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Alfredine Heemro Send email
Feb 17, 2018


I was on the pricelock account with dstv. In May 2017 i settled this account. I never received any correspondence from dstv until January 2018 when they dusconnected my services. After many calls and emails they rectified this but now suddenly there was arrears for their mistake. I went to dstv agency in newton park and they said there is nothing they can do about it i have to pay arrears of R1700. I payed it and on thursday suddenly there was more arrears of R298. This morning i woke up my services is suspended again. And now they say the arrears is R717. I cant understand this where is this arrears coming from. Please help me
nbarnard Send email
Jan 19, 2018

No feedback from Customer Service

We recently moved and have decided to upgrade to an Explora. We were advised to apply for the pricelock option. The whole process was completed via phone and we were told that it was approved and that the Explora will be deliverd within 3 to 5 working days. This is now almost three weeks later and still no Explora. After several phone calls to multichoice we still don't have an answer as to why we have not received it yet. We went to the Multichoice customer care centre where we were told that someone will contact us regarding the issue. Yet again two days later no call. Our next step will be to cancel our subscription after 10 years. This is truly unacceptable as we are paying for a service that we are unable to use.
Portia lepolesa Send email
Dec 4, 2017

Unallocated dstv payment

I paid my dstv account on the 29th of September 2017 an amount of R 1157.00.
Payment method that was used was EFT SO which means dstv account is already a beneficiary on nedbank internet.
I wa told that I paid into the wrong account which belongs to dstv Africa.
I made severralss calls to dstv for them to assist me with these as I believe this problem should be soughted by them as dstv Africa is one of their brnaches.

My services has been on and off because of these and every time when I phone I get a different person.I will be told that they have reconnected my services but every time I will only watch for few days after that they are suspended again.

Right now they are currently suspended.
Ever since September they cannot seem to solve the problem by speaking to dstv Africa to reaalocate the funds to my account.

Lastly I phoned and I spoke to anther lady who told me to pay r 447.32 AND THE LADY TOLD ME SHE REVERSED THE CHARGES AND I MUST PAY THAT AMOUNT.SHE ACTIVATED MY SERVICES.


lungilemngoma Send email
Nov 28, 2017

debited wrong amount

Multichoice debited R1500 instead of R549 form my account , becaue of that the premium for the car insurance was not met, I ws not aware of this only today when i submitt the calim to the insurance becasue my car was involved in the accident then the iunsurance told me I didnt pay, when i go to the bank only to find that multichoice took all the money for other debits,

I want them to pay for my car to be fixed, I want them to get me a hired car to use when the car is still in for repairs. Every month i call multichoice more tha 5 times , I also fax them proof of payment when Ive done the payment . I want them to do the print out of how many times i have called mutlichoice begging them to sort out this problem. Im up to date with my payments, everytime when you call them they say the matter will be escallated and look what happened now, im not going to suffer becasue of their incompetence. Im prepared to take this matter further , im not going to allow them to do this to any other customer.

my id number - 7003230375088
my email address - [email protected]
my contact number - 0648742863
ndiza35 Send email
Oct 18, 2017


I want to lay a charge/complaint against your company or whoever that’s been busy accessing my DSTV acc without my concern

Yesterday I received an sms on my prepaid number of which I never registered it with multichoice about my R365 debit order running on the 20th Oct to my knowledge you people have my contract number(0826952665) which I never updated on your systems to my surprise the message came through on my prepaid number (0608417402) meaning someone is been fiddling with my acc cause I never called in & updated anything until this morning. I suspect fraudulent activities happening in my acc because this morning I received this below email which I know nothing about.

Whoever that has access to it has my private details such as my ID number etc and this is unsafe, I want action taken up against your company before taking it further with the Ombuds

Awaiting feedback ASAP

Angry customer
ClarkSamantha Send email
Sep 15, 2017

False arrears on credit score

Good day,we applying for a bond and my multichoice account is showing that I have 7 months in arrears which is affecting me from getting a bond with SA home loan.Ive called in Tuesday for a letter stating I was not in arrears till this day I have not received it.I have received a letter stating my account is paid up which does not help because it speaks nothing about arrears.My subscriptions has never been disconnected?How difficult is it to get the letter?

