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lmerritt Send email
Aug 29, 2015

techinical issues - games not loading

I have written in and got standard responses not helpful to my inquiry. Reading some of the postings, I have had similar issues beyond the inquiry made. This is a problem that has escalated. I can play most of the games. The games just prior to the instant win don't load properly so I don't get the chance of playing the bonus instant win games.

Playing the lotto slots - sometimes the number of diamonds deposited is less than the message of diamonds earned.

There are frequent error messages - not always the same. Didn't have these issues until recently. I was told to clear the cached cookies and images and update the flash player. I clear the cached every day. If that was the problem - I wouldn't be able to play most of the games.

Has PCH technical team re-calibrated to accommodate the Windows 10 version? There are too many similar complaints registered to believe it is all on the players.

It would be nice to get an actual response to my original request for help - that was helpful and relevant to what was submitted.
Lillian Send email
Aug 26, 2015

error messages and double clicks on timed games

I love to play the time games on PCH, now I have to double click, this only happens on PCH site. Double click takes up the time to play. I was receiving an error message 2030, but that has stopped now.
wilmajim Send email
Aug 24, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

What happened???? The game was going ok. Now it is back to the way it was. I wouldn't complain, but I love playing solitaire. I have been playing pch solitaire for years. Now it is back to not putting the game up. If the sound doesn't work when setting it up, there is NO GAME. I spend at least 60% of my time trying to get the sound up so I can play the game. You would think I would find something else to entertain me, but I love solitaire and playing it on the computer is such a pleasure. Well it was till now. I'm tired of trying today.
chriscrosby Send email
Aug 22, 2015

failure to award prize

i have been playing pch games for several monthsl one of the prizes for august of 2015 was an ipad air for 50 tokens. i used thousands of tokens one the item. the prize was never awarded. i looked at future prizes and it is now listed for 3000 tokens. if the programmers put the wrong amount needed, it should have been corrected and or the tokens returned to the gamersl. i fined this to be very dishonest.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 10, 2015

PCH technical difficulties, NOT MINE

I am tired. Whenever playing "instant wins", or "scratch-offs", the ads run perfectly, yet when it's time for the game to start I get a white screen with a huge exclamation point. When playing token games, some days I have to double-click everything, some days I am "graced" to only have to single-click. Today, none of the videos worked on the Frontpage, yet the ads ran perfectly. So, PCH, you say ads help keep your site free, and I guess that is all YOU care about, since nothing else seems to be working correctly. I can't count how many tokens I missed out on today because of YOUR technical difficulties. I do know one thing, though..if ads keep your site "free", then I guess you don't really have a tech support team to keep things running correctly. SAD, SAD, SAD! If you think people are going to spend countless hours playing games that are virtually impossible to access, you are sadly mistaken. PEOPLE WAKE UP!
PCHsux Send email
Aug 7, 2015

PCH - buzz kill

So, I have been playing games, entering sweeps, collecting and redeeming tokens for just about a year now. I GET that all of our 'clicks' count as revenue. Too bad that we aren't compensated for our fat behinds and carpel tunnel spent on this fruitless quest to win. I believe that 75% (I am being quite frugal) of these 'so-called' winners are fabricated by PCH.
Our/my choice to stay.. yep.(sad)
On to the complaint...SO SO many problems with game load. Forget days when they have 10x tokens and tournaments. Seriously?? Fix your bloody server(s) or are they as lost as Hilary Clinton's? Accommodate for the surge, PCH!
Never mind that about every week SO many changes are made that once viable browser ad blockers made gaming (and all else) so much quicker...waiting for each ad between each game??? COME ON.
I have had it, and I believe others will follow suit and give up. But, alas...there will be more suckers drawn in, every least until they get sick of it, too.
nanaB1 Send email
Aug 3, 2015

technical problems

the games are slow, frequent technical problems, freezes, tokens not credited - three days in a row now i have not been able to submit my bingo card
Barbara Poss Send email
Jul 31, 2015

games not working right

Scratch games today, I have to repeatedly click the mouse before the money amount appears. Stopped playing.

Doing the puzzles, sometimes I have to click the puzzle piece twice before I can move the piece, which increases my time of completion and is aggravating.
When that happens I exit. Days later I will try that puzzle again and still not working right.
wilmajim Send email
Jul 21, 2015

klondike Solitaire Gold

Same complaint. Keep doing it but doesn't do any good. Why am I doing it again?? Just dumb I guess. I love playing solitaire on the computer. Have been playing this game with you for several years. Never had any trouble. Can't believe this year. I can't get into my game because the sound does not give me an inter when I hit play. Certainly I can't be the only one that is happening to. I could only play less than half the time when there was a "tournament". I spend half the time just trying to get the game to play. PLEASE PLEASE fix!!!!!!
wilmajim Send email
Jul 16, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

I know it is an exercise in futility, but I REALLY LOVE to play Klondike solitaire. It is so frustrating to only be able to play sometimes. If the sound does not go off when I press play, I have no game. It can't be really hard to fix. I don't know how to fix it or I would have. I can't be the only one this is happening to. That would mean that my connection to play solitaire is not the same as others.
Yesterday when it was a big time to play, (July 15)I could only play half of the time. I don't expect to win the tournament. I don't care as long as I can play anyway, but I CAN't PLAY ANYWAY because the game only plays sometimes. Please cant you fix this? It can't be that big of a deal. Please fix.
teejae Send email
Jul 15, 2015

all of the above

I agree with all these complaints, the lost tokens, the errors playing games, no token vault, not sure if anyone complained about the issue with the puzzle of the day, constantly getting a "technical difficulty, comeback later" and later no ability cause it says "you already played today"
And to ric501, many of us have played for years and never won anything, not even a $5 gift card!!
It is frustrating. Play because you like the games. Not for the possibility to win 1 day, odds are you will not.
I personally have more than 50 million tokens, some have over 200 million tokens, and others more. This is just to help those who have a job to keep a job, and for the rich to get richer. We need to learn from the rich!
Sadly poor.
wilmajim Send email
Jul 8, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

