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Dec 22, 2015

Follow up movies?

I don't really have a complaint. More of a comment and question actually. I've enjoyed the Christmas movies in the past several years and definitely have favorites. There are also some terrible ones I've learned to avoid, and that's to be expected, I suppose.

My question is this? Has there ever been thought to doing follow-up movies to some of the better ones? How about a cross over or 2? The movies involving the royals all make references to them knowing all of the other royals, and they tend to have interesting characters that I think many would like to see more of.

Anyway, just a thought. Keep them coming!
dshill2 Send email
Dec 22, 2015

lack of diversity

I like your shows, but I have noticed there are no blacks basically on any of your shows; why is that?
December'sgift1! Send email
Dec 22, 2015

Lack of selection in Christmas/holiday movies

I love to watch Hallmark as one of the stations that shows Christmas movies. However, this year the selection has been limited. It seems we have the same movies offered continuously. I know you have many other movies, but they are not being shown. Please look next year and give us more of a selection, as well as, your new ones.( Season for/of Miracles, A Dog Named Christmas, any Christmas Carol, etc.....)
Thank you
lulumoose Send email
Dec 21, 2015

home and family show december 21,2015

I didn't know that a president was already chosen,Gina Davis and the host were talking how wonderful it would be for Hillary Clinton to be president. I totally disagree and I am totally disappointed in the Hallmark Channel, which I thought was more pro family ,pro Christian, something Hillary Clinton does not stand for...she is a disgrace to this country and the hosts were talking about her as if she was a saint....Shame on them...shame on them for not staying out of political issues.I shut off the channel and will now for the rest of the season...I truly watch the channel, enjoying the quality CHRISTMAS movies...shame on Hallmark for entering the political arena...
lbabin Send email
Dec 20, 2015

The Bridge Part 2

I can't believe that the Hallmark channel would continue Part 2 of the Bridge 1 year later (Christmas 2016). It would been best to wait until the move was complete and air both parts in two nights. Very bad planning on Hallmark's part. Very disappointed.
shieldmaiden Send email
Dec 20, 2015

Holiday movies

I do enjoy most of your movies. For someone who suffers season depression - they help get me in the holiday spirit. The one thing that drives me crazy is all the errors made in the movies. Continuity is none existent in some. In one shot, the character takes a piece of paper off a pile and places it in front of her, next shot that paper is gone.

I don't know how much time or budget is put into these - but it seems like VERY little.. green leafy trees with "snow" every where? Not really..

And there are so any times, that they are supposed to be in a specific city, yet you can tell there has been no attempt to hide where it really is or even put in shots of the real place.
JerseyJoker Send email
Dec 19, 2015

Movie dates

No complaints, but I DO have a question: Why is it that some movies are dated a certain year when the movies are clearly recycled? For instance, I'm sitting here right now watching "Crown For Christmas", which is dated 2015. But I am certain I have seen this very movie several years ago. Not a similar one -- but this very movie! I suspect it is because it is expected that most people want to watch a new production, which may or may not be true -- but in any event, it is clear that the movie I am watching now is a rebroadcast. Again, this isn't a complaint, but I am inquiring as to why it is done. I can be reached at <[email protected]>. Thank you for your time!
Dec 19, 2015

The TV Movie "The Bridge""

I recently watched " The Bridge ". I was disappointed to find out that it did not end but would be continued!!!!

This is a wonderful movie but when will I be able to watch Part II????

My email address is [email protected]

Please respond to this complaint ASAP!!!

You can reach me at my home telephone number : 781-455-9844 any day after 1 PM EST
lbunsey Send email
Dec 18, 2015

The movie Bridge

Why would you do this to your viewers. I probably won't even remember Part 1. Please do not do this again with a movie. My granddaughter and I were very disappointed.
marelu Send email
Dec 18, 2015

Too Much Christmas

I cannot believe that Hallmark has had Christmas on since the beginning of November until the beginning of January. Too many sappy movies that I have yet to watch. I can see one movie a night, but really 24/7 that's overkill. I always looked forward to putting The Middle on at 9PM during the week. Now I have gone to other channels and may not bother going back to the Hallmark Channel.

That is just as bad as the radio stations that have holiday music on continually. I had Sirius radio in my car, but no more since one of my favorite station had months of that music. I don't need to pay to listen to that, I can do it for free. Sirius is begging me to come back to them, but they lost.

I may cut down my cable and get rid of Hallmark Channel next.

Happy Holidays!!
QualityViewing Send email
Dec 18, 2015

Hallmark Christmas movies

These movies are so banal and boring. No humor, no interesting plots. Horrible writing, editing, acting and not to mention two whole months worth of crap. There were two Christmas movies I was looking forward to seeing in 2015 with Doris Roberts..... The two were Mrs. Miracle, and the sequel. When I checked the guide it was to air on 12/17, but when I checked that day those two movies had been replaced by some other crappy movies at had aired many times before. Hallmark really disappoints me.
Mimislove Send email
Dec 17, 2015


SURPRISE!!! I don't have a complaint about The Hallmark Channel's movies! I'm a 69 year old Caucasian female, and I'm basically alone. My family doesn't make any effort to spend time with me at any time during the year, much less during Christmas, or other holidays. I depend on your movies to make my days and nights worth looking forward to. Yes, I was disappointed that The Bridge wasn't completely finished this year, but that doesn't make me enjoy your movies any less. Thank you for being in my life and giving me these clean, and mostly faith-based movies to enjoy, and for me, the older the movies, the better. I completely love The Hallmark Channels!!!
abooker Send email
Dec 17, 2015

Lack of Diversity

I'm very concerned that in in 2015, a channel as popular as Hallmark does not have ANY diversity. I wish that I could continue to watch. However, I cannot, because your movies and plots do not reflect anything other than non-realistic plots involving only white americans.
Catlbank Send email
Dec 15, 2015

Christmas Movies

First, I have to echo the previously posted comments on The Bridge. Yikes! Somebody did not think that through. The worst part was the dishonest promotion of the entire production.

