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mar Send email
Jul 23, 2019

Keno ads interference with game

I can't even play 2 boards on KENO, because of the constant lengthy ads! Why have Keno at all then? Come on, almost 18 minutes go by and I can't even get to number 2?
JLBateman Send email
Jul 15, 2019

staying logged in while playing token games

I play token games but although I was logged in when I started, it says I am not logged in after I earned tokens and a play towards the flip card 10-game try.
Tmorg60 Send email
Jul 14, 2019

Publishers Clearing House

When will PCH start telling the truth about the Lonnng crawl to entering a chance of winning $5,000.00 a week for life? I have been subjected to reams of sale items,lottery games, token acquisition ploys -all the while being told, in writing at the bottom of EVERY page of assembled nonsense that no purchases are necessary in order to enter the sweepstakes. I have been duly warned on multiple emails that I am lacking but one more action to be taken in order to receive a sweepstakes number -only to be exposed to more silly games or page upon page of items for sale, to infinity and beyond....... If you're going to continue "Bait and Switch" tactics, then apply to the State of Florida for a Dealer's license. Then you can finish out this phony nonsense and sell CARS and TRUCKS too!
susan marik Send email
Jul 12, 2019

1 hour commercial before I can continue game...

TRYING to complete all the sweepstakes...and games!!!.1 ad is an hour long, so I can't complete the games. It's the Candise Owens show, cannot SKIP it, so I can't complete many games yesterday and today....very annoying!!! I know you to have sponsors but this 1 hour show is crazy..and you can't stop it or delete it to move on playing!!..Please respond
carljjohnson Send email
Jul 7, 2019

PCH Word Games

My very young niece and nephew use a hoe and pull weeds in their garden and they love to eat apple tarts. They wonder why they cannot use the words: hoe, weed, and tart when playing word games on PCH Games. These are just three examples of many innocuous everyday words that are not recognized in PCH word games. Why? What do I tell my niece and nephew? That the people at PCH have dirty minds? Please stop censoring perfectly innocent everyday words from your word games. By your standards the "P" in PCH should be censored because it sound like a bodily function. Love the games, hate the arbitrary censorship. Thank you.
mazura52 Send email
Jul 1, 2019

ads too long and irrelevant

I have been entering PCH Sweeps since I turned 21 in 1973 - before computers and ADS. I understand that the ads help PCH generate funds (like TV ads), and I don't mind having to watch an ad every now and then - but before and after every game is ridiculous. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 ads between games, and they aren't short ones - some of them are anywhere from 2-5 minutes long. I've already stopped playing all the Lotto games - it was taking me 4-5 hours to get through them all. Most people have a life and it doesn't revolve around PCH. Once I retired from my job, I started playing more games, but the ads are interfering and I've had it. I can't even get through all 5 of the Keno games - that 18 minutes is eaten up by ads - so I play only 2 or 3 of them, then I'm done. I'm thinking all these ads are not worth my time - not likely to win the sweepstakes, cause I don't live on the East or West Coast and that seems to be where y'all normally end up. I'll continue to play a few games now and again - but I'm not gonna be as consistent as I have been.
james spalding Send email
Jun 29, 2019


pch slot tournament glitches all time
Going to QUIT now! Send email
Jun 22, 2019 Problems

I agree with all of you. has major technical problems. Starting to wonder if on purpose! hmmm
R Kirkpatrick Send email
Jun 19, 2019

Games Freeze up. Make commercials SHORTER!

I hate it when a game freezes up half way through. 3X today!
Make the ads SHORTER PLEASE!
Sandy Miller Send email
Jun 10, 2019

Nothing working today are you Down?

Nothing in PCH is working. Freezing, starts and then looses tokens.
Trying to finish GAMES and same things with all of your sites???
Says server not found.
bondew Send email
Jun 2, 2019

Many just mention a few

your adds are to long and the same one time after time. To much time between games and adds and adds and games. your adds should not be longer than 30 seconds . although some are, a few are only 30 seconds,and once in awhile one can skip an add, but not very many. Come on folks your suppose to be a big time out fit???? Let us spend our time playing the games you offer instead of watching the same adds over and over and far to long.
Rich Tardie Send email
May 30, 2019

Popup ads on token games

I have been playing token games for quite a few years and never have I had so much trouble with popup ads they are time consuming and they take away from my valuable game time. I have installed ad blockers and they don't stop the ads. What can you do to stop them so I can continue to enjoy playing these games without popups.
Clinias Send email
May 25, 2019

