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Anisa Send email
Jul 24, 2019


I have been calling the DSTV call centres for well over 10 days now, every call is over 30 mins. My DSTV is paid, POP was sent but someone keeps cutting it after ever 1 / 2 days. I have to then call back and there is a re-connection fee added that I have to pay first before they re-connect.
This is becoming tiring and even the team leaders in the call centres do not want to help, they are constantly in meetings. I have their names and times that I called. YOUR FINANCE DEPARTMENT WAS SUPPOSE TO CALL WITHIN 24 HOURS. IT IS NOW DAYS AND NO CALLS.
Someone needs to assist me, as you are now robbing me. I have paid for a service which I cannot make use of as you have now cut it completely and your call centre wants me to pay again to re-connect.

resolux Send email
Jul 19, 2019

pricelock upgrade

dstv price lock service are absolutely the worst i have been phoning for two weeks just to get my dstv subscription upgraded to premium package the consultants just say that they escalated the request to the price lock dep and they will call me back its been two weeks and no phone call has been received ... do this people actually work?? cause i pay my account every month and this is the service i receive
Dumie Send email
Jul 16, 2019


I called in on the 15th of July to see how much i need to pay, and i was told i had to pay R637 Acc 75684617 then they opened my line now on the 16th when i came from work i see that they closed the acc again, when i called in i was told i had to pay in R27 the following day my question is i was given a balance that i had to pay the day before now they feel that they have to add on more money thats not right
WidneyK Send email
Jul 10, 2019

horrible staff

Luisagalle Send email
Jul 5, 2019

Over debiting of account / price lock

I was previously on price lock and then it came to the end of the period. a few months later i was offered the price lock agreement again which i accepted.

Ever since then i have had endless issues with the decoders being disconnected and me having to contact the call centre and every time i speak to someone i get a different errors. Then all of a sudden my service is suspended even though its paid via debit order each month.

I call again and they reconnect.... now i get debited for R2228 opposed to the price lock amount. i have now been calling every day and get told the same thing that it has been escalated to the to price lock team....... service is shocking never mind no one knowing exactly what transpired..... in the mean time i am left out of pocket and DSTV have my money. The best is that I must call back at my own expense opposed to the DSTV team calling me back !!!
seritebridget Send email
Jul 3, 2019


Multichoice gave me a free month just so they can keep disconnecting my services and I have to call them every other day to have my services reconnected. I have now paid for the new month just to be told I'm overdue now, and they disconnected again. I called and they reconnected after fighting with them again, only for them to disconnect again now for the 100th time. I honestly don't know why they had this promotion if they just going to ill treat me and treat me as though I don't pay. I guess I wont have tv again for services I paid for
seritebridget Send email
Jul 3, 2019


I got an sms from multichoice saying if I paid my premiums on time for 3months I get the 4th month free. I'm always looking forward to saving money, so I made sure I always pay on time. come 4th month I get an sms that I shouldn't forget to pay, so I call and ask and I was told no don't worry, "don't pay anything we will just adjust on our side". so I sat and relaxed only to have my dstv disconnected. I had to call again and fight with them to get it reconnected and they did, again I was promised that they will clear the account on their side. the whole of last month I had to call in every week as they would disconnect and I had to call to have my services reconnected. a new month starts and I ask again, how much do I need to pay seeing that we had issues last month, they give me the amounts and I paid. I then get my services disconnected again only to be told that I'm overdue. after fighting with them again they reconnect and tell me it'll be cleared. now its disconnected again, mind you I have been paying for these services, and now I'm being treated as though I'm a bad payer. the other thing that's frustrating is that I don't know for how long I have to keep fighting with these people, and I have now paid for services which I don't even get to enjoy
StanleyC Send email
Jun 28, 2019

Gross dishonesty

I have since lodged a complaint regarding the debited amounts and requested clarity but to no avail. i agreed on the Pricelock contract for a premium of R899.00 p.m but different amounts are being taken from my account and no one is willing to explain what happened and how it will be resolved.

