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Multichoice DSTV

South Africa

Consumer complaints and reviews about Multichoice DSTV

deon perumal Send email
Aug 30, 2017

no soccer log on supersport

no logs fixtures on supersport only English premier and Spanish la liga...no France or Italy ...
Pieter Fourie Send email
Aug 15, 2017


I have opt for the price lock package last year 2016 July. Since I have taken out this package there were always a problem with my account showing that it is in arrears. After multiple emails sent to the accounts department with no replies, and numerous telephone conversations with the client departments they still can not resolve my account. Every month they disconnect my services, only stating that my account is in arrears. After making cash payments on this account they only tell me that I am behind on the price lock account. I have shifted money over into that account to bring it up to date but the problem don`t get solved. I have downloaded my last statement of July 2017 and it does not show any arrears. These people working at their accounts department are unprofessional and it puts their whole business in a very bad light.


Takie Mufamadi Send email
Aug 11, 2017

Price Lock

I have a business Lodge package and at home I have a premium package, my husband has a premium package too and I applied for an additional price lock premium package. It was approved on 14/06/2017. Up to today I haven't received it.
I have called your call centre 3 times already, where I am being told that it will be escalated, including yesterday 10/08/2017 and spoke to Aphiwe, requesting that they send me the delivery address and show me the signature and name of the person who received. I even requested the supervisor and held the line for 10 minutes without any response. What is Management and supervisors therefore if they can't help the poor consultants. Because Up to day, no one from your office has bothered to call me. What makes me angry is the fact that my account has been debited, yet I don't have the decoder. Please don't start taking us and our business for-granted.

I need this resolved speedily before end of business today. 11/08/2017

082 436 3481
wilhelmina55 Send email
Aug 2, 2017


switching off services for no reason. cannot phone them because advisors are 0 help. they cannot speak on phones properly and your phone bill and bp only rises.

poor poor poor services.
never is a manager etc available to help. always repeated phone calls.
Tromp Send email
Aug 1, 2017


Hi I order a prize lock decoder and was explained that it will cost me R969 with my current decoders. When the decoder arrived I battle to get hold of the Dstv accredited installer and on 7/7 /2017 Dstv deducted R2018 from my bank account I phone Dstv explained to them that this not the agreement for payment . They than told me cancellation can only be done during working hours so I back on the 10/7/2017 and cancelled the prize lock. Since that dated I call them every day to collect they still have not. Now every day the account increases and my credit score just went down.
Thoko molotshwa Send email
Aug 1, 2017


Dstv / muiltchoice please stop with your repeats I'm on extraview and those days the programs you guys a playing a boring and play the same movies over and over I'm sick of it please do something your prices a high but poor service and poor programs
Thoko molotshwa Send email
Aug 1, 2017

Poor sevice

DSTV please stop it with your repeats I'm on extra view and when I started with dstv back in 2014 I use to enjoy it now a days your programs a boring repeating the same thing over and over and a again it's like you a watching sabc channels your prices a to high but when it's time to provide to good exciting programs no where to be seen come on up your game
Ndivho Send email
Jul 29, 2017

I bought explore HD from dstv is been a week now there is no installer

I'm Andrew Ramaru 8012256575082 bought an explore 2 weeks a go it was delivered last they say I must find an install er ,all of them they are telling m stories my children don't have a TV is it possible to find m an install er of take back the explore, coz right now I'm sick of wasting my moment to call people who are not helping me

Andrew Ramaru
L Rossouw Send email
Jul 28, 2017

Repeated disconnection without reason

What does a customer have to do to get good service from Multichoice? My elderly fathers account (1019362593) has just been disconnected for the fourth time in 2 weeks! The first time there was a reason. He removed his secondary decoder to take on holiday and never had the primary one disconnected so he was billed double and disconnected after two weeks, even though he has a debit order that takes care of his DSTV account every month. I phoned on 13.07.17 and after a phone call of more than R60 service was reconnected and had his primary decoder back home swithed off so only one would be running on his account. The next day I paid the "outstanding" amount. Four days later his services was disconnected again. I had to make another call and after 20 minutes spent on another very expensive call his services was reconnected and all I got was an apology and that the matter will be forwarded to a manager. Four days later he was disconnected again!! Why?

