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Limeym Send email
Dec 13, 2017

Dstv South africa

After sending the proof of payment to DSTV more than 100 times; requesting credit for the near 2 weeks of viewing they they have effectively stolen from me (if you have an issue with DSTV and even if they have cut you off their service clock keeps ticking) the more than 50 proof of payment e mails to [email protected] followed by complaints on which initially got me a “we have received your complaint and will respond to you shortly” response which is a very empty offering and of course there was no response. Finally I received (after 3 months of more than 100 e mails) a response from the dstvHELLO PETER team! Wow a whole team!! Best they could say was they were waiting for the proof of payment?! Really? Then after requesting a full and complete explanation I was finally contacted by a person with an actual name (fake or real I don’t know) who in turn asked for the proof of payment to which my initial response was well if you have a proof of payment e mail address to which the proof has been sent about 75 times surely it was received? Nothing. So I proceeded to forward about 30 of the proof of payment e mails to DSTV to this guy from the Dstvhellopeter team with the proof of payment. Still nothing from them. What has been interesting though is I attempted to join the DSTV forum but after 4 days received an e mail stating my request to join was rejected as I did not meet their criteria!!! What a huge joke!!! You can say what they said in another way, they absolutely do not want me talking about them on their own site as I have established quite clearly that I am hostile to them and they are scared of me!!! Really, this monopoly is scared of one guy telling the truth and demanding justice? I’m that scary they have to block me? That’s funny man I have clearly rattled their cage and for all of you suffering customers that have been abused I will continue to do so until they realize that we as customers demand and deserve a fair hearing.

Ohh and this is my second blow up with them in less than 18 months!! They actually gave up on the first one and finally admitted they had made an error. I think that left a bad taste in their mouth and now they are adopting the huge “ignore” policy.

Please share your experiences with me.

Kind regards
Mike Blake
Dstv customer # 37877911
[email protected]
[email protected] Send email
Dec 6, 2017

Worst service ever

Worst service ever!!!!!!!


Called twice. Used over R80 in prepaid!!!

Logged onto selfservice to do it myself also did not work. The new Selfservice website is really not user friendly.

AND emailing for same requests!!

Absolutely horrifying. And when I get upset about this lack of service over a period of 1 hour I get met with condescending voices as if I am over reacting. You are wasting my time! my money and I have no more patience for your bad service. Every single time I call DSTV this happens. And when I lose my temper because of the stupidity and having to repeat my requests continually I get asked not to get upset or swear. OF COURSE ANYONE WILL SWEAR IN THE SAME SITUATION!!!! YOU WOULD TOO!!!! How do you expect people not to get angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked two different people to upgrade my package after I paid money today to reconncect my services and I paid for the current package (although it should be pro-rata charged as we are already on the 6th day of the new month.)

I asked them for the difference so that I can pay this as they say you can upgrade anytime. The first consultant said I They said I couldn't upgrade as I only paid for the current package?? I then said but cant I pay for it within 24 hours? The balance? I still received no upgrade request from her. I then called in again as one call to her and 4 emails did not help or going online. I spoke to another consultant. Had to go through the whole story of reconnecting, wanting to upgrade and that I sent proof of payment to the first consultant who did reconnect me, but did not upgrade me. After almost 20 minutes, explaining, and losing my patience eventually, I still dont know if my services are now upgraded and what I should pay in order to pay for the difference.

What a mess!!!! You have no service on any of the platforms you offer!!!!!!

Sadly we have to eat up and accept your rubbish service as you are the only service provider in SA. Disgusting.
charlshane0804 Send email
Nov 23, 2017


Can you guys please stop this shit of showing over and over the same things. stop sitting on your asses and spend our peoples money that we work so hard for and start showing better things on DSTV.

DSTV get allot of complains but you do sweet %$#$%% about it!!!!!!!

