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kash1991 Send email
Jan 5, 2022

Rewards Not Added on

My dad had won a free Upgrade to premium on the 1 December 2021 and as per the terms and conditions Dstv stated that he will need to pay the current price of his package and come the 3rd January it will be active - My dad logged a complaint on Hello Peter however nothing was done , I spoke to -MK on Facebook messenger however he is adamant that it will be active on my dads next payment date the 3rd February but the offer clearly states between 15th December to 15th January if my dads payment date fell any where in-between it will be upgraded for free however they failed to upgrade it His customer number is 77716365 , Multichoice is failing to deliver on time scales and refusing to give a proper explanation as to why there is delay .

Rewards Not Added on Rewards Not Added on Rewards Not Added on Rewards Not Added on Rewards Not Added on

TGoeieman Send email
Oct 27, 2021

double billed

I have been complaining about my double contract since may until today nobody helped me Multichoice billed me two Explora 3 payment plan 24months R49 and this put me under serious financial challenges and I have been complaining about this they send me form pillar to post instead of me paying R632 they add R49 for very same product I have and they said I have 2 decoders, I complained and am tired now I really need help please. 0813951064,
Thubelihle M Send email
Aug 17, 2021

Incorrect bill

I was offered an price lock contract for R450 per month for 24 months but now I've been overcharged iam paying the incorrect bill of R633 per month

They added many things like

Access fee
Installation fee
2 port LNB
Which was offered free of charge

Incorrect bill

Kidodo Send email
Aug 10, 2021


My Story Good day,
I was told that I can reverse my money and pay R480.58 which I'm also disputing because Dstv is suppose to credit my account with R429. 03 which was from the two previous months that they debited me. I agree to a price lock package and was told that my monthly payment is R690 monthly to my surprise the first month was debited R829. 03 which I disputed and nothing was done. The second month was debited R980 and still disputing both those amounts to a point nothing is been done. This month was debited R2757.58 that I had to dispudispute and got and email that I can reverse my money and pay R480.58. But to my surprise when I wanted to do a EFT I'm told to pay R1178. 58 and I don't understand why and called the call center number for about 30 minutes on hold by the agent Zanele.
Please can matter be addressed and get assistance because I'm getting frustrated with all this and been promised it will be resolved but I'm always calling to get clarification about my account.
Did you manage to go through my story because I'm suppose to pay R290 because Dstv has to credit me back from the last 2months which is R429. 03 and I'm suppose to pay R279. 03.

Please note that the charges on the account were reversed and you need to pay an amount of R 515.49 to reconnect services which includes the overdue balance of R 140.33 for viewing from 05/08/2021 until 07/08/2021. Should we email you the statements? ~SX
[email protected] Send email
Aug 4, 2021

Multichoice Scam

It is now day 12 since I have been querying about an incorrect bill. Instead, I have been disconnected. I won an upgrade in April and still paid my installment in April. Now I owe that upgrade and have been disconnected because of it. My bill shows I owe R612! I paid R540 on July 27 yet I still owe R612 on top of that. There are unauthorised, unexplained payment reversals on my account from May till July. I have been calling, chatting, emailing everyday from July 23 and DStv hasn’t helped at all instead, the balance owing keeps going up and down on its own and Multichoice Dstv keeps escalating the matter. Their way of stalling because if the matter was really escalated, it would have been resolved in the 48 hours that keeps being mentioned. Their rewards are a scam. You gonna pay for all your winnings, be ut this month or next year. They will make you pay like they’re doing to me and many others. Go to Facebook and just type Dstv rewards and see the people affected for yourself. I have attached the transactions with the payment reversals and the double bill.

Multichoice Scam Multichoice Scam Multichoice Scam

[email protected] Send email
Aug 4, 2021

Multichoice scam

It is now day 12 since I have been querying about an incorrect bill. Instead, I have been disconnected. I won an upgrade in April and still paid my installment in April. Now I owe that upgrade and have been disconnected because of it. My bill shows I owe R612! I paid R540 on July 27 yet I still owe R612 on top of that. There are unauthorised, uncommunicated payment reversals on my account since May. I have been calling, chatting, emailing everyday from July 23 and DStv hasn’t helped at all instead, keeps escalating the matter. Their way of stalling because if the matter was really escalated, it would have been resolved in the 48 hours that keeps being mentioned. I woke up this morning and the balance owing has gone down to R579. 01. Unexplained activity without my knowledge. No feedback, no reconnection. Just Multichoice expecting me to pay double. They are scamming customers into paying for these rewards. Attached is the double bill and unauthorised transactions.

