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Mstammie Send email
Dec 31, 2018

Interior LED lights

Purchased the Kenmore 51139 26 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Black in September of 2015. Over the next year I experienced a few instances where the lights in both the freezer and the fridge would not come on when you open the door. Naturally I didn’t think too much of this as the lights would usually come on the next time the fridge or freezer were opened. —little did I know this was a much bigger issue and Sears should have been contacted immmediatley while the unit was still under warranty.

Even still as the months went on the issue got worse. It would now take at least 5-10 openings of the freezer and or fridge door before the lights would come on. As of this complaint the lights no longer come on. I would like to think for a $1200 fridge the led lights, which are designed to last years, would not be failing in less than 4yrs of ownership. My husband and I have tried to repair this our selves and still to no avail the lights will not come on. We remodeled our kitchen with kenmore appliances and it was not cheap. It saddens me that with all the technology today Sears and Kenmore cannot seem to produce a good quality product.

I am so annoyed that whenever myself or anyone in my family opens the fridge or freezer we have to turn on the kitchen light and nearly fall into the unit just to see what we are looking for. This is an awful product and I will NEVER purchase nor recommend a kenmore product of any kind EVER—for that matter I will no longer shop at Sears. I just can’t give the, my hard earned money knowing they produce crappy products.

I see so many complaints here regarding the compressor going out in 3-4 yrs. omg I don’t know if I should feel lucky that our compressor has not gone out [yet] or unlucky knowing this is a common issue with kenmore and will most likely happen in the next year or so. Intwll you one thing I will not pay to replace or repair the compressor I’d rather purchase a new unit and wait for the class action suit.

What is the process to get a class action lawsuit started this is ridiculous.

When searching online for solutions regarding the lights I came across quite a few similar complaints with kenmore refrigerators. I am truly hoping there will be another kenmore class action lawsuit soon. Also seems kenmore was involved in a previous lawsuit and it settled in 2012.

OMG Sears get your crap together.
angryconsumer Send email
Nov 30, 2018

Defective product

Oh My Heavens!!
Add another one. I wish I would have seen your board before buying our Kenmore Refrigerator. It is little wonder to me why the Company has gone bankrupt. I always (Used) to like Kenmore. they had a quality product, at a reasonable price, with great customer service. There is nothing left of that now.
We puchased a Kenmore refrigerator in June, delivered June 6, 2018. I did not operate properly and within the one month period when I called 1-800-4MYHOME, I was informed I had to go through a self diagnosis first before they would send a service tech. Needless to say, by the time I exhausted the trial, the one month return had lapsed. Now I am in the one year warranty period.

I was told by the last tech (#5 service visit) that Sears will never replace a product. They will claim that the malfunction is "human error"! This is their way of never replacing a defective unit. They wait it out until the warranty period expires.

I am so frustrated. The service calls exceed $2000. The refrigerator was only $500. I've lost so much food which spoiled and lost so time in waiting for repairs, that I am beyond my wits end.

Please include me in your class action suit or any help I can receive in bringing this deceptive and abusive practice to an end. This practice is beyond reason, and is little wonder to me why Sears has gone bankrupt. This is not right, and must be corrected.
MichAF Send email
Nov 24, 2018

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator 795-7316

Purchased a Kenmore Elite (LG) french door bottom freezer unit from Sears on 08/02/16. On 11/14/18, the unit quit cooling. We've made several very frustrating calls to both Kenmore and Sears. We have been told that the unit only had a one year warranty which is untrue. We were told that we should have bought the extended warranty. We were told that getting a refrigerator fixed is like going to the doctor (what?). The owner's manual clearly states that there is a five year warranty on the compressor. We thought that we had made some headway with Sears when we told them that we know that there is a five year warranty. Sears agreed to send out a service person. We were told that we have to use A&E Factory Service which Sears then followed up by telling us that there are no A&E Factory Service people in our area (which we know is also completely untrue). This is completely unacceptable!!! Now what?
ortegaland Send email
Nov 17, 2018

Refrigerator repair service call denied

Called to make service appointment and got a tech to "walk me through my problem." Told me no service person was being sent and that all I needed to do was to unplug my refrigerator for 8-10 hours, "take care to mop up all of the water that will leak out" and then my compressor should work just fine. How a noise that I described became the compressor is still a mystery to me. Sears is not even honoring their protection agreements anymore. I was told that there were no more "maintenance" services available regardless of what my protection agreement states, only repairs IF they qualified through a technician's verbal diagnostic. I was then told that my other two protection agreements for my washer and dryer, all bought at the same time with the refrigerator and same 3 year agreements, had been cancelled 5 months after purchase and that I had received a refund of close to $400 for those cancellations. When I asked further for proof, like a cancelled check or to speak to a supervisor I was promptly disconnected after being on the phone trying to simply make an appointment for my refrigerator repair.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 17, 2018

