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Stgeorge33 Send email
Dec 27, 2015

Too many Christmas movies

For the love of God - enough with two months, 24/7 Christmas movies!!!! Aside from the fact it's over the top trivialization - not EVERYone on the planet finds these saccharine movies entertaining. I'm sure you have been reminded that not all people have the happiest of times during the holidays. It's almost like you are intentionally "in your face" with little regard for your audience. And you're supposed to be the "caring" people. And btw, it's 12/27 - when the hell will this schedule end?!?! You should focus on making outstanding holiday movies for which you won award after award! Leave one station non Christmas at least!
mkirvin Send email
Dec 27, 2015

no complaint just compliment

It was so nice to see a fresh movie for the New Year in When Calls The Heart. Thank you for always being a family oriented channel. Please consider to continue with the family traditions of the Walton's and Little House on the Prairie. We are not subjected enough to the good old fashion ways of what family truly means. This gives the ones who do not have this the greater picture of family and love. THANK YOU for supplying that. God Bless You All
Clarissy Send email
Dec 27, 2015

not complaining

No complaint I love the 24 hour Christmas movies and I'd like to see more different ones even your old ones you can bring back.I look forward to them every year I am 62 and I really enjoy them I like baily Madison Ed Asner,Lacey Chabert,William Devane,Kristy Swanson,Bruce Greenwood,Doris Roberts,Paul Mcgillion,James Brolin,Mara Wilson,Richard Attenborough,Henry Winkler,Tiffani Thiessen,Lori Loughlin,John Ratzenberger,John Newton,Kellie Martin,Cameron Mathison,Keven Sorbo,Jodie Dowdall,Sean Faris,Connor Christopher Levins,Teri Polo,Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Leah Gibson,Sam Elliot,John Corbert,Jason Gedrick,Emmalyn Estrada and Anne Heche.These are great people to make time to make these wonderful Christmas movies and I thank them everyone and I hope they do more you all are the greatest.
Lizcrane Send email
Dec 26, 2015

When Calls the Heart season 3 premier

Advertising was for December 31st for the season premier of season 3 of when calls the heart. Family decided to watch tv and we ended up turning to the hallmark channel and the season premiere was almost over. Went to look for additional airings and could not find any. Very frustrating Hallmark. Not a good way to get people to watch your series and keep them watching. If you want to drive viewing down then keep this up.
mkirvin Send email
Dec 26, 2015

Scheduling of shows in January

I have always admired the family/Christian type shows and movies that are shown on this channel. But when I checked the January schedule it shows that the Walton's are being replace by Last Man Standing. This is no how a good family show..... and to be replaced for the Walton's??? Please if you are listening.... do not replace the Walton's. If you want to replace something, replace The Golden Girls who are not a very family or Christian oriented show. Thanks for all that you do!!
jc37ea33 Send email
Dec 26, 2015


Some of the Santa's you use really look kind of fake. My son is a professional Santa and would put some of yours to shame. His beard and hair are all his own, no fake beard for him. How can he get in touch with your for an interview????????
TheBride Send email
Dec 26, 2015

uncomplaint complaint

There are plenty of channels that host only African American films and actors. No one complains about them, so let's be fair to Hallmark. We're getting carried away with PC, diversity is all around if we want to see it.
Almazon69 Send email
Dec 26, 2015

Airing Christmas movies too long

I'm all for Christmas movies around Christmas time but jeesh enough is enough, especially 24/7. It's now Dec 26th and Still Christmas movies. I want my regular shows back Frasier , Golden girls etc I can't imagine I'm the only one tired of the Christmas shows by now.
Daddy Grace Send email
Dec 26, 2015

Boring White Christmas Movies

I have watched the Hallmark channel for years. However, their Christmas movies have gotten worse with all young attractive Caucasian men and women. Where is the diversity, Hallmark? Why no black and Afro Latinos in your Christmas movies? Also your Christmas movies look cheap and they are boring. I would rather see the 1951 version of 'A Christmas Carol' on Hallmark.
Kimland Send email
Dec 24, 2015

Extreme Lack of diversity!!!

