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Tjhoppy Send email
Jul 6, 2016

Firing of Cristina

Bring Cristina back! -
You can't remove Mom from the Home & Family show and expect it to survive!
Won't watch the show without Cristina!
She was the Heart of the show!
Clarissy Send email
Jul 6, 2016

july christmas week

I was really disappointed we got ripped off last july we had 24 hour Christmas movies on 2 hallmark channels so at least when you only put them on one channel it could have been 24 hours I hope you don't ruin our Christmas movies during the fall.How long are you going to play little house on the prarie all day till we die.Hallmark has lots of wonderful movies they could be playing on the little house channel it use to be movies on one channel and sitcoms on another its the only clean channel for great movies we have left.I hope hallmark channel wakes up Hallmarks the only reason I have cable in my house and that's the truth.
Kap Send email
Jul 5, 2016

Replacement of Christina Ferrare

It is disappointing to find that Christina has been replaced. I always looked forward to her genuine conversation,was very impressed by her authentic cooking ability, and her way of relating to all guests, especially the chefs in the kitchen. Her sense of dress was very motivating and stylish.
Debbie is bouncy and entertaining in very small doses, as is Mark, although he is most watchable when he is truly interested in a segment,i.e., photography or carpentry. Christina used to make Mark's self-centered times more palatable. Debbie seems to have the same necessity to have all the attention, as she totally tries to dominate the other participants.
I can not say I will continue to watch. It was appalling to think a new "craft" person would be hired while Christina was not continuing.
Shame on Hallmark for their obvious disregard for their title "home and family". Understanding the youth element is important to advertisers,it is sad to believe that we who lead vital lives but are considered seniors don't seem to rate a connection with your program. I sincerely hope someone is considering their poor decision. Christina is sorely missed!
Neicy Send email
Jul 5, 2016

Home and Family + Hallmark

Everyone wondered last Thursday what had happened to H&F when they posted the ads for the episodes on Wednesday. Ken claim they had aired and to his defense, he probably thought they had. Meanwhile H&F was claiming Technical Difficulties. The viewers knew something was up and that there was something in that show they had decided they did not want us to see and took Thursday to edit whatever it was. So, they show the "lost episode " today. Regular ole show. Upon further investigation, I found what they decided not to show and that was Woody 's Mr. Tough Guy speech at the end trying to defend the firing of Cristina. He had the audacity to suggest viewers were issuing threats. I read the reviews and comments everyday and never saw not one threat made towards anyone. What I did see were alot of disgruntled viewers. Most importantly what I saw were alot of Debbie 's husbands military buddies harassing anyone who left a negative comment about Debbie as the new host. This was not a guess as they were not hard to track and one openly admitted that was who he was. I also read Matt R. engaging in back and forth conversations with people questioning their faith. Woody wanted to bring up these non existence threats made by viewers, but never mentioned his staff's verbal attacks. His solution was to have someone delete any negative remarks and block the person who had left one, but keep the comments that were favorable. Sorry tactic to say the least. Another tidbit I know for a FACT, is Debbie Matenopoulis sent several harassing texts to former member Laura Nativo accusing her of being behind all the disgruntled viewers post and also accusing her of making 100 ' s of fake fb profiles to use to post negative comments, like that would even be possible to make that many. Her accusations is not hear say, it is a fact and can be proved as Laura has kept these texts sent to her by Debbie.
I for one, am tired of hearing Matt R., and I have always loved Matt, and especially Mark, spewing this "we are a real family" crap. Hallmark and H&F are not the family tradition type show they have proclaimed to be. This "two sides to every story" is also a farce or else they would tell their side. Evidently what Maria Shriver said in her live video on her fb page IS the truth. She wouldn't have publicly stated it, nor would have Cristina Ferrare stood there and not contradict it, had it not been the truth.
The decision to replace Cristina with Debbie has brought this show more backlash than they ever imagined. Debbie was fine in her little segments but not as host. A little bit of Debbie goes a long way and 2 hours a day is an hour and 45 minutes too much.
She seriously needs to tone down her hyperactivity, stop the double-hand-high-fiving like a teenager, her jerking robotic moves, and keep her hands off everyone. She is a 41 year old woman for crying out loud. She has obviously rubbed off on Mark because I never saw him put his hands on Cristina as much as he has Debbie in these past few weeks. It looks like they are an actual couple with raging hormones and it is disgusting....although this may have been the illusion you are wanting viewers to see.
That said, you have lost viewers without a doubt along with sales. I hope this corporation is satisfied with their decision, otherwise Debbie s last cooking segment will involve a crow. Hey, it'd sure beat another GREEK dish!!
KenSkinner Send email
Jul 5, 2016