Kenmore Elite 795.7248

I won't bother with my now four-page, single-spaced history of our defective Sears Kenmore Elite refrig which we purchased in November, 2015 (still not 3 years old). It went bad the first week and the salesman replaced it with the current one - which lasted about 18 months, failing on September 27 2018. As I am writing this the Sears technician is in our kitchen - visit #6 - replacing pretty much all the parts, including the mother board, compressor and other parts, trying to get this pile of foreign junk to work. Today is day #54 without the refrigerator. We have a little rental refrig in the garage that Sears SAYS they will reimburse us for - along with all the food we lost. As others have experienced, we have been on phone with various Sears incompetent departments, talked to three managers at the store where we purchased the machine, and nothing. They are helpless to fix this and really could care less that we gave them $3300 in good faith, plus $500 for a "protection agreement" which is all useless. The Protection Agreement - it says after four fixes they will replace the refrigerator - well, folks, the fine print will tell you that those are four DIFFERENT fixes. If it takes them 54 days and 6 visits to fix the reported problems, that's ONE. So, $500 down the drain. My elderly mother-in-law who uses a walker can no longer get her own food since our rental refrig is in the garage where she can't go. Nice, Sears! 54 days. We see no solution and are past all the angry, outrage and horrified stages and now into resignation. Let the Buyer Beware should be the motto of Sears. $3800 lost. Small claims court? Well, doubtful. They don't seem to handle bad merchandise, only claims for cash money losses. If anyone out there has found a solution to these messes, please post and let us know. A Sears technician told us about several class-action lawsuits - but I can't find one that seems to apply to our situation. Maybe its time for Sears to declare full bankruptcy and shut down what WAS an amazing operation but which has deteriorated into a total scam? Good bye Sears.
jnnybrown Send email
Nov 10, 2018

Kenmore Fridge

Same as everyone else. Bought the Kenmore Fridge 9/2017 and it went out just under a year later. We've had the compressor, valves, and a number of other things replaced and check. They got it working twice but for less than 24 hours both times. Have had 6 service calls and been out of the fridge for 2 months. Have spent countless hours on this, lost all kinds of money on the food, work time having to cover these half day appointments, and having to eat out basically all the time. Even the $50 reimbursement check they sent for lost food bounced and I was charged $15 for that as well (not kidding!). Total insanity and reps have their hands tied and often couldn't care less. I have been transferred to random departments and hung up on so many times I've lost track. I am all in on a class action lawsuit, no one should have to deal with a company as unethical and manipulative as this. Final phone call was no they can't replace our fridge because the warranty is up since they have taken so long to resolve this despite 8-12 reps assuring me that they would replace it if we met certain requirements which we have. And to make it worse, Sears has know for years about the compression issues and not done anything about it.
jeffory Send email
Nov 8, 2018


We bought a Kenmore Elite 795.74043.411 bottom freezer and compressor went out with circuit board of course food lost took 6 weeks to repair as no parts in US . We purchased another old refer from Goodwill for 50 bucks and it did fine. Got Kenmore Elite { what a joke name,nothing Elite about it.} Tech chanded compressor and circuit board and informed us that this refer was made by LG and that it had major problems. I wish I would have seen thee message boards before purchase.
Anyway today Nov.7 it did it again,,, no cooling no freezer,,nada. GOOD THING OUR TRUSTY gOODWILL 50.00 DOLLAR REFER WAS STILL IN THE GARAGE.
It works fine when we plugged it in nevertheless I have to try to get the other one fixed.I am beyond angry what a fraud. They should be made to pay for their bad product LG and Sears.
A poix on them both.
jeffory Send email
Nov 8, 2018


Bought new kenmore elite bottom freezer . compressor and circuit boards went out after 2 years
today nov.7 the refer quit working again.I am beyond angry. No recourse but to bite the bullet and pay.
Goodbye to Kenmore and Sears I am cutting up Sears Card.What a fraud,, a pox on both LG and Sears
Parnell Send email
Oct 29, 2018


Ditto, ditto, ditto.....our story is the same as everyone else's.... Paid a pretty penny for a Kenmore Elite French door model and enjoyed it for less than three years until the compressor went bad. After almost a month without a refrigerator, they had the nerve to offer us a $40 voucher so we could buy an ICE CHEST at After being told that they'd send someone right out after we had received all the parts, even if they had to pay someone overtime, we were then told it would be another two weeks. Still no refrigerator. Please please, can't something be done about these crooks?
beby12 Send email
Oct 27, 2018

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

Refrigerator stopped co9ling items and was hot. sears said they would replace part as it is under warranty, still without a working refrigerator about 5 weeks now as "sears" say they are waiting n LG to deliver parts. I am definitely interested in a lawsuit for the aggravation, lost food items and no service.
BILL DAVIS Send email
Oct 26, 2018


I BOUGHT THIS EXACT MODEL ; Kenmore 60412 18cu.ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Wire Shelves TWICE !!