Multichoice scam

Richard Stephens Send email
Mar 25, 2021

20% Seniors discount

Dated March 23 2021

Dear Madam / Sir

Reference No. 31339882 - 20% Seniors discount

Thank you for the two ’read receipts’ for the original email that I sent you as below. Also for the SMS I received on my cell phone dated 17 March 2021 at 09h21 which states ‘Thank you for your interest in DStv Rewards. We’ll be in touch within 48 – 72 hours. The DStv team’.

On receipt of this email it will be 96 hours since that SMS message and my email and I still haven’t hear from you except for a call from your Theo on 17 March 2021 at 09h58. When I explained that I had emailed you my Account No. 009 658 47 and my ID No. 44 05 16 50 33 082 he said he would phone me back later to ensure my 20% Seniors Discount had been approved. He did phone back on 17 March 2021 at 16h45 but the my phone 081 756 1966 rang for 2 to 3 seconds and then cut off before I could answer it.

Since then I have had no communication what-so-ever from you which I consider extremely poor service as has been all my many attempts to contact you in the past.

Please respond to this email assuring me you have granted my 20% Seniors Discount.

Many thanks in anticipation and kind regards, Richard Stephens

Again I request this matter be resolve immediately. Thank you, Richard Stephens March 25 2021
SuzelleO Send email
Mar 3, 2021

Illegal disconnection of services

I have paid on 01March 2021,the same manner as I have paid last month. Today, 2 days later, my service has been suspended.
Last month, this was not the matter. So why now???
Except for paying for an almost useless service, they still do this to clients. No man, it is unacceptable! I am only keeping this pathetic service for my kids sake. Hence, I wish dstv will lose so many clients or they will face a strong, great competition but it cannot go on like this. On Monday, when we asked why do we pay a R100 more than the monthly subscription, they said its because of recording and rewinding... What crap is that???

They are really conning people out of our money and have these senseless justifications.

Now, I have been sending proof of payment more than once and still the excuse, they have not received it yet.

They are busy going down and now they disconnect people's services to charge people extra R50 to make up for their loss. Not on my watch! You go down for overcharging people who already struggle in this poor economic climate so you must face your financial losses.
mmogoba Send email
Feb 27, 2021


We do online payments directly on DSTV website. We paid the normal monthly fee and on the 21st February someone from DSTV initiated a reversal of R127 + R127.00. When we called no one is able to tell me who initiated the reversal and into whicch account the money went into. They not able to tell from their side who did the reversal. Definitely it was not my account because they don't have my bank details.

I need an answer as I will not be paying the money for someone who committed fraud in my account

Contact no: 071 686 0234
Fiona1972 Send email
Feb 22, 2021

Various problems

I have been trying to get Multi choice to help me for several weeks with no response, such bad services, which is unbelievable. I have once again sent them this email today...

I have been phoning you, sending mails, I have spoken to several people who all promised me to call me back...never did
I would like to receive a call from a manager...I am extremely upset with this poor services
I ordered:
1. The new DStv ultra on price lock of R899, which comes with free installation
2. I have ordered a DStv explorer, no installation needed for R49
3. These requests have been submitted several times
4. My explorer now, I am unable to open anything, box office, catchup, recordings are all blocked. Will YOU pay R980 for this?????
5. You overcharged me this month, I don't understand why R980 went off my account when I told the last person who called me to rectify this
6. All this is going on over 6 weeks and no one is bothered about helping me
7. I want all this rectified and I want to be compensated with one month free subscription, that is the least you can do.
8. The last installation guy wanted me to pay R1300 for installation of the DStv ultra...are you people running a scam or making this a circus....I have been humiliated for over 6 weeks..with still no assistance...😠

Once again, if no one calls me, I will take this up to higher authority and will drag your name through the mud as I have spent thousand of rands with you, with pathetic services.

I will now wait to see who responds, which I seriously doubt they will.
Lappies Send email
Feb 16, 2021

New subscription

To whom it may concern:

I am trying now from 27 Jan 2021 to get a new subscription from DSTV I called 6 times already and every time they tell me it will take 48 to 72 hours they will forward it to sales department

Maybe they don't need my support

Kind Regards

GA MATTHEE Send email
Feb 8, 2021


Good day, 12/05/2020 We did a price lock and we receive a explora 3A serial no A303358375 and a wificon. The technician informed us it's of no use for us because we will pay for a full extra dstv and we must return the device.