Removal of Christina

Yep. To add my complaint on you replacing Christina. Big big mistake. Mark is good but not that good that the show can continue without Christins. Her replacement just not making it watchable. If you want your loyal viewers to continue to watch it will be in your best all around interest to ask her to return to the show.
Just saying.
goldengirl Send email
Jul 4, 2016

Christmas in July Movies

I pay extra for the Hallmark channels to see some of the programs on those stations. and I love Christmas but You all over do the Christmas movies. You start the movies on the 31 of October each and they go until the 3 or 4 of January. Then you have a week in July we have to watch Christmas which to me is sick to me I sure don't even like to think about Christmas in July or the cold weather that goes with it. Don't get me wrong you have a few good Christmas movies but I for one don't like to see them for a week in the middle of summer. I really feel run the Christmas from November 1 until December 26 them go back to regular programing and no Christmas movies in July.
goldengirl Send email
Jul 4, 2016

Christmas in July programing

I pay for the two hallmark channels I get and the programing is great until you add Christmas in July movies I for one do not want to think about Christmas until fall and winter. It is bad enough you interrupt the regular program for about a month and a half for Christmas shows starting October 31 until January 4 all we see is Christmas programs and then a week in July it is to much. I love Christmas but you all over do it. Christmas programing should only be shown in November and December and no other time. I only have the Hallmark channels for a few shows and I get very mad when they are interrupted by Christmas shows when it is not even close to the holiday.
madsens10 Send email
Jul 4, 2016

Cristina Ferrare

Extremely disappointed in how the network and/or Woody toss a valued family member. DM or anyone else could fill the hostess chair other than Cristina! Also disappointed in Matt Rogers questioning viewers posts on facebook's H&F regarding following God instead of the Cristina train.
I have not and will other watch HALLMARK or purchase anything related with HALLMARK.
Shan1877 Send email
Jul 4, 2016

Cristina Ferrare

I am so disappointed in how poorly Cristina was treated. I have lost all respect for Hallmark channel. I am no longer watching Hallmark channels or purchasing Hallmark products.
Plup0 Send email
Jul 3, 2016

Lack of Diversity

Ive been a longtine fan of the Hallmark Channel/brand for years. Having seen and enjoyed just about every movie, Ive noticed a trend. The movies are always themed; single white woman, chef or food related, etc. There is Always an obligatory African American ( fair skinned or biracial), whose either at a party/group event or the best friend of the leading female charactor. Please incorporate more diverse characters (Hispanic, Asian) into your stories,as you do have a wide diverse viewership who are not white and female. These movies have become more and more unrealistic, predictable and repetitive.
bobbiew Send email
Jul 3, 2016

The Waltons

Please bring this show back! I HATE the fact that you start your Christmas movies in October every year now and remove Little House and the Waltons during this time period (TOO long - the movies are just not that great for a 2 month period of time). One year after the Holiday Season, Happy Days and the Brady Bunch replaced Little House and the Waltons and they were a poor replacement. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR LINEUP AFTER CHRISTMAS!!! Keep Little House and bring back the Waltons. They are the ONLY reasons to watch your channel in my opinion
pickleball Send email
Jul 2, 2016

