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dlee Send email
Jan 6, 2020

ads and freezing games

the same ads repeat and repeat. should have option to opt out after watching a dozen times!

tonight can't even get games to start! always freezing up. if you want people to play your games you better get this issue taken care of. i'm ready to quit.
Guido Bianchini Send email
Dec 28, 2019

tournament games i want out

I want out of tournament pchg go back to the old way the tournament will not let me play
Bernadettealso Send email
Dec 21, 2019

Continued multiple cheating on Kino

The cheaters are out doing them selves! Those that have only one method of cheating a losing out to the other cheaters in Missouri South Carolina Texas Florida and Massachusetts who employ multiple methods of cheating.

PCH, do something about this before we contact
DaddyJim Send email
Dec 18, 2019

Too many adds and the game flip and win will NOT load for the last few days

The adds slow down my pc so much, it takes all of the fun out of playing the games, and they take WAY too long to load. The game Flip and Win will NOT load at all for the last few days.
DaddyJim Send email
Dec 18, 2019

adds and slow load time for games

For the last few days now, the game flip and win will NO load and there's so many adds, all they do is slow down my pc. Takes WAY too long for the games to load. Takes all he fun out of it.
Bernadettealso Send email
Dec 9, 2019

Are you not posting complaints?

Are you not posting complaints? Are you getting too many of them?
Bernadettealso Send email
Dec 9, 2019

PCH is complicit is in felony theft

PCH is complicit is in felony theft Congratulations, another cheater just won December 8, 2019. The same people Jennifer W of Texas zainab of Texas went to to three times a week. Joseph And Missouri Marlene W a Boston etc.

It is disgusting how you allow this. I am stop playing
Bernadettealso Send email
Dec 9, 2019

PCH is allowing cheating

Congratulations, PCH. Another cheater on Kino just won again. Jennifer W of Texas, and her partner, zainab of Texas, Marlene W of Boston Massachusetts. Joseph of Missouri, and others went to to three times every 10 days. Sam know each other. Please correct as you are complicit in felony.

Also your slots game, which works 75% of the time or less, makes no sense and is arbitrary.
Bernadettealso Send email
Dec 4, 2019

PCH fix your games are you going to lose all the baby boomers providing you with money

PCH fix your games or you will lose all the baby boomers providing you with money
Please tell me on your holiday 300 winners I think it was $300 each win, how one person from St. Petersburg Florida could win this $300.03 times on your holiday game played this past week Thanksgiving week?

How many hundreds of thousands people played, yet one person won three times exclamation. What is the probability of that!Possible you’re allowing cheating here as you do on Kino?
We are the customers to provide you with salaries, can you at least be fair enough to allow a person to win once a month in Kino, And then on your special games, allow a person to win only once and not three times and let 299 other people win also.......

Who regulates your game site? FCC? Maybe the fair trades act would come in to Play. You must respond or perhaps they will close you down.
Be fair with those who play your games. The complaints of the same over and over and over again, but you do nothing to rectify thatm.
krapainter2 Send email
Nov 30, 2019

PCH Games FREEZE all the time!

What is WRONG with all the PCH games sites? Every Single One of them FREEZES so I can not finish a game and then comes back on just to say FINISHED! There is NO chance of Winning on Any of them also because the SAME NAMES are ALWAYS at the top of the Win List?!?!?!
Your Games are the only ones I play and it is frustrating that all of a sudden NONE of them are WORKING CORRECTLY! Are you purposely trying to LOSE CUSTOMERS/PLAYERS??
Since there are so many complaints for the same reason, it is APPARENT that the PROBLEM in on YOUR END! PLEASE FIX IT!
SusanP Send email
Nov 24, 2019

So many ads that the games won't work

I have been a PCH customer for at least 15 years. Once I retired, I enjoyed playing the games. For the past few months the number and length of the ads has increased to the point that the games do not respond to my mouse clicks and 99% of the ads are for things I don't even recognize, nor do I have any use for. Tonight is the 5th time in a week that I earned the chance to Flip a Card for a bonus, but didn't get to because a video ad ran long enough to reach midnight on the East Coast. I don't live on the East Coast and the early change of date plus the agonizingly slow video ads are stealing my bonus tokens.

