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sgerard042997 Send email
Aug 22, 2016


Ok...yet again another change in the line up for Hallmark...No little house/ The Brady Bunch is back...why run a show I can see on another cable channel..Get it together Hallmark NOT interested in Brady Bunch, Last Man, The Middle. Bring Little House,The Waltons...Next thing you know Christmas movies 24/7
Smoothoperator Send email
Aug 22, 2016

Loud commercials

Sunday Jesse Stone Marathon, love it. But HATE the annoying volume increase during every commercial! The future Sunday Mysteries won't be worth the aggrevation of having to search for that remote, to turn down the volume before my eardrums burst! 8/21/16
worthingtonbee Send email
Aug 20, 2016

Cedar Cove Fans

Requesting all Cedar Cove Fans, who truly believe Cedar Cove is the best series on Hallmark Channel and would like to see Cedar Cove season 4 to be continued... Go to the link and fill out the form and request Hallmark Channel to continue with Cedar Cove season 4.
Lindaqg Send email
Aug 19, 2016

Cristina Ferrare

For weeks viewers were told that Cristina was on vacation.
Loyal fans waited for her return with anxious anticipation.
Then that weird, abrupt and awkward announcement came out.
What?! Why?! What is this all about?!
So we've been fed a whole bunch of lies,
And Cristina is gone with no thank-you and good-byes?
To make matters even worse, adding insult to injury,
Who does Hallmark "promote" to be the new co-host? Debbie??!!
The only thing she is "promoting" is HERSELF, constantly preening,
And being impolite, over-assertive, overbearing, and overweening.
Disrespectful of guests, always shouting and interrupting,
She is painful to watch, and it is quite disgusting.
And who can stand that harsh, irritating voice?!
Sorry, Hallmark, you made a bad and wrong choice.
H & F no longer means Home and Family.
FOr me, at least, it means HATE and FURY!
I HATE what you did to the perfect co-host, our ageless Cristina,
And loyal fans have unleashed their FURY also on social media.
Viewers are leaving and no longer believing
That Hallmark is the "Heart" of TV with all of your deceiving.
Perhaps one day, we viewers will get vindication
When you executives will be told to go on "vacation."
DanielMLA Send email
Aug 17, 2016

Loss of Cristina Ferrare

Home and Family has lost a gem. The chemistry that was there when Cristina was a member of the "family" has disappeared.
Just watch the video with Cristina and Maria Shriver. It was great! Cristina has an ability to appear genuine, kind, and graceful on camera.
She is fun to watch. I liked having her in my home every day. I will miss her. By the way, my impression of the "Hallmark" brand has been tainted. I thought Hallmark had more class and better values.
DSmith Send email
Aug 17, 2016


I like the fact that your channel tries to show positive family shows but it appears that you don't think that African Americans or other races should be added to scripts. The only time I've seen people of color is when you discuss slavery. We are positive people are should be displayed as such. It would be nice to see some diversity.

sorensen Send email
Aug 16, 2016

Home and Family

I just want to add my voice to the others regarding Christina Ferrere. I am an older viewer and could relate to Christina more than the others. It was fun to watch her interaction with the others and her cooking segments. I really haven't watched it since she left. I know your older viewing audience doesn't matter but we still buy Hallmark (use to) and watch the channel for uplifting content. I hope you will see that the older viewing audience still matters, you all will be there some day.
Hallmark33109 Send email
Aug 14, 2016

Summer in the City

Watching Summer in the City and the main character is from Ashtabula, Ohio. A quick fyi to the writers - Ashtabula is outside of Cleveland, NOT Columbus!!
Other than that, love my Hallmark movies:)
Shelley Send email
Aug 13, 2016

Cristina ferrere

I had been watching Home & Family for years. I really enjoyed @Cristina. If it wasn't for her hosting the show, I wouldn't watch the show show at all. I think it was pretty demeaning of what they did to her on letting her go. I will never watch this program anymore. They need to cancel this show. People on that show are so mean to @Cristina. She isn't old. I rather watch Cristina over all these young women that are looking to go out like to a night club. They dress like they are models.. Which none of them are. Cristina had class, respect, and she did her job great. We all miss her. You just lost many viewers...
Jan Houston Send email
Aug 8, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I am adding my voice to the thousand of voices you have already heard regarding the disastrous decision to fire Christina.

I used to record Home and Family daily so I would never miss an episode and saved many of the shows that were special to me. I too was shocked and dismayed to see that Christina was fired and it was never addressed on the show.