I LOVE THE Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

I am emailing as I cannot afford to get your movies and mysteries movies because I have to sign up for HD. I love Hallmark and hope you will help us seniors who have watched your channel for over 60 years. When I was in hight school our teacher gave us assignment of watching your movies. Again I cannot afford to do it in HD why can't you tell Direct TV to let it be in regular like the hallmark channel I watch all the time. I can afford 3.99 or 4.99 to add it but not in HD. please help us seniors with no money

sarah bakefelt
9701 w. timberline drive
sun city, az 85351
JOC Send email
Jul 1, 2016

Debbie M

I record home and family everyday, and watch when I can sit down. Debbie M is not a fit. She looks good on a hollywood run way. She and Mark have no chemistry. I dearly miss Christina. Was it money or what? Will Mark be next because he isn't young enough. The show looks like it is trying to hard now. I am so upset with all of this. Not sure if I will continue to watch. I know one person will not do much but I just had to vent. You need to address this problem or you will lose all your viewers.
Ennit9 Send email
Jun 30, 2016

Hallmark is closed-minded

The Hallmark Channel only depicts stories involving white people, which is quite offensive. Also, this channel's original movies typically feature young women falling in love and then getting married. The whole purpose of life is not to get married. Perhaps a more varied view of the human experience would be appreciated. If Hallmark Channel does not chance its m.o. soon, then I believe this channel will experience a quick death.
Ennit9 Send email
Jun 30, 2016

This channel is racist and ageist

I enjoy this channel, but the management has done a poor job of representing diverse races and ages. WHY have they replaced the female host of Home and Family? The male host appears to be just as old, if not older than the female host. This appears to be just another example of Hollywood ageism. Also, WHY are all of the major characters in Hallmark movies white? This is ridiculous! If you want to attract a wider audience, then this channel needs to stop being so racist and ageist.
sgerard042997 Send email
Jun 30, 2016

No waltons...still! Now No Christina!

First you take away the Waltons, now Christina from Home and Family....complained too much already...goodbye, Hallmark!
elyse Send email
Jun 30, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I am so sad that Christina Ferrare is no longer a co-host of Home and Family. I watched the original show in the 1990's and loved it! When the show came back on a few years ago I was so excited. I DVR it every day and it is my favorite show on TV! I am so sad and feel betrayed that the show didn't even take the time to tell their loyal viewers about the change in co-hosts. It would have been nice to see a warm, loving, "family" goodbye show dedicated to Chrisina. They have had weddings, Christmas prime time specials, etc. and they can't even have a thank you show for Christina! No wonder everyone feels betrayed! Debbie is a pretentious person and it was only acceptable for her to be a substitute host once in awhile. My favorite substitute co-host was Kym Douglas. She is so funny with Mark. I am sure that the show will be cancelled soon now that all the loyal family members(viewers) have been betrayed! So disappointed! Please bring back Christina!
Brendagbax Send email
Jun 29, 2016

Christina Ferrare

You just lost another viewer for Home and Family! Once Christina Ferrare came on the show it was amazing. Mark and her have amazing chemistry. Debbie Matenopolous is annoying and not a good fit. I thought she was on vacation and could not wait for her to get back. Replacing her without letting your viewers know was very disrespectful to us and to Christina! Please let me know when you have come to your senses and brought back Christina.
debcopeland Send email
Jun 28, 2016

cristina ferrare

I use to watch Home and Family and saw that Debbie was sitting in Cristina's place as co-host. Thinking Ferrare was on vacation, I couldn't wait until Debbie was off. Then I saw she was on too long so I went to the internet to see if something happened. Mattenopolus does not represent Family values to me and I will not watch the program anymore. You wouldn't even have a Home and Family Show without Ferrare to begin with. Your first attempt to bring it back was a horrible failure until Ferrare came on the seen. I rate your program an F now. You made a huge mistake!
Billymike74 Send email
Jun 27, 2016