False arrears on credit score

JCvR Send email
Jul 18, 2017

Lack of Service

It seems everybody has a complaint about Multichoice service which is paid for at a very high price for the quality of service and product. I have subscribed to this service for years and in the beginning when a simple card switch was sufficient to activate the service you paid for all was ok. Now the switching of service takes anything from 3 hours to a day by phone or sms. Every time a switch is done there are errors. Check and re-checks are required until eventually after spending a lot of time the switch is done. NO credit is passed for the lack of service! Our guests or family have already given up on a system dearly paid for on installation and on a monthly bases. The visiting family have already given up and are watching their TV directly from the internet. Before using DSTV rather do the internet connection. It is cheaper and is NOT RESTRICTED to where you are!
Smkhize Send email
Jul 14, 2017

False sales

On the 13th of July 2017, I have called in requesting an upgrade with channel 103 in my engagement with the call center agent Olwetho Bafo she advised that I can upgrade to Dstv extra which has this specific channel 103. Nevertheless the same night I watched the channel as the upgrade was processed. The following day 14 July 2017 all upgraded channels were not playing. I have contacted Multichoice contact center 3 Times with the same complaint and I was told my upgrade is pending then my question was how did I manage to have access to these channels if my upgrade is pending. No proper response was given but sir will reinstate your upgrade. Only to find out that channel 103 was not playing. Then I called back only to be told this package does not have channel 103, now in in a predicament of paying for an upgrade that has no channel that I wanted. This is really uncalled for and immediate action must be taken as I am not willing to be paying for satisfactory service. Regards Mr SR Mkhize, at 0835661197 smart card number 1030150906
lionel Send email
May 3, 2017

Decoder change of ownership

First things first multichoice service is absolute garbage and are here to charge you for unesserray things.
So a relative gave me an hd pvr and it was missing a smart card, so called customer care to find out the correct procedure to follow.
The lady tells me all i need to do is print out the forms and get the previous owner to sign. Iv done my research before i called.
I asked if i will need a copy of the previous owners id.
She says no, with the new forms all i don't, just the previous owers id number and signature.
Multichoice office is really far from me and after getting there they say they cant do anything without the previous owners id. Customer care consultants are not up to date or mislead people. That was just 1 issue, the second is that i will have to purchase a new smart card as the 1 from my old decoder is linked to the old decoder. So i have to buy 1 for R120.
This is bullshit because if what they say is true then then would not be able to sell you a new one.
They however can programme your old card for new decoder but wont cause they want to charge you for a new one.
I know this cause a friend with the same issue threw a fit with them and all of a sudden they were able to progame the old smart card.
Multichoice are thieves, just here for your money. They really dont care about anyone.
fact is multichoice is shit and people rather close there account and use the internet.
Apr 28, 2017

No connection

I paid my bill through multichannel while my decoder was off.. The payment didn't go through. What will I do?
tngece Send email
Feb 2, 2017


On 01/02/2017, Multichoice double-billed me with R1518,00 instead of R759,00 and that led to my bank account being overdrawn.I sent them numerous messages and made phone calls.They said they will refund me with R759,00 but they refuse to reimburse me with bank charges. Up until now my bank account has not been re-credited.
ertia Dithipe Send email
Jan 11, 2017

disconnect dstb

My dstv has been disconnect since around 11H00 today and i call but could not getany assistance as it is still not working. My method of paymet is debit order. Please connect my dstv and also phone me on this number 0766588842
ertia Dithipe Send email
Jan 11, 2017

disconnect dstv

My dstv has been disconnect since 11H00 and i called for assistance but even now it's not working. I'm paying via debit order and when i encounter a problem like this it up set me because my account is up to date. Please contact on this number as soon as possible 0766588842
Brandonv Send email
Dec 5, 2016

Bad Services

I made contact with Multichoice 30/11/2016 regarding a connection installation error, they referred me to a technician 'IP Installations' Indrin was the contact person 0832883233, who advised me that he only has an opening to come out to my place on Saturday 03/12/2016 @ 11am and requested that I send him an sms with my details to confirm our appointment, At 12pm on Saturday I phoned Indrin as he was a no show for our 11am appointment, I asked him if he had forgotten our 11am appointment and from his response I could hear that he had made no effort to diaries our appointment. I confronted him on this in which he then dropped the phone on me. I called Multichoice advising them of my bad service experience that I had received from their technition in which the servicing consultant provided me with another technicians number, I left the person a detailed msg to call me back regarding an error on my dish, to date the 2nd technician has not phoned me back.
nomathemba Send email
Dec 5, 2016