First, I love the Hallmark channel. I love the promotion of love, kindness, faith, and family. It seems that Hallmark only acknowledges this concept for white America. Occasionally someone of another race gets to play the "best friend, neighbor, or assistant," but never lead roles.
The lead roles are all young, pretty, skinny, white women connecting with young, good looking, slim, white men. Let's even look at it from the prospective of age and size. Again, no representation. Hallmark is becoming the cookie cutter channel.
Even on the Hallmark Mysteries, all of the leading ladies, white; and now they have added Brook Shields. At least she and Lori McLaughlin(sic) get to represent middle age ladies.
Hallmark needs to seriously consider their audience and at least make some attempt at diversity. I know there are a lot of great actresses of other races out there; some just beginning and some established. Whether it is Hispanic, Asian, Indian or African, as well as age and size, representation is needed in a lead way, not second hand as you currently show.
hadtochange Send email
Dec 23, 2015

The Bridge and waiting a year for part 2

No mention in the EW Holiday TV-Movie Hot List that "Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge" was Part 1 and not to be continued until December of 2016. Previews of Part 2 aired making me think that it's already been shot and Hallmark is deciding to try something new to get ratings by making loyal viewers angry. I'm looking at other channels for holiday movies from now on.
LaDiva Send email
Dec 23, 2015

lack of diversity; too middle america

Every movie in recent years revolves around boy-meets-girl as opposed to the magic of Christmas as in the past when the subject matter was less formulaic. There are no story lines that rivet on characters who are black, Asian, disabled, poor or over 50. A couple of Hallmark Christmas movies this year involved Hispanics but only in a boy-loves-girl story line, and the boy was a sappy middle American white guy. Why couldn't the lovely Hispanic girl meet a Hispanic guy? Don't you think that people other than the sucky types you feature year after year watch Hallmark Channel and celebrate Christmas?
Another problem is that the actors/actresses seem to look too much alike and that makes the weak plots harder to stomach. Everyone looks like a 25-year-old gym rat usually with dark hair and a faint Canadian accent. Yuck. That isn't America even though the plots are written as a slice of middle American life.
Speaking again of diversity, what about some fat people? And I am not referring to ridiculously padded Santas. Fat people enjoy Christmas. Why can't there be story lines that focus on a fat person or people over 50 or for that matter people over 70? The weak totally non-diverse story lines give the false impression that Christmas belongs to a narrow group of 25-year-old gym rats who want nothing more than to fall in love with each other on Christmas. Send email
Dec 22, 2015

Follow up movies?

I don't really have a complaint. More of a comment and question actually. I've enjoyed the Christmas movies in the past several years and definitely have favorites. There are also some terrible ones I've learned to avoid, and that's to be expected, I suppose.

My question is this? Has there ever been thought to doing follow-up movies to some of the better ones? How about a cross over or 2? The movies involving the royals all make references to them knowing all of the other royals, and they tend to have interesting characters that I think many would like to see more of.

Anyway, just a thought. Keep them coming!
dshill2 Send email
Dec 22, 2015

lack of diversity

I like your shows, but I have noticed there are no blacks basically on any of your shows; why is that?
December'sgift1! Send email
Dec 22, 2015

Lack of selection in Christmas/holiday movies

I love to watch Hallmark as one of the stations that shows Christmas movies. However, this year the selection has been limited. It seems we have the same movies offered continuously. I know you have many other movies, but they are not being shown. Please look next year and give us more of a selection, as well as, your new ones.( Season for/of Miracles, A Dog Named Christmas, any Christmas Carol, etc.....)
Thank you
lulumoose Send email
Dec 21, 2015

home and family show december 21,2015

I didn't know that a president was already chosen,Gina Davis and the host were talking how wonderful it would be for Hillary Clinton to be president. I totally disagree and I am totally disappointed in the Hallmark Channel, which I thought was more pro family ,pro Christian, something Hillary Clinton does not stand for...she is a disgrace to this country and the hosts were talking about her as if she was a saint....Shame on them...shame on them for not staying out of political issues.I shut off the channel and will now for the rest of the season...I truly watch the channel, enjoying the quality CHRISTMAS movies...shame on Hallmark for entering the political arena...
lbabin Send email
Dec 20, 2015

