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Pieface Send email
Sep 23, 2016

Christmas movies

I Love Love the Christmas shows...(The Christmas Card is my favorite) ...and it doesn't bother me at all that they're on for two months. However, I do wish there would be more religious themed movies. Anyone who doesn't like the Christmas movies, religious or secular; can just watch another channel during the most "Wonderful time of the year"
Pieface Send email
Sep 23, 2016

Little House and the Waltons

Whatever possessed you to replace Little House with the Brady Bunch?? and where is the Waltons?? What's next?? Taking off the Golden Girls?? I now ONLY watch Hallmark when the Golden Girls are on at night. AND....Last man Standing is the worst.
Also, I wish that Matlock would be on during the day because I am sleeping at 5 and 6 in the morning. I do love your Matlock marathons that you put on from time to time. Thank You.....
[email protected] Send email
Sep 22, 2016

People of color roles

All of your programs are geared towards all white cast
Maybe one black as a helper, why? I love watching your programs,however I would like to see black family with leading roles. All races are successful not just White .
kenztrev2 Send email
Sep 20, 2016

Hallmark Channel

Remove Christmas in July. Stop the two months of Christmas movies. The greed is unbelievable.
Life is short. Let us enjoy the seasons as they are. This is September. Don't saturate your network with "Countdown To Christmas" You are actually a big part of diluting the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe you should read and heed some of your greeting cards!
MichelleT Send email
Sep 20, 2016

Bring back Perry Mason

I love the Perry Mason series. Could you show it late at night instead of multiple Murder She Wrote, Hart to Hart, and Matlock?
Hendersonmc Send email
Sep 19, 2016

Stop the Christmas movies

Boycott the Christmas movies. It's bad enough to that the stores start Christmas before Halloween, now this stupid hallmark is bringing g Christmas movies in early as well. I will never watch hallmark again. It sickens me.
Lacyenthia Send email
Sep 18, 2016

Never any black Christmas movies

I love love hallmark, movies and Christmas movies are my favorite, but I don't know why you never have blacks with a leading roles are Christmas movies about blacks,
Shee Send email
Sep 16, 2016