Debbie is okay in a supporting role but not as a cohost. Christina was so good with Mark. They had great chemistry and she sort of held in check his tendency to be too show-bizzy and dis genuine. Decisions were also made to get rid of other regulars that just sort of disappeared. Mark and Debbie together are fake and awkward. I have tried to watch many times since the firing but I turn to another channel part way through because it just isn't interesting anymore

I think I speak for many viewers when I say I truly believed the members of your show were a family. It seemed very genuine. What kind of family kills the mother, hides the body and pretends everything is the same? I am sad that something that was so good has become so bad and uninteresting. I now lack trust in Hallmark Corporation and will no longer be tuning in buying Hallmark products. Hallmark purports family values but is is all a lie. Shame on you!
msmolle Send email
Aug 8, 2016


It is extremely clear that Diversity is not important to the Hallmark Channel. Why? Have you not noticed who resides in America? Why would you not think diverse actors and cultures would be appreciated and necessary for viewing? Do the wise and honorable thing and put African and Native Americans in your movies and series. We deserve to be acknowledged and represented. Do it now. Ask the unserved communities what would be worthy of them. We want to be part of the hertiage of Hallmark!
Lgeorg2 Send email
Aug 8, 2016

Diversity or lack thereof

I watch Hallmark channel all the time. One of my favorite shows is The Golden Girls. I watch every night. I also love to watch the hallmark movies. What I have noticed is the same actors playing different roles. What I have not seen is one movie that features an African American love story or in a lead role. I have seen a few African Americans in supporting roles. I think the channel need to embrace diversity in your movies as well as some of your regular programming. Love, or success and fortune isn't exclusive to white people.
Lee Magri Send email
Aug 8, 2016

hallmark channel M&M

tinao Send email
Aug 6, 2016

cedar cove

I just watched the last season of cedar cove and looked up to see when the next one was coming and found that it's cancelled. I am so so disapointed. I loved this show and love the small town feel and the characters and can't say it enough how disapointed I am that it's cancelled.
tbarrett77 Send email
Aug 3, 2016

One more complaint about lack of diversity

There have been countless complaints about the lack of diversity in Hallmark movies, especially on the Christmas movies, which I love. Since nothing seems to change, it means you have no desire to show diversity in your movies and have more or less said that people of color don't matter. Therefore, I will no longer be watching Hallmark movies and will encourage everyone I know to cease watching as well. I'm sorry you don't embrace diversity, Says a lot!
Suppa10 Send email
Aug 2, 2016

Shame on you Hallmark!

I can't believe in it's day in age that you would fire a middle woman because of her age!!!!

You are a bunch of sexists over there!
What is this , the 1950's!

You are a disgrace, to do that, what were you thinking, I hope she sues you and win lots of money!

As a 46 year old woman I always look up to older woman , and Cristina was not exception.

Is that why you had canceled Martha Stewart a few years back!
Morrisjane523 Send email
Aug 2, 2016

Christina Ferrare

My 85 year old Aunt has been asking me to write to Home and Family on her behalf for many months now. Home and Family was her all time favorite show until Debbie began to be featured more and more on the show. My Aunt felt such a connection to Christina. She just can not believe that Christina was replaced by Debbie. She has been so worried about Christina and her family for the past few weeks and had been turning on the show every morning just to see if Christina had returned. My heart is breaking for her now that she knows the awful truth!!!!! She went to bed in tears tonight! Shame on whoever made this terrible decision. They took away one joy she still had in her life! What a shame! What a loss! The Hallmark Channel has shown just how disingenuous it truly is.
Lee Magri Send email
Aug 1, 2016

Murder She Wrote

I think it is about time the Hall Mark Channel did something other than Murder She Wrote..How long are you going to subject people to watch the repeats of repeats? there are plenty of movies who can take the place, or Murder she wrote, & Matlock! Enough is enough! we are tiredm of wathcing the same shoes of these two over again..Find something else to put on, this is going on years of a daily watch..we stay up late, & it is sickening why these two shoes have been on too darn long already~
Deekar Send email
Jul 27, 2016

Hallmark's Home and Family show

I suffer from depression and stopped watching the show for a month or so. When I tuned back in I didn't see Cristina I saw Debbie. I was confused and did some research and found out what had happened only the week before. The only reason I can see for such a change is if you felt Cristina was too old. I felt home and family was a program for someone such as myself. At 52, I feel like I'm being chased off television viewing. I have tried to watch with Debbie but she's too different from Cristina. I feel with the more youthful contributors I don't belong. AARP Needs to start a television channel for this reason
kdarley Send email
Jul 27, 2016


Was Christina Ferrare too old for Hallmark? Was she too Christian? It is disgraceful that you have replaced her with Debbie! I used to watch Home & Family for hours every day. I haven't watched it since, and I will not watch it unless Christina comes back.
knightnursie1 Send email
Jul 27, 2016

Diversity... Oops did you only see in white?

