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cca Send email
Mar 12, 2015

PCH site errors

Daily Jigsaw Instant Win generally skips over scratch off or returns an error message and states "please return later". When I return, it says I have already played for the day, but of course I have NOT. It has become truly annoying, thousands of tokens down the drain.
Randy Williams Send email
Mar 2, 2015

Carniball Trophies

At the end of February 2015 I was cheated out of 3 Carniball Trophies. So I would like to know who is supposed to be doing that
job and am I supposed to do?


Randy Williams
JimKing Send email
Feb 7, 2015

PCH Search & Win

6 PCH Search & Win searches in my mailbox today. What`s the point when you can only get credit for one ?
shegamer1417 Send email
Jan 20, 2015

no 10 million instant win no scratch off onpuzzle instant win no 22500 tokens for weekend bonus games just ripped off for tokens all arround

nothing works on your sites. this has been constantly told to you maybe this is not the place to complain at would better results come from your advertisers web sites. after all the only thing that works well are the ads!!! With out people playing games there would be no need for advertisements!!!!
Kris Send email
Dec 6, 2014

Password Exposure in Emails from this Website

This is my 3rd complaint - then I'm done, because this website is a scam. I "registered" for this website and gave my email address. I got a confirmation from this website, SHOWING THE PASSWORD I CHOSE! That is not privacy, and I have never gotten a confirmation including the exact password I chose from ANYONE. I will now be investing this website and doing whatever I can to have it eliminated so no one else is scammed.
Kris Send email
Dec 6, 2014

This Website is Totally Worthless

PCH Players: Don't bother complaining on this website - it doesn't go anywhere, and no one responds. If you take the time to create an account on this and click on "email" - it just sends YOU an email - not PCH! What is the purpose of even having this complaint board? It's like an OPINION website - not a complaint board!
Kris Send email
Dec 4, 2014

PCH Instant Game Passwords???

What is going on? Why would I need to create a password to receive the tokens I earned, then tell me you're again "experiencing technical difficulties? I'll probably never receive the tokens, and why would you need my password after every single instant game?? This is getting crazy, and you need to hire all new techies, with all these malfunctions and added unnecessary steps. Please get your act together - you are wasting my time!
Kris Send email
Dec 4, 2014

Mahjongg 3-D Tokens

I have earned 15.5 million tokens on PCH, and obviously have been doing this for awhile. Do any of the people who decide tokens earned for Mahjongg games realize that we're not just clicking on a box, and it requires STRATEGY (hence, the category name) and speed, and is excellent for mental acuity? You sometimes give 5x the tokens, but it's sometimes up to us to figure that out because they're not featured as the extra token games. If there are no extra tokens given, the most you can earn is 150 or 200 tokens - although just clicking on a regular "game" with no effort or skills involved can earn you thousands! I have gotten pretty good at 3-D, but once I find out there is no incentive to play, I wait till the next day to try again.

Why are there very seldom, if ever, 10x the tokens awarded for Mahjongg games? Why would you award more tokens for little or no effort games? Also, how do some people earn over 100,000 tokens within 10 minutes after midnight, when the new games begin?? How is that even possible? Does this happen after you've earned a total of 50 million or something, and your tokens are all tripled? I don't get it, and believe they need to re-think what games are worth more tokens because there is work involved, and what ones are just based on "luck", with hardly any effort?
ann seta Send email
Nov 16, 2014

Never receiving anything

I have played for over a year and have accrued over 20M tokens and have tried to redeem alot of them but to no avail. I also receive notices with my games that if I don't respond immediately, I'll forfeit everything...what is that all about when I play everyday? I have only won a $5 Amazon gift card...big deal!!!! What's the point of continuing when I'm not getting anything in return and I played nonstop?????? I'd like an answer to my questions if I intend to continue.
ric501 Send email
Nov 6, 2014

games wont access

cant get to coin vault because some games wont access
sermaysnv Send email
Aug 21, 2014

maintenance of website

I have been playing your games for a very long time now, however I'm giving a lot of consideration to ending that relationship. I have never seen a site so full of garbage like this one. Either the game goes crazy and crawls to an almost stop. Then there are times when I cannot access the games or I have to remind you to give me my tokens, or wait forever to get the game up..I really don't know what your problem is but I think you need better maintenance personnel. The ones you have now are just NOT doing their best to keep your site up, especially when you are running tournaments! I am sorry to say that I am beyond frustrated and am seriously considering dropping your site which is really a shame because I have always enjoyed playing your games even though I never win!
vivian Send email
Aug 20, 2014

no redemption

three times I have not been able to redeem my tokens after using my silver coins
vivian Send email
Aug 20, 2014

can't redeem tokens

third time this has happened, not being able to redeem tokens after all silver coins were used
gir&zim Send email
Aug 20, 2014

Token Splurge

I played all games today from the 5,000.00 a week for life to the super fan games. But Token splurge after clicking on it to start said We're sorry The page that your requested is either out of date, incorrect or has moved.

