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debster401 Send email
Apr 8, 2016

Banners During Movies/shows

It is very rude and inconsiderate to advertise and have pop-ups on the screen during a movie or show. It's very distracting and annoying and only works in a as a negative for the network.
Mannyb Send email
Apr 6, 2016

Bring Waltons Back!!!

Why were the Waltons taken off the air?? I enjoy watching Little House and Waltons...and was sad to see the latter replaced by the awful show Last Man Standing! Bring back John Boy and the family!!
hawkman5 Send email
Apr 2, 2016

programs are cutting off before the end

When I am watching programs part of either the middle or the ends are being cut off and I am not able to know what happens in the end and it is very frustrating. Can anyone advise me of how to get this brought to Hallmark's attention.
commonsensematt Send email
Apr 1, 2016

too much "stripping"

First of all - Does anyone REALLY believe Hallmark channel SEES these complaints? does anyone know how to actually get a complaint to their programming department? I'm sure we'd all love to know.

I don't watch a lot of TV. But right now i am killing time waiting for my new job to start and i had already left my other job to spend more time with my kids prior to the move, and now that spring break is over, i have some time on my hands.

So today i turn on Hallmark to see Little House on the Prairie. I remember my sisters watching this show religiously on its original network run. Today's episode was "The Lord is My Shepherd". essentially, Charles loses his newborn son, Laura runs away, ends up on a mountain and is taken care of by "Jonathan" (played by Ernest Borgnine) while Laura prays for God to take her, and return her little brother to her Pa.

so my Beef? 'stripping'. if you are unfamiliar with the term, this is where scenes are cut / deleted from the show (which they think are inconsequential to the story line, doesn't add to the story, or just plain feels it isn't needed) to make way for - you guessed it - MORE COMMERCIALS!! Hallmark is not the only channel that does this, but from what little TV i watch that plays "classic old TV programs", Hallmark is the WORST. On MeTV, i haven't noticed it being AS bad, but it happens.

for example: In today's show, Laura has run away, but Jonathan makes a cross out of sticks for her to wear, and carves her name into it. they exchange some conversation...cut to commercial...back from commercials, some chatter at the Ingalls house, then Charles and Mr Edwards are looking for her, Charles cries at the side of the river, then goes to the river to fill the canteens and 'poof!' there's the cross that laura had been wearing, having floated down the river, and conveniently stopping before Charles's eyes as a sign from above. Now if you were unfamiliar with actually knowing what happened, you might ask, "How did the cross get OFF from around Laura's neck to float downstream?". GOOD QUESTION! I remember actually seeing this one on the network run and i remember it was either the next morning, or later that same afternoon, Laura was taking a bath (in her bloomers no less) and Jonathan made the comment to make sure to get behind her ears, and Laura went back into the water saying she was going to scrub them real good, and when she bent over, the cross came undone, or slipped off her neck and then floated downstream. But you'd never know this if you hadn't seen the show before.

this is an example of stripping. somewhere along the line, someone decided to 'strip' that 30 to 45 second exchange, maybe a minute's worth from the original show (hoping you wouldn't notice) so that way they can sell more commercial time! Why do you think these 'networks' strip the ending credits completely, 'shrink them' to a corner or bottom of the screen, or run them in a VERY fast crawl at the bottom? it's all to sell another commercial. sometimes these 'deleted scenes' explain a lot.

one time i busted my local station for doing this to "Star Trek". I was in college at the time and noticed they had stripped an extra 2:30 from the show (i happened to have the original release from paramount on video tape - yeah, i am old, but that was the technology at the time). The station manager actually wrote me a letter (yeah, i am old, remember?) explaining that is the way they received the program from the syndicator and he had no control over it, that he did not like it either (he was also a fan), but thanked me for noticing and contacting him.

So hallmark would say that is the way they receive it, but i am not sure i buy it. they have SO MANY shameless plugs for their own programming (a lot of it sucks and is 'too bland' and predictable), and i've noticed Hallmark will even cut off an actor in mid sentence to begin the commercial break early!

but you see this all the time. Hallmark butchers the Golden Girls too i have noticed. Why can't networks preserve the integrity of the programs in their ORIGINAL form and time constraints? Let's say if in the original format, there was an allowance for 13 minutes for commercial breaks. Flash forward 10 years and Hallmark now wants to show the program. wouldn't it be easier to go to advertisers and say "we have ONLY 13 minutes for commercial breaks. but because we do not strip the program, that means viewers are less likely to tune out and miss your message" and then adjust the rates accordingly? i guess if i owned the rights to a show, i would insist on it not being edited and left in the original format.

