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crathy36 Send email
Jan 7, 2016


I miss the Waltons also and I really miss Little House on the Priaire at Christmas and the Waltons...Along with the many many many Christmas movies could you work in these tv shows at Christmas time please? It just didn't seem like Christmas without them...
Pollyparrot Send email
Jan 7, 2016

Too many Christmas movies with the same endings

Way too many Christmas movies..same ones over and over..the endings are very simular in each film. Bringing them on in, that is too early. Where are the Waltons? Please bring them back....last man standing is terrible,the Middle is good but how about getting some new episodes?........Always look forward to your evening programming with The Waltons,The Middle and Golden seems to be missing? Why?
jfv2000 Send email
Jan 6, 2016

Christmas & Everything Else Hallmark

I once respected our hometown company, Hallmark Cards, owned by the Joyce Hall family. With the demise of sending greeting cards, thanks to the internet, the outrageous prices for cards and the passe', saccharine, and sentimental cards being overtaken by the likes of Shoebox and Recycled Paper Products, they have switched into video programming. My wife plays the Hallmark Channel constantly during the holiday season and I think has watched and re-watched every movie. I really can't tell because they are all the same - same plots, characters, etc. And they are aimed at the same wonderbread middle-class white woman in her 20's and 30's. It is all fairy-tale, make-believe. Frankly, it has caused me to lose respect for her because of the mindless-claptrap she watches. I end up going down to the basement and doing other things, Hallmark does nothing to bring couples closer together. In fact, it drives them apart - causing people to go to separate rooms and setting up unrealistic expectations for the viewer. In a way, it's like porn with the vulgarity sanitized out of the movie. I will NEVER watch that channel. And before anyone thinks so, I don't watch sports all that much either. I like drama, intellectual works, documentaries, even a rom-com every now and then. Hallmark is Sesame Street for grown women, except less intellectually challenging.
xbigmammax Send email
Jan 5, 2016

The waltons

I'm boycotting the Hallmark channel. Will not watch till you bring back the Waltons. Taking off the Waltons and replacing them with two shows that are nothing but a bunch of smart mouth kids with no respect for adults. That's why the world is the way it is today.
jeffypo24 Send email
Jan 5, 2016


Bring back the Waltons on the Hallmark channel
tractor puller Send email
Jan 5, 2016

the waltons

please put the waltons back on the hallmark chanel please
Drummer Send email
Jan 5, 2016

the Waltons are off Hallmark channel again!

Where are the WALTONS???!!!!??? Why do you ALWAYS take it off the air??? I'm sick of this!!!! First, you put on those ridiculous Christmas movies day after day since Thanksgiving, then you don't put the Waltons back on!!!!
I'm never watching your stupid network again!!!!!
INSP shows the WALTONS and that's where all of us will go!!!! You are idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whitman25 Send email
Jan 5, 2016

You promised the Waltons

First of all, I want to say thank you for providing my family and I with wonderful holiday entertainment! We love watching the Hallmark Channel! With that being said, we were very disappointed when The Walton's were not being aired as promised! Your channel WAS one that my young children would turn on after school. They love watching Little House on the Prairie and The Walton's. I love that they want to watch the shows that I grew up watching! Please bring back the Walton's! I'm not sure how you can justify replacing it with Last Man Standing! (Golden Girls need to go too)
Peanut Send email
Jan 5, 2016


Where are the Waltons? They were supposed to return on Jan 4, but they are no where to be found.
feretgirl Send email
Jan 5, 2016

The Waltons.

Ever since I havebeen little I have watched the Waltons, I do not hald a big family, I don't even have grandparents or siblings, watching the Waltonsgaveme a sence of love, I enjoy all the stories and hope the youngerchildren of today get the chance to also fall in love with this wonerful family and all the friends they have. It would bea shame to lose such great traditions, customes and knowing how to respect your elders. Shows today do can not come close to the Waltons. Please put them back in the line up. THis is also the only reason I watch the Hallmark channel.
cleo326 Send email
Jan 4, 2016


My 97 year old mother was waiting patiently for the Waltons to return today (Jan 4) and was terribly disappointed when they were not on as promised. She looks forward to watching each evening as this is a show she can understand and relate to and gets much enjoyment out of. Please put them back on for the early evening hours.
Bfrazier8 Send email
Jan 4, 2016

miss the Waltons

Was so looking forward to the Waltons being back on after Christmas.Please put them back on......
[email protected] Send email
Jan 4, 2016

Where are the Waltons???

