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Gaffrig Send email
Nov 20, 2021

Lack of ability to score points

Several weeks ago I noticed that whatever game or quiz I went to on PCH my total point score, and results of Search, etc, never showed. What is going on?
maxreach69 Send email
Aug 13, 2021

Dropped from PCH

After months of daily playing of most games and receiving daily communications from PCH. Today is like I never existed.
Nothing on my computer. Also there are several games that are questionable as far as the chances of ever winning anything except tokens. I have played 100's of scratch offs. It is weird that I have never seen as much as a $5 win and never more than three numbers ever show. Also the Flip and Win is suspect for sure. I always pick the same card and out of hundreds of picks, what are the odds of never seeing anything but a nine or under. The odds of never seeing anything else are stacked against the player and unbelievable. I will be leaving PCH for sure. It has become more of just a time suck and I have better things to do with my time. Too bad!!
Snap_70 Send email
Aug 10, 2021

Pch apps loading and never goes to next step

Why does pch games, and searches just do nothing? When next step of game just sits on a screen and never changes. The only way I know how to continue is to turn off power on iPad. Wait usually 5 minutes turn iPad back on and play a few more steps and turn off again and wait. Turn back on player 5 minutes shut off again.
majusa Send email
Aug 2, 2021


2nd day sweeps house of fun game not playing. Get the message that 'you've missed the deadline and can no longer...' then page returns to home.
80,000 tokens cheated away.
crawfordbudman Send email
Aug 2, 2021

game not playing

in sweeps, sub cash is king, games house of fun $25,000.00 wild winning. the game plays but at the end the game throws you out to the home page. this is the second day of this and players are losing 80,000 tokens for that one last game.
jdorian111 Send email
Jul 25, 2021

60 sec word game tournament

Friday, July 23, 2021, I played the 60 sec Word Game tournament and got a 25,300 score for the ten games. The high score for a round of ten games at 6:40 PM showed as Terry H. with 15,900 score and 2nd place was Phillip H. at 14,100. When I called customer support I was told the results will change the next day. The next day was already a different tournament and I was unable to check for the highest score for a ten game round or who won. I was transferred to a supervisor and was told that this would be reported to PCH and I would be sent an email confirming our conversation. I was not. Feels like I am totally wasting my time and being scammed out of winning $100.
Annette M Send email
Jul 17, 2021

Mahjongg Minute

Mahjongg Minute no longer works on my computer. It never gets past the blue games screen, although I can hear the music of the game playing , the games never actually loads.
Crei Send email
Jun 20, 2021

Pch Quizzes

Pch quizzes constantly will say you have already played this quiz when I definitely haven’t. I then don’t get any tokens. They also give quizzes that I have already taken.isn’t there a way to keep track of what one has & hasn’t taken?
I also don’t understand word Games not allowing the words God, sex, lust etc. They are words for Pete’s sake! I also have constant problems with experiencing technical difficulties & then lose all the tokens for that game. It’s extremely frustrating to say the least. Why can’t this issue be addressed & fixed?
chloeb Send email
Jun 17, 2021

wrong answers on quiz

PCH quiz told me when I answered the question incorrectly when I chose that the Civil War came before the Great Depression. This is the second quiz with a wrong answer. What is wrong with you PCH? Maybe you should try out google.
Stickler Send email
Mar 15, 2021

PCH Word Games

Playing PCH word games can be very frustrating on several counts Censorshio: e.g. GAY, SEX, LUST, to name a few are not recognized as words. "DOG" is OK but "GOD" is not. Breadth - words found in any good dictionary are not recognized. Slang - some slang expressions and contractions are seen as words - "DIS" "SIS" "HOS" etc.
Big Time Send email
Mar 6, 2021

Incorrect all time score

Would someone please correct the all time leading score for Mahjongg Minute. For months it has shown Sherri R with a score of 13,158,126. That score is impossible. I do believe that she may be the all time leader, but with 58,126. It just drive me crazy always seeing a score in the millions, which anyone who has played the game knows that the score is impossible
Big Time Send email
Mar 6, 2021

Incorrect top score

Would someone please correct the all time leading score for Mahjongg Minute. For months it has shown Sherri R with a score of 13,158,126. That score is impossible. I do believe that she may be the all time leader, but with 58,126. It just drive me crazy always seeing a score in the millions, which anyone who has played the game knows that the score is impossible
PS139 Send email
Jan 22, 2021

Flip Game

Playing try peak when I get to pick the card to win money or tokens. I have played the same card for some time. The money cards comes up all around the card I am picking. I think it is rigged. When you pick a card you will never get the ace or a money card. Another when playing loto and you get the chance to win $100000. The ball drops on holes with tokens but after many times playing it never comes close to the money holes as they are always on the back side of the wheel and the ball only drops on 3 of the holes. This has been the biggest waste of my time. Some are fun to play, but they are rigged, so you will never win the money.
Franlouise Send email
Jan 11, 2021

my name never on games list

I would like to know how people get their names on the games list. i ave been playing for 2-3 years I don't think that's fair
SusanKP Send email
Dec 7, 2020

PCH Hijacking my computer

As a matter of common practice, I generally keep 5 or 6 tabs open in my browser at all times. For the last 2 weeks, PCH Games has had an effect on the other tabs open that makes me very angry. I often read an email or a news article while waiting the PCH Games pages to load. For 2 weeks now, IF I have PCH Games open on a tab, my mouse clicks on other tabs ONLY send me back to the PCH Games tab. My emails will not open, and mouse clicks on any other tab simple flips back to PCH Games. The solution to this problem is to close PCH Games and then everything works as it should.