I further requested the compliance team to be involved as i believe that what happened has an impact of some sort to some subordinate legislation, incliding the TCF provisions.

My account is on negative as result of the operational failures which resulted from being misled by Multichoice's Representative and failure to debit my account after mandating them to do so.
StanleyC Send email
Jun 28, 2019

Gross dishonesty

I called Multichoice customer care center and requested clarity as to why i was debited a different amount that i signed for from the contractual stage and i was openly misled. Ever since then, i made several calls asking Multichoice to get the relevant department to call me and clarify this conundrum but no one is willing to accepts the operational failures which occurred from their side.

I have requested this to be escalated to the Compliance Team for assistance but to no avail.
LeeMats Send email
Jun 26, 2019

Quoted Incorrect amount to re-connect

Good Day

I would like to inform the complaints department of the poor service I received from the Customer Care Department when I called to enquire on the amount due for me to reconnect my services. The 1st call I made was on the 24th of June around 15:00 and I spoke to Rivaldo and he 1st assisted me to change my debit date from the 1st of every month to the 25th, then I enquired on the amount that I needed to pay to reconnect my services as the AVR advised on R442.28,he checked the system and quoted me on R734 00, all was fine.
I called again on the 25th @ 14:20 as I wanted my Customer Number to make payments and I spoke to Caylee, she assisted, confirmed the amount I needed to pay to reconnect (R442.28) & also gave me a WhatsApp number to check my balance, I got surprised as the amount was different from the one I got the previous day, she confirmed more that once that, that is the amount to be paid to be reconnected. I then used the USSD code, R442.28 was the amount I received, I then went on WhatsApp as advised by Caylee, R442.28 was the amount I got.

I paid via Absa Atm, got homeā€¦no connection, called Multichoice, spoke to Noxolo Buka, she gave me her email add as she could not locate my payment. I did email as requested, called back & spoke to Lwazi Hadebe, to my surprise, I was told that the amount I paid was only to keep my account up to date. I then advised him of all the calls I made to their department to get the amount to pay & reconnect not to update my account. He spoke to the team leader Tshepo Sekopo to get a call recording, they kept me waiting for a long time, I got cut off, called again, got through to Lwazi again who got irritated when he heard that he was talking to me. I was again kept on hold, for a long time, Lwazi could not wait to get rid of the call, he was not professional, he kept putting me on hold, was sarcastic even after mentioning that my phone has a recorder & will be sending through the call as I was not happy with their service, he did not careā€¦. To cut the long story short, I have attached all the calls I made to Multichoice since the 24th - 25th together with P.O.P.

Please note that: I expect to be connected from 25/06/19 ā€“ 25/07/19 as I was advised before making the payment.
Customer No: 93306682

Nb: There is no option to load call recordings.


Quoted Incorrect amount to re-connect Quoted Incorrect amount to re-connect Quoted Incorrect amount to re-connect

42349258 Send email
Jun 13, 2019


I have been debit 4 times the amount i pay from April,Multichoice has been debiting me wrong amounts since November 2018,
wrong amount.I phoned the call Centre many times and nothing was done,in march i decided to send them an email making them aware of their mistake,they just responded that they will get back to me whithin 8 working hours,I did not get any respond,I call Call Centre again
to make arrangement of paying that amount and i was told they will do it,I was given ref number 2084702 first time and the second time 313770 and i phoned numerous dates but they were using same ref numbers.In May and June they decide to debit my account with R24999 and R2197 in June,the amount was unpaid because i did not expect that huge amounts to be debited,In June i had to reverse it because there was other debit orders pending to go through.
This Company doesnt care about Customers and i hope they get Cpmpetator so lot of people can move from them.I really disappointed and since i am in Price Lock i had never enjoy that package is problem after another
42349258 Send email
Jun 13, 2019