Please bring back the Waltons!!! It's January 4th now...where are they??
Jomie1114 Send email
Jan 4, 2016

Christmas Movies/The Waltons

Dear Hallmark Head Honcho;
It would not hurt my feelings one little bit if you had an entire Hallmark Holiday Channel! It would be fabulous to have the movies 24/7 365!
Now my complaint: Since I have to be without my Christmas Movies would you please explain to me why you've taken away The Waltons??!! Not having them is as depressing as the Christmas Movies being taken away! I guess it's time to change the channel to HGTV!
pmtalmadge Send email
Jan 3, 2016

Christmas Programming

I've been reading a lot of complaints about your Christmas programming. Unfortunately, Christmas has become a huge target and I am thankful and amazed that Hallmark has maintained a solid commitment to the season with holiday movies.

We (fans) can always argue how the programming could be improved. Ultimately, as a fan I hope you continue to be our family's channel of choice for Christmas.

Thank you and I hope you had a Merry Christmas!
pmtalmadge Send email
Jan 3, 2016

Cedar Cove

Hallmark should be ashamed to leave it's 1.6 million viewers (and more who DVR) up in the air last season. Then Hallmark cancels the 2016 season without closure.

Well, I have a solution! Please make a 2-hour movie finale addressing the next step with the cast. I can tell you your viewers would love you for it. Plus, I can almost guarantee a great showing by us the fans and the ones who checked in now and again.

The cast, crew and Hallmark viewers of "Cedar Cove" deserve better than being tossed aside.
angelaswesties Send email
Jan 3, 2016

Where are the Waltons?

You advertised that they would be back!
Please keep your word!
thewaltons Send email
Jan 3, 2016

The Waltons

Bring back The Walton's!!!!!! You promised it would be back by January 4th and the schedule does not reflect it. It has something called Last Man Standing!!!!! Please bring back the Walton's!!!!!!
Pat Livingston Send email
Jan 3, 2016

Lack of diversity

Love the movies and the channel. But can we have more movies and shows with main character of color. Our world is not all white communities. Lets show more diversity in our story telling.
Jan Eulberg Send email
Jan 3, 2016

Christmas movies

Love the Christmas movies. I am always searching for a good movie after the Christmas movies end, not at all interested in the constant showing at multiple times of the golden girls! See you met year.
AMM Send email
Jan 2, 2016

Christmas movies

I love the Christmas movies, and I'll miss them until next year, but please water the Christmas trees during filming, the trees always look so wilted during lot scenes.
AMM Send email
Jan 2, 2016

Christmas movies

I love your Christmas movies, and I'll miss them until next year. But please, when they are being filmed, water the Christmas trees... They always look so wilty in the lot scenes.
mkirvin Send email
Jan 1, 2016


Please do not discontinue showing the Walton's. Please do not replace it with Last Man Standing. CMT already shows this show for three hours every day. what good what it do if you show the same one. You are the channel that truly shows family living at what is,.... please do not change your scheduling. You said before the Christmas movies began on October 31st that the Walton's and Little House would return after the first of the year. I hope that you keep your word.
cubfan61201 Send email
Dec 31, 2015

Never too much Christmas

People complain about Christmas movies from October to January....but don't complain about the Golden Girls on from January through October. There were 180 episodes of the Golden goodness that is a lot of Golden Girls...and to think the entire series is shown at least twice each year if not more. At least there are new Hallmark Christmas movies made each year. I do think there could be a bit more of the older Christmas movies. Bottom line for me, I watch Hallmark Channel from when Christmas shows start until they end....and I stop watching Hallmark when Christmas programming ends. The most depressing night of the year is New Years Night when the Golden Girls are on instead of another Hallmark original Christmas movie. I'd LOVE to see a third Hallmark Channel...dedicated only to Christmas 24/7, 365....I'd be watching all the time...Thank goodness for DVR because I'll watch my favorites at least 3 or 4 times each month it isn't on Hallmark.
Love golden girls Send email
Dec 31, 2015

Christmas movies

Please bring back the Golden Girls and The Middle and I Love Lucy. I am so sick of Christmas movies!!!!! I get that people love Christmas movies, I do too, but seriously from October to January!!! Too much! I want my shows back!!!!

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