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pbwagner Send email
Dec 11, 2015

lots of make-up

I love your movies - especially at Christmas. Some of your casting is wonderful (favs are Kimberley Sustad, Eloise Mumford, Sam Heughan, Paul Green, Rachel Boston, Michael Stahl-David and even Candace Cameron Bure - who I like but is in a lot), but some of your casting is awful, ruining the entire movie. There are a lot of charming/likable actors out there, hire them. I'm not saying they have to be gorgeous - I'm saying make them someone you'd want to go for a run with. The highly made-up women who look fake, please leave them at the door - or scrub their face and then cast them.
ey231 Send email
Dec 11, 2015



What a coincidence to see all of the complaints relating to what is considered a lack of diversity on the Hallmark channel.

I feel exactly the same way about BET, OWN, Bounce TV, the now defunct Black family channel, most of the Tyler Perry productions, and a majority of television advertising which do not reflect the racial demographic of the USA at all.

If I were to say anything though I would be considered a racist.

I also wish to apologize for not having a prefix to add to my American status. While my ancestors along with all other Caucasians came from other countries I am just a "plain old American".
Sb386 Send email
Dec 9, 2015


I would love to turn to the hallmark channel and watch a movie during the holidays when there are African American couples falling in love
ayaameen Send email
Dec 8, 2015

Hallmark contact info

ayaameen Send email
Dec 8, 2015


There are no African Americans on your network, therefore I refuse to watch....
Valleria Send email
Dec 8, 2015

The bridge

Why would air a movie that I have to wait a year to find out the out come?
Pastorbomc Send email
Dec 8, 2015

The Bridge

I'm so very very disappointed in Hallmark Channel desecration of Karen Kingsbury's THE BRIDGE by dividing it into two parts. Be continued would be tolerable if the presentation would be a week apart, but a year apart is disastrous. My opinion of a channel that I've loved for a long time is now in the pits. Sorry, Hallmark Channel, it will take a long time for me to forgive this decision.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 8, 2015

2015 Movie "The Bridge"

What is going on with the Hallmark Channel ???
What are/were you thinking??? The Bridge, to be continued, Christmas 2016. You don't know how long and how excited, I was, when I found out att was finally going to get The Hallmark channel. I have just about every Christmas movie of Hallmarks, I've kept, after recording them or bought and I watch them ALL year long and when I'm home, I have the Hallmark Channel on when you have movies going! After what you pulled with The Bridge, you've lost one of your #1 Fans and as far as I'm concern, att can remove Hallmark and I wouldn't be sorry at all. I've lost all my respect for you. No more, Hallmark purchases on-line, shopping in your stores or anything to do with Hallmark!
I'm sure you will be hearing from a lot of your viewers and will all feel the same way. Who knows what's going to be going on, a year from now. I know one thing. If I'm still around, I will not be waiting and getting excited for Hallmark Channel to start their Christmas shows. How dare you! Debbie D
TammyP Send email
Dec 7, 2015

What were you thinking?!

I normally love Hallmark Channel during the holidays, but what were you thinking continuing a show for a year? The bridge ... Who says I'll even remember next year to watch it? I am so disappointing. Had I known this was how the show would end (or not), I never would have wasted my time. Please consider your audience next time you choose to do something as silly as this in the future. You have a faithful following don't ruin it
angelrose Send email
Dec 7, 2015

Christmas movies

So much to say about Hallmark Christmas movies this year. First, and foremost, why would you make a movie like The Bridge and then drop it off at the end with no meaningful ending...but, say part 2 will be aired in a whole YEAR from now? Unacceptable! What is going on at Hallmark? I have lost respect and my family and I are giving up on Hallmark. Back ground music is SO loud it's almost impossible to hear what the actors in all of the movies are actually saying. And, what's with so many thin, young, pretty leading woman stars? Not everyone in the world is young, thin, vibrant, etc. Why not make some movies that actually portray the real world. There are many other TV stations that play good movies that are REAL! And, they don't leave you hanging for a year to find out the plots end....
Unhappy 123 Send email
Dec 6, 2015