connection failure

On the 30th of November late in the evening there was a storm and strong wind since then the connection on my decoder was lost. i called multi choice customer care on friday and i was told to re start everything including the network cable but the error still kept popping up on y screen. Saturday morning i called again and i spoke to 3 people who also could'nt help the last lady told me to go to the nearest multichoice agency in springs and i did they tested the decoder and it was fine by them. They told e i must take it back home connect it and if it still gives he same error then they will send a technician but they going to charge me for a call out ................ when i got home connected the decoder it still gave me the same error. Today i called and i spoke to the technician and he said they can come and fix it but i have to pay R300.00 cash.
Now this is what annoys me, 1. My account i up to date. 2. it is not my fault that the connection was affected by the weather which i have no control over but God does. 3. i didnt connect this myself but people from multichoice did meaning they where suppose to know that days with the bad weather are coming therefore tighten it or whatever measures they had to take to make sure not matter how strong the wind is it does not lose connection. 4. i have been without tv for the past 6 days 5. i have to pay R300 which i do not have "bear in mind that i m a single parent with 3 kids". 6. what if i pay today and they fix it and later today we the same weather and it looses connection again!!!!!!! then i'll have to pay another R300 AGAIN????????????????? Its a rip off, it is unfair, it is ridiculous and it is money making skeem.

My id:8209031229080
Acc no:1029877073
Smartcard: 4360676
Cell no: 078 4074980
nomcebo Send email
Nov 16, 2016

there is no signal

I have been calling dstv the whole day today. 2 channels (Mzansi Magic 161 and Etv) have been giving me signal problems while other channels are working as normal. I want to watch these channels at certain times and I cant cause of this signal I've been getting the past weeks. Please sort this out as I am a paying customer and right now I am not satisfied with the service. I have been re-setting my decoder the whole day. I dont have the airtime to be calling you the whole day.
vhadau Send email
Nov 11, 2016

change of ownership not done

Good day

I have visited the multichoice branch in Randburg twice for a change of ownership o a decoder

on the first visit my documents were not loaded and on the second attempt I spoke to Sifiso Maqubele and gave him the documents returned with all outstanding requested and I waited for the change to be done and still nothing was done. See correspondence below

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RE: RE: test 1

Thursday, October 27, 2016 3:52 PM

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From: "Ronewa Mudau" To: "Percyvelle Shange"
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Good day

I am now loosing my patients, i have told u numerous times, I DO NOT HAVE THE DOCUMENTS I LEFT you THEM AT MULTICHOICE IN RANDBURG. I even gave you the details of whome i dealt eith. Can i please have this escalated if this is not clear please call me on my number as now this is going in circles. my number is 0765607464

On Thu, 10/27/16, Percyvelle Shange wrote:

Subject: RE: RE: test 1
To: "Ronewa Mudau"
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 9:09 AM

Good morning, Mr Mudau,
the guy I sent an email to hasn't respond please send
the documents again, than I will process the matter

From: Ronewa Mudau [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 27 October 2016 05:52 AM
To: Percyvelle Shange
Fw: RE: test 1

Good day

has been 4 days and i have not received feedback has this
been done? Was rhis escalated?? Is thedecoder now in my
name? Or do i really have to lodge a formal complaint to get
this done.

--- On Sun, 10/23/16, Ronewa Mudau

> From: Ronewa
> Subject: RE: test 1
To: "Percyvelle Shange"
> Date: Sunday, October 23, 2016, 3:49 PM
Good day Please CC sifiso and
> please
can i have this escalated to your manager, Ask Sifiso to ask

> for the lady who was working at
reception on the 16th of October
between the hours 10:00 -11:30 . She took the requested
document and
> assured to give it to
Sifiso who was on break when i was there. As i
> have already confirmed with you over the
phone, i did not make any
> copies the
only papers i had were originals which i left a your
> Randburg offices. Please can this be
escalated or advise ifvits not
possible and i need yo lodge it as a complaint. My number is

> 0765607464
> On Sat, 10/22/16, Percyvelle Shange
> wrote:
> Subject: RE: test 1
> To: "Ronewa Mudau"
> Date: Saturday, October 22, 2016, 6:26
> Good
evening sorry for
> the late reply but
the guy you spoke, advised that he never
> received, can please forward them to
-----Original Message-----
> From:
Ronewa Mudau [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: 22 October
2016 05:45 AM
> To: Percyvelle
> Subject:
> Re: test 1
> Good day
> Thank
you for the email.
> I will await your feedback. However i
will not be signing any
> additional
documents nor returning to your offices. If the documents