PCH games, lotto, keno

I've been a PCH customer since 2014. But in January of 2019, I became aware of all the games on and started playing them. More time spent on the site, I learned the ropes and all the avenues of entering all sorts of stuff and earning tokens. At the beginning I was making over a million tokens a day due to high scores on their Double Suit Spider Solitaire. On average I could make 50,000 tokens, some games zero. One day, they made a mistake on 10x earnings and in three hours of play on Pop-Up Rush, I was making anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 tokens; I made 30 million tokens. Then, they corrected the token winning tokens in April of 2019. Since then, I was making anywhere from 500,000 to 700,000 tokens a day. Now, on May 17, 2019, they started adding Advertisements that interfered with play. The game would freeze. I couldn't reload either or else the website froze and I had to completely close it down. Now, my play is totally wrecked. Keno games have a timed 18 minute window---They put a TWO MINUTE commercial in them!!! They have hundreds of games, sweepstakes, scratch-offs. It takes several hours to finish a good portion of them anyway. All of sudden they have thrown in ONE Minute commercials. And then the game STILL freezes. The webpage locks up and I have to close the window. Have I been blacklisted? One minute I am enjoying myself, earning all sorts of stuff---to being locked up. I have sent messages to them and they say they are looking into it but it has been eight days.
Clinias Send email
May 25, 2019

PCH games, lotto, keno

Been a customer/player of PCH since 2014. Just this year, though, during winter break, I saw these games and started playing them. The more I played, the more I was aware of all the different things to play and the biggest token earnings. So, I'm playing and I can complete all sorts of things and make anywhere from 500,000 to 700,000 tokens a day. On May 17, 2019, adverts starting popping up and I couldn't complete a game! During a Keno game which you have only 18 min window to complete all sorts of stuff---they have a TWO MINUTE commercial! They have all these games that one needs to complete---but now they load ONE minute commercials before them. What took 15 seconds to complete---now 1:30 min because now its slower. Now, my games freeze or the webpage locks up and then shuts down. Am I being blacklisted? I have purchased numerous things from them. This has been going on for eight days now. What the heck is going on?
paulclc Send email
May 24, 2019

Security questions

I have started getting a security question after every game what do you think I'm going to do? and there is some many ads and they are so long you cant play all the cards on Keno. why does a 80 year old man have to watch that SK 11 ad? it is 5 minutes long every time
and You have ruined the sweeps stakes putting a 5 page catalog after each sweepstakes. I might buy something if it was one in ten but every time just pisses me off as all the ads do to high pressure turns me off.
Peacherino Send email
May 1, 2019


Ads and slow slots ruin Keno. No way to complete all five cards. First card not presented until ten minutes left in total game period. I
stop and refuse to play the slot card presented. Keno is no place for slots, they either refuse to spin or once started, will not quit spinning.
gillesley Send email
Apr 23, 2019

scratchers are blank and can't be played

home page and lotto, scratchers are blank and can't be played. Therefor, I can't enter any contests and it makes me not want to come to the site anymore
jmu Send email
Apr 21, 2019

scrach games

The scratch games and some of the other multigame not working on Firefox, goggle chrome, and Microsoft edge don't know what to do please advice
lalmond58 Send email
Apr 20, 2019

klondike solitaire game

I have entered pch sweepstakes in the hope of winning for years...after reading these complaints I am going to quit. Thanks for making me realize all this hope was a waste of my time and energy. GOOD BYE PCH
Mark24 Send email
Apr 19, 2019

PCH Sweepstakes Error

When i enter for the 7k a week super prize it refuses to let me enter. I enter, i get an ad, the ad finishes, then i am sent back to the PCHlotto section. I am using no adblock or anything and the rest of the sweepstakes are working fine. Please fix T_T
Mark24 Send email
Apr 19, 2019

Sweepstakes Error

When i enter for the 7k a week super prize it refuses to let me enter. I enter, i get an ad, the ad finishes, then i am sent back to the PCHlotto section. I am using no adblock or anything and the rest of the sweepstakes are working fine. Please fix T_T
karen e stone Send email
Apr 19, 2019

system won't load

Trying to play lotto & games and they will not show the numbers that have to be shown in order to scratch them off. This is unfair as I can't get through the lotto cards.
msmoomoo Send email
Apr 17, 2019

PCH don't want you to win

After playing these games so long I actually managed to see my name on the top and was playing more and my last score was high but suddenly it said...technical difficulties. And after that my name just came off. I contacted customer service and all they said was basically that I was cheating...HOW???I tried to get answers but no one replied. Thats because they are the cheaters!!! I'm never going to play their games again, waste of time.
William Wilkins Send email
Apr 15, 2019

Search on line is not working all the time

I have tried to play your search and the scratch off's don't work a 100 per cent of the time and you get a lot of oops on your web site's are there computers breaking down you can't play a game without it breaking down son needs to check into why this is happening
Knaggs Send email
Apr 8, 2019

Token games on home page and onPCH app

The token games on home page the screen is either black or flashes don't come on and the ones on PCH app doesn't work either...

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