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Oregongal08 Send email
Jul 14, 2016

Firing of Cristina Ferrare

I know you've probably heard it all by now and my belief is you will never fully understand or care about how horrible and wrong your decision was to remove Cristina from Home and Family. I've tried several times to watch the show since but it's just not the same. I'm sure Debbie is a very nice person,, I used to like many of her segments but is not a good fit as the full time co-host. Cristina and Mark were so good together, now everything seems so forced... so sad that you have brought down a once fun show to watch.
stay Send email
Jul 13, 2016

firing Christina

Let me say I love Hallmark channel, and I actually enjoy the Christmas in July. However,
I can't understand why in the world you would get rid of Christina on Home and Family and replace
her with Debbie. This used be be my favorite TV show, then Laura dissappeared, then Tanya, and now
Christina. Her and Mark had the right chemistry as hosts and the show just isn't the same I really couldn't
give a hoot about Debbie's swimsuit show on ice. Seems like the family has fallen apart, and it's really a shame.
sjohannes Send email
Jul 13, 2016

Christina Ferrare

Another unhappy Ex-H&F viewer...This is the most shameful and outright worst decision made in TV history. You must be a group of fools to get rid of Cristina. Also the way you went about it is very unprofessional. I guess the rest of the staff is so needy of a job they didn't let their morals dictate to what should have been an outright stand out, where the cast refused to go on without Cristina...and you call yourself friends, what a farce. That is what I would have done. Now you have unhappy customers who refuse to watch the show, so I'm guessing your ratings will be low and the show will get cancelled leaving everybody without jobs! Way to go!

I also ask what audience are you hoping for? I guess you should boot all your older lady shows then because to go after a younger audience on H&F when your channel is geared toward older ladies makes no sense what so ever.

Cristina will rise above and leave you all looking like a bunch a fake people without any morals, which is already starting to happen.

How anybody can make a decision like this based on age (or go along with the decision) makes me wonder how you can look your parents and grandparents in the eye! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU #hallmarkhasnoheart
Pattym Send email
Jul 13, 2016

Firing of christina

I cannot believe that you are firing christina and replacing her with Debra. She does not know how to relate to an audience . She does not have what christine has. Her and mark we're great together. Her and mark do not have that sparkle that mark and christine have together.who was the brains behind this , they need to be fired instead. What idiot's. Don't know when they got something gold. Bring christina back. The hallmark channel will regret Thier stupid decision they made.also bring Tanna memme back and get rid of Debra. Or is that Debra knows someone or doing something special for someone.what a shame. They got rid of their star. They will be sorry. Like I said, they will be sorry and will end losing in the long run for Thier stupid error. How sad.
Glendacarter81 Send email
Jul 13, 2016

Christmas only movies for 2 months!

Dear Hallmark! I pay extra for this channel because I love it! I Love Lucy it is my Favorite! But this is the last year I will pay for you if you do the 2 months of Christmas 24/7! Dont get me wrong I love Christmas! But...24/7 from a station I watch at least 70% of the time is way to much. You actually loose me for the whole 2 months! Please reconsider this! Everything else about your channel is perfect!
Tryandria Send email
Jul 12, 2016


I love to watch the shows on Hallmark channel and I even love Christmas in July. What I don't love is the lack of diversity in your movies. I don't see any people of color falling in love, your movies are all white, I know I watched all weekend. Can you please show more diversity. I want to continue to watch your channel but I can't if I never see any changes.
Tinman11 Send email
Jul 12, 2016

Complete disgrace Christmas in July

What a complete and total lack of respect for the holiday season why hallmark would start showing Christmas shows in July nobody wants to see that and we all understand that the Christmas season and all holidays start earlier and earlier every year but six months this is July I am so so disappointed our children and all of us even as adults look forward to that time of year and there's nothing wrong with starting it even in November but we're talking about July isn't anything Secret anymore just to try and get maybe ratings cannot understand . And on another note I don't believe Hallmark should start showing more African-Americans Latinos or Mexicans for that matter . If they don't like it let them change the channel says America Hallmark is America never happy African-Americans will leave it at that
kmessler Send email
Jul 11, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I was shocked and disappointed to learn that Christina Ferrare had been fired and replaced with a younger co-host. What idiot made that decision? Christina was the heart of “Home and Family”. Her delightful attitude and wisdom carried the show. It appears that like many television shows Hallmark management has decided to discriminate against Christina for her age, shame on you. I hope there was be a movement to bring her back. Until then, my friends and I will not be watching the Hallmark Channel or purchasing any of your products.
AprilMaybutNoJune Send email
Jul 11, 2016

Home & Family Show

I have been waiting for Cristina Ferrare to get back to our Home and Family! Been worrying about her and I finally looked her up to see what was going on. I found out she is gone! NO WAY!!!