The Bridge Part 2

I can't believe that the Hallmark channel would continue Part 2 of the Bridge 1 year later (Christmas 2016). It would been best to wait until the move was complete and air both parts in two nights. Very bad planning on Hallmark's part. Very disappointed.
shieldmaiden Send email
Dec 20, 2015

Holiday movies

I do enjoy most of your movies. For someone who suffers season depression - they help get me in the holiday spirit. The one thing that drives me crazy is all the errors made in the movies. Continuity is none existent in some. In one shot, the character takes a piece of paper off a pile and places it in front of her, next shot that paper is gone.

I don't know how much time or budget is put into these - but it seems like VERY little.. green leafy trees with "snow" every where? Not really..

And there are so any times, that they are supposed to be in a specific city, yet you can tell there has been no attempt to hide where it really is or even put in shots of the real place.
JerseyJoker Send email
Dec 19, 2015

Movie dates

No complaints, but I DO have a question: Why is it that some movies are dated a certain year when the movies are clearly recycled? For instance, I'm sitting here right now watching "Crown For Christmas", which is dated 2015. But I am certain I have seen this very movie several years ago. Not a similar one -- but this very movie! I suspect it is because it is expected that most people want to watch a new production, which may or may not be true -- but in any event, it is clear that the movie I am watching now is a rebroadcast. Again, this isn't a complaint, but I am inquiring as to why it is done. I can be reached at <[email protected]>. Thank you for your time!
Dec 19, 2015

The TV Movie "The Bridge""

I recently watched " The Bridge ". I was disappointed to find out that it did not end but would be continued!!!!

This is a wonderful movie but when will I be able to watch Part II????

My email address is [email protected]

Please respond to this complaint ASAP!!!

You can reach me at my home telephone number : 781-455-9844 any day after 1 PM EST
lbunsey Send email
Dec 18, 2015

The movie Bridge

Why would you do this to your viewers. I probably won't even remember Part 1. Please do not do this again with a movie. My granddaughter and I were very disappointed.
marelu Send email
Dec 18, 2015

Too Much Christmas

I cannot believe that Hallmark has had Christmas on since the beginning of November until the beginning of January. Too many sappy movies that I have yet to watch. I can see one movie a night, but really 24/7 that's overkill. I always looked forward to putting The Middle on at 9PM during the week. Now I have gone to other channels and may not bother going back to the Hallmark Channel.

That is just as bad as the radio stations that have holiday music on continually. I had Sirius radio in my car, but no more since one of my favorite station had months of that music. I don't need to pay to listen to that, I can do it for free. Sirius is begging me to come back to them, but they lost.

I may cut down my cable and get rid of Hallmark Channel next.

Happy Holidays!!
QualityViewing Send email
Dec 18, 2015

Hallmark Christmas movies

These movies are so banal and boring. No humor, no interesting plots. Horrible writing, editing, acting and not to mention two whole months worth of crap. There were two Christmas movies I was looking forward to seeing in 2015 with Doris Roberts..... The two were Mrs. Miracle, and the sequel. When I checked the guide it was to air on 12/17, but when I checked that day those two movies had been replaced by some other crappy movies at had aired many times before. Hallmark really disappoints me.
Mimislove Send email
Dec 17, 2015


SURPRISE!!! I don't have a complaint about The Hallmark Channel's movies! I'm a 69 year old Caucasian female, and I'm basically alone. My family doesn't make any effort to spend time with me at any time during the year, much less during Christmas, or other holidays. I depend on your movies to make my days and nights worth looking forward to. Yes, I was disappointed that The Bridge wasn't completely finished this year, but that doesn't make me enjoy your movies any less. Thank you for being in my life and giving me these clean, and mostly faith-based movies to enjoy, and for me, the older the movies, the better. I completely love The Hallmark Channels!!!
abooker Send email
Dec 17, 2015

Lack of Diversity

I'm very concerned that in in 2015, a channel as popular as Hallmark does not have ANY diversity. I wish that I could continue to watch. However, I cannot, because your movies and plots do not reflect anything other than non-realistic plots involving only white americans.

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