Enjoy hallmark..but African American, Latino & Asian people do exist. Get with it hallmark you appear by your actions that all you care about is portraying an all white leading role in your feel good the door & your mind it's 2016.
Cinroy Send email
Jul 25, 2016

Bring Christina Back

It is simple bring Christina BACK
Mary Jane Hall Send email
Jul 25, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I was a newer viewer to the Home & Family show. The reason I continued to tune in was to watch Christina Ferrare. She was genuine in her comments and radiated warmth and interest into each segment. She was fired in a despicable way. Her replacement is silly, immature, and lacks the ability to draw everyone in to the topic. She is self-absorbed. I will not be watching as even the other co-host has never been that interesting. You fired the wrong person.
Cbehrens Send email
Jul 25, 2016

Home & Family: Christina

I have just discovered where Christina has been these past weeks. I thought she was on vacation, or ill. After looking online, I discovered the " real truth". Sadly, I felt compelled to write this complaint. Christina added such class and style to Home and Family. She was a bright spot in daytime television. She and Mark complimented each other very well. I cannot believe when something is not broken...why try to fix it. This was a huge mistake on your part, and very unfair to the viewing audience. It appears that many viewers are upset over this terrible decision.Sadly, I will no longer watch the program. Debbie is cute, but just does not have what is needed to be the host. I am sure Christina would never come back, and I certainly do not blame her. The way this was done, unfair to the audience and Christina, will affect my future purchases of Hallmark merchandise. It seems you don't promote the values you advertise. Really, bad decision on you part!!!
Syokley Send email
Jul 25, 2016

Home & Family

First you fire Cristina Ferrare. Now Orly Shank goes on Facebook asking for ideas for the demographic Cristina represented. When I question the move, she gets sarcastic with me, and gets her friends to attack me because she cannot. When I answer them back, she gets Matt Rogers to call me evil and the devil. This is his comment as I am sure the entire post will be deleted soon:

Orly Shani, I see you....

I see how you are always one of the first ones on the set and one of the last ones to leave...And when you leave you have your hands full of boxes and items that (YOU PURCHASED YOURSELF) & hustle to the set to make good segments for your viewers.

I see the way you treat people on the set, from crew members to guests on the show to visitors, etc...You are always first class, treat people like gold and always have a huge smile and a kind word for everybody. You make people laugh and everybody wants to be around you when you are on the show.

I see you are a phenomenal mother to your children, wife to your husband and still find time to contribute to your family by putting in long hours of work!

I see you put together cutting edge segments that are hip, trendy and extremely valuable to those who want to make themselves look better.

Now, with this thread, I see you reaching out to kindly help even MORE people. 👍🏼 You are the ONLY person on the show that has ever done this. Well Done. I wish I would've thought of this. 😬
So now I see the negativity directed towards you when you have only and always been kind and respectful to everyone. As your coworker and friend it makes me sad to see such mean spirited people attack someone who is genuinely kind and good.... But consider the source and where it is coming from. It is coming from a place of anger and bitterness that they have inside of themselves.

A good friend of mine once told me, "don't ever let sin against you produce sin in you"... In this case, don't ever let the ugliness in someone else's heart discourage your heart which I believe is genuine and kind.

These "haters" don't know what they don't know and they only listen to what they want to hear....Our family is stronger than ever and they can't stand it. Our ratings have skyrocketed since Dollywood and they don't understand it. We just got renewed for Season 5 and they don't want to hear it. Your segments rank the highest and are always in the 1st hour of the show and they try to ruin it. 😜

This show is a gift to people, really helps people and has a heart for the masses of ALL ages! The devil will do whatever he can to try to stop it but he has no power! Good ALWAYS prevails over evil and "at least in this thread" evil has shown its face and can't win! When people can start thinking with their brains and making comments with their heart, it's not hard to figure this stuff out. 🙄

I love you sister. Keep shining. We have ALOT of work to do!

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