If PCH is so greedy for ad money, then they obviously don't need to sell me anything in the future. If I cannot play the games due to the overwhelming quantity of ads, then I will simply STOP Playing your games and STOP ordering your merchandise!
Michael Galvis Send email
Nov 17, 2019

client error 117B

Fix your darn token games, this keeps showing during games and can't seem to be fixed??? client error 117B

Publishers:How can you/I fix this?
DeeJuan Send email
Nov 9, 2019

Poor Calculation of Commercials in Timed Games Like Keno on Publishing Clearing House

DeeJuan Send email
Nov 9, 2019

Poor Calculation of Commercials in Timed Games Like Keno on Publishing Clearing House

Someone has the same complaint I have. I understand that PCH need to put the ads in. That's ok. The ads are not my complaint. My complaint is someone needs to do the math on how long each commercial takes on the timed games so that, someone can complete all the keno games. I made sure to start my keno games at the beginning when, the timer starts. I don't start my keno games when, time is almost up. That doesn't seem to matter because, the commercials which, I'm required to watch, take up most of the time so that, I can't complete all the cards. I can't even get half way through the game. The way it's set up now is totally unreasonable. It should be fixed so, that completing all the games would be possible. I check in once in a while to see if the issue has been fixed. So far it is still an issue. I read a similar complaint in August on here. It is now November. Please figure out how to make this work with the commercials in it because, right now it's not working so, people are getting mad.
Bernadettealso Send email
Oct 7, 2019

Unfair play on keno PCH

How can someone who starts keno game at 12 midnight EDT, be over 25,000 tokens when I have only 1150? And than, after nonstop full board playing that at 9:18 am, they have 180,000 more tokens than I have. I kept close watch ( photos of leader board also) through out my constant grueling researching play.
The incremental differences occurred regularly over the nine to 10 hr. span., they started with over 20,000 tokens first minutes of play, than a 40,000 + difference next hour , ~ 60000 next , etc, ending up with 180,000 more than I had playing all bonus games 9+ hrs. Later.
Always same names vying top group.
No way, with 100, 250, 750, 1000, could I catch up. Especially if they had close to 25,000 tokens when they went on to the leader board a few minutes after midnight. Not even one full 20 minute set was played. Unless they were getting 4- 5000 token games( one 5000 is a rarity), every single set of hour play. This is past randomness....especially if it occurs for every hour.
I noticed this illogical token swells on previous game playing (esp. with same names) so I did the work from 12 am sat. Oct 5, 2019 to see if my suspicions of the impossible token tally with fair play were possible. It is not, not on a frequent basis can one get so many 5000, 10,000 token awards.
Something is wrong.......r they setting their computor internal clocks ahead than back? Do they start in the Atlantic time zone with another computor linked up that is on EDT? Some people are savvy with technology.....unfair to FairPlay.
PCH, if u want the many photos of this play, please contact me. I was speaking to HEATHER in technology dept. from Canada this am, Monday,oct. 7, 2019 around ~10 to ~11:30 EDT with the iPad update interferences with PCH gaming sites, etc.
dunamos Send email
Sep 25, 2019

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tjtex Send email
Sep 21, 2019

long ads

I like to play PCH Keno. The game is time limited to 20 minutes but you can never get more than about 18 to 18.5. Additionally PCH has started to run longer and longer ads. Some running 90 seconds and a full game takes 19 screens not counting the 5 bonus games. 19 times 90 seconds is 28.5 minutes so you can never finish a game if they keep running the long ads which, on the weekends, they do. It is also somewhat disturbing that after you wait the 90 seconds, instead of taking you to the game, they run the same 90 second ad again.
I can't think of a better way to run long time customers off!
Bernadettealso Send email
Sep 20, 2019