Debbie? Please, you can not be serious!!!!
Poor Decision Hallmark!!! Extremely Disappointed!!!!!!


Sorry does NOT feel like family anymore!
Momomo Send email
Jul 11, 2016

More diversity

Hallmark there should be more diversity in the characters in your movies ❤. I believe there should be more African Americans, Hispanics, Asians.. etc. in your movies,. I believe the love between more characters like this will be just as equally beautiful as the ones in previous movies. But please please please!! 💙💙 I would be oh so so happy if you did! And I believe many other viewers as well would be pleased. :) Thanks.
godlovesdogs Send email
Jul 11, 2016

so-called "Christian" programming

Last I knew, Christmas was supposed to be kept as a special season, NOT for the commercial purposes of the Hallmark corporation.
We should celebrate all seasons. By showing inferior movies about Christmas is bad enough, but starting in July for your own profit motivation is cheapening the real season. Shame on you.
Additionally, I was taught that we should value wisdom, not replace it with the youngest person for the sake of your ratings--i.e., your profits. Surely Jesus would think the same way about profits and money as you---OH WAIT--NO!
DStevens Send email
Jul 10, 2016

Change at Home and Family

I am another sad viewer who was at first just angry like many others. I will miss Christina as host of Home and Family. I'm confused about the values on this station. Age discrimination didn't seem possible. But, alas, sometimes things aren't as they seem--this is the theme of most Hallmark movies, after all. The show is too frenetic without her stabilizing presence. You disappointed a lot of people. This was a fairly new executive at Hallmark Channel, right?
Discerningviewer Send email
Jul 9, 2016

Stop the Christmas movies in July

I was surprised to see one of your many lame Christmas movies on air Friday, July 8. I looked up your programming and discovered that you are showing Christmas movies for an entire week.

Please stop this practice. The movies are subpar, and you don't resume regular programming until late at night.

During the holiday season you ruin the programming. Why can't you show an occasional Christmas movie during the appropriate season instead of blocking off the programming so that we can't watch anything else?

I paid extra to get the Hallmark Channel when I got my satellite hooked up and I regret that decision.
beyd Send email
Jul 9, 2016

Lack of diversity

My dear Hallmark we need to see more African American, Asian and Hispanic storylines. Preferably Hallmark will continue to do Christian/inspirational themes. Young thirty something African American women fall in love as well. Let's not leave it there. You need to show age diversity as well. I am a single 52 year old African American woman full of love and humor. I am devoted to my church and my job as a teacher is a blessing. I am a baby boomer caring for my mother who has dementia. I don't have my own children but Jesus trusts me to nurture approximately eighteen every year. I've been teaching for nearly thirty years. Most people would say I am attractive and fun to be around. Your ad for this role should read "Looking for a Angela Bassett type." Thank you Hallmark in advance you are too smart to let this go.
katey333 Send email
Jul 9, 2016

Christmas movies in July, I'm over it.

So Hallmark shows Christmas movies in the summer and Christmas movies in the winter, Please STOP. I know there are some good Beach summertime movies out there, lots of them. Get off of it, show some good movies and get off the Christmas thing.
Neicy Send email
Jul 9, 2016


There is still 169 days until Christmas. Give it a break!
Neicy Send email
Jul 9, 2016

Deleted comments

I see you deleted the comment where there's a lawsuit over age discrimination. Do ypu pick and choose, do you? Anyone can GOOGLE that information
Doug916 Send email
Jul 9, 2016


Christmas movies start in July? That means no Hallmak channel watching till January?
[email protected] Send email
Jul 9, 2016

Firing Christina Ferrera

It was and is very distressing to think that the Hallmark Network along with their Producers, would summarily fire Christina Ferrera with such disdain and callousness. She was warm, amusing, gifted with her ability to relate and talk to people, laugh with others laugh at herself. her on air chemistry with Mark Feines was easy, relaxed, and most of all FUN! Christina could act silly, be silly and still remain above all elegant and relateable.