I'll agree with what others say about the Walton's. Hallmark DID say they were bringing them back. Did Lorimar have other ideas?

"Last Man Standing" is complete crap. never like shows with canned laughter if they were filmed before a live audience (and last man is/was) if the material is so awful they have to "sweeten" it with a laugh track, then you need better material! Ever notice that with this show or shows like "Full House"? something is said on screen that is not even REMOTELY funny, and the "audience" is wetting their pants over it! all bogus. "Last man" is also too political / too politically correct for my taste. Within 2 minutes you can tell what liberal agenda they are trying to push. i just shut the TV off at that point
Achepanos Send email
Mar 31, 2016


Are you guys kidding me??? Where are The Walton's shows ??? That is only one of the best shows on tv these days. Little House is one of them also. We have so many shows these days with sex and horrible language. We want the good ones back on !! If you don't I will no longer watch your channel. Give us PAYING customers what we want !!!!!
NTKville Send email
Mar 30, 2016

I want THE WALTONS back on!!!

Why did you all Hallmark, take off airing The Waltons ... We need them back ASAP....PLEASE...:)
smalltowngirl Send email
Mar 29, 2016

hallmark channel

Lack of diversity, and the same type of romance, where they meet at a coffee shop, or bump into each other, or don't like each other...
XxFawnxX Send email
Mar 26, 2016

More Gay and Lesbian Characters

I've seen comment after comment complaining about lack of racial diversity, which I agree is a huge issue on the Hallmark network. But on top of that, I would love to see more gay and lesbian characters too! I believe that such racial and sexual diversity will really reflect the world we live in today and its changing times in a positive light, and may draw in younger viewers to a network that is predominantly viewed by older folks.
landalove Send email
Mar 22, 2016

Diversity in 2016

I love the Hallmark Channel, However Hallmark seems to have only one color when it comes to story lines. It would be awesome to see Spanish, Asian, African Americans cast in your movies/tv shows.
HomeschlMom Send email
Mar 22, 2016

Lack of Diversity

It's really shocking that lack of non-white characters in your programming. Main, re-occurring, and just plain old speaking roles are almost non-existent. Your vision of the world implies, love, holidays, and families are just for white people. I would never buy any of your products, when you show such a disdain for people of color. It doesn't make sense that so many of your films and programming is based faith, but it seems your monochromatic casting does not reflect God's creation.
Mercele Send email
Mar 20, 2016

No complaints

I like the idea of one Hallmark Channel with some variety. I have seen every episode of every sitcom and every movie. I watch the same movies multiple times because they're light-hearted and an escape from the horrible violence that is so evident in the world today and in our TV shows. Diversity? another channel where there are plenty of diverse shows with people of color. If Hallmark wants to run their channel with little or no people of color, let 'em. I, for one, enjoy all they offer.
chelapaa Send email
Mar 15, 2016

lack of diversity

I marvel at how Hallmark shows, such as "When Calls the Heart," can be so white. It's actually a distraction for the viewer--what town exists where there is no one less than lily white? The shows are actually too contrived to be completely enjoyed!
Chaslady Send email
Mar 14, 2016

Absence of Women and Men Interracial Romance as Lead Characters on Hallmark Movies

Kay Jay said it best. I would like to add the importance of having interracial couples as the world is becoming more diverse. It is also important to have a black couple and a Latino couple. It is channels like hallmark that give ideal endings to romantic stories and everyone needs to relate to that. With the divorce rate and family separation rate we need to relate to the romantic belief that couples can stay together.
Rebecca64 Send email
Mar 5, 2016

Lack of diversity

I really love "When Calls the Heart" but I have never seen a show with such a lack of diversity. Not only are there no people of color in the cast, there are no cast members with any dicernable accents from other regions outside of North America, or any non-Christian characters. Even "Little House on the Prairie" had immigrant characters and occasionally had the occasional non-white character as a guest. The show is on its third season and I haven't even seen a person of color as an extra. I don't know what world the writers are creating but it does not exist, not even in 20th century Canada.
sgerard042997 Send email
Feb 21, 2016

Bring back the Waltons!