If you don't know how to do your job get out!!!!! Let someone that knows how to deal with serves to clients>

I went 56 times to DSTV and still you freaken do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A HICKMAN Send email
Nov 23, 2017

The Ashes

It appears that DSTV in Zambia has no coverage of the Ashes although it is available in RSA. As I keen cricket fan this is very disappointing.
Colin adrian Send email
Nov 21, 2017

Idols final

The biggest show in SA Idols and I missed the finals. I want to know how come it is not on catch up. You showed every other idols programme repeated it throughout the season BT you don't have the finals on catch up.
2702denden Send email
Nov 20, 2017


Vishnu Naidoo Send email
Nov 14, 2017


I went into the Randburg Customer Service Centre today 14/11/17 after being advised by two multichoice workers (Augustine and Tshepo) following calls that i had with them yesterday. The reason for the call was to upgrade my SD PVR to the EPLORER 2 for R999. None of them informed me to take my decoder with as they explained that the decoder will be collected when the accredited DSTV installers come to install the EXPLORER 2.

The service I experienced was TERRIBLE. From the door to the consultant who served me at 1pm (counter 20). The manager was just as incompetent and did not even try to resolve my problem.

This is the 3rd time trying to sort out this problem as the old SD PVR is resetting about 15 times a day (every hour).

I am even considering CANCELLING my contract after being a loyal customer for years.

082 649 1459
glory Send email
Nov 7, 2017

branded store


my name is mrs Eric Glory,with a company name M.ERIKINLEX & SONS VENTURES.

I applied to become your vendor (branded store) since july 2017 till now i have not heard anything from u ,

it is unfair that i rented an office at a good site in aba owerri rd aba in order to move your business through my outlet and it is 5months now since the

day i submitted my documents and also made my payments,nothing has been done.please advise me on what to do because as it stands now am

confused about it


Tired of Bad Service Send email
Nov 1, 2017

Poor Service

The DSTV centre service is beyond disgusting. The operator I spoke to was rude and completely unsympathetic to my problem to the point that I was told I clearly don't understand the DSTV terms and conditions. I am dealing with changing an account due to the death of the account holder - no sensitively to this at all. When I asked to speak to a supervisor one could not be found as its overtime and when I pointed out that its 09h30 in the morning I was told that is irrelevant - but its not irrelevant to me who has an issue that requires a resolution. My father in-law passed away, I have provided the death certificate and a debit has gone off his account today when yesterday I requested the account to be suspended. According to DSTV its my responsibility to go and obtain an affidavit from a Prosecutor to request that DSTV return the funds! This is ridiculous. I cannot understand why I must be the one to obtain an affidavit from a Prosecutor to allow funds to be returned when I asked DSTV to suspend the account yesterday and they debited the account today? Why is it my responsibility for DSTV's error?
Chriseras100 Send email
Nov 1, 2017

Incorrect billing

I have had arrears on my dstv account, 9im on a pricelock deal), last month I paid a eft for the month of I would add October , monthly and made a payment arrangement to cover the arrears in a few months. After DSTV acknowledged the payment plan (where I would add r400 to the monthly subscription until the arrears are paid off), they now deducted R7250 on my last debit order.
I DID NOT give my consent for this. I want to know (in order for me NOT to lay a case af fraud with the saps....) WHEN will this debit order be reversed, and WHEN the correct debit order will be deducted.
The reality is, that now DSTV has that deducted R7250 , HOW WIL I FEED MY FAMILY? I have a 17 month old baby, and my wife is pregnant dstv do I tell her that DSTV has taken money meant to look after them?
WHY did DSTV AGREE to a payment plan, but stil STEAL my money?

Failure to solve this will prompt me to lay a case at SAPS
MC Erasmus
cell 0799690462
[email protected] Send email
Oct 29, 2017

Change of ownership

Due to your incompetent staff my account is suspended. I did a change of ownership almost a month ago ever since im having problems. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!! Im not phoning in again as ive already spend over 2 hours on my cell phone due to incompetent staff at multi choice. Disgusted with your service.
How difficult is it to transfer funds from my x husbands account to mine.
The letter at the bottom ask.... must funds be transferred to new owner. Yes was clearly marked.