When someone has devoted the time, effort, and professionalism that she has, the very minimum would have been to allow her a decent and proper goodbye. You just discarded her for a new host who has neither the warmth, charisma, aptitude or natural ability and ease that Christina had and has. Shame on the Network and the Executives for make such an egregious error in judgement. As a Family Show, you should have known better than to treat a dedicated family member to such cold indifference.

Inevitably, your ratings will suffer. Debbie cannot hold a candle to Christina! Mark fortunately, controls the show because Debbie is incapable of cohosting. I wonder behind the scenes how Mark felt as this all went down!?
HF1 Send email
Jul 8, 2016

Firing of Cristina Ferare

I am in shock at how you have fired the one person who made Home and Family a show I wanted to watch everyday! The relationship onscreen between she and Mark had so much personality. But the worst is the way you have handled this! You actually had the hosts saying she was on vacation, they mentioned how she was home watching them... then she just never comes back. Plus you ask her not to mention it herself! I will not be watching anymore. The way this country treats people who add so much to a position is getting worse and worse... people losing longtime jobs abruptly, being replaced by flighty younger people is becoming a really sad and commonplace situation - I've seen it happening in corporate america and now it is on this show. How could you not even give her a goodbye or sendoff?????? This is really an abominable way to not only to treat Cristina - who truly made the show and gave so much of herself to it - but to the viewers. No respect to us. I have nothing against Debbie...she is cute, but just not the substance or gifts to give to this. I am just openmouthed and appalled at the Hallmark Channel handling things this way. You've lost my respect.
Denise Jackson Send email
Jul 7, 2016

Cristina Ferrare

Why would you do this horrible thing to a show that wasn't broke? Firing Christina Ferrari was the worst thing home and family has ever done. You guessed it, you've lost another viewer.
Debbie can only be taken in small doses. Yeah, hope the viewers really enjoy watching Debbie do the cooking segments. Like that's going to happen…… her Greek cooking segment was a joke cause she's NOT a cook to aspire to be like!!!!
Linda Montgomery Send email
Jul 7, 2016

Christina Ferrare

You were disrespectful, disloyal, and unprofessional to your audience and most.likely to Christina herself. I cannot believe Woody, and Hallmark officials could possibly make such a stupid decision to remove Christina from the show. Was this age discrimination? I think so! She was the glue who held it all together with her talent and beautiful soul. I enjoyed everyone who works on the show and am crushed you have destroyed the show with this decision. Debbie is lovely and popular in small doses but lacks the wisdom and charm of Christina. The way Hallmark finally broke the news about Christina is shameful. I was a loyal fan and feel betrayed. I will no longer be watching Home and Family and possibly Hallmark Channel all together.
Neicy Send email
Jul 7, 2016

Home & Family

A DIY 'er contestant has written on her blog about her experience on H&F. She stated that the first question she was asked was how she felt about being an older woman on a show with young women!! Even though I know Cristina was fired because of her age, I was shocked to hear that they would treat a guest this way!
How she kept her cool is beyond me. Needless to say, she didn't win, but a younger contestant did.

She also stated "There were some things happening behind the scenes, resulting in tensions on the set."
This said a lot to me and others I'm sure. I know you have dropped the "Christian based" channel you used to proclaim and now just claim to be "family oriented" but
you need to drop that too.

When Woody made his speech that never aired, all the cast sat there grinning and slapping like trained seals - which pretty much sums them up.
Let's call this show what it is:
Rosharon82 Send email
Jul 7, 2016

Cristina Ferrare

Hallmark made a huge mistake. Debbie is shallow and silly. The show is not worth watching now. So much for "family". Hallmark better beg Ferrare to return.
Embella41 Send email
Jul 6, 2016

Bring Back Christina

Very, very disappointed to see that you replaced Christina Ferrare . I looked forward to seeing her on the show when I am home in the summer. She is genuine, interesting, and sincere. All qualities that came through every time I watched her on the show. I will not be watching Home and Family any longer. She was the reason that I watched the show.
Also very disappointed to see that you cancelled Cedar Cove. It was a quality program with a great story. The changes that are being made on this channel are disappointing, and I will not be tuning into this channel as much.

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