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colley23 Send email
Nov 18, 2015

removal of favorite shows

I object to your network for completely removing shows such as I LOVE LUCY and WALTONS for the entire months of November and December. I am not interested in watching any of your Christmas movies that are broadcast twenty four hours a day. I prefer to watch theatrical mainstream Hollywood movies. I understand you may have viewers who want to watch your movies but it seems as though you should be able to broadcast your movies but still allow time to show favorites like I LOVE LUCY and WALTONS. I am not a complainer, and would never have looked up this sight to make a complaint unless I felt that strong about it! I'm missing my morning and evening shows!!!
londiann Send email
Nov 17, 2015


Like all of the comments here, WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU, EVERY YEAR, START XMAS PROGRAMMING 2 MONTHS AHEAD OF XMAS?!!!!!!! STOP IT, STOP IT. Bring back Fraser and the Golden Girls and Lucy, etc. I DO NOT WATCH HALLMARK ANYMORE. WHAT A TURN OFF, LITERALLY!!!!! All the xmas programming is repulsive, sappy, and way over the top, 24/7. NOT A GOOD IDEA AT ALL, AND YOU DO THIS EVERY YEAR. What are the programming people thinking? That your audience actually wants this? You're SO WRONG. WE WANT FRASER AND THE OTHER REGULAR SHOWS. For me, Fraser is my "go to" show. It's familiar, no matter how many times I've seen each episode. It's like comfort food. Do you just not care what your audience wants?

The only thing I would want to hear, if someone at Hallmark should respond to my comments, is that you'll cut all the xmas show and bring back regular programming. You've lost me as a consumer.
Actingupgirl1947 Send email
Nov 16, 2015


Hope you are really listening Hallmark. Your movies are decent but boring for 24/7. I miss the Middle and Waltons. Could use more up to date movies. Please listen to your viewers and give us a choice.

I have completely turned to a different channel. Would 2 hours a day of something different be too much to ask. Are there really people out there who watch this 24/7 serial movie nonsense.
Debshu523 Send email
Nov 16, 2015

Stupid programming

Really?!?! 2 months of Xmas programming?!? 24/7???? Is this really necessary?? Obviously you think everyone that watches the Hallmark channel celebrates the holiday. I have tons of friends who find it VERY OFFENSIVE! One a night is PLENTY and for goodness sakes at least wait until after Thanksgiving!!!!
slainte Send email
Nov 15, 2015

bring back regular programming

I have not watched Hallmark Movies & Mysteries since October 30. I cannot handle two months of sappy Christmas movies repeated over and over again. Did you really have to start it as early as Halloween?! Did you really think this was a good idea?! Please bring back your regular programming! I miss the weeekend marathons of Columbo, Murder, She Wrote, Matlock, and Perry Mason! Two months is a long enough time for people to change their viewing habits so who knows how many viewers you will lose. I know I am watching MeTV and Cozi more to get all of the shows I listed so I may not be back.
bob cooke Send email
Nov 14, 2015

Plese run The Wedding Planner with Andrew Walker

Would you kindly run the movie The Wedding Planner with Andrew Walker and Erica Duaran on the Mystery Channel soon. I had recorded it on my DVR but the DVR went corrupt and the cable company came and took it out with my movie on it. I have not yet been able to record it again because it has not been on Mystery Movie Channel. I used to watch that movie every day. I can not seem to find it any other place but when you had it on Hallmark Mystery Movie Channel. It is not on a DVR record. Please run this movie again so that I may record it. Thank you, thank you. I just loved this movie so much.
mischannie Send email
Nov 13, 2015

Holiday movies

I really enjoy Christmas moderation and not in repetition of the same ones over and over and over....seems like some are aired two and three times a day. Is Hallmark single handedly trying to keep some of these actors busy by sticking them in starring roles every year? Alicia Witt, Candace Cameron, Rachel Boston and a whole host of others are just constantly in these shallow little movies. Enough! If you want to start at the end of October, give us the new movie of the week aired on Saturday night and show one Christmas movie each night from 8pm to 10pm. That frees up the daily line-up for all our regular favorite shows and everyone
is happy. By the way, this is just my opinion, but four hours of Home and Family daily is a punishment in itself. I can't even abide one hour of it, mostly because of Cristina.
RosyRose Send email
Nov 13, 2015