I want my account up and running asap

Then you have the decency to add penalty fees to my account

Desire Wellsted
082 851 8837
megreeff Send email
Oct 27, 2017

restarting of my decoder constantly

I have a dual dstv decoder, i know this is a "old machine" but have not upgraded because the Explorer dont have the dual view, now lately my dstv decoder gets reset by multichoise all the time and this is becoming most irritating, i know they want us all to upgrade because according to them these old machines cant hold up with the new technology, this is crap, my picture is great, my reception is great but now they keep on annoying us with these restarts, i then got a phone call from on the air, or something like that that affiliates with dstv, explaining to me that due to me having a dual decoder with insurance, if these machines goes faulty, they dont repair them anymore, therefor they have a offer for me, totally free of charge to replace my installation and decoder with 2 decoders, everything including installation, free of charge, by then i was so pissed of by these annoying restarts that i actually agreed to this and will cost me R75+-pm for 24 months, but i agreed, and yes everything will be send by courier and then i just contact nearest dstv installer and give them with the installation vouchers, waited 3 days, received nothing, got more irrated with these restarts, went to dstv installer shop, they have no stock, i have to wait for courier to deliver and then call them, ok waited a week+ send letter to dstv, they referred me to On the air, phoned, no i have to wait 48 for acceptance, then lady phoned to say, sorry dont have stock and dont know when they will get stock, in the meantime dstv is driving me up the wall with these restarting of my decoder constantly and yet they have no stock of explorers, please address this matter so that they can stop harassing people for a service they cant give
LAUREN Send email
Oct 5, 2017


Good day

When Purchasing my DSTV explorer decoder an Insurance of the decoder was offered which i accepted. Several months later I was called by DSTV asking whether i would like to Insure my decoder which to i responded that i had insurance. I was told that no Insurance was present on the decoder. I then requested that they PLEASE INSURE the decoder. Several months after that i was recalled to ask whether i wanted to insure the decoder.... REALLY?????
I instructed the person on the line to PLEASE INSURE THE DECODER.

I know seem to be experiencing issues with my decoder and it wont record, rewind ect ect ect.
I went to Tiekams with the decoder for them to try resolve the problem and they say that i needs to be replaced.
No issue as i have insurance..... WELL APPARENTLY NOT!!!!!!!!

Still no Insurance!!!!

I insist that you listen to each recording that was made when either DSTV called me or I called them and it will prove that i have on several occasions accepted the Insurance.
I dont see why i need to be inconvenienced by someone at the DSTV offices who clearly do not do their work!

I will be awaiting feedback

Lauren Brown
076 254 3180
luu Send email
Oct 4, 2017

Repeating same seasons OPW

Good day
You guys are repeating same season of OPW on Monday's, on the R99 package. One feels no need to upgrade as you are repeating episodes.
Please air us the following sessions
[email protected] Send email
Oct 3, 2017

no service from my heidelberg branch.

hi. how is it posable for dstv to be offline for allmost 3 weeks.

they can not do anything for me, everyday they tell me they are ofline.

that give dstv a very bad name

want to replace my pvr with explora and a extra single view decoder.

can you help me please.
Louise & Henry Send email
Sep 28, 2017

Multchoice cancelling our Insurance on PVR ( fault on their side)

From: Louise Davis
Sent: 26 September 2017 09:50 AM
To: '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; 'Henry Davis' <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Multichoice Reply [#9237874]

Good morning

Still awaiting feedback for the issue w r t the insurance of the HDPVR

I am sure the 48 hours has expired and still no answer

Decoder is fixed now ( no technical issues as they worked on it on Friday afternoon. ( Sure you will be able to pick it up)



Louise Davis
083 296 4757


From: Louise Davis
Sent: 22 September 2017 10:46 AM
To: '[email protected]' <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Multichoice Reply [#9237874]

Good morning

Thank you very much for your assistance I really appreciate it. Looking forward to the feedback from the Insurance division


Louise Davis

From: MultichoiceEnquiries [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 22 September 2017 10:39 AM
To: Louise Davis <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Multichoice Reply [#9237874]

Enquiry Reference Number:

Dear Henry and Louise Davis.
Thank you for your email, and it is with great pleasure to assist you.