> are lost again . I will kindly
request the matter be escalated.
> On Fri, 10/21/16, Percyvelle Shange
> Subject: test 1
> To: "[email protected]"
> Date: Friday, October 21,
2016, 6:56 PM
> This electronic communication
and the attached
> file(s) are
subject to a disclaimer which can be viewed at
> If you are unable to view the
disclaimer, please email
> [email protected]
> for a copy.
> This electronic
> and the attached
file(s) are subject to a disclaimer which can be
> viewed at
> If you are unable to view the
disclaimer, please email
> [email protected]
for a copy.

This electronic communication
and the attached file(s) are subject to a disclaimer which
can be viewed at
If you are unable to view the disclaimer,
please email [email protected]
for a copy.
Channy123 Send email
Oct 17, 2016

Arrogant & incompetent call agents

It has been on numerous occasions where I had to call in to fix my DSTV account due to call agents that are incompetent and think they know everything. I find it totally disturbing that I have to be spoken over while I am explaining my query whilst call centre agent Matsobane Chuene thinks he knows the answers to everything.

Firstly there was a call made on the 21st of September 2016 by my dad regarding as to what would be the amount in which would need to be paid in order to have the full bouquet switched on as it was on compact, the call centre agent which the name is unknown advised as to what the totals would be and then switched the full bouquet on which was not requested initially.

The full bouquet was switched on up to the 16th October 2016, Monday morning 17th October our subscription was switched off. I then called DSTV and spoke to Matsobane Chuene who spoke over me numerous times and never gave me a chance to speak and first of all I am the client which should be respected and not told there is two sides to a story. He was unable to assist me after 15 minutes on the line and a total wastage of my airtime I have asked to speak to a team leader or manager which he failed to do as he dropped the call in my ear. I then called back and spoke to Shiela (surname unknown) who I explained my situation to but failed to assist me due to the “processes” they have to go through I then once again requested for a team leader or manager she then transferred myself to one of her colleagues who then only transferred me to the team leader named Kensani (surname unknown) who has mentioned that she will revert back to myself as she would pull the call that was made the 21st September.

I find it totally unfair and unprofessional that my subscription has been switched off due to incompetence of an individual who fails to listen and ask if something is not understood.

I find the service of Multichoice totally disgusting as this is not the first time I would have to call and have my time wasted by arrogant call agents who has the answers for everything.

If there were a company other than Multichoice I would have cancelled my subscription in a matter of minutes because I never get any joy by no call agents or their team leaders and the fact that they are always “in a meeting” or busy in unacceptable.

Team leaders in a call centre should be available and on their feet 24/7 when a matters like these arises.
gretha Send email
Sep 21, 2016

No refund, very slow or no reponse

MultiChoice – Poor and no service

1. 8 June 2016 at 11:08, I wrote to MultiChoice:
This account was terminated and the final debit order was supposed to be subtracted on June 1st. The amount should be R 1 908.00. The amount of R3938.80 was subtracted. Could you please reverse the additional amount that was subtracted?

2. On 9 June 2016 at 13:56, commercialactivation wrote:
CASE NUMBER: 7943609
Please note that we have put a request to our billing department to credit RUSTENBOSCH GUESTHOUSE as cancellation was scheduled for the 6th May 2016 as per case # 7703541
Best wishes
The DStv Commercial Activations & Sales Team

3. 1st of July
Now after MultiChoice have stated that that they will credit my account on June 9th, they proceeded to again issue a debit order in the amount of R5404.40 on the 1st of July.

4. Subsequent to that, on 12 August, MultiChoice wrote:
CASE NUMBER: 7943609
We will not be refunding any funds as the account is on zero balance and there is no credit remaining on the account.

5. 16 August 2016, I wrote:
This does not seem correct to me? Why do you state that you will be refunding, and then after subtracting even more money almost two months after my contract have been terminated, you state that the account now shows a zero balance?

6. 19 August 2016, MultiChoice wrote (to me and someone called Melusi):
CASE NUMBER: 8130435
Hi Melusi, you pulled case 7703541 and 7943609 yet services were never cancelled, kindly do the necessary journals to credit account so refund can be actioned.

7. 5 September 2016, I wrote:
It has been more than two weeks and I have received no reply??