After two days without tv he asked me to phone again. Luckily he was back home by now. I called customer care (again) and asked why (This was my third very expensive call in a short time and I hoped it would be my last). I did not get a real answer, just apologies. By now I also asked that his primary decoder, the Explora, be switched on again and reconnected to his secondary decoder. The Explora was switched on but I got an excuse about problems with the systems and the secondary decoder could not be switched on. This was my third very expensive call in a short time and I hoped it would be my last. I was promised that it would be on by the next day. Three days later it was still dead. This morning his services was switched off again.

Multichoice, you make your customers feel helpless. What does it help to phone again and again. What do I need to do to get his services switched on permanently?? The are elderly and have nothing else to spend their evenings with. This is pathetic.
JCNel Send email
Jul 26, 2017

DSTV broadcasts

Dear Sir/Madam

I obtained M-Net in the 1980's as an alternative to SABC Tv. A few years later I installed DSTV and later Dual View. A few years ago I installed a PVR with Extraview. Everything worked fine until about a month ago when the Extraview started providing intermittent service on about 50% of the channels which seems to me about a full bouquet.

I posted a comment on your FB page and called your contact centre. Your contact centre informed me that it is a system problem with delayed data signals.

About a day later the service was back to normal, unfortunately for only a few days when the problem started again.

I am in bed after a neck operation and watching TV is one of the few pleasures I have but I can't view the channels I wish to.

You can't tell me it is the equipment. How can it be working perfectly one second and the next it doesn't and then of course your contact centre explanation.

If I had access to fiber streaming I would have started long ago but I don't.

When will this be rectified?

I am in the consulting business and when something is done incorrectly I rectify it free of charge.

I think the minimum you can doe is to replace my Extraview with a DSTV Explora and use my PVR as the Extraview device, of course installed free of charge in exchange for the amount of service I've lost without refunding.
Lmizen Send email
Jul 25, 2017

Debt collectors calling me because I never told DSTV that I'm cancelling my account

I haven't had dstv for a few years now, maybe 2 or 3 years. A few days ago I received a call out of the blue to say I've been handed over due to my dstv account being in overdue. I told the consultant she must be mistaken, I haven't had dstv for quite sometime now. She said no I owe the money as I never called dstv to tell them that I'm cancelling the service I now have been handed over for three hundred and something rand. I can't understand how no notice is given to dstv customers, I.e email, SMS, phone call. Now years down the road I get a call saying I'm handed over. Surely it's against the law to just hand somebody over without any notice given to these customers.
Frankly I will never ever support dstv ever again. Almost R1000 for a service in a country that's in recession and most people can't even afford to pay for tv/entertainment. There is nothing new or exciting about dstv. We would have dstv and cancel it and then perhaps a year or two down the road we would connect again, it was merely repeats of the series etc, programs that we watched the previous time. So basically throwing money away every month.
We now have OVHD which is a once off payment for the decoder, programs are not bad at all. Definitely beats paying nearly R1000 for a service which is basically just on repeat.

Debt collectors calling me because I never told DSTV that I'm cancelling my account

britsmichelle2@gmail.com Send email
Jul 25, 2017

Dishonest DSTV accredited installer

Good day, I made use of 24 Hour in Benoni as they are advertised as an accredited DSTV installer. Much to my dismay, I was quoted an amount of +- R500.00 and charged R1010.00 to install my dish, please note that the dish was on the roof and they used my cables, so only about 6 meters of connecting wires to dish. Four meters of trunking

I was quoted R15 per meter for trunking and charged R35 per meter, and just for good measure the guy that did the installation, stole a brand new splitter from my house, he also insisted I do an ewallet into his account as I only had R900 with me at the time, I called his boss Allan 072 087 1326 079 457 1760 later in the evening when I got home and saw the invoice, he told me the installer denied receiving money from me (e wallet), so I had to send bank proof of pmt, only after that did the installer admit he had received money from me. Allan did call back and advise that his installer admitted to receiving the money in his ewallet account and also that he had taken my splitter, which was to be returned yesterday, to date no response from them

My question, should such dishonest people be accredited dealers??
Jacks Send email
Jul 20, 2017

Unnotified connection/ activation

Good day

kindly note I had the old decoder and was exchanged by the new HD decoder with smartcard 1049125232 but the filed Installer came and Install and automatically activated the decoder without my knowledge and he never disconnected the old decoder services and I paid the amount required to activate my service as per sms and now after two weeks o got another sms telling me that my services were suspended.