Hallmark channels go down

I look forward to Hallmark movies, especially Christmas movies; however, for some reason the last 20 minutes to 10 minutes the channel becomes unavailable and it says "THIS CHANNEL IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER".
The cable company says it is with the Hallmark network. Please fix this ANNOYING issue. I have sent emails to your corporate office , but have not received a confirmation or has the problem been resolved!
It is the Hallmark movie channel or both channels at the same time. We have Charter Cable in the town of La Crescenta, CA.
dl49 Send email
Nov 10, 2015

Two months of Christmas Movies

Why do you think people want to watch two straight months of sappy Christmas movies over and over and over? I love your normal schedule, but this is ridiculous. Not only is it boring, but you take a wonderful season and TRIVIALIZE it with this commercial overload. Really, does this make Christmas better? only makes us sick of it long before it arrives. Please don't do this again next year. Thanks now to channels like Cozi and MeTV that keep normal programming of classic shows!
browercreed Send email
Nov 10, 2015

Christmas movies

Actually I love the Christmas movies and look forward to them coming on in November!! Some more new ones would be great.
Thompsonbarbie64 Send email
Nov 10, 2015

Enough with Christmas 24/7

Please Please for all that is Holy, go back to your regular schedule. No one needs this many Christmas movies a month before its time.Could you at least wait til Thanksgiving is over! I haven't watched your channel in over two weeks.. I miss my favorite shows, I miss my routine! This is just too much and why don't you listen to your viewers?? Oh another thing please take me that Home and Family show off, t
I think you'll find no one really likes it or those people who are hosting it... When it comes on, I can't change the channel fast enough! If you're going to make us suffer since you don't listen to your viewers anyway,at least remove that horrible show, bring back designing women, in its place! Please and Thank you!
Cherieli1#1 Send email
Nov 9, 2015


I hate your schedule.... Please go back to your regular schedule. I haven't watched u in two weeks, and have always promoted u. However, I tell everyone I do not promote ur 'b' list programming.
jslhome Send email
Nov 9, 2015

Hallmark Christmas movies

These are made for tv Christmas movies & not the best quality at that!! I actually saw Drew Scott from Property Brothers in one the other day! I prefer classic movies & made for theater movies,however I could toletate some of these if you didn't remove all evening & early morning regular programming!! Someone at Home & Family must have a lot of clout!! Solved my problem...purchased cd's of The Middle & several other of my favorites.Won't be long & I can get rid of cheap programming & overpriced Dish Network!!!
gosman22 Send email
Nov 9, 2015

Give us a break!!

I like Christmas like most people, but really 2+ months of Christmas movies starting in October. What's next, 2 months of Easter movies starting in February? Give your viewers a break! Maybe I will return in January depending what is offered by other channels like the new "H&I" channel which offers a lot of great programming
mistysdawn1 Send email
Nov 8, 2015

No relief from Christmas until January???

I Love Christmas!!!! I Love Christmas Movies, but enough is enough! I suffer from the dreaded insomnia and how I fall asleep is by listening to the calm and soothing voices of familiar characters from shows I watched as a young girl, such as those of The Golden Girls, Frasier and Murder She Wrote. I've seen every episode of these shows, so turning them on and listening at low volume is soothing. I don't have to pay attention, I know every word. I became plagued with insomnia after my parents died and these shows brought me comfort at night and I've become dependent upon them, so removing them from your late night schedule for two months is very trying for me. Amazon sells all these DVD's so I'll just purchase them and my problem will be solved and I can remove this channel from my Dish package. I appreciate your movies, etc but I appreciate my personal needs more.
usuck Send email
Nov 8, 2015

christmas movies

Whoever decided that there should be 2 months of christmas movies should be fired. Nobody wants that much of those movies. I can see it for the month of december but having it start in october again is to much. I was a loysl viewer as were others i know and we are going to INSP now, we are done with hsllmark. Good luck with losing loyal viewers.
goldengirls Send email
Nov 8, 2015

torturour 24/7 two months of X-Mas movies

Hallmark is stunningly in inconsiderate of loyal customers. I've paid a premium price w Cox Cable for year's two have Hallmark Channel. MurderSheWrote, Golden Girls, and Mystery Murder have been a SAFE HAVEN for me for year's. Late night not sleeping, or during difficultl Times of life like a comforting friend I turned to these programs. Christmas can be a difficultt one for some and really looked forward to scheduled Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote, and the rest. Hallmark SHOULD HAVE COMPROMISED with 15 hrs of X-Mas per day still ALLOWING NORMALITY FORT THOSE IT WAS IMPORTANT TO. I know Hallmark has awareness of the displeasure 24/7 X Mas creates for so many but HALLMARK DOESN'T CARE WHATSOEVER. It is an agonizing disappointment to realize the INDIFFERENCE of Hallmark.
BlackMamaba Send email
Nov 7, 2015

