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saints1313 Send email
Oct 22, 2016


#1. This countdown to Christmas is stupid, not even Halloween yet. Christmas movies belong in December. What is wrong with all you people at these tv stations?? Grow a brain!!!
#2. We are not happy you're putting Home Improvement on in January because you don't know how to schedule Christmas movies in December.
Stop it !!!!!!
keyshat3 Send email
Oct 21, 2016

Lack of Diversity

I agree with a lot of the comments. There is a lack of diversity in the shows and the movies. While it is great to see a movie about love and romance, it would be nice to see that this happens in other cultures as well. I love this channel but would love to see more representation!

Also,is it possible to have another channel that shows the regular programs during the holiday season? I love the Christmas movies but I also like being able to watch my other favorite programs (The Golden Girls and The Middle).
rhh89 Send email
Oct 19, 2016

hallmark sucks

these shows and movies are the sappiest on the planet. Get some real life for once! Bad plots. Bad acting. No realism. White only cast. That is the recipe for a hallmark movie. always.
larrenek Send email
Oct 18, 2016

Looking for Title

Does anybody know the name of the movie that play on October 16, 2016 about the family that was about father and son's relationship? Not sure why I can't find the name of the great movie on Hallmark's website!
Jlbrantle Send email
Oct 17, 2016


I love the wholesomeness of the Hallmark channel but hate the lack of diversity. Please add movies that feature a diverse cast.
Lee Magri Send email
Oct 16, 2016

Murder She Wrote

Please take off murder She Wrote, & The Golden complaint is what happens after 11:00 p.m., it is time for a change, it is depressing to keep seeing things of 30 years ago, or is like we know we are old, but don't keep us there with this same format! try the Mentalist, Rizzoli, & Isle..THE CLOSER! more up to date! it is very insulting to continue seeing over, & over, & over, & over the same thing! we are done! I don't even want to watch this anymore..them this past Saturday you had a whole Saturday of Murder She Wrote again? as we are sick of it at 11:00 p.m., we are retired now, we stay up later! PLEASE CHANGE THE FORMAT, DON'T KEEP US IN THIS RUT! IT IS INSULTING!! PLEASE, PLEASE CHANGE IT!!
OilPainterTN Send email
Oct 15, 2016

LOVE Hallmark Channel's!!!

I absolutely love Hallmark channel and hallmark mystery channel! And I LOVE Christmas movies!! I read someone else's review where you said you would lose your audiences by playing the Christmas movies and I personally don't agree. I will set my DVR to capture as many as I can!

I love the special mystery series, like gourmet detective, Aurora Teegarden & mystery woman & The new Brooke shields mystery … I wish my DVR would pick them up as a series and automatically Record it for me... It automatically records the signed, sealed and delivered as a series which I also love! Can you figure out what the settings would be for DVR's to automatically record those series as a series?

I just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying your channels and so glad you are there! It's wonderful to have wholesome feel-good TV !
Nanaw Send email
Oct 14, 2016

No complaint

Really enjoy the 'Gourmet Detective'. Will there be more shows?
Canear Send email
Oct 13, 2016

Home and Family

Miss Cristina on Home and Family. Debbie's voice is annoying and she doesn't appear to know anything, cooking especially she is just silly. I can't watch. The show is no longer like coming home to a family where family matters. I will check at times to see who are the guess for the day. I want to watch because I like the guess but rarely make it to that spot. I have to switch the station I just can't stand watching anymore. No longer a Home and Family fan,
Connie K Send email
Oct 13, 2016

Hallmark Mystery & Hallmark Channel

We don't need two months of Christmas movies!!
We haven't even enjoyed Halloween Movies.
We need to see
Hocus Pocus
Olivers Ghost ETC.
People are going to buy CD'S to watch what they
Want and you will loose your Audiences.
You need to listen to your viewers
Please review what I've written!
Speakeasy Send email
Oct 11, 2016

Christmas Movies

Christmas has already become so commercialized and we don't need movies to start in October for two months to remind us. Please consider starting after Thanksgiving and perhaps having them at night only. I generally enjoy the channel, but will tune out completely while the Christmas movies are continuing to run.
Angel77 Send email
Oct 10, 2016

No variety with actors

I enjoy the Hallmark movies BUT I have to admit it's hard to become immersed in the story lines sometimes. The movies are recycling a lot of the same WOMEN and CHILDREN actors. Unless it's a sequel it's time to expand your talent. I just don't understand the lack of imagination, diversity and variety of talent when it comes to casting the parts. Maybe it's time to find a new casting director.
ChristmasEve777 Send email
Oct 9, 2016

Nothing wrong

Please keep Hallmark the same; it's perfect the way it is! My complaint is against all the people crying about more diversity. They have BET for that. We don't complain about there being no white people on BET. I love Hallmark movies so much; especially the Christmas movies. I couldn't imagine Thanksgiving and Christmas time without them :)
cccintexas Send email
Oct 7, 2016

Firing Cristina Ferrare

I am SO disappointed in losing one of my very favorite "go to shows" Home and Family. I am in such shock that the same entity that created such a warm, friendly and inspirational family program, could be responsible for so callously and uncaringly tossing aside the heart of Home and Family! Obviously there is an extreme lack of concern for Cristina as well as viewers of Home and Family, In one fell swoop you have managed to ruin a fabulous family friendly show and devastate loyal viewers from coast to coast.
With not even the decency of a proper send off, maybe that's due to the fact that there isn't a proper explanation as to why Cristina was let go in the first place?
I was once a loyal Hallmark Channel subscriber, no longer, I will be removing it from my cable package, it no longer represents to me "all things family and wholesome with integrity".
Shame on you! The Home and Family show has lost the heart of the home, that was Cristina!
Tracie Carlson
[email protected]
Richardson, Texas
Acarlso5 Send email
Oct 6, 2016

