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dlc3583 Send email
Sep 9, 2016

bring back little house

why would you do this theres a lot of room for little house and the other shows . because you play them shows for hours change it up , so please bring back little house
MKLumpy Send email
Sep 8, 2016

change of show lineup

Why has the Hallmark Channel replaced Little House with Brady Bunch? I really miss watching your
channel each day from noon to 4:00 so that I can see all my favorite episodes of Little House. I have now switched to watching other channels.
RK Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Add more diversity...Netflix Stranger Things does it RIGHT

Hi there! When I am feeling especially seasonal, I switch over to Hallmark. Makes me smile a little as it puts me in the mood for Halloween, Fall, Christmas etc. Lets face it, your channel is fluff and it feels good :) HUGE complaint. The shows are hugely one ethnicity. The US does not look like that. Is this purposely done to reflect the 1940's, 1950's? If so, you are doing your viewers a disservice. We are a multi ethnic viewing population. My family is every darn bit of the rainbow and yes we do that over the top bits that are reflected on the Hallmark Channel minus the Harlequin romance feel lol. Please add more diversity. You might attract a larger audience. My daughter who used to watch this stuff with me, now will not because it makes her uncomfortable with the blatant segregation. And she's 15 and so you will probably not have a future viewer.

Netflix "Stranger Things" does it right by the way and THAT story takes places in a small town...YIKES.

At Christmas you actually have some pretty nice movies with different folks, Vanessa Williams movie being one of them.

Not sure if ANYONE actually reads this. I just think perhaps its up here so people can vent :)
Emma1234 Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Bring back Little house on the prarie

Why did you remove the Little House on The Prarrie series??.. I now do not watch your channel I have moved to I can not watch your long and boring Christmas in July or your long and never ending from Oct to december christmas shows!
BraJen Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Where are The People Of Color

I have been an avid supporter of Hallmark for a very long time and it is very disappointing that your made for TV movies do not include any people of color. It's as though you intentionally want to send a message that only Caucasians believe in strong family values, Christianity, and Love. I say that because I have written numerous complaints on this forum made several calls to the Execs offices and yet nothing has changed in your programming nor have I had any response to my concern. My next step is to contact The View and directly ask co-host Candace Cameron-Bure how she feels about this serious issue since she stars in several of your movies. I will also be contacting all cable providers to see what else can be done to bring more attention to this matter. I noticed after receiving several complaints about Little House on the Prairie being taken off and replaced with The Brady Bunch Little House has since been put back on in it's regular viewing time slot so it is obvious to me that the lack of diversity complaints are just not seen as important.
kittieklepacki Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Bring Little House back!!!

Little House on the Prairie use to be my favorite part of the day. I looked forward to watching it on Hallmark Channel! Recently it has been replaced with the Brady Bunch, which doesn't even compare. I will NOT be watching the Brady Bunch! Please bring Little House back!!!
sallyannette Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Change in shows

Our family looked forward to watching Little House on the Prarie everyday. The Brady Bunch is a horrible replacement for such a classic family show. Please bring it back! We enjoy the Christmas movies but the Brady Bunch needs to go!
E31 Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Perverse Programming Advertising

I thought Hallmark was a family Channel. I was disappointed to see the Logo channel advertising the show called finding Prince Charming during an airing of the family show the Middle. This advertisement displayed homosexuality, men kissing each other. Suppose there were children watching? Is that what the Hallmark is about now, creating a society of homosexuality starting with our children? The homosexuals have their own channel. Why am I being subjected to this perversity when I am trying to watch family shows. I'm getting tired of homosexuality being shoved in my face at every opportunity. If you're channel is in jeopardy financially maybe it would help if you did some reprogramming instead of falling prey to the perversities of our society.
Golden-girls addict Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Stop the Christmas in July!

Please please stop with the maddening Christmas until we want to puke. I love Jesus and Christmas. But the July and two full months of Christmas is way over the top. How do you stay in business like this? I know I'm not the only viewer you lose during these times. Stop it!
Golden-girls addict Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Hate two months of Christmas movies

I hate that every year you take the shows I love, the middle, the Golden Girls and Frazier for two full months of Christmas movies! It's too much. Maybe a couple weeks would be ok. Or play them intermittently through the day but please stop monopolizing both months with Christmas. Which btw usually have little to do with Jesus!

Please consider cutting this back for those of us who truly enjoy the experience of each season. In its own time. And love our nightly relaxing rituals of watching our favorite shows.
gswan1222 Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Evening shows

Why is Murder She Wrote, Hate to Hart and Matlack mostly on after 11:00 pm. Don't see it much from 7:00 to 11:00 pm. I am in bed at 11:00 pm.
chosenofgod9 Send email
Sep 5, 2016

took off my favorite show

Hello I writing for you to put back my favorite show little house on the prairie. I have enjoyed this show for an while and looked forward to watching it. because most shows today are not worth the viewing and I have not watch your channel last week because of it. also I'm paying DIRECTV to see you. I'm asking that little house on the prairie be put back on and not have to write to get it put back on again. that would be an blessing. also what would bless me if you would put little house and the Walton's on back to back. at least for now for my birthday September 9. thank you
Hallmark Movie & Mystery Fan Send email
Sep 5, 2016

Golden Girls

Our wonderful, old, local cable company sold to Zito Media who has taken off several of our favorite channels, the most important being the Hallmark Movie & Mystery channel and INSP which carried some good programming. We were still fans of Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote and more, plus Hart to Hart when I couldn't sleep at night.