As per our telephonic conversation:

We will escalate to the insurance department to assist further as we do not have authority to reinstate the insurance on the HD PVR decoder.

You can also follow up using the following email address [email protected]

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Edward Nhlapo



MultiChoice Support Services (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial service provider. REG NUMBER: 2007/01431/07 • FSP LICENCE NUMBER: 44883 • DIRECTORS: FLN Letele, CP Mack, T Jacobs • COMPANY SECRETARY: LJ Klink • 144 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg, 2194, South Africa PO Box 1502, Randburg, 2125, South Africa • T +27 11 289 3000, F+ 27 11 789 7842 • Call Centre +27 11 289 2222
This electronic communication and the attached file(s) are subject to a disclaimer which can be viewed at

--Original Message--
From: [email protected]
Date: 2017/09/22 8:20:49 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Multichoice Reply [#9237874]
Good morning Sipho

You don’t understand the problem did not start with the insurance it started with Multichoice itself as the loading of the debit orders doesn’t take place with the insurance department but with Multichoice itself.

Please don’t pass the bucket as I already spoke to them


From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 21 September 2017 03:28 PM
To: Louise Davis <[email protected]>
Subject: Multichoice Reply [#9237874]

Enquiry Reference Number:

Dear Henry and Louise Davis,
Thank you for your e-mail.
We have escalated your enquiry to decoder insurance department for assistance. You can interact with them direct by e-mailing [email protected]
Should you require further assistance, please email us or call our call centre.

Kind regards
Sipho Makhubo



MultiChoice Support Services (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial service provider. REG NUMBER: 2007/01431/07 • FSP LICENCE NUMBER: 44883 • DIRECTORS: FLN Letele, CP Mack, T Jacobs • COMPANY SECRETARY: LJ Klink • 144 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg, 2194, South Africa PO Box 1502, Randburg, 2125, South Africa • T +27 11 289 3000, F+ 27 11 789 7842 • Call Centre +27 11 289 2222
This electronic communication and the attached file(s) are subject to a disclaimer which can be viewed at

--Original Message--
From: [email protected]
Date: 2017/09/21 1:21:13 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: [EXTERNAL] FW: Your decoder insurance Annual Letter J H Davis 5803295034088 - 11 Howitzer Avenue , Ifafi, 0260 - COMPLAINT


From: Louise Davis
Sent: 21 September 2017 01:06 PM
To: 'Multichoice' <[email protected]>; '[email protected]' <[email protected]>; 'Henry Davis' <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Your decoder insurance Annual Letter J H Davis 5803295034088 - 11 Howitzer Avenue , Ifafi, 0260 - COMPLAINT

Good morning

Please assist me with the following complaint

This morning my husband went to the Wonderpark Branch in Pretoria to attend to the

4555100 P400184105 Dstv HD PVR 865

As we kept on receiving an error message that the hard drive is faulty

Upon arrival the lady behind the counter told him that we are not insured and that he should pay R699.00 to replace the PVR ( See mail at the bottom of this e-mail of proof that we were insured

As you can see for yourself that we have a policy indicating that the decoder is insured .