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Ssalmones Send email
Oct 25, 2018

Sears Kenmore refrigerator

Bought my refrigerator March 2017, stopped cooling June 2018. Story short 4 months after, 3 Sears authorize repair accompanies, various parts changed, refrigerator still doesn't work. Multiples long calls with Sears reps. No help at all. If anyone is in a lawsuit or interested in organizing one please contact me.
Ssalmones Send email
Oct 25, 2018

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

Bought my Kenmore refrigerator in March 2017. It stopped cooling in June 2018. Sears send a tech 3 weeks after to determine it was the compressor. He order the part came back in 3 weeks to replace it. It worked for 1 day. I called back had to wait 3 weeks for a tech to come out again. He order another compressor and the main board. Took another 3 weeks to come out and replace it. Worked for 1 day again. A 3 tech came out said it was a leak and order more parts. October 9,2018 they replaced the parts but didn't work at all. Called Sears they sent a different company that said it was a leak but it's not visible and they won't be able to fix it. Sears said they would send a third repair company. They came 10/23/19 and said it was the seal system and it is covered by the five year kenmore warranty. I called Sears warranty and they said it's Sears that needs to replace it. Sears said they can only replace parts, that Sear warranty should replace it. I am so frustrated going back and forth for 4 months without a refrigerator. I see this is a common complaint and if anyone is interested in filing a lawsuit please contact me.
AA WY Send email
Oct 6, 2018

Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Model 795.7402

Bought this $2,200.00 piece of garbage May of 2016. September of 2018 it quit working - refrigerator and freezer not cooling at all. Call the Sears/Kenmore customer service and they tell me there is no technician in my area to come diagnose it. They tell me I need to contact a local appliance repair company. So after calling a local company to come diagnose it he tells me the compressor is bad. I call Sears/Kenmore back and request the compressor to be replaced since the compressor has a 10 year warranty. They said it does but the only one who can order the part is a Sears technician. Since there is not one in my area they won't order it. I have to purchase it and pay for it to be repaired. I'd rather throw it away and never purchase LG or Kenmore again. What a joke this company is. They can't produce their own product so they source out to other companies to stick their label on. Shame on LG as well for their faulty products. BUYER BEWARE. Stay away from LG and Kenmore.
SJS902 Send email
Oct 5, 2018

KENMORE ELITE 795.74043.411

3 YRS only and does not cool at all , all my food went to waste, Sears said the closest appointment is not until Oct 19 !!
cannot believe it !!
I called a repairman and he said the main board might be the problem and that I will be better if I buy a new one .he did not want to work on it because he said there are a lot of people complaining....two repairman made comments to me about hating this brand and model !!
I hope there is a lawsuit against Kenmore or LG or Sears for selling such a piece of garbage , where can I found out ?
Mitchell04 Send email
Oct 2, 2018

Compressor failed

Purchased new Kennmore Elite series fridge from sears in April of 2016. Fridge got warm September 2018, I called sears, they send out repair tech. Tech tested and said it was circuit board but thought it was compressor as well. Sears would only authorize circut bord repair at first and said that when that is installed if its still not working they would authorize compressor repair. Fast forward 2 weeks tech comes out and installs circuit board and surprise compressor is bad as well. Tech reccomends to not waste money on repair and said he'd be back out within 2 years when the compressor fails again. Now going to buy new fridge without these butane compressors that fail.
frustratedelite Send email
Sep 26, 2018

Kenmore Elite 74015

Similar story, purchased 1/2017, failed 9/2/2018. Think it is compressor but can't be sure because repairman cancelled twice. Original appt, 9/28, changed to 9/10 (no show), changed back to 9/28, moved up to 9/25 (Sears Cancelled) current appt now 10/25!!!!!! yes over 7 weeks wait for repairman to even show up to diagnose.

