which said I must link my smart card or customer id, I did that for over an hour and it keeps saying they are wrong or already linked to another Profile. I checked with *120*68584# and it confirmed that I don't owe anything. Now this is very pissing because no I have to call the call centre which is forever busy and I now ran out of airtime...right now I hate this service. Someone better call me or reconnect my services my customer number is. :77471896. My number 0632283870

You better fix this mess.
Karlien Schoeman Send email
Jan 31, 2017

Blasphemy on BoxOffice

Good day.

I trust you are well.

I would like to request DSTV to please enable an option to turn of foul language when a movie is rented from BoxOffice as well as watching CatchUp.
Currently one is only able to adjust the language when watching live tv.
I feel very offended when God's name is used non-stop on some of the shows and would like to have an option to "bleep" this out.

Please can you make a concerted effort to enable this option?

Please can you also give me feedback on my request.

Kind regards and enjoy the day.
kimsmithwkl Send email
Jan 31, 2017

Poor Service

I contacted DSTV telephonically for someone to assist me with upgrading my DSTV to Explore PriceLock, and was told a consultant will contact me shortly. i then smsed the contacted number for a consultant to contact me and no response, i then downloaded the app to get service and still no communication. This was 2weeks ago and still no response. I am really disappointed in the bad customer service. or lack there of. Please can someone get back to me with this regard.


Warren Gardner
MARIANAboy Send email
Jan 27, 2017


Good day

I am very unhappy with DSTV account services, I took a account for the explorer in 2015, we have been paying and then we add a debit order and it went of up to April 2016, NOBODY AT DSTV HAVE THE CURITSY TO PHONE ME TO SAY THE DEBIT ORDER DID NOT WHENT OF NOW MY ACCOUNT IS OUTSTANDING ALMOST R8000.00, WHO' S FAULT IS THIS, IF YOU PHONE THE CALL CENTRE THEY JUST SAID SOMBODY WILL PHONE ME BACK AND NOBODY IS PHONING

carolfernandez Send email
Jan 18, 2017


I am so disgusted with the service I received today from the DSTV customer care centre. I have a HD PVR decoder that is faulty, I called the centre yesterday and asked the agent what I would get as a replacement and he advised me that I would get an Explora, I drive all the way from the south to Randburg only to be told that that is not possible and they will replace it with another PVR which I will be taking back in a few months time as I have heard that there are a lot of faulty PVR's out there. Do you think that DSTV would try and accommodate their clients, not a chance, they give a shit about us, all they care about is our monthly subscriptions and insurance they receive every month. I am cancelling my subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Cycling Send email
Jan 16, 2017

cycling coverage

To whom it concerns D S TV has 10+ sport channels but can not stick to their own schedule this is not the first time I think that your service is getting worse . please give the sub subscribers what they pay a lot of money for .2.00pm today was supposed be highlights of the Tour Down Under cycling highlights NOT the Dakar and lets play twice
please stick to the programs as you people advertise
Tisetso Send email
Jan 14, 2017


I went to multi choice they told me how much m I owing and I paid it cash , within few days my dstv was off then I called customer service help line they said am over due , I paid again now my decoder is off again. It's annoying and disappointing the way multichoice service's are rendered I paid almost R1000 for R345 package how is that possible


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