Christiana Ferrare

I can't help but shake my head at the stupid decision to fire Christiana Ferrare. The show is called Home and Family. She was the "Home" in that show and doesn't "Family" have people of all ages in it. Not just millineals or people under 35. Suddenly you turn 40 and according to Hollywood and the ad agencies your money doesn't matter any more. We don't spend enough or as much as the people in the age group from 18 - 35! Who are they kidding??? Do they actually believe that BS? What age group do they actually think are home during the day watching Home and Family? Most of American's aren't rich, their husbands aren't heads of big corporations, aren't married to Drs and Lawyers, aren't married to men who own their own companies. The viewers are mostly middle class and have two income families. Which means the sho is DVRd a lot! I say men because the majority of your audience is women. It's the older women that are home watching H&F. Our money is the same as the younger generation and believe me we spend more of it! Many of us babysit for our grandchildren and have to grocery shop, toy shop, clothes shop, accessory shop, etc., for them so we have stuff at our homes for them and our children won't have to lug everything everyday from their house to our houses. I call that spending money. We also spend money on your sponsors products just like the younger generation and in many cases more so but you have decided to throw us away! Christiana represented many age groups, many indeed! Someone or someones seemed to have forgotten that! Christiana was the heart and in my opinion the central figure of Home and Family. Maybe that made Mark mad, that Christiana became too popular, I don't know. However, she was the best thing that ever happened to Mark and to H&F! She always deferred to him, let the audience know that Mark was King of the show even though viewers liked Christiana best. What does Mark really do? Really what can he do....nothing but be a sorta host. Whatever Mark does Christiana did it better. She was an author, a gourmet cook, a great interviewer, a really fun person to be around and made the show so much fun to watch. She gave the show warmth and gave it heart. The very heart Hallmark uses in their commercial slogans!! Some heart you have Hallmark!! Then fires that heart!! No notice, no warning, no goodbye party and apparently in mid season!!!!! What the hey was up with that???? She seemed to be good for Mark helping him to be a better host, never stepping on his toes, at least on air. Why Hallmark truly fired Christiana and kept Mark has to be an age issue or a jealousy issue. I'm going to give Mark the benefit of the doubt here and say age. But still wonder about Mark - Christiana could do it all, Mark cannot. However, they had a wonderful on-air chemistry together! Something that cannot be said for Christiana's backstabbing replacement Debbie M.. They have no chemistry at all. It's forced, the fake laughter is so annoying. I just don't and can't watch this sham of a show and that's what the powers that be has turned this so called H&F show into, a sham!!! Who was the single individual that came up with the idea to fire Christiana? It had to come from one persons mind first. He needs to be fired for this decision alone! It was an awful move on Hallmarks part!! And of course Hallmark will dig their feet into the sand and will stand by their horrible mistake. They wouldn't admit it or correct it in a million years!!! They no longer have class enough for that!!
I don't know who is doing the programming for Hallmark these days but they need to be put up in front of a firing squad - get my little play on words. They have gone astray, gotten away from who Hallmark was and what they stood for! First the Waltons go and of all shows Last Man Standing is put in its place - a show with a teenage girl with a baby out of wedlock, a mother that teaches her daughters how to sneak out of the house after midnight behind the fathers back to meet boys and so much more immoral behavior. Not much love or morals from the mother in this mother or the kids in this family being shown at all. Then Christiana gets fired! Then they take off the air Little House On The Prarie and put on yet another dose of Tim Allen, waaaay too much Tim Allen. Then to make matters worse they put on the campy Brady Bunch - they have to be pulling our chain with this one. Why not the wonderful The Andy Griffith Show, a show loved by almost everyone.but The Brady Bunch, you have got to be kidding!! I use to watch Hallmark Channel all day long - hated The Middle though another dysfunctional family. So I would turn it when that came on. Then I would turn it back on again when The Golden Girls came back on and watched all the Frasiers and Cheers - love those shows. I would cat nap thru I Love Lucy. But now I don't turn Hallmark on until The Golden Girls come on. H&F is just not Home and Family without Christiana and Debbie is sickening hard to take - she's awful but Hallmark will cram her down our throats (but not mine I can't take her for two seconds - that falseness egads!)..No thank you and no thank you now to your sponsors and to the 18+ Hallmark cards a month I use to buy each and every month, and no thank you to the Hallmark ornaments that I have bought for the past 30 years! I am done with Hallmark. They threw me away, I am doing the same back. I am done with them just like they proved they are done with me!!! Let their millenials take my place if they will and if they can. My money isn't good enough! I'm too old for Hallmark, just like Christiana, who btw looks gorgeous every single day she was on air far prettier then the clown that they choose to try to fill her shoes. Christiana was ageless. What were they thinking of if indeed age was the issue?? She was so warm and wonderful. And one more thing, I thought age discrimination was against the law!!! If I were Christiana I would go after them with both barrels and make it public. And if it's Mark's jealously I'd let that out too! Mark did seem to like Christiana though. But he and Debbie are like oil and vinegar that the show is trying to make it work and it just doesn't!!! Hallmark has lost many viewers from my neck of the woods. Lots of angry people still. Hallmark thinks it will go away. Hmmm, I don't think so. This was such a major mistake that they will never admit to making. Because of firing Christiana and the way it was done (classless), they have ruined everything Hallmark for me. I'm done with them!! American Grettings and Boutique Cards here I come! Even as Hallmark cards are struggling they pull this, the firing of Christiana Ferrare to help them stay afloat!!????? It will do just the opposite and unless they "fire" their programmer who is making all these ludicrous decisions on the Hallmark Channel - they will find there are others out there like me that are also refusing anything to do with Hallmark!!!
Monica78 Send email
Sep 12, 2016

Waltons now Little House

I was devastated when you took off the Waltons and have been praying you put it back on. Then, you take off Little House?! I look forward to watching both of those shows and to add insult to injury you replace them with Last Man Standing (terrible show and in reruns on about 5 channels). Your programming dept needs to be put to task. There's now nothing on your channel I care to watch, esp with all the Christmas shows on all year. I also agree you have a diversity problem.
Maryland Lover Send email
Sep 12, 2016

Chesapeake Shores

I really like your new show Chesapeake Shores and the beautiful scenery in which it is filmed. However, as a lifelong Marylander, I don't believe anyone from Maryland is fooled into thinking this location is anything close to the Chesapeake Bay. Beginning with the crabs on the first show. I was floored to see them eating crab legs instead of Maryland Blue Crabs. Someone is not doing their research at all. It takes me back to the old time tv shows when everything was FAKE.
Jomcd321 Send email
Sep 11, 2016


The advertisement of American horror story is repulsive, offensive, and does not reflect the values and character I have grown to appreciate about the hallmark vision and mission.
Abcpomona Send email
Sep 11, 2016

American horror stories advertisment for fx

Hi, i am a frequent viewer of your wonderful hallmark channel. The programs are clean and healthy. I am very disturbed however to see advertisments for fx program American horror story. The advertisment is evil.....disgusting, appauling, and i have no further interest in viewing your channel as a result.
epondu03 Send email
Sep 11, 2016

Diversity in the programming

Wholesome wonderful shows but I don't feel represented there are no African American movies or shows with starring roles and that's quite concerning
Misty Send email
Sep 11, 2016

Lack of diversity in lead characters on Hallmark channel

I enjoy the movies. The wholesome themes are rare these days. Please note that these stories could be a little diverse. I would like to see pure and wholesome stories from African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans as well. Please take this into consideration.