This hijacking of my browser (Firefox) has made me angry enough to sever all contact with PCH. I have been a frequent customer for many years, but no more. I refuse to do business with a company who believes they have a right to force my actions on my own computer.
adrake Send email
Nov 25, 2020

Too many ads

I have played on for 5-6 hours every day since 2008.Other than continuous technical issues, I want to comment on their exorbitant add usage. Of the many games I play every day, I kept track of the ads on two - Instant Win containing 12 games and Scratch offs containing 20 games. While waiting for the games to load, the ads of course load first. I closed 129 ads in the 12 games of Instant win and 170 ads in the 20 scratch off games. This means I will have closed 109,000 ads in the period of 1 year (not to count the 12 years on PCH) in just Scratch offs and Instant Win. Who really wins???
wiggy1 Send email
Nov 15, 2020

PCH Entry Mailings Late

I have submited every entry form within 24 hours of getting them since Jan. or Feb. but when the deadline for a major giveways was 31 Oct. I did not get the final entry forms until 27 through 31 Oct. and there was no way they could be mailed back in time for the deadline but I mailed them back in any way. All mail from PCH does not have a sent date, a postmark date etc.unless it is a bill. I notified PCH about this and they said if that happens again to mail the envelopes and forms back to them which would be giving away evidence. I also have the US Post Office Informed Delivery which shows images of all mail for every day which can prove that they sent forms too late for you to be able to submit them and have a chance to win!
Has this happened to anyone else? If I had the money for a lawyer I would sue them!
Upset and letdown in Pike County MS
[email protected] Send email
Nov 6, 2020

disgusted with phc

i play in tournaments but my name never shows and you all be skimming tokens and i never win any of the prizes i exchange my tokens from time to time but i never win anything i do think that you all be scamming everyone i have been dealing with youall for a long time you say 2009 but it has been longer than that i have never won anything but you be begging me to order your products but they are not good products and some are to pricy not to be worth anyuthing
MaJeHi Send email
Oct 21, 2020

Pages won’t load

Lately, it has become impossible to complete anything on PCH web pages. They start to load and then freeze. Sometimes I will complete a quiz but I don’t get the points! I just get an “OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG”! I get flooded with emails from you but I can’t get to where I’m supposed to go. And PCH web site that starts with the word spectrum won’t open at all.
cherrymoedde Send email
Oct 11, 2020

Publishers Clearing House oops! messages to get in to win

I am all in and I want to get in it to win it! The PCH Lotto scratch games load very slowly and often times I get the oops! Technical difficulty try again.
I stopped trying to play keno there are just too many scratch tickets that load so very slowly to even enter past the first card.
I love PCH and I continue to be in it to win it. However I am cutting down to only entering via no scratch tickets.
[email protected] Send email
Oct 5, 2020

Federal Investigation into PCH is needed

With all of these complaints, problems, issues with PCH you would think by now, the Federal Trade Commission "Unfair Trade Practice" or the FBI would investigate PCH claims and complaint's by now after how long and especially since PCH went internet with all their games/payouts/tokens false advertising. Every item they sell can be bought at a Dollar Store, Wal-Mart or even hobby lobby and Target. Most of which comes from China and its not worth the shipping cost that is where they make their mark ups (money). With this said, its time people stop complaining on this site, instead maybe its time to send your complaints to the Federal Trade Commission:,will%20be.%20If%20possible%2C%20be%20prepared%20to%20provide%3A
NotHappyMan Send email
Sep 27, 2020

PCH can't update data

On several occasions I've sent PCH screen prints of an error PCH can't seem to fix.
Here's the gist: If I'm picked as a winner, Danielle and the PCH gang will stop at a certain florist to pick up roses to bring to my home. Here's the problem, that florist closed over a year ago, long before Covid. I've been emailing PCH a bunch of times to let PCH know that the florist in question no longer exist, it's closed, it's now a coffee shop. But PCH still hasn't corrected the problem.
If we the customer can't get PCH to fix a simple business issue, why should we believe any else they show us?
Teresausa Send email
Sep 4, 2020

$1000.00 a day entries won't go through

None of the $1000.00 a day entries will go through on the site, the ones that are sent to my email as special entries or the entry that is under the lotto for the big prize don't go through. You get to the final submit and it goes to the that pch currently can't handle request 502 error message.

This has been happening every since the last winner on August 31, 2020. I can't get my entries in.
jclark3550 Send email
Aug 22, 2020

Sweepstakes games

Is anyone else having problems with the sweepstakes section of the games since it was overhauled a few weeks ago? 3 out of 5 days this week when I initially opened the sweepstakes section I only received 40,000 tokens instead of the 80,000 for completing all games the prior day. Also numerous times in the past few weeks I have not been able to complete one game as it won't open up or it does open but does not record I completed it.
mrtony307 Send email
Aug 19, 2020




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