Christina Ferrare

One of the things in life I cannot tolerate is being lied to or intentionally mislead. What you have done in replacing Christina and lying to the viewers is wrong. Debbie is tolerable in small doses but not as a permanent replacement. I feel bad for Debbie because of the position you have put her in and she will have giant hurdles to overcome. Unfortunately, I will not be able to see if she will make it or how the show will weather the storm you have created because my HOME and Family will no longer be watching a program that lies to us.
KNOVAK Send email
Jun 27, 2016

Christina Ferrare

I think whoever decided to replace Christina made a huge mistake. Home & Family was my favorite show. I was waiting for Christina to come back, tolerating Debbie because I thought she was just subbing. Just an FYI, Mark & Christina had a rapport that Mark & Debbie do not. I feel like Debbie is forced & not a very good replacement. I can no longer watch the show. It's off my DVR list. I hope someone rethinks this HUGE mistake & brings Christina back!!!!
gusguscat Send email
Jun 27, 2016

Diversity and hair

I DVR'd "The Wedding March" and couldn't help but notice Josie Bissett's hair. It looked like a wig and a really bad one at that. Why did you not either pay for a good wig or allow her to use her own hair.

As for diversity, I noticed another comment about it and I have to agree that there IS NO diversity on this channel. Be brave... put people of color and other ethnicities in your shows and have mixed marriages depicted and adopted children of different hues. I'm a white, 66 yr old woman and I live in a middle class neighborhood. And even in my suburban neighborhood, there are people of color and ethnicity. It's the real world!!! It's 2016.

I love the channel because I know there won't be any blood shed or violence, which I hate. But some of the scripts are so stilted and the actors so stiff. I can only guess there is some formula for staging these movies and you stick to that formula no matter how unnatural it is. When I watch "When Calls the Heart" I can't get over how clean and pressed everyone is. The only "real" looking characters were the ones who camped and were miner families. Please, just a little more reality!
sdlmen Send email
Jun 26, 2016

Cristina Ferrare

There are only two channels I actually watch, TCM and Hallmark. I enjoyed the mystery series and Home and Family. However, since the executives of the channel/show have decided to remove Cristina as co-host of H&F, I will no longer be watching the show. She graciously posted on Facebook kind comments about her successor and the show, even though it was a horrible way to remove someone from a show (actually misrepresenting for three weeks why Cristina was not on the show). She was the light the show and now the light went out for me (and others as evidenced by Facebook comments). These comments are small representation of viewers (since many are not Facebook subscribers). She made everything so special, especially holidays -- there is such a warmth about her. I believe Hallmark dropped the ball on this one, big time! (BTW, have you actually tested what the viewer demographic is?)
jamgrl Send email
Jun 26, 2016

Lack of Diversity

I have to say I am surprised by the amount of people that share how I feel about the Hallmark Channel shows. It says a lot about a network that NEVER portrays any diversity in their lead roles. And if there is any diversity, it's a minimal role visible only for a few brief minutes in the entire episode. Considering the number of complaints on this aspect of Hallmark Channel's lineup, and the continued lack of diversity, I can only come to the conclusion that they NEVER intend to portray anything other than the cookie cutter white person in the lead for their movies, shows, etc. The Hallmark Channel extensively uses the same faces, over and over and over and over (you get my drift) in their movies/series every year. All of them with the same thing in common. Hallmark Channel, consider the number of complaints on this site alone and recognize that white people are not the only race capable of love and or want shows with positive messages depicting their ethnicity in a good light.
Diversity Requestor Send email
Jun 26, 2016

Lack of Diversity

I really enjoy your movies especially around Xmas but it would be nice to see minorities in a lead role. As a minority we love have romance and love a happy ending please grant my wish to have a minority lead in your movies especially around the Holidays.

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