Fridge does not cool at all, all the lights are working but not cold at all! Had to throw away all the food in fridge and freezer. Totally frustrated. Considering using independent repairman but concerned about making warranty claim and throwing more money at an appliance that is doomed to fail again. If anyone has advice, please speak up.
lapeterson Send email
Sep 15, 2018

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator French Door Bottom Freezer Snack Drawer

Sealed system failure 2.5 years after purchase from Sears $3,200, 7 parts are required to repair it. Technician says the replacement parts will likely fail too. Luckily we purchased the Sears Master Protection Plan, but had difficulty getting them send a technician and to honor the extended warranty. At the time of this writing, the parts have not arrived yet, one week and waiting. The technician said this is happening with all LG refrigerators (in this case the guts of our Kenmore Elite is LG). We had significant food loss too and can not submit a claim until the refrigerator is "repaired". We had to buy a small refrigerator to get us by until such time the refrigerator is repaired. There should be a class action suit. All of these units should be recalled, or out right replaced with no questions asked. LG should be out of business. Consumers should be compensated for the financial loss!
vnomad76 Send email
Sep 13, 2018

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

The compressor went out on my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in less than 3 years. 1 month to have it replaced and have to pay installation costs. Kenmore repairman tell me this is a constant problem and LG will not admit they have a problem with their compressors. Repairman tells me he will see me in about two years to replace the one he just installed. Can't believe there is not a class action law suit.
ToniSalopek Send email
Sep 8, 2018

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

Our 1 yr, 4 month old refrigerator has a failed evaporator coil. Our repairman will not even replace it; he said that every three years these fail. Cost of parts and labor $771.47. I am not willing to do this every three years so we are heading out to get a new refrigerator, however, I am looking to join a class action suit against them. If not, my plan is to sue them in small claims court to recover my $2,055.45 that we paid for this refrigerator. If I have to go that route, I will also ask for my $175 in repair fees ($90 and $85) and a month and a half without a refrigerator.
Sep 6, 2018

Kenmore Elite refrigerator

Ditto all the complaints I have read here. I hear that Sears is closing in our town - GOOD RIDDANCE - I actually worked for Sears a short time back in the 70's - surely would not work for them now. I spent over $12,000 to outfit my kitchen with Kenmore when I remodeled about 2 yrs ago (almost $4,000 on that piece of Kenmore Elite refrigerator junk). I will probably now have to pay someone to get rid of that thing and buy A REFRIGRATOR that actually works. I hope for better luck this next round.
5craigs Send email
Aug 28, 2018

Kenmore Elite 72480

I paid $2800 for this refrigerator in April 2016. 9 months ago the door dispenser for ice and water stopped working and now August 2018 the compressor has stopped working. Had to pay sears tech $100 to come look at and tech said it will cost me another $600 just in labor cost to fix it. I have not got an estimate on fixing the door dispenser. The Sears home number is a joke . The operator acted like she could not hear me and told me to call back. The tech that came out to my house was supposed to be there between 0800 and 5 pm but he did not show up to my house until after 7 pm.
lacona Send email
Aug 27, 2018

Kenmore French Door Elite Refrigerator

I purchased the refrigerator in July 2016. On June 12th, 2018 the compressor died. It is now 77 days, 9 service calls later and my refrigerator is still dead. I am so tired of getting the run around with Sears and their horrendous 1-800-MYHOME line on some foreign country. I will give negative reviews wherever I can regarding Sears and am thankful they are slowly dying a slow death. I have already been in contact with 2 local news stations and am hoping to be able to retrieve some part of the over $3000 I have spent on the initial price plus the labor for this obviously faulty compressor installed in all of these refrigerators. I would gladly get involved in a class action lawsuit against Sears & LG.
Lz0kc6 Send email
Aug 26, 2018

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

Another refrigerator / freezer disaster. Purchased the 74023 in 9/16 and now, in 8/18, we awoke to all our food spoiled. It's a Sunday and we're dead in the water. So sad and angry looking at the reviews above. Never again Sears. I've now got what appearappears to be a $2500.00 paper weight.
StampingSue Send email
Aug 25, 2018

3 month old Elite frig DEAD

Our Kenmore Elite Refrigerator died after 3 months, 1 week on August 23, 2018. We called the repair number and were told that there were no available appointments for a repairman and we would have to wait 72 hours to get a call back. After calling the next day, were told that they would get back to us within an hour. No call. We did get an email that told us our service was scheduled for 13 days later.
It sounds like we will have to pay the service man anyway. Two weeks waiting for service is unacceptable. If there is a class action suit against Sears, count me I only wish I had seen this long list of complaints before buying my frig at Sears.


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