We phoned DSTV 021 508 2222 on 22/05/2020 ref 17803151. I phoned a few times every month after that but are still waiting for a reply. We also visit DSTV shop in January 2021 and they informed us that they can't help us and we must contact DSTV PRICELOCK but they don't have any contact information for us. Order ref no SE1000358174.


DSTV ACC NO 9874224

GA MATTHEE SEL NO 082 5726 917
OR SEL NO 082 6800 082

chalatsems Send email
Feb 2, 2021

service is inactive, but its up to date

On the 16 January 2021, i went to multi choice in Bloemfontein to cancel extra view on my service and the guy who was assisting me, he got error when he tries to cancel extra view till he phoned multi choice head office to assist, then they told me that in 30 minutes will be ok, truly it was ok. the guy ask me to pay R 455 for the compact service., and i did that. on the 30 January my service was cut off (inactive) i phoned call center to find out what is going on, they told me that i upgrade to premium package, so i must pay R 529.42, I explain to the consultant that i don't know that. she told me that she will escalate the matter, then today i went to bloemfontein branch to the guy who was assisting me, he still remember, he phoned head office again, but still i didn't get any good new till now, my service is still inactive, i can't watch anything but i did the payment that i was suppose to do on the 15th of every month. i really not happy about this
Nhlanhla86 Send email
Jan 20, 2021

Poor agent service

Good day

Hi please can you assist me with a relevant person I spoke with there of ur agent so far and I can't get assistance every time they want to resend my doc cnt find them since fro dec 22 last awaiting for my refund last person I send my doc was Iviwe and gave me this ref nrs 19839527-i74 the mon contacted another agent Joyce and said my status awaiting approval from finance today spoke to Naledi just said she can't find my doc I need to resend them over again I don't know this is total not acceptable.. Where are my doc went to please need assist and my money asap and answers about my documents my Name Nonhlanhla Maqunsu I'd nrs 8608190939084
GA Strauss Send email
Jan 18, 2021

Increase of Monthly debit order

I refer to my previous letter and phone call.
The monthly debit order on my account increase on the following dates:
March 2020 R974.00
April 2020 R989.00
November 2020 R1108.00
I visit the local office and according to there system I pay monthly for an extra Explorer that I did not have or received.
I contact your call center, spoke to Pricilla and she promise me to discuss it with her supervisor, to solve the problem, with no success.
I contact Dewald from your local office in Witbank, he investigate the equipment in my house and confirm that there was only two, one in the living room and one the bedroom. Am sure you can pick it up on your system.
With this information it look like I am paying some one else account.
Please investigate this and come back to me.
Carpediem Send email
Jan 11, 2021

Incompetent DSTV installers

I would appreciate an intervention from MultiChoice to stop a company Fibresat DSTV from doing repairs/installations.This company is a ripp off and have no clue how to diagnose a problem.They also provide inaccurate advice.
Bullet Send email
Oct 21, 2020

Poor Service

We are struggling for about 6 weeks to get a problem solved with DSTV. Every week at least once or twice our Access Package gets disconnected. I was told it is a system error on DSTV's side. Each time i have to spend a hour on the phone for the consultant to try and figure out the account just to tell me at the end of the conversation all is sorted and the account is 100% up to date, just till the next week when the whole process starts all over again. Our premium is going off with a debit order and is up to date. Showmax was activated and added to our account. No one at the call centre can explain who activated it and who gave permission for it to be activated as we already have Showmax for free included in the Premium package. We are desperate and made at least 25 to 30 calls already to get our account sorted with no luck
Mahode Send email
Oct 11, 2020

Down grade from compact

On the 6of September 2020,I personally call DStv call center for down grade from compact to the one for R110,one of agent told me that the will do it end of month of September2020,on the 04 October 2020 ,I called again for down grade and they advised me to used a whattsup platform and I used the platform,on the 5 of October 2020 I paid R110. On the 10 October 2020 they switch off my decoder,and the told me I must pay 290 for October month.....I asked them why they told me is way they where told by manager.. my account 4503035374083
anneline.solomon Send email
Oct 10, 2020

MultiChoice DSTV

Good Evening

Kindly note that numerous emails have been sent to DSTV requesting my refund of R840.16. I cancelled my DSTV subscription as of the 02/10/2020. Last payment of R407 was made on the 30/08/2020. I made the payment via debit card and I lost the receipt however I do have a statement showing proof of payment.

DSTV is making it very difficult to refund MY MONEY. Should there be a short payment , DSTV is too quick to disconnect services. My account was up to date. The statement should suffice.