Next Year

Why would you do that to a movie? The Bridge's second half NEXT Christmas!!!
Bah humbug Hallmark!!! You lost my family as views!!!
aj02 Send email
Dec 6, 2015

Leading ladies hairstyle

Inknownthisnis going to sound trite but I'm going to state it again. Whoever is styling the lovely female main characters hair on Hallmark, needs to diversify the hairstyles from long curly hair on every single lady-all the time. Surely, the ladies wear their hair uproar straight or in ponytails.
califlower13 Send email
Dec 6, 2015

Diverse Actors

I love you Hallmark but as a Black Woman who watches your station all the time, it a little frustrating. I just wanted to remind you that people of color fall in love to and can be great lead actors and actresses.
jimineycrickets Send email
Nov 29, 2015

regular programing

19twister48 Send email
Nov 28, 2015

background too loud

OMG!!! How many years do you have to get complaints about the loudness of your background music on your Hallmark movies=NEW ONES & OLD ONES??? Are your sound engineers deaf or something?? Do they not actually sit in a small room and LISTEN to the movies before completing the sound editing??? It is RIDICULOUS that I have to turn it up so loud to be able to hear the voices to overcome the music in the background which actually isn't background - it's like the dialogue is background and the music is foreground. After all the years of complaining, there is no excuse for this to continue. STOP DOING THIS YEAR AFTER YEAR OR I WILL STOP WATCHING YOUR MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loricpht1 Send email
Nov 27, 2015

Back ground music too loud

I really like the Hallmark movies but find myself more often than not, changing the channel to something different. The back ground music is just way too loud and I can't hear the actors.
mischannie Send email
Nov 25, 2015

christmas movies

Aaaaargh! For the love of sanity, stop with these repetitive christmas movies. The two with Steve Guttenberg and Crystal Bernard are the worst. Terrible, terrible and they're aired just about every day! Hallmark has aired Christmas movies for years; surely you have enough of them in your collection to give us some diversity, something different a few times a day. Air some of the older ones like the one with William Devane and Meredith Baxter, or the Season for Miracles with Patty Duke and Carla Gugino(?). Or the Christmas Card with Ed Asner and Lois Nettleton. Those are lovely movies and if they're on the other Hallmark channel, well, we all don't have the option, so share the wealth of movies around, will you?
fujasu Send email
Nov 24, 2015

2015 Christmas movies have not been enjoyable

The Christmas movies this year have not been all. I usually look forward to the new movies during Countdown to Christmas but this year they have all been terrible...the plots are simplistic and trite, the acting horrible, there has been little, if any chemistry between the romantic leads and the list of complaints continues. I think I have yet to watch one of the new 2015 movies from start to finish - they have been that bad. Additionally, I am tired of seeing the same actors and actresses in the movies, year after year, especially since so many of them are beyond annoying and can't act (I will be nice and not name names). And like many other people have noted, there is a glaring lack of diversity in your movies (not just the Christmas movies, but all of your movies). Looking ahead, I do not see any other 2015 Christmas movies that look like they will be enjoyable. I read that Hallmark was moving production of movies to their own, newly created in-house production company. I do not know if any of these movies are being produced out of that company but if so the results are extremely disappointing. If these were not produced in-house, then I have no idea why you would air such terrible television. It is doubtful that anyone from Hallmark is reading this so I am probably wasting my breath. If anyone is reading it then I'm sure my opinion doesn't matter against all of the individuals who love this year's movies.
Cocoa Send email
Nov 24, 2015