Dear Hallmark Channel,

We are now approaching March and it was my hope that the Waltons would return to the lineup. Please consider bundling your afternoon "family quality" lineup with the return of the Waltons and dump Tim Allens Last Man Standing. Even if you consider splitting the times and run the Waltons for lets say two episodes and Last Man for two it would at the very least give us parents who want good family value television something to look forward to each day,

I have been a fan of your network for many, many years. Please listen to your viewers voices, they too are all asking for the return of the Waltons!
Lexis Send email
Feb 17, 2016


While I enjoy hallmark movies, I'm tired of the lack of diversity. I would love to see African American, Asians, and Hispanics in lead roles. I'm really getting tired of watching your movies because of this. It's 2016 and something needs to be done.
Highlander57 Send email
Feb 17, 2016

Bring Back the Waltons!

That was the phrase uttered in my ear by my 87 year old mother as I was trying to determine what happened to her favorite TV program....

She has been a loyal fan since the program first aired some 44 years ago. It is like getting to go back to her childhood, as she grew up on a working farm here in KY during the great depression. It is a great antidote for her "blues", something she attributes to having out lived most of her friends, and finding herself in a world that bears no real resemblance to the world in which she was raised.

And, as other writers on this site have mentioned, you DID promise to bring the show back after Christmas.

I realize that her demographic is shrinking, you probably don't make as much money off this age group as you do the younger crowd. But, let me ask you this.

Where would any of us younger generations be without a the effort and sacrifice that HER generation made? We have them to think for laying the foundation that allows us to enjoy all we have today...

So, think about it and


Richard Dugan
Ambee Send email
Feb 17, 2016


I miss the Waltons. Just like other people complaining, where are the Waltons?
After Christmas, they are off the air. Please bring them back, so we have some wholesome
Family show to watch!
jauger Send email
Feb 15, 2016

same old sitcoms over and over again

I am a real fan of the Hallmark Channel. However, the sitcoms over and over again are really annoying. As soon as I come home from work I listen to a half hour of the news and then I put on the Hallmark channel. I would really like if there was a Hallmark movie to watch every weeknight to give your viewers something to look forward to. You did that this week during Valentines week and it was very enjoyable. I love watching all of the Christmas movies as well. Those put me in the mood for Christmas and lightens my heart. The over and over sitcoms however are terrible. The only sitcom that I like that you have on is Frasier. I usually sleep with my TV on all night and to wake up to the loud screeching voice of Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy is pleasant to say the least. Please look into making your channel the best it can be.

Thank you,
Karen amsbaugh Send email
Feb 14, 2016

Hallmark gay coupled advertisement

I was appalled and saddened to just see the commercial that Hallmark ran using gay couples. I have always preferred Hallmark cards- but if this is true, I will look elsewhere for cards now.
Joanne Brownschidle Send email
Feb 14, 2016


Please bring back the Waltons ! you said after Christmas you would bring it back ? I will be watching it on a different channel till you bring it back.
martha1029 Send email
Feb 13, 2016

Time for Diversity at Hallmark

I love hallmark movies,but I have little problem. I'm a African American and all your movies rarely have people of color. This is 2016 where are the people of color. People of color are not going to keep watching Hallmark Channel, we need to see people who look like us. People of color love, we love romance,we love family, so where are these people in your in your movies.I think its time to drop the Hallmark Channel until they change !!!!!!
lawtonruth Send email
Feb 11, 2016

Perry Mason

Please bring back Perry Mason television shows.
cyndi ball Send email
Feb 10, 2016

The reruns run too close on old shows.

I love the detective shows; however I have two conplaints. The first complaint is there are more episodes for most of these shows than you are showing on a regular basis. Secondly, if you truly ran the shows in order we would not need to see the same episode more than once during a one month period.
elips Send email
Feb 8, 2016

same movies again and again

I think the Hallmark Channel would be so much better if you combined the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries with it and have one channel again. You would then have a lot of variety and wouldn't show the same shows and movies over and over again. I don't even want to watch anymore.

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