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Jun 28, 2018

Faulty Obsessive Technical Issues

WHAT A SCAM!!! Every-time you get to a bonus, the page has technical issues. They say "OOPS-WE are experiencing Technical Issues", yet when you call them they blame your "cache/cookies" and read their script on their computers. Unfortunately it isn't confined to bonuses either. I called tonight again, with the representative stating "It's not cash, just pretend tokens" . Maybe my pretend order will reach them soon! I then asked her for her supervisor, which was transferred to a (knowingly by her) "CLOSED" office with no message machine. I called back in which I then was transferred overseas, where that rep wanted to go home, as it was "five minutes til she was off work". No one cares- so why should I? My "check's in the mail!!!!" WHAT A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!
HenMar3591 Send email
Jun 27, 2018

Sweepstakes online, pch game app

I play the pch games on my iPhone. The past few weeks I play sweepstakes online when I reach the processing entries it messages “safari can’t open the server can’t be found” so I can’t play missing out on collecting tokens and money opportunities. I also have the pch game app, I try to open the app it loads and stops at 5% that’s it will not open. The same goes for the pch lotto app loads and stops at 5% will not open. I’ve never had these types of problems before.HELP!!! Please correct these problems as quickly as you can. Thank You. [email protected]
HOODRAT Send email
Jun 12, 2018

Tired of going in circles to win nothing

All u win are tokens. You have enter to win the , Rewards u thought u earned but that never ever happened for me. These web sites who never pay out believe we have nothing productive to do with our days but play their cat and mice games with hope that we are closer to winning. I'm so tired of tbroken promises and Noth ng to show for my time .
[email protected] Send email
Jun 7, 2018

Site locks up

As I read I see PCH has had my problem for quite some time. I would not like to lose my standing because your site doesn't work
thawkbatt#1 Send email
May 28, 2018

PCH Lotto and Games have a OOPS!

When playing Publishers Clearing House Lotto and Games since 1/21/2005 and when trying to score on one of these PCH games up comes "OOPS! we are experiencing Technical difficulties. Please try again! " and if not that a "Oh no! A glitch! Don't worry, you won't lose your spins! Try Again and these games sometimes takes more than (3) HOURS! and while trying to play Lotto or Games the screen has up to (3 - 4) Advertisements and a commercial on the middle of the screen and these operate normal and when those end and I start to play and the OOPS! come on again and again and once in a while the Lotto or Games comes "Normal" again and the next game the OOPS! comes again and at the bottom right the screen has "Waiting for and waiting for and other "WAITING FOR!!" and this is really FRUSTRATING!. This has me thinking that PCH is a scam because the lotto and games have problems but a customer playing a PCH has to watch the Advertisements and Commercial which I am sure PCH GETS PAID for doing the Advertisements and with (3 to 4) every time a person plays PCH Lotto or Games. What does a person Win? doing these games???
1777 Send email
Mar 26, 2018

Same complaints

I have the same complaints as everyone else. Only I wonder why there is no where on their site to lodge complaints. And why when it is their technical issue, I lose the chance to play that game. They say "it has been played" just because I logged into it. I got NO points for it, but "PLAYED" it!
Ronald Lynn Send email
Mar 23, 2018


The new Keno presents the Welcome Screen , I press Play Now,
The welcome scroll screen appears, but won't proceed,
I request Reload, Play Now and it proceeds,
I hit Reveal All, and it reboots to the Welcome Screen

This may reoccur several times before it move to the next play.

Some adds run and then repeat before it moves on to the next play.

I can maybe get four games at most in the 18 minuets

Then it goes to the ready for the drawing and only recognizes that I played 1 or two out of the four games completed

????????????? [email protected]
Susan Riggleman Send email
Mar 16, 2018

I had platimum status now I'm back to diamond, why?

I had top status but had to be in the hospital for 3 weeks due to massive heart attack now I'm back to the beginning of playing games, why?
Never-Will-Win Send email
Mar 15, 2018

Too Glitchy-Slow

I WAS addicted to your games. They run glitchy and lock up frequently. I understand that I will NEVER win any small amount of cash nor prizes. I NEVER purchased any products from your site because of the complaints. I would find these products cheaper at Walgreens or CVS. The magazine websites have better deals. Since your games are AGGRAVATING to play,I found the same games as 'stand-alone' apps and now play them without the glitchy-slow and I FINISH EVERY game,now. I will unsubscribe from PCH-Games because it's too damn slow and INFESTED with ads Which I ( F U C K E N ) HATE to begin with. Thanks for having a slow-glitchy website now I can spend my time more constructively. I go for daily walks now. I'll still enter the PCH (NEVER-To -WIN) sweepstakes because I don't think they're a scam. However, NEVER with a purchase and if I win it,I will specifically state that. I will use the old school mailings since I work at the Post Office.
Tommi Send email
Feb 8, 2018