What's up with that. I too have been playing for a very long time well over 10 million plus tokens. As some other comments I have read would say that the games for instance like oh the clown game, shooting a free throw basket, and so on dosen't matter wich you pick or the time you pick it or with in the entire year. There is absolutly no chance of you winning.

But that's just the way is you get tokens at least, just no real chances of winning for real. Another note you should know I too have had a call saying on won big only to find out it was not true bummer. So be careful of scams everyone PCH would never call you they just show up that's the truth. The other thing is this their server that is PCH's server will recieve millions upon millions of players and that server will have tecnical issues from time to time.

I am certain that even the brightest tech guy or gal could not even keep up with the server issues that occur at PCH's site and server, so either quit playing or just relax good things come to those who wait patiently. I am still currently out of a job but I still try to play and hope that it may be me some day. That is what most of us here do anyways. Thank's and good luck to everyone.
BEVERLY Send email
Aug 9, 2014

locking up my computer after winning 1000.00

I was playing cardivals games on instant win and I won 1000.00 dollars but my laptop seemed to have locked up for about 30 min.s I wondered what to do and went to your official rules read chapter 4 think I underst ood what was happening but there wasn't anything popping up to let me know what to do I finally called a tech and he told me to just sign out and call you of course it's the wkend so I thought to check my e-mail to see if I had one but not about my winnings just more to play or search please let me know what to do next ok so now you are ARE NOT TAKING MY ALLS WAYS PASSWORD
jamie brown Send email
Aug 5, 2014

think im being scamed

I think I'm getting a scam email.telling me I've won but I have to pay the
DHL fees for it to be delivered to me.
Deborah Turner Send email
Jul 27, 2014

not able to play till 11pm

#1 I cannot get my searches to respond with "you have received your entry" until after 11:00 pm. It is hard to do them all in les than an hour.!! Very Frustrated.
#2 I have also been trying for 6 weeks now to get my address changed. We moved recently..and I have gone to the Blog which was recommended..then several other places..but I Have yet to get them to change it.?? Deborah Turner. ([email protected]) old address is 320 Park Dr. Northbrook, Illinois. 60062. New Address is Deborah Turner. Same Email address but New home Address is 2005 Valencia Dr. #208, Northbrook, Illinois. 60062. I am not sure hhope to get these changes made I have tried to ask all over PCH..IF You can see it is almost 6:00pm and I wasn't able to get a positive response searching on "Search and Win"..?? Please Help. Thank You Deborah Turner.
Dav584 Send email
Jul 20, 2014

token splash

This morning I completed all the Carnival Instant Win games and tried to open Token Splash but got an error message to try later. When I tried late I got a message that I had already played today. I had not played today but only tried to and was thwarted by the web site crashed.

[email protected]
beanie Send email
Jul 17, 2014

token splurge not moving o yokens

Got to token splurge and coin levels where not moving but let you use all your silver coins with no movement of the tray layers, Used up all my coins and they fell but pushed nothing down. now 0 tokens.Lights move and the token in the word token splurge moves.So the whole screen is not frozen.I saw another complaint exactly like it.
tracyafrisbie Send email
Jul 9, 2014

token splurge game

Today, on Front page, I played all of the token games fine, and at the end, I got to Token Splurge, pressed one coin, it moved, as I added all other 9, it did not move, and then said I had 0 tokens. Something happened with your game, because my computer was working fine before, during, after, and since, will you please fix that. It was not worth all of my time playing all of the token games to get there, just for nothing.I have played MANY times, and that has never happened. Thank you, I appreciate it.
zenia69 Send email
Jul 4, 2014

never win

Been with you for a long time .and I have notwon anything. And I think you just put peoples hopes up. So that they will keep playing so that one day they might win. I never hear who did win why is for the 7000 a week for life . Who won that. Now you have the 5000 for life. I think this is wrong .I play all the time what's seems it go to people that have everything.can you answer that. When I see on tv sometimes it shows people with big houses and. Nice cars doesn't show people who are working hard and don't have nice houses and new cars win.
chuckyoung Send email
Jul 1, 2014

blackjack game

your blackjack game is not working on my's been a week I thought it would be fixed by now...all it does is put two zero on screen and nothing else...670g6
[email protected] Send email
Jun 27, 2014

what happened to my daily pch email on instant win games?

first of all: Thank you for letting me play free games,I have been with PCH since 1999.My problem now is I am not getting the email PCH games I have received for many years. Are you guys doing something new? But any way it goes Thank you for letting me play. Be safe.
Faye Send email
May 31, 2014


This is the third time I have a message come up server is not connecting when I turn everything off and restart I loose all my tokens
Makes me wonder if it's worth my time
Jarhead Send email
May 18, 2014


WTF? Why do I ALWAYS get only 100 tokens per game? Why the hell should I waste my time for such a low reward? I can understand once in a while, but EVERY FREAKIN' GAME??? It's a crock!

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