Thank you for listening
mary325 Send email
Sep 10, 2016

Old Perry Mason Series

I realize it was probably time to take the old Perry Mason series off Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel a couple of years back. I always liked the show but realize it wasn't everyone's cup of tea since it was from back in the 50s and 60s. My question is, can't you maybe run it on weekends occasionally as a marathon? Would love to see it again every once in a while. Thanks.
dlc3583 Send email
Sep 9, 2016

bring back little house

why would you do this theres a lot of room for little house and the other shows . because you play them shows for hours change it up , so please bring back little house
MKLumpy Send email
Sep 8, 2016

change of show lineup

Why has the Hallmark Channel replaced Little House with Brady Bunch? I really miss watching your
channel each day from noon to 4:00 so that I can see all my favorite episodes of Little House. I have now switched to watching other channels.
RK Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Add more diversity...Netflix Stranger Things does it RIGHT

Hi there! When I am feeling especially seasonal, I switch over to Hallmark. Makes me smile a little as it puts me in the mood for Halloween, Fall, Christmas etc. Lets face it, your channel is fluff and it feels good :) HUGE complaint. The shows are hugely one ethnicity. The US does not look like that. Is this purposely done to reflect the 1940's, 1950's? If so, you are doing your viewers a disservice. We are a multi ethnic viewing population. My family is every darn bit of the rainbow and yes we do that over the top bits that are reflected on the Hallmark Channel minus the Harlequin romance feel lol. Please add more diversity. You might attract a larger audience. My daughter who used to watch this stuff with me, now will not because it makes her uncomfortable with the blatant segregation. And she's 15 and so you will probably not have a future viewer.

Netflix "Stranger Things" does it right by the way and THAT story takes places in a small town...YIKES.

At Christmas you actually have some pretty nice movies with different folks, Vanessa Williams movie being one of them.

Not sure if ANYONE actually reads this. I just think perhaps its up here so people can vent :)
Emma1234 Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Bring back Little house on the prarie

Why did you remove the Little House on The Prarrie series??.. I now do not watch your channel I have moved to I can not watch your long and boring Christmas in July or your long and never ending from Oct to december christmas shows!
BraJen Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Where are The People Of Color

I have been an avid supporter of Hallmark for a very long time and it is very disappointing that your made for TV movies do not include any people of color. It's as though you intentionally want to send a message that only Caucasians believe in strong family values, Christianity, and Love. I say that because I have written numerous complaints on this forum made several calls to the Execs offices and yet nothing has changed in your programming nor have I had any response to my concern. My next step is to contact The View and directly ask co-host Candace Cameron-Bure how she feels about this serious issue since she stars in several of your movies. I will also be contacting all cable providers to see what else can be done to bring more attention to this matter. I noticed after receiving several complaints about Little House on the Prairie being taken off and replaced with The Brady Bunch Little House has since been put back on in it's regular viewing time slot so it is obvious to me that the lack of diversity complaints are just not seen as important.
kittieklepacki Send email
Sep 8, 2016

Bring Little House back!!!

Little House on the Prairie use to be my favorite part of the day. I looked forward to watching it on Hallmark Channel! Recently it has been replaced with the Brady Bunch, which doesn't even compare. I will NOT be watching the Brady Bunch! Please bring Little House back!!!
sallyannette Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Change in shows

Our family looked forward to watching Little House on the Prarie everyday. The Brady Bunch is a horrible replacement for such a classic family show. Please bring it back! We enjoy the Christmas movies but the Brady Bunch needs to go!
E31 Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Perverse Programming Advertising

I thought Hallmark was a family Channel. I was disappointed to see the Logo channel advertising the show called finding Prince Charming during an airing of the family show the Middle. This advertisement displayed homosexuality, men kissing each other. Suppose there were children watching? Is that what the Hallmark is about now, creating a society of homosexuality starting with our children? The homosexuals have their own channel. Why am I being subjected to this perversity when I am trying to watch family shows. I'm getting tired of homosexuality being shoved in my face at every opportunity. If you're channel is in jeopardy financially maybe it would help if you did some reprogramming instead of falling prey to the perversities of our society.
Golden-girls addict Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Stop the Christmas in July!

Please please stop with the maddening Christmas until we want to puke. I love Jesus and Christmas. But the July and two full months of Christmas is way over the top. How do you stay in business like this? I know I'm not the only viewer you lose during these times. Stop it!
Golden-girls addict Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Hate two months of Christmas movies

I hate that every year you take the shows I love, the middle, the Golden Girls and Frazier for two full months of Christmas movies! It's too much. Maybe a couple weeks would be ok. Or play them intermittently through the day but please stop monopolizing both months with Christmas. Which btw usually have little to do with Jesus!

Please consider cutting this back for those of us who truly enjoy the experience of each season. In its own time. And love our nightly relaxing rituals of watching our favorite shows.

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