Dear Hallmark,
First I would like to thank you for your wonderful Christmas themed programming leading up to December 25th. I look forward to Countdown to Christmas every year. I think your programs are a refreshing change from the vulgarity and crassness offered on other cable channels and network television.
I do have one complaint. There is a glaring lack of real meaningful diversity in Hallmark Movies, All of the movies feature white characters and couples in the lead roles, while the person of color is in the supporting role of {sassy} best friend.
I cannot understand why the entertainment industry insists that all black women must be characterized as "sassy". It is stereotyping at it's finest.
The Hallmark audience is made up of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and many others minority groups but sadly we are not represented in your programming except in a token way.
There are many wonderful African American Actresses who would love to be featured in a Hallmark movie, why don't we see them showcased like Alicia Witt or Candace Cameron??
This country is full of interracial couples and yet that is something we NEVER see on Hallmark.
Why?? Don't tell me a few letters from bigots control what we see on the air at Hallmark??? I hope you will change your casting practices and programming to reflect the real world.
As I said I love your movies but I can't continue to support Hallmark if they have no real use for woman who look like me.
donnarenee Send email
Nov 24, 2015

revealing attire on female cast

Please stop showing too much cleavage and backless dresses. I love Hallmark for the innocent romance. The sex sells garbage is a huge irritant. If I wanted to watch the shows of the world, I'd watch regular tv. But I don't. So please go back and keep it clean! Thank you!
donnarenee Send email
Nov 24, 2015

risque clothing on actresses

I was really stunned at the low cleavage dress on the star actress in "Merry Matrimony", and another extra in the museum scene who was sporting a backless dress that revealed WAY too much skin. I love Hallmark because they don't use "sex sells" garbage. If you start mirroring the world, you will lose a viewer and fan. Could have the movie wrong ... I watch so many they run together. LOL But really, the cleavage is getting a bit too much in several. Please refrain. Thank you.
[email protected] Send email
Nov 24, 2015

Background music

this is actually not a complaint, but a request. I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoy each program on HALLMARK; however my husband and I have difficulty understanding words because the background music is as loud or louder than the dialogue. The music is important and greatly adds to the programming, but could you PLEASE REDUCEF Tthe VOLUMN.
Thank you,
Mrsc. M.
notsogenEric Send email
Nov 22, 2015

Starbucks 2014 Cup Designer Must Work at Hallmark Channel Now

Jim: Hey guys, great idea here; let's put Christmas programming on the Hallmark Channel 55 days before the actual holiday!
Bob: Ok, maybe.. But what time slot?
Jim: All day of course! 24/7
Bob: Seriously? That would mean that we would be cancelling nearly 10 shows for 2 months to replace them with 1.
Jim: It's Christmas man! Tis the season! People will LOVE this!
Bob: Dude, really? You want to cancel shows that were mega hits during their runs on tv throughout the last 60 years? And not to mention, Christmas only movies? What about the other faiths? Won't they be kinda irritated too?
Jim: Well they can turn to the new station we made, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I'm sure there is something there that they can watch.
Bob: *turns channel* Uh Jim.. It's the same programming on this channel too. What genius thought of this?? Are we giving away 2 for 1 advertising or something?.
Jim: OMG two networks with the exact same show airing repetitively 24/7 for two months?! This is incredible! Must be the great work from our new programming director! I can't believe Starbucks didn't want his cups this year..
Bob: *picks up remote* Hello Hulu, Netflix, diverse programming with different races and backgrounds. Don't leave me!!
Sassypaws Send email
Nov 20, 2015

Christmas movies

Seriously if I watched 2 months of Christmas themed movies I might become suicidal. What corporate idiots made this decision?? If you ready felt the need to subject the population to these movies you should have intermixed them in with your normally scheduled programs to lessen the impact to your fans. As it is you chose to disrespect your fans and treat us as though we are of no importance to you. As for me, I won't be returning to view your programs in January. I have now created new viewing patterns that DO NOT include any Hallmark channels.
Edtadlock Send email
Nov 19, 2015

Too Much Christmas Programming

I love Christmas but I do not like two months of back to back Christmas shows. I have enjoyed watching The Middle and The Golden Girls. Currently, I am having to stay clear of TheHallmark Channel please bring back regular programming! Some Christmas shows occasionally after Thanksgiving is okay too but not continual. Ed Atlanta.

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