I then phoned 011 3694000 and the lady that assisted me said that the policy was cancelled due to an overdue amount of R115.00

Needless to say I nearly blew my top as this stupid R115.00 has a history going back to May 2017 when we had a supplier assisting us with the installation of the Xtra View . The gentleman simply couldn’t get it right so my husband went to Wonderpark Branch and there they told him that there is an outstanding amount of R115.00 ( nobody can tell us what for what the amount was ) So he paid in cash as they also didn’t except cards ( and Murphy’s law the slip is now nowhere to be found) BUT they activated the Xtra view and a few days later walked into the room with the xtra view just to find a message that the account has been suspended and after holding on for up to 25 minutes at the call centre we were told that the R115.00 is still outstanding but they miraculously traced and it was fixed

This happened at least 3 times since May 2017 up to now

The call centre agent at Multichoice Insurance said to me this morning that the insurance was cancelled due to the R115.00

First of all you will notice that we are on a debit order choice with you so WE are not the ones loading the debit orders on your side and do not have access to your billing system to do so , so my conclusion was that this R115.00 should be loaded by your accounts division as I emphasize that I am not responsible for the loading of your debit orders . Now we are being scrutinized for an error that was caused on your side and your insurance division is refusing to reinstate the insurance as they now know that the decoder is faulty

Somebody needs to explain to us why this has happened as this stupid amount of R115.00 just keeps on popping up ever so often and WE ARE DEBIT ORDER CUSTOMERS . Please explain to me what we must do now as my husband installed the PVr at home and it doesn’t even work now

We have been customers of you people for the past 30 years and this is the kind of service and thanks that we receive

I urgently need assistance as I again need to say to you that the Decoder doesn’t even work now

Your urgent reply would be appreciated

Henry Davis
083 5700966

Louise Davis
083 2964757

From: Multichoice [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 31 March 2017 04:15 PM
To: Louise Davis <[email protected]>
Subject: Your decoder insurance Annual Letter

Annual policy confirmation

01 February 2017

Customer number: 12806671

Dear Meneer DAVIS,

Thank you for your loyal support as a DStv customer and decoder insurance policyholder.

We’re sending you your updated insurance policy schedule and wording, which sets out the terms and conditions of your cover. Along with this you’ll find two legal disclosure documents (Statutory Notice and FAIS Disclosure).

Below is the decoder (or decoders) you’ve chosen to insure for the year:

Policy Number Device Number Device Description
1 4555100 P400184105 Dstv HD PVR 865
2 49781685 P600364536 Dstv Explora

If you’d like to take out additional insurance on any of your other decoders, it’s really easy – SMS ‘INSURE’ to 32445 and we’ll get in touch to activate insurance for your other decoders.

We look forward to your continued support in the coming year.

Best wishes,

Werner Janse van Rensburg
Chief Financial Officer
MultiChoice (Pty) Ltd

MultiChoice (Pty) Ltd is an authorised intermediary for NMS Insurance Services (SA) Ltd for DStv Decoder Insurance and for Mutual and Federal Insurance Company (Ltd) for GOtv Decoder Insurance



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This electronic communication and the attached file(s) are subject to a disclaimer which can be viewed at If you are unable to view the disclaimer, please email [email protected] for a copy.
matsiliso Send email
Sep 24, 2017

Debt collection

After 2 year of not being a client.i get call from a debt collector saying I owe MultiChoice.multichoice DSTV business model is pay as you watch & no payment terms how can I owe....
Lorette Send email
Sep 21, 2017


marinda13 Send email
Sep 20, 2017


My mother took out the Dstv price lock march 2016, since then she has had numerous issues with dstv. Every month she has to phone to confirm payment, she has requested on several occasions that the debit order be cancelled because she pays eft every single month. Every month when you speak to a consultant they have a different story and every month she owes then R1600.00 every single month. My mother is 60 years old why should she struggle like this, what is the point of having a PRICE LOCK account if they in anycase charge you what they feel like, i mean come on get your act together and sort these accounts out, we were told that in july last year she skipped a payment which i have proof is not true, then july this year she was told she needs to pay R1610.50 to bring the account "up to date" which she has done, August she was told to pay another R1600 to bring the account up to date, when she phone this month it went R1500, i mean this is getting out of hand, and from we know we are not the only ones who has issues with this.

Something needs to be done about this, perhaps all off us should get this on carte blanche.