Need BWWM Interracial movies

Hallmark movies are lacking some good looking black actors to make their movies more spicy. You guys put 1 token "minority" in each movie to checkout off your list of requirements. Your movies are incredibly boring now a days...they lack "flavor". Interracial relationships are trending now on prime time on the most highly rated shows especially Black Women White Men relationships (BWWM).
CONNTX Send email
Nov 7, 2015


I HATE the two months of Christmas movies. It's just way too long. Hallmark why don't you make a compromise? Play your regularly scheduled programs at the usual time throughout the day, but when you would NORMALLY show a movie, make it a holiday movie. Even though I don't care to see the movies in November AT ALL, I could possibly live with this schedule.
D. W. Wolf Send email
Nov 6, 2015

Hallmark Channels

Two months of Christmas movies is two months too many. Why, Hallmark? Why? You pulled this stunt last summer, showing Christmas movies to promote your Christmas merchandise. We tuned out then, and we're tuned out now. We miss the good, entertaining mysteries. I'm calling DirecTV to cancel Hallmark Mysteries and Movies HD which we pay for as part of an extra package. I may or may not be back after the holidays. Probably not.
Memonkee Send email
Nov 5, 2015

Christmas programing

Unlike other reviewers I love the Christmas programs. I also am older but enjoy the memories. D reruns of shows are ok But I choose to feel young. Thanks again
dapjhnessmith Send email
Nov 5, 2015

Christmas Movies for 2 months

The majority of Hallmark viewers must be 50 years old or older. Don't you know?. We do not want to see two months of movies about Santa Claus and falling in love at Christmas. We have played Santa Claus and still do for young children, but two months of movies
about (UNREAL) Santa are a bit much. We prefer the usual programming. We enjoy turning to a station that shows Murder She Wrote, Columbo, Perry Mason,The Waltons, etc. We have (because of age) outgrown Santa Claus and the falling in love ( because it's Christmas) movies.I am being forced to not watch the 2 Hallmark Channels until regular programming returns in January.
Two months??? Even the children should be exhausted. Maybe you can't cancel the Santa movies for 2015, but you could at least
return to regular programming after 12 midnight - 7 a.m. A lot of us, ages, 50 and older, do not sleep thru the night and we enjoy
Murder She Wrote, Matlock, etc. To make it even worse, You have Christmas and Christmas Love Movies on BOTH of the
Hallmark Channels. Are you really not aware that senior citizens are the ones that watch and ENJOY the regular scheduled programs?The children should be sleeping after midnight. May we please.................have some relief from Santa Claus? Please??? I pay extra
for the Hallmark Channels, but this two months of Santa Claus = TOO MUCH. I'm in my 60's. I truly prefer watching "I Love Lucy" "Frazier" The Golden Girls, etc. I've never complained before. I thought it would get better (two weeks), It's now MUCH WORSE,
2 months. VERY UNHAPPY WITH 2 MONTHS OF CHRISTMAS (at my age). I am a paying customer.
bigt Send email
Nov 4, 2015


I don't think it is right to take off some shows and leave HOME AND FAMILY on
paperlady1 Send email
Nov 4, 2015

24/7 Christmas Movies

I will add my complaint to all the others although I wonder if anyone at Hallmark is listening. I am awake many nights and have come to enjoy the line up of Murder She Wrote, Hart to Hart and Matlock to say nothing of the weekend marathons. To devote all programming hours to repeats of terrible Christmas movies shows the Hallmark has no idea who its viewers are and what they have come to enjoy.

I may come back in January but I may not. Looking into Roku and other sources for similar programming.
excellentjohn Send email
Nov 4, 2015

The Middle is Missing!

I can't believe there are large numbers of peeps that want to see bad Christmas movies as early as Halloween. I, like soooo many
will not be watching and very much wait for the return of 'The Middle' on Hallmark. It's a long vacation away for the Heck family.

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