I have been contacting Multichoice from March 2019(Ref Numbers given 2084702 and 313770) but they just ignore my emails,They have been debiting wrong amounts from my account and i send them email making them aware of their mistake.I then make an arrangement to pay them R1000 a month which is R307 more than my normal payment.To my surprise on the first of my they debited R2499 which returned unpaid because i did not expect of June R2197 was again debited but i had to reverse it because i had to have enough for other debit orders.Please explain the arrogance and incompetent Multichoice does to Customers,I wish Netflixwork so we can be away from this Company that doesnt care about Customers.
Pope Send email
Jun 6, 2019

Double deduction n no refund

I've been communicating with multichoice on a refund request, following the incorrect double deduction totaling R1058. This was reported on Tuesday 4 June-19 and I'm today being told it will take 3-4 days.

I questioned confirming that pay should clear by tomorrow and only again I'm told it will take 7-14 because they don't want it to come back as unpaid, first of all who's to worry about unpaid is it them or my mom, clearly not them.

Just pay out the money n don't worry yourself with unpaid, because that's our problem n not multichoice.

You got us disconnected n requested that we pay cash, which we did n y'all decided to double debit again on top of the cash payment.

Please note I'm reporting this inconvenience at hello Peter as well.
Motheo2005 Send email
Jun 4, 2019


Good Day
I paid on Sunday R200.00 for R105 family package I was disconnected on Tuesday morning Why? and I am told to pay for Compact option before I can be reconnected. this is day light robbery DSTV is a criminal. 0615233837
Kamogelo19999 Send email
May 30, 2019


Good Day ive been calling regarding one issue my dstv is been switched off before my salary date and i have to borrow money to pay iv cald several time and the same thing still going happening till when ?aim tired now for calling regarding one issue every time
Sam8 Send email
May 30, 2019

Tribalism and Racism

My Name is Xhanti I'm the DSTV Subscriber and in this Package of Mine I happened to have a Channel that is Called Moja Love ,in this Channel there is host of the Show called Jub Jub who Insulted the Xhosa Nation by Saying Xhosa People are promiscuous , I demand for Jub Jub to Resign or be fired by the Moja Love Channel or DSTV must remove this Channel from my Package . This is Tribalism at it's best insulting the whole nation giving them names ,who the hell does he think he is to insult our Nation . What is the best thing his own nation did for this country that is better than what Xhosa people did in this Country or Still doing to this Country. if DSTV will keep on giving us Channels of people who potrays racism even if it's Black on Black we wont tolerate this at all.
khotsos Send email
May 6, 2019

Disrespectful conduct and crap customer service

First and foremost if there were other options than Multichoice, I would disconnect this nonsense of a service and move on with my life. Last week I went to 3 different merchants to pay my account and was advised that I couldn't make payment because of a R0.00 balance on my account. Yesterday to my dismay I find my account disconnected. I go to Pick n Pay to make a R528.05c payment and get home to find my services still disconnected. I dial in and am advised I am number 250 on the queue, I waited on the line for over 15 minutes!!! With my bloody airtime, finally a rude person answers the call, KARABELO MAGANO. You client service conduct sucks. You know nothing about being a custodian for client service. You are in the wrong department and wrong career choice. There are people out there in dire need of jobs and yet they are being occupied by the likes of you? Or is it a Multichoice culture? Well your customer service stinks and I hope someday something gets to happen to you for you to realize that and fix your stinking attitude.

This is beyond disgusting.

From a very unhappy customer. I hope you one day go one this way until you cost the business money, KARABELO MAGANO.
Marilee Kearley Send email
May 4, 2019