This is becoming really annoying and I am shocked that DSTV could be so dishonest and withhold what is actually owed to me.

Kindly investigate this matter as soon as possible.

Mrs A M Solomon
Cell: 0716871596
Email:[email protected]
Gerhard Du Preez Send email
Sep 11, 2020

payments not receive

I did made two payments of R700.00 each on 02/05/20 and 26/05/20 through ABSA internet banking to DSTV which they said they did not receive.Idid used the wrong ref code but after investigation by ABSA fraud-unit they told me that the payments has been received by DSTV.I am trying now for 3 months to to solve this problem but to no avail.When you phone they say you must hold on for long periods and then cut you off. ABSA also phone but the same happen, e/mails have been sent but no response for their side, even the manager from Welkom Multichoice is not interest to help me solve this problem.Please can someone help me solve this problem.Where can I send proof of e/mail and phone numbers to which I use to get help from someone at DSTV.



Christine Vorster Send email
Sep 10, 2020

DSTV Jhv - wrong amount due to glitch in the systemnd

Good day,

I am very disappointed in DSTV as I have been a customer for over 10 years.

I have an overcharged enquiry and sat on the phone for almost an hour last night trying to sort out my enquiry.
I was overcharged on my debit order this month where I normally pay R989.00 which went off on the 3/8/2020. This month a debit order for the amount of R4265.00 went off yesterday 2 September 2020 apparently due to a glitch in their system.

As of today 10/09/2020 I have had no feedback from DSTV regarding a refund on my account as I budget and cannot afford to just pay a ridiculous amount like this.

I need someone to let me know when I can expect my refund please
ronbuhler Send email
Aug 27, 2020

Poor service

Dear Sirs,

I have been trying to correspond with DSTV for over 1 month now unsuccessfully.
I have attached my initial email dated 29 July as reference below.

I am sending my emails to [email protected] requesting that a senior person is allocated to this issue so that I can correspond with them on a daily basis.
As they do not respond, I am looking for an alternate contact number/email address as an alternative to the one I am using.

Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Please advise
R Buhler
083 780 9702

" From: Ron Buhler <[email protected]>
Sent: 29 July 2020 07:54 PM
To: 'Dstvhelp' <[email protected]>
Subject: Reference 8488665 - I 370 & 8488665 - I 353 account query

Good day DSTV

My details are as follows:
R K Buhler - ID 4908075055087
25 Valley drive

As can be seen in the email below, I renewed my 24 month subscription effective 1 March 2020 at a monthly fixed cost of R844 ( 749+95)

Unfortunately, my Explorer model 2A hard drive crashed and I had to purchase a new model 3A. I also bought a new model 6S as my second view decoder. I connected these 2 new decoders as replacements to my old decoders on 28 July by phoning the call centre. Eventually both decoders worked and all worked fine.

A day after, 29 July (today), I received an SMS stating that my debit order for the 1st August will be R1108.68. This is unacceptable!!!!

I called in once again and spoke to Thabo ref 8488665 – 353 to investigate as to why my debit order is incorrect. He told me that a mistake was made whereby the operator that did the initial settings. He assured me that the problem has now been resolved. I walked back to my TV only to discover that I had no picture!!!!

I called in once again and spoke to Thobile ref 8488665 – I 370. She analysed the situation and said that due the mistake made by Multichoice whereby the contract was cancelled and therefore cancellation fees kicked in. She said that there is no choice other than to start a new contract. I was told that that this new contract will cost R829/month fixed for 24 months.
The decoder is now functioning again.

It has the following consequences:
• My 24 month contract has to be re started to run from 1 August 2020 to July 2022 (unbelievable!!)
• My debit order for 1 August will deduct the inflated amount at my discomfort
• The credit of R264.68 will be paid to me end August

This is a comedy of errors for which I spent a lot of time and money to get to this point.
Please confirm receipt of this email urgently and confirm the implications as described above.

Very sad!!!
R Buhler
083 780 9702 "
Sheena56 Send email
Aug 14, 2020

Termination of yet another channel

Having already terminated ITV we are now terminating BBC First ch 119 and you wonder why you are loosing business to
live streaming. Really DSTV in South Africa is certainly not improving.
Very disappointed customer.
Nomasonto Send email
Aug 5, 2020


Bad service and i dont advice anyone to take price lock..i had been overcharged on price lock 7 months now and i tried to call them several times no help smartcard 7040247336..1065873700
Nomasonto Send email
Aug 5, 2020


Bad service and i dont advice anyone to take price lock..i had been overcharged on price lock 7 months now and i tried to call them several times no help

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