Ms. Matched

Dear hallmark,

My roommate and I just spent out "date night" watching ms. Matched. The movie was so predictable. But honestly what bother the most was the ending. That was not her idea of a dream wedding, it just wasn't. Could be please redo the movie with a different ending. Thank you.
Spenceratwell Send email
Oct 3, 2016

Diversity on the Hallmark Channel


I am also very disappointed with the lack of diversity on the Hallmark channel movies, especially during the holidays! My family and friends look forward to the holiday movies, but, it is really sad that we don't see ourselves represented as wholesome families that exist in the world! Please reconsider your programming, cast selection and story lines to show your viewers that you truly care what they think! Thank you!
princessmermaid Send email
Oct 3, 2016


Where are the non white, not skinny actors? Why can't a japanese american woman fall in love with a hunky latino man? Why can't a woman with curves be in the spotlight? This channel if VERY RACIST.
Tanya16 Send email
Oct 2, 2016


I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it but AGAIN the lack of diversity on Hallmark especially during your holiday movies is offensive and annoying. No holiday movies (to my knowledge) have any characters of color as a lead character or romance. Everyone once in awhile you might see Vivica A Fox as the boss whose on screen for a total of ten minutes. I'm not saying every movie or every other movie has to feature a character (s) of color but Hallmark can do a lot better. The fact that people have pointed this out for the past few years and Hallmark makes no effort to change that is sad and very telling. This is why I stopped watching the CW, Lifetime and a few other networks. More and more I'm finding myself watching Netflix and if they every did a holiday series (that was diverse) I would be done with Hallmark. The only reason I really watch now is for the Golden Girls and I Love Lucy. What happened to the Waltons and Little House?
Peach Send email
Sep 30, 2016

More Christmas movies!

Start the Hallmark Christmas movies in October!! That's the reason 80% of viewers tune in!
brittany petros Send email
Sep 30, 2016

Hallmark needs 2nd channel

Hallmark needs a 2nd channel available online during November and December where you can watch the regular shows and not the Christmas movies.
Dbcoop Send email
Sep 27, 2016


I LOVE the Hallmark channel! We have Roku but pay for cable just to have it! I love that movies are clean and some have God in them and my whole family can watch! I am very upset about the recent commercials Featuring inappropriate shows on fox and ovation channel! We never had to monitor them in the past and my children saw them and this is very upsetting!
Very disappointed with Hallmark for allowing this! I really hope they do not lower their wholesome standards and conform to be like many of the other channels. Please remove these as I want to keep watching your channel!
Sept2016 Send email
Sep 27, 2016

Ignorance is Bliss!!

Really people, including a previous comment from 'The Bride' title "Uncomplaint Complaint" you must be that stereotypical skinny white girl with the stereotypical looks who got the same good looking stereotypical skinny white man! And calling it too PC, WOW! As the majority of channels, movies and people in the entertainment business are those same skinny white stereotypes ... in fact ones of Hispanic, Asian, Indian, African American, etc are also forced to fit that same skinny type profile to even be lucky to be considered for a role. 'The Bride' you are what makes us other talent, smart, loving, believers that all are beautiful and talented, white girls look bad.

Yep! I'm as fair skinned as they come and the more I watch the Hallmark Channel the more it makes me disgusted. (And it use to be something I look forward too during the holidays with my mom every year.) It's not just lack of diversity, but lack of BODY types. According to EVERY Hallmark Channel love story not do you need to be white but a person no bidder than size 4/6 to find themselves falling love! Why is that??? Really???

Hallmark Channel I read somewhere that your history is built on church and if that is true why are you not portraying the love and beauty of all?? Why are you not showing the love and magic .. in all sizes and diversity??? Maybe you are not a background of church or love. Maybe you are just around to make your money on your own idealistic. If that is true, well I guess that will be between you and God. So in that case I will leave with this then: Songs of Songs 4:7, Genesis 1:27, 1 Peter 3: 3-4, and lastly but not least Matthew 23:28.

I'm sure what I said will make no differences in your choices and money making. Sad ... but that is your conscience and not mine.
Uh-oh Send email
Sep 26, 2016


While I enjoy Hallmark programs I have a gut-punch disdain for any show that continues to ignore the stark white cast that makes up the majority of any characters of significance. There is so much more to the world than the colonized parts -- attempting to incorporate more of the world-view of the U.S. would enrich Hallmark programs and draw in more viewers, thereby improving the bottom line. Diversity in programming is going to require more than a few extras in the case and behind the scenes employees. I cannot in good conscious allow my children to watch shows that do not represent a better portion of this country.
Dolores Gevaza Send email
Sep 26, 2016

Losing channel in the morning

Every once in a while I lose the channel for Hallmark M&M. Sometimes rebooting my cable box brings it back. It did not work this morning. I watch from 7:00AM until 1:00PM every morning. What happens?
Wanderer Send email
Sep 26, 2016


Could you please add some more culture to your shows? This is ridiculous! You have no Asian, Hispanic, Indian and only a few token African Anerican! It's insulting and you obviously don't care because I've noticed that viewers have been making these comments for years and you have done nothing! You get angry when black people become vocal, but must we do that too? Is it time to make a scene? If you know better, you should do better and you definetly know better, so DO BETTER!

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