Stalling of games

It seems like your organization is loaded with complaints and no solutions. Games stall, have to register, too many technical errors, adds go on, cant finish games.
Is your organization doing false advertising? You show people winning, but make it impossible to for people to win. Have ordered lots of your overpriced items, trying to earn money to pay bills. But maybe should tell people to contact their state attorney generals to see what is going on with your company? False advertising, doing things covertly, frustrating people, especially older people that would like to enjoy games and fill their time. But you don't want people winning!
Tammy King Send email
Feb 8, 2018

pch lotto and games

i play everyday and pch lotto hasn't worked right last two nights and ive played keno and it says i haven't. i have been trying to win for years and no luck but if my work isn't being recorded then I'm wasting my time, breaks my heart. i really need to win big.
the games either run slow and they tend to lock up. or i get error message or technical difficulties like i did on lotto last night. very upsetting
fairvickie Send email
Feb 1, 2018

Your Games AGAIN

While playing a tournament game it kept saying technical difficulties we are sorry. Try again. How am I suppose to play a tournament game and it keeps glitching.And it isn't just this game it is all of them,I would think it is my computer except it kept say in technical difficulties.
Neil Dunham Send email
Jan 15, 2018


Lottie Send email
Jan 6, 2018


These games are programmed not to make me win a thing not even a gift card,plus ads slow down the game playing a long time what give. My internet is fine so now what not happy with how this works and how you pick winners you don;t tell us .
Vickie Brock Send email
Jan 5, 2018


It seems I am not the only one having trouble with your games. I have been playing your games for several years now and they used to work great. They were working real good a couple of weeks ago around Christmas time, I am assuming it was because a lot of people were busy with the holidays and were not playing as much.So the sites were not overloaded.You need to up grade your site so it can handle the amount of visitors it has. It is not much fun playing a game that stops every few seconds then you end up running out of time all of a sudden. It is getting where I am am not as interested in playing as I used to.PLEASE FIX I WANT TO ENJOY PLAYING THE GAMES.
anitasmith Send email
Dec 17, 2017

Game errors

I play PCH everyday...I couldn't play the sweepstakes or any other games since 12-15-17 and 12-16-17. I'm having trouble trying to play your games...It says it cannot be reached when I hit the sweepstakes play. I Love to play the pch sweepstakes every day...
denis splaine Send email
Dec 5, 2017

diamond status

I have passed the 150,000,000 token marker and I have yet to be upgraded to black diamond status. Could this please be corrected. Unless of course, there is something else I need to do to obtain the black diamond status and I am unaware of it. Thank you for your time and consideration. [email protected]
pbarber Send email
Nov 29, 2017


About 25% of the games and Danielle's Token Surprises do NOT load properly and trying to re-load just takes you to the next game and you don't score any tokens. This is a recurrent issue and the 25% is a very conservative estimate. It seems that PCH is loading so many ads (ad nauseum) that the ads create issues loading the games properly. And, the ads are too long as well. Watching the same ad hundreds of times won't make me want to purchase the product. It has the opposite effect.

Will PCH 'fix' the problem? One can only hope.
Jacquie buletti Send email
Nov 12, 2017

Pch games

3rd day without games. I’m a simi house bound person and pass a lot of my time playing pch game. What is going on with your web site. PLEASE fix your problem.
Jacquie buletti Send email
Nov 12, 2017

Can’t play mohjongg due to your web site. Very frustrating and disappointing ! Tempting to quit PCH altogether !

This is my second time to complain and sorry to do it too. PLEASE respond to my messege
Jacquie buletti Send email
Nov 11, 2017

PCH games

For 2 days I have tried playing monjogg and I only get a gray screen. What is the problem. I even went to verizon to see if it was my phone. My phone is fine ! PLEASE fix this problem. You’re losing customers and your rating is going to go down hill ! Please respond.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 7, 2017

Keno too slow

Keno started out great! I was able to fill in all the 5 required games and the 5 bonus with time left to go. Now I can only get in 1-3 Keno games. No bonus games. I like it much faster. Hope I can find an improvement after this notification.
potleaf Send email
Oct 27, 2017


Hello my name is John Richards I would like to make a complaint about one of your prize patrol workers Danelle Lam I entered one of your contests 1 dal later I noticed someone following me every store and restaurant I went she was there I had to call the police as she tried to break into my house yesterday but they said no witness so let her go will you do something about her I want her punished
marguerite7834 Send email
Oct 20, 2017

Games not working or locking up

I am using Chrome browser. Every time I try to play the games they lock up, or just wont play. I keep getting Popups blocked or flash blocked. I have tried everything. My settings show Popups are not blocked, Flash is not blocked but the games will not play. The card games the cards will not move or when they do they jump all over the place. I enjoy the games but when they continually lock up and you lose all your tokens and have to start over it is no fun. I'm just about over it. PCH fix these games
marguerite7834 Send email
Oct 20, 2017

Games not working or locking up

I am using the Chrome Browser and having constant trouble with it saying Popups are block, or Flash not working. I have done everything to fix this problem, to no avail. My card games the cards wont move, I end up having to restart and lose all my tokens. I am getting just plain disgusted with PCH games and thinking about just forgetting about them, since no matter what you do they wont play correctly. I have tried just about all the games. PCH FIX THIS PROBLEM

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