Contact me on
and i will provide you with all the details
predator1987 Send email
Sep 18, 2017

Unwarranted suspension of connectivity

On the 01/09/2017, I made a manual (EFT) payment to Multichoice to cover my subscription for the month of September. On Friday 15th September I received a text message from Multichoice informing me that payment is due and that my connectivity will be suspended.
After repeated attempts to e-mail the proof of payment, and being provided with several different e-mail addresses by the Multichoice consultants, I finally decided to ask one of the agents for their direct e-mail address... It must be noted that prior to this I was provided with no fewer than six (6) different e-mail addresses by the consultants!; ranging from versus .com; multichoice versus dstv and payment(s) versus payment. Do the agents at Multichoice not know which e-mail proof of payments are meant to be sent to? I finally sent the proof of payment to one [email protected], and asked her to please ensure that my connectivity is re-established by the time I get home in the evening. She assured me it would be. Sure enough - I got home on Friday evening to find that the connectivity was still suspended. This essentially means that 'Neliswa' never did her job as promised. I then had to call another agent ([email protected]) to resend the proof of payment. This new agent kept insisting that "I must have sent the previous agent the incorrect proof of payment". Please take note that I expect proof of payments to be received and for Multichoice agents to provide the correct e-mail address (the first time round). If I provide my ID number as a reference, that should be MORE than adequate.
Mafolo Send email
Sep 18, 2017

Multichoice can't help me

I have been struggling with my secondary decoder for the past minute it is showing the next minute it is waiting for communication from primary decoder .I have phoned the call centre 9 times ,took the decoder to the store to be checked, called technicians twice and none of these has helped..i had a back operation and being immobile watching TV is one of the few pleasures I get to enjoy so I find this very frustrating. I am a premium subscriber with explora ,paying a lot of money for this but not getting value and service from Multichoice. If I had an option I would cancel my subscription. The call centre staff are clueless and seem to be guessing or reading from a book. My smart card number is 10403054363
Nomonde Send email
Sep 15, 2017


Good day Sir/ madam
please get ride of the following channels 114,115,118,126,136,137,141,153,154,166,167,164,147and replace them with 131 its so educational especial community and moms who have to deal with children who need special care,mzansi will never be the some just to know how to handle people with disability,and other things we will copy.

thanking in advance
customer dstv
Chantel Venter Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Installers not doing there job

On the 5th of September i called Electro DSTV installer to reinstall my DSTV as i have moved. They came that same day and set all up. Only to find that the signal is not working. I payed them R450 for this job. I call them 3 times after that to com and fix it with no luck. Now i am paying for a subscription i cant enjoy. I would like to know what i need to do. Someone needs to come and fix it or i want my money back to get someone that actually nows there job.
55259417 Send email
Sep 4, 2017


I applied for pricelock in January 2016 and completed all the relevant documentation with all my debitorder details. The first month they took R106 for delivery and after three months again R2456-00. Then deduction stopped. Each and every month I phone in just to hear that I cannot speak to the relevant people they will phone me. Know I am on the stage where you can come and take your stuff, also you have to stop my services with immediate effect.
The people also told me that I cannot make a payment in cash because it is a pricelock contract, then I phone them and make arrangement to pay the arrear amount in 12 months then they took R15900 from my account. This is just not acceptable for any business and I am now on the stage where I am going to the Newspapers, Beeld, Carte Blance, and Hello Peter.

Please I hope this will receive your attention:
My details are as follow:
CELL: 0836707444
ACCOUNT DETAILS: ID 6801260153080
Jody-Ann Send email
Sep 1, 2017


Never in my life have i experience that a worker tells her customer over the phone" unfortunately there is nothing I can do I must first help the customers in front of me" And who am I? Im also a loyal paying customer. Im so disappointed in you guys its not our fault that you guys dont have enough computers or personeel. All i was trying to do is to find out what was wrong. Please work on your service and the way they talk to their customers!!!!!!!!!!!

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