Please look into this matter and advise because this is not my fault that both my two decoders were active and why did the field worker activate my decoder on my behalf.

Jack Shiko
jolanda Send email
Jul 19, 2017

DSTV price lock

Good day I am waiting now for 3 weeks for delivery of the explorer decoder. All the legal documents was approved 3 weeks ago already. nobody at DSTV call center does know why the delivery is not yet scheduled. The only answer I get is I will escalate the call. Can someone please call me back on 0824732916 so that we can sort it out.
o and all the managers is always in a meeting or to busy to take the call.
Fhastings Send email
Jul 12, 2017

Repeats repeats repeats

We have the premium DSTV package with the option to record. What are we really paying for???? There is just repeat after repeat. We are watching some seasons of shows for the third of fourth time. Movies I can't even count how many times they are being showed. There is very rarely something new. The latest movies we are offered We are then expected to pay extra for by using the box office option. This is very disappointing as the service we are receiving is shocking and we all are just expected to accept it!
bladerider Send email
Jul 10, 2017

Shark Tank should be take out of air

Good day
To see the hole story go to my Blog:

This is the last part of the blog:

So, as I had proven above these “Couples Hotels” they are not just very profitable but they will help thousands of people; Why these 4 busters they were so against them?
I been thinking about it for many months then yesterday it hit me what if they don’t really want to help the new rich people to have safe sex, that youngsters are the ones Malema will use when he come to power, they will be Captains of the industry and most sure they will kick these 4 busters to the curve as Malema will want new blood running the country. But without these hotels and the protection they offer these very intelligent new generation, will sleep around, with as many woman as possible not even thinking about STD’s, but once they happen is too late as Syphilis and Gonorrhoea became immune to any antibiotic known to men. So they will never finish university and they will be to sick later to take into any major job.
There you have it millionaires afraid of the new generation of youngsters that could take their jobs sending them into an early retirement.

Kind Regards
Paul Mackena
morne_groenewald@hotmail.com Send email
Jul 4, 2017

Price lock bad service

I took out a price lock package with the compact subscription. I then decided to upgrade to the premium package. Mulitchoice had been battling for about 10 days now to resolve this. After numerous calls to them and empty promises. I have even had a call from them telling me that it has been done. Guess what it still does not work. I even tried calling the price lock department myself. They don't answer their phones. This is probably the worst service I have ever had to deal with. Can someone at mulitchoice dstv contact me to resolve this matter. I can't see myself phoning in for the 20th time and explain this story.

Cell: 0824643095
Alexza Send email
Jun 27, 2017

False advertising

Multichoice claim that if we buy an explorer decoder we can record and have many options and bla bla bla, but what they do not
tell you is that for the recording service we MUST PAY EXTRA, irrelevant of the package. How is t is possible to pay to make use of the device for which we pay in the first place, so we need to pay extra to be able to record with the device. Why this it is not clarified in the advertisement !!! am surprise that few people complain about this issue. To all the costumers if you have the possibility / facility make use the internet where the options are far more great than Multichoice. the time of monopoly it is gone !!!!
Hester001 Send email
Jun 24, 2017

Too many repeats

Dstv said previously that they will dramatically make changes in repeats. They are still showing moves over and over again. Over weekends nothing in new movies to watch.....leon shutter now sick and tired of his movies as well as the all in one step up movie.....i'm using the family packages a movie now showing at 18.30 on the 24th of june at channel etv and tcm excactly the same movie started different timing.....but dstv is quick to block the account and disconnect the dtsv if your payment isnt received on the 1st of every month.....bad service dstv
madz Send email
Jun 20, 2017

bad service

I have a complaint.
For 4 days now I've been trying to do a change of ownership on a second hand decoder I bougt at a garage sale.
After hearing I should do a affidavit and fill out change of ownership form etc. I did so just to hear now the one card is massively overdue which is not my f/ing problem to begin with and that I should start over again so I did this with another smartcard just to have zero response.
I am so bloody.tired of this you know if the correct info was given to begin with this could have been done within the first 24 hours but now it's one story after another.
Is thee anyone at Dstv that can actually do their job and assist me with this please because God know i will come and do it myself given the opportunity.
Please give me a call at 0787898684.
Thank you
Lhattingh Send email
Jun 19, 2017