Sites not working/ tokens not awarded for the past

Am not receiving lotto match, neither regular nor the double promised. Eg today for 9/18/2019, matched 7750 token worth 15,500 never credited.
Last Thursday and Friday over 80,000 total( played all full modules) never credited etc etc etc. happening since last Feb, but increasingly so. S o m e o n e is s l e e p I n g on the job🤫
[email protected] Send email
Sep 12, 2019


I have participated in PCH for over 40 years, spent thousands of dollars on their products and have never won any prize. Their winners are bogus. This is the biggest scam ever.
Criticizer Send email
Sep 5, 2019

CPU-INTENSIVE ADs is an arrogant outfit run by arrogant money-loving people. Their site is loaded with CPU-INTENSIVE ADs that heat-up your computer and bring the processing to a crawl. Why? Because it "works just fine" on their $4000 high-end PCs in their own I.T. cubicles. At most 10% of the people visiting use an "ad blocker" but THAT is what the arrogant money-grubbers are worried about. You do the math.
Kristenupdegrove Send email
Sep 4, 2019

Over all pch web site

Just totally agree with every single complaint on this site.
Pch web site is maddening..
It'll make you want to cursvthem..pull your hair out and promise yourself you'll never go back ..not to mention years years of using you get the same cards..numbers..token amounts..just stupid predictable stuff over and over..cant and dinr win they are extremely cheap on top of it all..I suggested that tokens buy opt out of all the 30 second x3 adds between a not random game card of 2 seconds ect..nothing why buy anything ever again from a company who has the ball bounce out of the cash prize landing every time..who's games wont load because it insists phone is in mode and cant tell phone is turned as it should be..or laying completely FLAT on table..just so much stupid crazy all day to enter anything that's all a goast anyways..yeah a few people win I hear or see but it's just not much fun the way they are run on a loop of same old same old day in day out..for years..fix it.stop lying about message from sponsor when its 5 from sponsor at 30 x3 x2 most of the time.
Headache only from wasted time on pch basically totally sucks sorry to say
Plus it likes to insist my email and password are wrong like now for hours..which they are not .requires me to sign in everytime I do anything token related even if I try to do something within 10 minutes of last action..resign in and fight with them saying I'm wrong until I'm not with same info for many years..yikes!! Sucky site to say the least.
Time to try submitting agin.
rhowell331 Send email
Aug 22, 2019


Need to remove commercials from the KENO game. Its a timed game and commercials slow it down to the point where I am unable to even get half way through a game. As a result, I lose 1000s of tokens per game. Put the commercials on the side and don't interfere with the game. I pay more attention to the ads on the sides than the commercials. As a matter of fast, the commercials make me angry because they slow the game and I don't even watch them anyway. If a 30 second commercial comes on, I do something else, like check my bank account or do a search on something for 30 seconds. I hardly play KENO anymore, I used to play it every day when I could complete it. The commercials are not the only problem. The game itself has slowed down, possibly because of the commercials or some tech problem.
rhowell331 Send email
Aug 22, 2019


I cannot access my VIP set at all. Won't let me in. Also KENO is so slow I cannot complete any games, plus throwing commercials into timed games is crazy!!! I cannot optimize my time for tokens if the games are showing commercials and I have 20 seconds to finish. I don't even watch the dang commercials. PLEASE put the commercials on NON-TIMED games and PLEASE fix the VIP so I can access it. Thanks
Bernadettealso Send email
Aug 3, 2019

Frozen out of bonus games, once again, across all, yes all sites.

I am being frozen out of all bonus games, even kENO, across ALL sites....losing, once again, thousands of points.
And tokens.
Customer service could give a hoot....always the same cookie non useful suggestion.
Bernadettealso Send email
Jul 24, 2019

Tokens not awarded

My tokens when I enter a game and not consistently being credited on a daily basis. Slots and lotto being the wor my tokens when I enter a game and not consistently being credited on a daily basis. So lots in millions now, being lost work. Please please please correct this

Top it off, I have called about this and then they want me to write it and then after I write it they want me to call again. There is no sincerity in their attempts to play a fan game. It’s too bad. You only close to a 4 million token bonus that you have promised in your game instructions. When I attempt to even file this complaint Your boy does not want to take it

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