Second, it seems like you are trying to produce so many holiday films that the plots of many are paper thin. Movies like A Christmas Wish, The Christmas Secret, and the new Angel of Christmas have a lot more depth than the typical two-people-who-don't-like-each-other-get-stranded-together and-dump-their-fiances- by- the-end plot (And don't forget the friend/ assistant who is the token person of color.)

I applaud your continued efforts to produce clean movies for those of us who still believe in love and miracles. But know your audience! We are highly intelligent, spiritual people who crave realistic characters, sophisticated plots, and originality every so often!
bobmac Send email
Dec 14, 2015

The Bridge

Airing 1/2 of the story with no warning was worse than reprehensible. How dare you? This kind of perfidy was not why I am/was? a Hallmark regular.
madotter Send email
Dec 13, 2015

The Bridge

I agree with the many others who are upset about "part 2" of The Bridge. As others have stated it was not listed as a 2 part movie till the last of this movie. I am very upset that you would do that. This has been the best of the holiday movies that I have watched. I honestly will not care to find out what happens to them next year. Wow. Just wow.
Mariyn Doss Send email
Dec 13, 2015

Christmas programming

Enogh of the sappy Christm as s movies. I signed up for regular detective shows a n d Columbo, Perry Mason etc. Do not like what has been on for the last few weeks. Borring will not watch!!!
LynnZ Send email
Dec 13, 2015

The Bridge

One hour and forty-five minutes into "The Bridge" and I find out it is continued Christmas 2016! Not cool. I doubt I will watch it then, and I will be more careful about watching future Hallmark movies. I don't generally buy books that leave the reader hanging until the next installment, and I don't care to watch movies that do the same thing. You could have wrapped up this story, then toward the end introduced new characters for Christmas 2016 so each is a stand alone movie.
Dstepovi Send email
Dec 13, 2015

The Bridge part 2

The fact that you would air the 2nd part of a movie 1 year later is reprehensible. I started watching Hallmark regularly during Christmas 2014 and found viewing pleasure in movies that made you feel good, even if some were "corny". To make viewers wait an entire year to watch the end of one of your truly good movies wreaks of all that is wrong and surprising for a network that seems on the surface to fly in the face of what is wrong. Hopefully you will right this wrong for the good of your viewing public.
donna t. Send email
Dec 13, 2015

2 months of terrible Christmas Movies

I can understand televising Christmas movies in December, but why in the heck do you start televising those horrible movies November 1st? I haven't even choked down my Thanksgiving turkey, and that mess has been on for almost a month! Bring back the sitcoms, I Love Lucy, etc.
Wise One Send email
Dec 12, 2015

Horrible Hallmark Christmas movies

I dread Hallmark's Christmas movies every year. I prefer watching reruns of Golden Girls. Hallmark holiday movies are mind-numbing boring and repetitious. Also, what is with the super annoying, loud background music in your movies? I will tune in again when Golden Girls returns.
Wise One Send email
Dec 12, 2015

Start reflecting the REAL world please...

I like television programs, movies and other forms of artistic expression that reflect the real world. Just wondering when will Hallmark ever produce a movie that features people of color in main character roles? The storylines for your movies are universal themes that can equally be told by people of color.
ck_one Send email
Dec 12, 2015

Lack of Diversity

As many have said before, Hallmark Christmas movies seriously lack diversity. Minorities can have "meet cute" moments, fall for the guy/girl next door, create boyfriends/girlfriends to impress family and friends, fall in love with their Scroogelike boss, and have cranky neighbors that lack holiday spirit, too. In other words, minorities can star in cheesy formulaic Christmas movies! You can do better Hallmark. Hopefully Christmas 2016 will reflect this.
Dhold10 Send email
Dec 12, 2015

Alleged Apology

Your alleged apology about the second part of the Bridge not showing for a year was pathetic. Sounded like some seasoned political spokesperson. Just fess up. Has the second part been completed? Why not? Do you not have a sufficient budget? Viewer would forgive, but when it sounds like a bold-face lie, you are no better than politicians who promise the world, deliver nothing and then just make up an excuse.
graybraids Send email
Dec 12, 2015

The Bridge fiasco

I look forward to Hallmark Christmas movies each year, and often watch the same film multiple times. I am sorry to say how very disappointed I was that The Bridge, which I looked forward to with eager anticipation, was divided into two parts, the second of which will not be aired until NEXT YEAR! I don't mean to sound maudlin, but have you considered the probability that some, perhaps several, individuals may not even survive until next year if they are elderly or battling a serious illness? Think of movies you have aired dealing with loved ones whose Christmas was celebrated in October or November because they would not have lived until December 25th. This "next year " tactic DOES NOT inspire viewer anticipation, but rather anger and disgust, especially as this was done without any prior warning. Even the viewer guide gave NO indication of a two-parter. In fact, the FIOS description references the rekindling of an old flame and an effort to save a beloved bookstore. Part 1 does not deal with said rekindling and efforts to save the bookstore! Frankly, I and many others feel used and abused. I sincerely hope you correct this ASAP and air part 2 THIS YEAR!

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