Trying to understand how there is a channel, where day after day, night after night, the signal is nothing short of atrocious. This is nothing more than poor service delivery with nothing being done about it. Why is this acceptable and what is being done about it?
Renette Send email
Jun 12, 2017


Sick and tired of DSTV telling me that they are going to susspend my account because I owe them money. I have made a payment on Dstv on the 25th of May. The amount that I owed was told by a Consultant of Dstv is R795.00 so I made the payment and now they want to disconnect me AGAIN. This is really getting out of hand with dstv. Really getting out of hand. Really can someone please sort this out. They dont sent me.any statements again there is no way that i still owe any thing. Really they call you to upgrade to the explora but they cant even manage to sort small things put like this. Really bad business for them....... And now I need to pay more than I was supose to be paying
shine lee Send email
Jun 9, 2017

dstv not authorised billing

hi My Name is Shine-lee Booyesn

i am a dstv customer i have a prepaid package i normally took the compact extra and reason taking the pre paid package is because i would like to manage my own account when the funds is available , i had my dstv put on in April for the month and to my knowledge it would last me to the 2 May 2017 reason for not activating the package again is because i was not at my house for the month of May ( work related ) i came back and wanted to put on my dstv again and checking on my dstv self service i was in arrears with an amount of R915.00 now if this is pre paid why do i owe DSTV money i pay for what i want, i contacted the help line 0215082222 and they told me that the viewing will still go on after the 2 May 2017 and please keep in mind its called PRE PAID so that means i pay i watch not you guys decide that you will leave it on and the customer must just pay without my authorisation this is by far the worst i have ever come across (if i have a pre paid cell phone and i do not have airtime will i make a call NO that means i have to buy airtime to talk its called Pre paid i buy i talk ) now i have to fight with DSTV for charging me with a bill which i have no Knowledge of as to me my balance that i have to pay in is +-R80.00 that is what i owe you but my account now looks like i am in arrears with you guys

017-05-17 03:00:38 AM DStv Extra Subscription R236.61
2017-04-07 05:46:05 AM Reconnection Fee R50.00
2017-04-07 05:46:05 AM DStv Extra Subscription R407.50
2017-04-07 05:46:04 AM Payments (R450.00)

as you can see that you guys are billing me for R236.61 which i have never ever authorised and i promise you i will not pay this amount of R236.61 my balance that i owe DSTV is R81.50
this i will pay with no pain at all cause this is what i must give you

you think you can just bill customers for what YOU think is best for the customer i have taken this further and i would like all my voice recordings that is on my account my lawyer is requesting this i am not leaving it like this this is my money and you as DSTV have no right over it so i have to submit the recordings to my lawyer asap

my details is

Customer No. 16436953 | shineb.412@gmail.com | 27727493291
Mercia Send email
May 24, 2017

dstv multichoice services

I have an Explora and Extra view package. The terms and conditions to apply for this was for it to go off via debit order, otherwise the contract would not be successful. Now, months after I am being contacted and after being handed over (shockingly), I'm told that I am in arrears of over R15 000, and all of a sudden my account gets suspended. After many calls to DSTV Call centre and R100's of rands of airtime, spent they keep on telling me and promise me that their billings Department or "price lock" Department to contact me for arrangements - I AM STILL WAITING! How long before anyone can call the client back? As a client I am willing to make "reasonable" arrangements but get no response from DSTV side, yet I AM being suspended. Who is at fault if they never debited my bank account, and then hand you over months later?? Someone needs to contact me, very urgently, as I am getting REALLY TIRED of this absolutely poor service!!! - MA THOMAS - 0834583638
jacolot Send email
May 23, 2017


stop stealing money by letting customers pay every month for a bunch off rebroadcasting ,every day ,month, year ,nothing new , tyerd off watching same stuff over and over and still pay for it over and over , this is theft with permission nothing else

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