Same complaint, same complaint, same complaint. I would really like to play in these special tournament games, but AGAIN the sound doesn't go on . Can only play if double click, therefore it is impossible to win the games. Please. Obviously I am a glutton for punishment because I keep trying but NOONE is listening.
wilmajim Send email
Jul 7, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

I have made this request so many times that I am sure it is in the bottom of the barrel,but will try again anyway. Please can you fix the sound on the Klondike game????? I try and try to make it work but it takes at least half of the times. Please fix the sound. There must be a lot more than me that are having the same problem. If not, maybe something is wrong with my set up. [email protected]
wilmajim Send email
Jul 6, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

Please please please fix the sound so that it works. I love this game and have been playing it for years without any problem. Now half the time the sound doesn't work unless it is double clicked. It is still not working. [email protected]
wilmajim Send email
Jul 4, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

Please, I have been trying to play this game, but the sound does not come on when the game is to start. The only way it will play is if it is "double clicked" and then the game itself has to be double clicked making it almost impossible to win the game. Please please please fix.
wilmajim Send email
Jul 4, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

Please, please fix "double clicks". It is impossible to win like this. Even Spellbound is now requiring double clicks in order to remove the letters. Have been trying again to make the game work. It Doesn't ! I love this game. Have been playing it on pch for years. Now I can't get rid of the double clicks. The game is ruined. I would think this is a small thing to fix as it has worked for years without double clicking. Please fix.
wilmajim Send email
Jul 4, 2015

Klondike Solitaire Gold

I have reported this and reported this and it doesn't seem to do any good. When the game comes up and you need to tag "play game", the sound doesn't come on. The only way it works is if you double click. Unfortunately it is then almost impossible to win having to double click to make a play. I am giving up having tried for the last hour and it does not work.
Seems like such a simple thing to not be fixed. I have played this game for years with no problem, but this is too much. I love pch games and am so sorry it cannot work better.
Thomas D Send email
Jun 9, 2015

vault was unlocked, yet no vault appeared.

I completed the scratch off's and the vault unlocked..yet there was no vault that appeared. Typical that I get to the right spot and then the game stops. Truly feel like a chump and a waste of my time. This is not a nice way to keep customers.
Thomas D Owens
ray C. Send email
May 31, 2015

Is it real

Its ok to play if you are bored and have nothing to do. But dont spend all your time playing thinking that you are going to win. You are not. They make big, huge bucks on advertisers. Thats the reason for the games. The more you play the more millions they make.Its a business and you should by now know that.If everyone stopped playing they would be out of business and rushing to find another way to hustle more money out of people who dream of becoming rich or at least win a good prize. It is not going to happen. Please PLease find another way to earn money or prizes. This is not the way.
chuckMillions Send email
May 16, 2015

pch search frequently does not give tokens or entry credit.

I receive emails saying I am qualified for, have earned opportunity to enter $2M sweepstakes.
I click, get the PCH screen that says, "Qualified" in two criteria.

AND... All I have to do to be Finally, Really qualified is to do a search.

I do search: No tokens are given to me and no message saying, "you searched and are NOW qualified."

The search fails to fulfill "Search to Qualify" criteria more than half the time.

I am sure there is a simple explanation; the existence of the problem at any frequency sullies PCH's reputation for running fair system.

me123 Send email
May 14, 2015

rigged games

these games are rigged and I have finally proven it! I have gone through multiple algorithms and patterns and it is not possible to win a thing!
philipico Send email
May 9, 2015

Token Reduction

I have not received email for PCH search, fronline search, lotto or games for three days and my token count has been reduced by at least 500,000 tokens
joeyaa Send email
Apr 17, 2015


maintain your games so we can play at a reasonable amount of tine!!!
joeyaa Send email
Apr 17, 2015

pch games fix them and maintain them

Either fix your games or take them off don't waste a person time!!!
carolynn19 Send email
Mar 27, 2015

the rhythm to riches game cheated me!

A few days ago I was plating the instant win games like I do almost everyday. I began playing rhythm to riches, top numbers must match any of bottom numbers to win cash or tokens right? Well one of my numbers (32) at the top matched number 32 at the bottom...... The prize said $500 dollars. I was extremely excited, I finally won domething! I clicked continue like it instructed me to do only to receive CONGRATULATIONS YOU BANKED 1,000 TOKENS. So I emailed pch about this and they said I did not win $500....... Ok I have been playing for a little over 2 yrs now and never emailed them about a situation like this, and I would not have wasted my time if I didn't know I had won cash and seen the game change my winnings. I'm very upset about this!!! Its not the point about the cash, it the point that these games are rigged so that NO ONE EVER WINS CASH! I know what I seen and I know I had won and I seen the game change what I had won. Redeemed countless tokens for drawings also and never even won a dam thing. THIS IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, IT CAN BE FUN IF YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO, BUT DONT COUNT ON PCH OR ITS PEOPLE TO BE HONEST AND FAIR. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN......... IM ONE PISSED OFF MEMBER THAT ABOUT TO BE DONE WITH THIS. THEY CAN MAKE IT RIGHT AND GIVE WHAT I RIGHTFULLY WON, BUT LIKE I SAID IT PROB WONT HAPPEN! I can't believe how they did a loyal member, I'm in shock really

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