8. 6 September 2016, You wrote:
CASE NUMBER: 8130435
Please provide us with the customer number you require assistance with

9. 7 September 2016, I wrote:
Could you please sort this out?? This has been dragging on since June 9th. Can it possibly take three months??

10. 9 September 2016, you wrote:
CASE NUMBER: 8130435
Kindly note that your refund for the period that was supposed to be cancelled which was from the 07/05/2016 until 31/05/2016 and 01/06/2016 until 08/06/2016 has been reversed total amount to be refunded R2212.50.
Your refunded has been captured awaiting for approval.

11. 9 September 2016, I wrote:
The refund for the first error should be around R2000. The debit order on June 1st. was R3938.80 and should have been R 1 908.00.
Then on the 1st of July another debit order in the amount of R5404.40 was also issued?
Surely the refund should be more than R2212.50?

Subsequently, I have received no answer.

Gretha Groeneveld
Customer number - 76160777
[email protected] Send email
Jul 30, 2016

Paying for something I do not have access to...

Paying for something I do not have access to...

I bought an explora it was delivered on 10 March 2016 and installed on 19 March2016. It was okay for a couple of weeks. Then it started losing the signal, took the decoder and went to a walk-in centre at Maponya Mall. They tested it and confirmed that nothing is wrong with the decoder and suggested I should call the person who installed it.

He tried to call the installer but unfortunately they did not answer. Got home called them a couple of times with no luck. Sent the installer (Musa from Masina and Services) an sms and he promised to fix it. This was back in May 2016. Today it's 10 July 2016 and it's still not fixed. The guy keeps giving me the round around. Now he does not pick my calls nor answer my smses.

Please can you get this sorted I cannot keep paying for something I do not have access to. Thi complait was logged on hello peter on the 10th of July 2016 and my connection is still not fixed.
maribotha Send email
Jul 21, 2016


I paid my childrens schoolfees incorrectly into the multichoice account on the 25th of June.
I contacted the call centre, the said the bank must do the refund. The bank said only multichoice could do the refund.
Since 26th June I contacted Multichoice 7 times. Firstly they said the document was not correct, so I send it again.
Then they said the refund is loaded and will be paid within 3 working days. Saturday on the 16th of June I phoned again, the person said oh the refund was not loaded, he will load it. The money will be in my account by Thursday. It is Thursday today and no refund. So I phoned again. The lady said no the refund is not loaded, she will load it, the money will be paid in 7-14 working days. Every time I ask can you contact me to let me know about the refund, the answer is, no we can not contact customers.

After I have depleted my airtime on numerous phone calls, no one could help me, or contact me.
I am not a rude person, but I am getting a bit angry with the service or lack of service.
What must I do to get the refund urgently. I needed to pay the schoolfees by the 7th of July.

My contact details: M Botha 0836586326 or [email protected]
Nhlax Send email
Jun 25, 2016

Decoder switched off every week after payments made

My decoder was cut off 4 times this month even after i have made payments. I sent through my bank statements to Verquillinah, Shalati, Pamela who is a team leader and nothing was done. Today 25/6 multichoice tells me I owe R1065 and they cant derive where they got to that total. Their debit order system has errors....a debit order that went through in March reported that I reversed it whereelse my bank statement reflects it was paid. This is a shocking service from multichoice, they never give feedback.
Lurdes Send email
Jun 15, 2016

Debit order

Have a frustrating issue caused by multichoice who have incompetent staff who cannot resolve the priblem. Ref 46635051
Sheriff Send email
Jun 13, 2016

Non service delivery

I have contacted Multichoice more than a week ago for assistance, they have promised to call me back, send some out to assist, ave me the run around to change my decoder. After spending more than an hour and half on calling them to day I have not received any assistance but they will billing me in full. They are full of broken promises. They are quite clever, when the consultant answers the phone they get you rate the call by promising the world. Once the rating is done, who ares they reviews have picked and you have to sit with services that are not working but you have to pay for the services in full.
Bongibabe23 Send email
May 16, 2016

Poor service

I pay multichoice every month and on time but this month's service has been terrible. I have not been able to watch tv because they decided to suspend my services without giving me a valid reason, I've been calling them like twice a week since my payment for re-activation of my service, I have done what they have asked of me. Sent them numerous proof payment but still the same problem continues.
I'm tired and frustrated of doing the same thing over and over again with no success. Truly out of options now. They won't even refund me for all the days I had to go without wathing television, I'm gatvol.

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