Complaing about my acoount

Good morning, in the past 1 and half years I have being struggling with my account. Have called nearly every month, had been to the head office in N1 city, and they just cant fix my account. The last time was on 7th March Ref. 438111-217 12.22pm Cashier Lebo Lopes. While i was there, they have solved the account with her Supervisor and paid my account fully. Left their offices and glad thaT the problem was solved.They insured me the account is in full paid and paid R897.00 Coming end March the same amount afflicted on my account was still not resolved. I paid my normal account at our local Pick and Pay cash R899.00, today I received the same billing account again. I just don't understand where the problem is, being phoning many times, being to N1 city 3 time with the same quires, I live in Gordonsbay with R100 i only get 6 litre fuel..... and they cannot meet satisfying me with the wright amount. I'm sick to my stomach with Multie Choice. We have to watch month after month old movies, repeatings !!!!! it just does not stop there. Every time when I phone 021 508-2222 I have to excplain the whole situation over and over, and the answer back They will send it through to their Supervisors, and nothing happens. I need help in this matter and be compensated with all my efforts. Kind regards Marilee Kearley
Dahida Send email
Apr 17, 2019

Poor servise despite all my efforts

Upgraded to DSTV Explorer. Received it, installer came to install. Struggled to connect. He came back a day later. Left whilst DSTV not working. Said I must give it 24hrs. After several calls to call centre, still today not working. Dont know what to do. Tried to contact installer, he is not answering his phone. . Dahida
Dahida Send email
Apr 17, 2019

DSTV Explorer

I am very unhappy with DSTV service. I upgraded to DSTV Explorer. Installer came to install. Up to today it's still not working. Have made several calls to call centres. Last call were today the 17th April. Agent told me that when I get home from work, all will be sorted. Which did not happen.
O. J Send email
Apr 15, 2019

Changes to account

I have sent change of ownership documents to multiple time, to change account from my late partner to myself and do not get any assistance. Because of her passing the account is going to default and I do not believe what pathetic service I get to resolve this. Multichoice is not interested in losing customers.
Michelle K Send email
Apr 8, 2019

Dstv Mulichoice Poor customer service

Repeated failure to process refund

I am truly disappointed with the dishonest service I've received from the Dstv call centre. Their word clearly means nothing to them.

I have escalated my query to two different team leaders who promised to resolve my query, this after calling numerous times over a period of two weeks - yet my query remains unresolved and my refund is yet to be processed. The service consultants are friendly, but it would be great if they did what they said they would do
Titus T.t Send email
Apr 1, 2019

My account is still owing but I have paid

I have paid my account on shoprite but it still appears am owing so I have attached my prove of payment

My account is still owing but I have paid

[email protected] Send email
Apr 1, 2019


I had a call from a lady 1 march asking me if I would like to set my dstv to price lock again as there is going to be a price increase soon
I agreed as my price lock just finished
we did the whole deal and I was told as I already paid for the month my next deduction will be end of march 2019

hold and behold on the 14th I receive an sms to say that I haven't paid and my service will be cut
I phoned and was told they will look into it, I phoned the next day again and was told the same story, I even said to the sales person to make sure that my service will not be cut. Saturday morning my service was CUT!. I had to phone again just to be apologised to and told that the sales lady didn't adjust the date for the new service to start. it was reconnected. I had to phone twice more same morning as now half my channels wasn't showing and then again because my catch up and recording facilities wasn't activated!

then my debit order goes off and its R3347 instead of R914 ! When I phoned highly irritated by now I was told its because the old contract wasn't deleted. but they will do a refund and request it on Monday - very sorry for the issues
so I phoned back now Monday morning to check that it has been done- I now have a credit on the system but she cant see a refund as of yet but if I did ask for it then it will take 7 days!! why must I wait 7 days to get my money back when they messed up. I am so irritated with multichoices services!
Chantelle Olivier Send email
Mar 17, 2019

Disgusted in service

Dstv should be banned from television as they are the worst public service entity to exist. Rude and obnoctious managers consultants whom give wrongfull info or dont even do the requests asked from clients. I have been struggling for weeks with dstv and i regretably say that i will not pay the fee they say as their own consultanta gave me info to which i use because they work from the system correct. So it is upon dstv to train their people right, and give them the correct managing skills to work with people and i will keep complaining about them until they rectify it themselves.a ll forms of communication i will use to show the people how poor dstv's service is and how mistrained their people are... And rude to a point where he will state he IS correct and i am NOT

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