I don't know how long Golden Girls was on originally, as we never watched it but I can't believe there were only a few - at least, it seems that way. The same ones are constantly repeated, night after night, the same ones are played over and over. Is anyone there paying attention??? Also, early evenings with Last Man, The Middle and whatever else are some of the worst shows I've ever seen. They're absolutely terrible!

I can't understand why so many cable companies don't run the Hallmark Movie & Mystery channel. Is it so expensive they don't want to pay for it? I was told by someone who has Dish that it will be on briefly and then will disappear for awhile. My brother in another state pays a lot for DirectTV with a huge selection and still doesn't get the Hallmark Movie & Mystery channel. This is ridiculous.

If we have to be stuck with the Golden Girls, at least play some that aren't run every night! And Fraiser, (which we never watched) what little I've seen is disgusting and I just turn it off.
Lee Magri Send email
Sep 4, 2016

Murder She Wrote

Please put the Mentalist on at 11:00 p.m., for us late night folks..cannot keep watching Murder She Wrote..PLEASE!!
Murder she wrote is on for too long, we are tired of it, cannot watch another show, don't keep us in the past!! it is demeaning!
The Mentalist will fit right in!
celliott Send email
Sep 3, 2016

Lack of Diversity


I love the Hallmark Channel, but I'm unhappy with the lack of diversity for your lead actors. Hallmark movies do not represent the diveristy within our society. None of the leads are people of color. You only see people of color in supporting roles. Please get with the times, We are not living in the 1950s or the Leave it to Beaver era. We have evolved as a country. Hallmark in its casting needs to reflect the country's evolution: a more racially diverse cast; especially with it's leading actors. So, let's begin to be more inclusive on Hallmark and showcase in your casting what America truly looks like!

Thank you
Tracy Norris Send email
Sep 3, 2016

Lack of Diversity in movies

I'm a big fan of the romance and Christmas movies found on the Hallmark channel. However, the LACK of Diversity in casting is woeful! Why are ALL the lead actors white? Why are ALL the non-white actors relegated to minor or supporting roles? PLEASE make some much needed changes in casting (and other positions in the movie making process) to reflect ALL of your viewers!
Daryl Send email
Sep 2, 2016

Get rid of Debbie M

I am tired of looking and hearing Debbie M, no wonder they got rid of her on the view. . I do not care who you have as a
co-host just not Debbie over her
Alanna Varner Send email
Sep 1, 2016

Little House on the Prairie

I am extremely disappointed that Little Hoyse on the Prairie has been taken off your channel. Other than Christmas movies, this was the only reason I watch this channel! I looked forward to my daily Little House fix and turned it on to see the Brady Bunch?! Sorry, won't be watching until Little House is back!
Emv Send email
Sep 1, 2016

Little house on the Prairie

I am upset Little House on the Prairie has been removed from your schedule. You need to bring it back along with the Waltons. I hear Cozi TV is bringing it in mid September and I will watch it there. Enough with the comedies and bring back wholesome family tv shows
Jjones33 Send email
Sep 1, 2016

Little House on the Prairie

Bring back Little House on the Prairie!!! My family and I watch this every day for years and now it's gone?? It is the most wholesome show that you could ever put on television… To replace it with the Brady Bunch is just a foolish thing to do !!! Major disappointment !!!
ccsmith1 Send email
Aug 31, 2016

Little House on Prairie

What!!!! Little House on the Prairie is gone AGAIN..Why remove these family based shows from your line up..My family and I watched these shows EVERYDAY and now replaced with a show that can be seen on other channels..Bring back Little House..You are loosing viewers...big time...
BringbackCristina Send email
Aug 29, 2016

Cristina Ferare

I have boycotted home and family since the firing of Cristina. Mark is horrible, but I tolerated him because of Cristina. I have always fast forwarded through Debbie's segments because she is one of the most obnoxious people on television. Now she is the host?? Disgraceful. The show is all Hollywood now and it is beyond gross.
ricckky Send email
Aug 29, 2016

perry mason

please bring back perry mason--great acting and fun entertainment
ricckky Send email
Aug 29, 2016

hart to hart

stop that show--hart to hart--no chemistry between the red head and robert wagner
Lee Magri Send email
Aug 28, 2016

hallmark channel M&M

These 2 channels have really saturated us who stay up late at night with Murder she wrote, & Matlock, & The Golden Girls..we are still watching stuff from 30 years ago..there are sooooo many mysteries out there....and next week another Marathon of Murder she wrote? we are not feeble minded yet!! I use to love these programs, but it has gotten so bad with these 3 programs...the thought of these 3 programs now is total annoyance!
It is quite an insult for you to think we can sit, & watch these programs for soooo many years over, & over, & over again!!
You will lose your audience..I know you have already lost a bunch of us who have discussed it!
For those of us who look forward to watching something after 11:00 p.m,,,,NO THANKS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

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